50+ No Experience Jobs You can do Today

Looking for a job and have little to zero experience? Call off the search and dive into the most comprehensive list of no experience jobs below.

Online Business Jobs with No Experience

There are several no experience jobs for teens or adults online. In fact, many of the most lucrative career paths reside on the internet. Let’s check them out.

Start a Blog

Becoming a successful blogger is literally at the fingertips of anyone who has the drive and will put in the work. You can take a super affordable blogging course or watch YouTube videos and learn how to do it.

If you put in the work, you can turn blogging into a full time career. Blogging has changed my life in so many ways, I only wish I had started sooner!

If you’re an innovative thinker with a raw, fiery passion, you can become a great blogger. Turn your advice and passion into growing a successful blog! You’re remarkable and surely, you have something to say? Go hard or go home.

Create Online Courses

Creating a course is hard work but totally achievable! First, ask yourself what you’re going to teach and why do you want to teach it? The possibilities are limitless.

Entering the world of online teachers is a growing business with huge potential for financial success. Don’t know how to create an online course? Hey, I got you covered.

Start a YouTuber Channel

Becoming a successful YouTuber is the forefront of many desiring a job without experience. Like most online businesses, YouTube success isn’t typically an overnight achievement. But don’t let that detour you from your dreams if that’s where your creative genius takes you.

There are plenty of Teenage Allstars running successful YouTube channels. Many are as young as 13! Don’t already give up on your dreams. Start chasing them instead. Check out, how to start a YouTube channel and begin your hustle game today.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Do you have an artistic eye and the ability to design revolving around a customer’s specifications? Platforms like Fiverr exist for selling your custom graphics and logo designs. Learn how to create cool logos and get one step closer to making those dollar-dollar bills.

No Experience Job for Teens

No experience job for teens is kind-of an oxymoron. I mean, teenage years are where you begin to acquire the experience you’ll need to be successful with your long-term career goals. Fortunately, there are several industries that hire people with no experience at all.

Food Service

High turnover rates guarantee the food industry is always hiring. Many restaurant jobs are entry-level. Therefore making them a perfect starting place for those looking for a no experience job.

Fast Food

Becoming a fast food employee is a right of passage for many teenagers entering the workforce. Being one of the easier positions to obtain without experience. Usual perks include free and discounted meals. Acquiring fast food experience looks great on a resume if you’re pursuing a career in Culinary Arts.


The Hostess is the first face a customer sees when entering a restaurant. So while no experience is needed, a smile and a friendly welcome is a requirement. Duties include greeting, seating, answering telephones, and helping where staff needs assistance during busier times. Benefits of the job usually include a discount on food and tips.


Bussers are an important part of the restaurant’s rotation and ease of flow. Their greatest responsibility is cleaning and resetting tables for the next guest. Other duties may include cleaning chairs, windows, and helping to restock supplies. Many busser positions come with tips.


Dishwashers are responsible for running the dish pit. As dirty plates and cutlery start pouring in, the dishwasher quickly rinses, washes, and sanitizes the dishes. Before placing them on drying racks so that they can be quickly used for service again.


Baristas make coffee and are the heroes of morning commuters everywhere. A huge perk is being surrounded by the heavenly aroma of coffee all day. Other benefits usually include tips, a free java on shift, and an employee discount on other purchases.

Ice Cream Scooper

An Ice Cream Scooper is responsible for greeting customers and assisting them with their ice cream selections. Obviously, by scooping the ice cream. But also with making recommendations, giving out free tasters, and by making the patrons outing enjoyable with your service. Discounts and free samples are often the cherries on top of the employee’s benefits sundae.

Social Services

Do you have a helping heart? Social work is a great industry to lend your services too. Let’s examine these entry-level possibilities.


Babysitting is one of the more rewarding jobs if you enjoy being around little kids. A babysitter’s main focus serves to keep the child/children safe. Other responsibilities may include preparing meals, reading stories, following nap schedules, and playing games. Babysitting is a great first job if you’re thinking of going into the field of Early Childhood Education.

