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27 Weekend Jobs to Make Extra Money

Searching for weekend jobs to make some extra money and fast? Look no further! I’ve got you covered with 27 money-making opportunities.

Driving Weekend Jobs

Driving weekend jobs create ultimate jam session opportunities to your favorite bands. Also, they are a fantastic way to catch up on your favorite podcasts while making some extra money. Most driving jobs come with a simple application process and a tipping incentive. Minimal requirements are a driver license and access to a car.

ridesharing weekend jobs


Sign-up and drive with ridesharing programs such as Uber and Lyft. Riders connect with drivers through the safety of their ridesharing app. Once connected, drivers pick up the riders and take them to their destinations. At the end of the trip, riders and drivers have the opportunity to rate each other and leave a gratuity. Don’t have a car? That’s not a problem with Lyft Express Drive. Get a flexible rental and start earning money close to immediately!

Postmates Driver

Registering with Postmates is free, fast, and easy. After you sign-up you can start earning immediately. You’ll receive free weekly deposits. Or you can cash out your earnings instantly anytime you want. Postmates features deliveries via vehicle, motorcycle, moped, and scooters. Also, you can ride your bicycle to make deliveries and get in a little exercise too! Additionally, Postmates offers tax and healthcare resources.

instacart shopper

Instacart Shopper

Become an Instacart Shopper. There are two types of Instacart Shopper opportunities to choose from. A full-service shopper is an independent contractor who sets their own schedule. Responsibilities include both in-store shopping and delivery. So access to a vehicle is required. An in-store shopper works in-store only. Hours worked are not entirely your own schedule but they do offer flexibility.

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On-Demand Meals

Work for an on-demand meal delivery service such as UberEats, GrubHub, or DoorDash. Be your own boss and start delivering and earning fast cash almost instantly. Before committing to employment, research your local area to discover which meal delivery service has the highest-paid drivers. Service availability varies depending on location.

Pizza Delivery

You may be asking in the days of UberEats if pizza delivery is even a thing anymore. It can be a very lucrative weekend job. Pending your location, of course. Visit your local pizzerias and big chains for their weekend only driving opportunities.

server weekend jobs
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Food Service Weekend Jobs

Restaurants are in the business of high-turnover rates and are always looking for additional weekend and seasonal help. Be sure you are clear about your schedule requirements from the beginning. Also, most service jobs require a food handler permit that usually involves taking a short class and paying a small fee.


Do you have the ability to pour coffee and put up with other people’s kids? Consider serving for your weekend job. Of course, serving comes with much more responsibility than my half-hearted joke. However, if you can hack it, servers can make great amounts of money, and fast. Serving jobs usually require previous restaurant experience.


Don’t have restaurant experience? No problem. Become a hostess instead. Hostess responsibilities typically include meeting, greeting, and seating the customers. Sometimes hosts are responsible for assisting with beverage orders and pre-bussing tables. Several establishments ensure a percentage of tips go to the hosting staff. However, not all host staff receives gratuity. So be sure to ask and not assume on an individual basis.


Not a fan of dealing with the public? Consider securing a bussing weekend job in the restaurant. Bussers responsibilities commonly include clearing, wiping, and setting tables. But they spend a lot of time laughing with the dish and wait staff in the kitchen. This is a perfect position for people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the rush but who don’t want to deal directly with customers. Bussing jobs require that you have the ability to lift and repeatedly carry heavier weights.


Dishwashing can be one of the busiest weekend jobs due to higher crowds of people dining out. Pros of the job are that it’s typically fast-paced, constant work, and you get to play with the water sprayer. It often comes with a radio. So that you can rock out while getting your spray on.

bartending on the weekend job


Bartending can be a promising side hustle if you don’t get pulled into the environment around you. Because bartending is a higher-paying weekend job, veteran bartenders often maintain the weekend shifts because of better tips. Be clear about your schedule requirements. Additionally, check your state law for liquor card and license requirements.


This is like my dream weekend job. Do your senses delight at the idea of smelling freshly-brewed coffee all day? Mine too. Seriously, sign me up. Baristas are responsible for being knowledgeable about and skilled in making coffee and espresso drinks. Tipping is customary.

Juice and Smoothie Masters

If the idea of smelling coffee all day isn’t your thing, try squeezing juices and mixing smoothies instead. Recent years has delivered an influx of juice and smoothie shops. Especially, in areas with climates that demand their refreshment nearly every day. As if you need an excuse to enjoy pineapple and green smoothies!

Online Weekend Jobs

Tired of being gone all week and are hoping to spend some time at home? I understand and I’ve got you covered with these online weekend job opportunities. Many of these are also great stay at home jobs to help you with ideas to make money as a mom.


Blogging is my bread and butter and will continue to be my number one recommendation for supplementing income. However, to be financially successful with blogging, it’s initially a little more than a weekend job. You will log some hours. But they will be some of your best and most creative hours spent.

A blogger’s responsibilities include drafting and creating content and images. As well as marketing and social media. It’s fast-paced, challenging and exciting. And it can be extremely fruitful. The more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it.


Do you have something to say or a product to sell? I bet that you do. Even if you haven’t realized it yet. Start a blog today and be on your way to being your own boss in no time.

