summer jobs for teachers

18 Legit Summer Jobs for Teachers

Working online is a fantastic way to enjoy the summer vacation while supplementing an income during those offseason months. Many online summer jobs for teachers exist and perfectly offer versatility and flexibility with their schedule.

Online Summer Jobs for Teachers

If you’re thinking, Of course, Suzi chose, start a blog as number one on her list of summer jobs for teachers, then you’re correct! However, if I don’t convince you that blogging is the financial independence and freedom that you’ve been searching for, (and dreaming of) there are several other summer jobs for teachers included on the list!

18 Legit Summer Jobs for Teachers

1. Start a Blog

After only a few years of starting my blog, I’ve been able to retire my husband at the age of 30. And now he is working side by side with me again and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a remarkable feeling and the biggest blessing to our beautiful family. I’m so excited by our reality, that I can’t help but continue to share our successes while encouraging you on your own!

I want you to experience the tremendous accomplishment of blogging and reap the amazing benefits that come along with its success. (Like making a full-time income from home!) Visit this incredible list of fun and educational teacher blogs for inspiration and motivation for creating your own outlet to share.

Ready to start, go here to start your blog.

Because many of my readers are at a beginning level, I stopped publishing my monthly income reports that aren’t helpful during beginner stages. However, I constructed an extensive post about how I grew my blog from $0-$ 53,765 in just one year to emphasize my exact methods and the possibility this formula has for your own gain. You can do it and do you know why?

You’re a teacher! You’re the most qualified person to educate and inform the public. In addition to the subjects and skills you’re knowledgable in, I have faith that you have many classroom tails and anecdotes to share that will impart great wisdom and possibly invoke some laughter? So…

How Do You Make Money With a Blog?

That is the tricky part, but it doesn’t have to be! Several free and paid resources exist to help encourage your success.  

Here are Some Freebies:

Grab these freebies to help you begin understanding how to monetize your blog and turn it into a lucrative source of income this summer.

Passive Income Blogging: How to Make $1,051 with an Amazon Affiliate Blog in a Month

Affiliate Marketing Course for Bloggers

How to Make $22 In Your First Week of Blogging

80+ Ideas to Make Money with a Blog with 12 Successful Examples

Realistically, a new blog isn’t going to make you a million dollars overnight. However, in just a few months you can be making an income. If that doesn’t help you in time for this summer, I implore you to start your blog now regardless and plan on taking next summer off while still producing a sustainable income. I work very part-time right now and spend a lot of my day with my family at the beach.

2. Creating Digital Products

In the same vein, creating and selling online products (printables, courses, and eBooks) is another way to accommodate a second income. Again, you’re a teacher! The sky is the limit sounds cliche, but it’s the reality of today. Right now, at this very moment, I want you to take a minute to reflect on what it is you have to teach? Above all, ask yourself, why do you want to teach it? If you’re mind entertained any possibilities, then this may be the ideal summer jobs for teachers that you’ve been searching for. Check out how to create a free online course to understand the basics before creating your own online courses for sale.

Visit the links below to read my blogger friend’s testimonies and recommendations on how to build and have success with your online products.

How to Make $1000 per week with your first course launch

How I Made $7,282 on My First Blogging Product

3. Freelance Writing

Not interested in starting a blog but enjoy writing? Perhaps becoming a freelance writer is the gig for you. With around 400 million blogs on the internet, there is always a demand for writers. Once your blog begins ranking, it demands additional writers to maintain its success.

Many sites to obtain freelance writing jobs for beginners are available including ProBlogger, Simply Hired, and FlexJobs. Visit them for ideas and instruction on how to begin. Additionally, freelance writing is a great way to create side income while building your own blog to generate money consistently for you.

If you’re a writer and are interested in creating your own eBook to sell click here for the tutorial.

4. Online Tutoring Summer Jobs for Teachers

Another way to bring home the bacon, or Faken (bacon‘s vegan alternative) is by tutoring in the field of subjects that you’re qualified to teach in. Additionally, English as a second language (ESL) is a subject in high-demand and requirements typically entail a Bachelor degree. Here is a list of more work from home jobs that are paying up to $60 an hour.

5. Sell Your Lesson Plans

Take the opportunity to turn your hard work into passive income by selling your worksheets and lesson plans online. If starting your own online business (blog) isn’t ideal at this time, upload your lesson plans and worksheets to Teachers Pay Teachers instead. However, unlike operating your own online business, this service charges a fee and you’ll only earn 60%-85% of each sale. Link your PayPal account for easy payment transactions.

6. Resume Writer and Editor

A perfect part-time job with flexible hours is writing and editing resumes online. Because having an impeccable resume is a measurement of successfully obtaining a good job, many people higher writers to create and/or edit their existing resumes. Sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Thumbtack are wonderful resources of summer jobs for teachers who enjoy precision and grammar.