Daycare Assistant

Similar to babysitting this job entails taking care of children. However, a daycare setting is an entirely different ballgame. Mainly because there are a lot more kids. With a little extra help. Responsibilities that correlate with varying ages are comparable to a babysitter’s duties.

Teacher Assistant

Being a Teacher’s Assistant doesn’t require any know-how and it provides you with an experience that looks great on college applications and can be done with little or no prior experience.


Are you a strong swimmer and could live by the pool, or the beach all day? Becoming a lifeguard sounds like a winner for you. While zero experience is required in securing this job, most establishments prefer that you are certified in CPR. CPR certification courses are about three hours long. Three hours learning a life-saving skill and you become certified in it? That sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors are a summer job position. And maybe one of the most exciting jobs you’ll ever have in life. Sunshine and outdoors. Hiking, swimming, and singing songs around the campfire. It’s a remarkable experience working with camp youth.

No Experience Jobs for College Students

Hoping to find the perfect job to balance with your college life? Let’s examine the possibilities for college student’s, on and off-campus.

Food Industry

The food service industry is always hiring. And most jobs are entry-level making them ideal for college students. Interested in pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts? These jobs will serve well on your resume.


Previously known as waitresses/waiters, servers are in the business of customer service. Taking customers food orders, delivering, and packaging entrees are all job detail. Benefits of being a server include tips and eating the kitchen’s mistakes in the back alley.


It’s unlikely you’ll land a job in a five-star restaurant without any experience. However, many dining establishments will train their cooks on the line. Exclusive to what they serve on their menus.

Catering Staff

Being part of a catering team usually requires nothing more than semi-formal attire and the ability to follow direction. Catering staff helps in and out of the kitchen where needed. Duties typically include keeping food prep areas clean, bringing plates in and out of the kitchen, and washing and peeling food.

Social Services

Some of the most rewarding experiences come from aiding others.
Is it in your nature to help and nurture? Check out these no experience jobs in social services.


Graduating from babysitter to Nanny, many college students choose this job because of its flexibility. Nanny jobs pay better than babysitting because they usually come with more responsibility. In addition to usual care, nannies often pick up children from school, take them to after-school activities, schedule play-dates, and help the family with household chores.

Home Health Aide

Providing in-home care for today’s seniors is a sometimes difficult but rewarding job. Job flexibility comes with evening and weekend hours. Most positions don’t require experience. However, CPR and first aid training courses are mandatory. You may obtain both certifications in less than a day worth of hours. Care.com is an excellent resource for job placement.

Pet Sitter or Walker

Are you a pet lover looking to get some exercise? Dog walking can be financially rewarding for no experience jobs. An extra incentive being the natural benefits of the added exercise. If you’re interested in pet sitting there are a few online platforms. Want to get paid for playing with dogs? Visit Rover for puppy sitting. Dogs are cool and all but you prefer those furry felines? Check out Holidog where you can pet sit for both!

Online No Experience Jobs

One of the most amazing parts of working online is the flexibility. It’s a short commute to work and all you need is an internet connection. You can start a blog or sell your own digital products online, such as printables or stickers. They are easy to create and popular!

Social Media Assistants

Reality check. College-age people are a huge demographic of social media engagement. It makes sense companies employ college students to manage their social media accounts. A lot of these jobs are remote. Making hours more flexible. Duties often entail post scheduling, customer interaction, image uploads, and creating a tweet’s worth of content for posts before posting.

Start Your Blog

I know, I get it. The idea of more writing in college might throw you off at first. But hey, when there’s an opportunity to make $10,000 in ten minutes, I’ll ask you to reconsider. Okay, you got me. Those aren’t the typical results but hey, it happened!

Blogging has helped me to pay off my home, retire my husband at age 30, and create our reality of staying home with the kids. It’s a business that is in high demand. With profitable investments and worthwhile returns. Be sure to grab this free printable for helpful tips on growing your blog in one month.