Visit These Resources to Start Today




Freelance Writing

Like blogging, freelance writing is another job that usually starts off with more than weekend hours. But it develops into what you allow it to evolve into and make money as a freelance writer. Several platforms including Upwork and Fiverr offer countless gigs up for freelancers. However, writers don’t usually experience an opportunity at wealth from these platforms. So be realistic about your expected income before applying to those services.

Are you knowledgeable and ready to write a book to share and teach others on the subject? Dedicate your weekend to writing an eBook(s) and develop your own products to sell. Learn how to create, design and launch an ebook and make thousands with my eBook by Number Course.

Graphic Designer

Become a graphic designer with little to no experience. Employers are hiring and training for this position because it’s in constant demand. Are you artistic or gifted with an eye for design? Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork have postings for entry-level work.

Graphic Design is a very lucrative and creative way to make money from home!

Virtual Assistant

You can learn how to work from home as a virtual assistant and offer your time and services on weekends only. The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you make your own hours and determine what services you’ll offer.

Virtual Assistant Weekend Job Services to Offer

  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Service (email or phone)
  • Content Creation (blog posts)
  • Email Newsletters
  • Sales Funnels
  • Custom Sales Page Creation
  • SEO Services
  • Proofreading
  • Ghostwriting
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Ebook Content and Design
  • Accounting and/or Bookkeeping
  • Affiliate Management
  • PR / Press Releases
  • Pinterest Management

You can even learn how to make money on Pinterest yourself! Virtual assistance can easily turn xinto a full time gig so you can have your own work from home job!

For a better understanding of how to become a virtual assistant please visit the link below.


Artizen Shops

Are you a crafty person? Do you make anything cool like clothing, purses, printables, planners, or any of these other crafts that make money? Open shop with Etsy or Shopify.

tutoring on the weekend as a job

Educational Weekend Jobs

Do you have a background in education and/or love to teach and help others to grow? An educational weekend job might be the right avenue for you.


Are you particularly skilled, or versed in a subject? Offer your tutoring skills on the weekends to supplement your income. Not sure what you could tutor in? Visit Tutor or HeyTutor where you can choose to tutor in over 250 subjects.

Language Teacher

If you have your bachelor degree in English or a related subject consider taking the next steps to teach English as a second language. ESL teachers can make a fairly good wage. Even working only part-time on the weekends.

Becoming a language teacher could be the perfect summer job if you’re a teacher!

Online Courses

Create online courses in the subject(s) you’re qualified in and market them online. I’ve had tremendous financial success in selling my online blogging courses. And several of my students have experienced remarkable results in building their courses after taking mine. Take a look at some of their success stories below.


By selling online courses, my students have been able to make over 1000 per week!

What information do you have inside of your head that you could share with your own tone and creative spin? Furthermore, who is your audience? And most importantly, why do you want to create this course?

Sign up here to create your own Free Online Course with Teachable.

Sell eBooks

Not sure if you’re ready to create online courses yet? Consider writing and selling eBooks instead. As I already mentioned, this is easily a weekend task while you maintain your usual work schedule. Become motivated and start today by clicking the link below.


Caregiving Weekend Jobs

Do you have a compassionate heart and are someone who is always looking to give? Nurture your desire to take care of others with one of these caregiving weekend jobs.

Senior Care

One of the most difficult but most rewarding jobs is caring for the elderly. Do you desire these rewards and are you qualified to offer them care? Research your state’s laws to see what licensing and classes are mandated (if any). Furthermore, visit for senior care weekend employment opportunities.


Are you good with kids? Trustworthy childcare is hard to find and weekends are ideal for romantic getaways and late date nights out! Offer your babysitting services to friends and family.

Additionally, consider joining a platform like Sitter and SitterCity to be connected with families everywhere looking for reputable care.

If you’re still in high school, this is a great way to make money as a teenager.


Do you prefer the company of puppies over people? Oh my goodness! They sure can be fun. Offer your pet-friendly services throughout the local community. Visit the local dog park. Or hang a flyer on your grocery store’s job bulletin.

Additionally, visit PetSitter and Rover for dog walking and petsitting weekend jobs. This is one of those great hobbies that make money too!

weekend job mowing lawns

Outdoor Weekend Jobs

Are you tired of being inside? I don’t blame you. Of course, I’m in Florida, so I welcome the air conditioning during these summer months. But there are some days I just want to hang outside. Take up one of these outdoor weekend jobs for extra money and fresh air.


Do you have mad landscaping skills? Landscaping is an ideal side business because many traditional nine-to-fivers are home. So you can work and get paid rather quickly. Landscaping duties include mowing and fertilizing lawns. Additionally, landscapers plant vegetation, prune shrubs, mulch flowerbeds, and perform other groundskeeping tasks. Landscapers are also responsible for installing features such as lighting, fountains, and walkways.


Spend your weekends on the golf course. Okay, so you might have pictured it a little differently. But golf range weekend jobs still gets you into the great outdoors and close to the action. A greenskeeper establishes and maintains golf course greens and fairways. They’re also responsible for repairing irrigation systems, setting course tee and cup replacements, and operating and maintaining greenskeeping equipment.

Golf Caddie

Another weekend job that lands you on those beautiful, rolling greens is golf caddies. Do you have the muscle to lug those clubs around? Make extra cash with the added perc of some much-needed exercise.




Thanks for reading! Did you find this article helpful? If so, would you please share it and spread the word. Also, did I miss any incredible weekend job opportunities that I need to add to the list? Please update me in the comments below.

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