7. Book Reviews

Feel like cuddling up with a good book this summer? Writing book reviews is right up your alley. Typically, reviewing books isn’t as lucrative as the other jobs outlined above. However, it’s a marvelous way to get paid to do something you love. Visit these publishers that will pay you to write book reviews for further clarification. Average pay is between $5-100 per review. However, usually, you get to keep the books you review!

8. Transcription Jobs

A transcriptionist listens to audio files and transcribes (types) them into a text format. Perfect for those with fantastic hearing and fast-typing skills. Most transcription jobs are contracted and allow you to establish your own working hours. Several companies regularly hire newbies including Rev, Quicktate, and TranscribeMe.

9. Virtual Assistant

Essentially an internet secretary, a virtual assistant performs many administrative duties and often provides technical support. Job duties depend on the client you’re working for. However, customer service, scheduling, social media, data entry, writing, and research are all typical expectations of the job. If you’re interested in becoming a remote virtual assistant, visit Equivity, OkayRelax, Zirtual, and 99 Dollar Special.

Outdoor Summer Jobs for Teachers

Tired of being cooped up inside and are seeking summer jobs for teachers that are spent heavily outdoors instead? Here are a few summertime favorites to ensure some fun in the sun.

10. Lifeguard


Summertime brings swimming with it and many opportunities to become a lifeguard are readily available. Naturally, first-aid and CPR certifications are basic requirements in obtaining a lifeguarding position. Explore country clubs, recreation centers, water parks, city pools, and beaches for seasonal lifeguard opportunities.

11. Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counselor is an incredible way to interact with children outside of the classroom. Establishments including community centers, churches, and the local YMCA are all outlets for seeking camp counseling positions. However, The American Camp Association offers an easily navigatable website to help find you the best summer camp jobs for teachers available.

12. Tour Guide

Are you in a big city or tourist drawn area? Become a local tour guide and get paid to show people the hot spots and hidden treasures only the locals know about. Interested in creating your own experiences for others in art, fashion, eating, drinking, architecture, history, the outdoors, and more? Join Vayable or Shiroube and start guiding tourists today.

13. Dog Walking


Are you a dog person who can’t get enough of your canine friends and companions? I’ve got outstanding news! Dog walking is a real thing. Yes, people will actually pay you to walk and love their dogs. Create an email or Facebook group and first solicit your friends and family who may value and employ your services. Additionally, join Rover to be connected with an online network of dog walkers and their owners employing the walk. Consequently, this job comes with exercise and fresh air as additional perks.

14. Landscaper

If being outside on the summer is your dream, contemplate a gardening or landscaping gig as a summertime side hustle. List your landscaping services at Thumbtack or Craftjack and spend your summer outdoors tending to God’s beautiful creation.

15. Youth Sports Referee

In addition to coaching, refereeing falls into the category of summer jobs for teachers. Officiating is a wonderful way to be involved with the children and the sport without the time restraints of a coaching position. Check out Glassdoor for local positions available to you this summer at places including the YMCA.

Summer Jobs for Teachers Abroad

Looking for traveling summer jobs for teachers that allow you to go abroad and experience new things?

16. Teaching Abroad

Naturally, the easiest gig for a teacher to obtain abroad is a teaching job. Multiple sites exist and are packed with the information you need to make those dreams come true. Here are a few avenues for finding summer jobs for teachers overseas.


If you have the ability to teach English as a second language, GoAbroad has multiple resources for you. For locations with an excellent pay rate, explore South Korea, Asia, and the Middle East.


Another platform for finding teaching opportunities abroad is GoOverseas. I particularly love their mission statement and opted to share it with you:

Our mission is to empower human connection through perspective-changing travel.

If that statement doesn’t incite a desire to travel, I don’t what would. Choose to teach, intern, study, volunteer or work abroad at GoOverseas.


Offering two-month teaching endeavors in Costa Rica or Thailand. GeoVisions has a program fee. However, they provide monthly food and housing stipends.  

17. International Aid Worker

Are you filled with strong humanitarian motivation? Want to make a difference while traveling outside the US? Consider becoming an aid worker for USAID or RedCross. Countries across the globe are in desperate need of assistance during a famine, wars, and during the aftermath of a natural disaster. Many opportunities with these organizations offer full salary and housing.

18. Start a Travel Blog

I know, I know, you’re thinking, really Suzi, I thought we already covered this. But hear me out! Are you planning on traveling this summer already? Consider operating a travel blog as an outlet for sharing your traveling endeavors. It’s definitely on my bucket list! Travel bloggers have the ability to influence other people’s experiences. Share your own experiences, recommendations, and news about hot spots (and hidden dives). Many readers turn to travel blogs for inspiration, ideas for locations, and ideas on how to spend their time once they get to their destination. Check out these 10 travel bloggers that you should already be following to become inspired.

More Resources

List of Summer Jobs for Teachers

That completes my list of 18 summer jobs for teachers in 2019. Did this help you decide how to spend your summer? Did I miss any key players? Please add them in the comments below. And as always, don’t forget to repin to be a friend and share this list Facebook. Thank you!

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