Create Online Courses

Creating online courses requires focus and commitment but the payoff can be worth it. Do you have specific knowledge of something that would benefit others by sharing? Of course, you do. Need help getting started? Let me show you how to create an online course that makes money. All while growing your email list.

Artisan Online

Online shops like Etsy are optimal for selling handmade products. Are you a crafty person or know your way around a sewing machine? Items including fashions, bags, clothing, and other handmade crafts are all sold on Etsy. You can create your own craft job if you’re creative!

In fact, you can monetize any type of design by approaching your hobby creatively. For example, you can design clothes or other items with your artwork and sell them on Etsy or similar platforms.

On Campus No Experience Jobs

On campus, no experience jobs are convenient, (though not always abundant). Scroll on to uncover those possibilities.

Resident Advisor

While the Resident Advisor isn’t a paid position, it comes with free room and board. Ask any college student sustaining on ramen noodles. Those are life-changing perks. Resident Advisor’s offer mentoring support and enforce the rules.

Campus Tour Guide

Are you proud of your University and able to manifest that enthusiasm into the conversation? Great! A Campus Tour Guide sounds like the perfect opportunity for you. Advocate for future enrollment by guiding prospective students on a tour of your campus. An added benefit is the guaranteed hour of walking. Getting paid to get your exercise in? Uh, yes, please.

Library Assistant

A Library Assistant is a higher paying on-campus position. And one of the more sought after. Working in the library is a good way to acquire customer service skills while interacting with fellow students. It’s a quieter atmosphere that usually allows student employees to work on their own homework during down times. And you’re surrounded by the indescribable smell of books.

Dorm Receptionist

Are you naturally a night-owl? Yeah, me too. A Dorm Receptionist essentially monitors the dorms. It’s a low-level security position without the night-stick. While shifts typically span sunset to as late as three o’clock in the morning, it’s another paid fortuity to get caught up on homework after campus life has died down.

Research Assistant

An amazing opportunity to gain experience in your field of interest is by becoming a Research Assistant to one of your Professors. Research is typically conducted on-campus and this job tends to be a higher compensated position.

Cafeteria Employee

Working in the campus cafeteria is a great way to socialize while serving your fellow student body. Cashiering, cooking, cleaning, and food preparation are all common responsibilities of a cafeteria employee.


Tutoring can be a profitable college hustle for those who are informed enough in a subject to teach. Duties include subject tutoring, essay coaching, and test preparation.

No Experience Jobs Online You Can Start Today

Ready to trade your 9-to-5 for a stay at home job but you don’t know where to begin? I hear ya. That’s why I quit my day job and became a full-time blogger. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!


A variety of freelance gigs are available online today. And they’re fabulous ways to earn income with little to no job experience.


Is writing your passion? Freelance writing is a great way to drive that force into making money. Writing platforms like Contena, exist today employing freelancers. Signing up for job boards, cold pitch emailing, and pitching to freelance writing websites are all potential duties for this position. Here are other great typing jobs you can do from home too!


Another common entry-level job is editing. Naturally, while you don’t need experience, proficiency in the language you’re editing is significant.

Start Your Blog

Are you ready to start your own online business and take control of your life? Now it is easier than ever to set up. Take the guessing game out of how to start a blog and begin on your new journey to financial independence. Are you ready to become your own boss? Blogging gives you the freedom to pick up your business and take it anywhere. Well, anywhere with a solid wi-fi connection.

Blogging doesn’t require any experience. And being the world’s greatest writer isn’t a condition of success. Although, you do need to at least enjoy writing a little. With hundreds of topics that can be successfully monetized, it’s important to narrow down your niche. The video below will provide you with tips on how to find a profitable blog niche.

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Create Online Courses

Another profitable market is creating online courses. Is there something you’re knowledgeable in? Oh come on, everybody has something they can lend their expertise on. Building courses around what you know is an effective method of raking in the dough. An endless number of topics are optimal for you to impart your wisdom on. Are you ready to create your online course? Let’s get started!

No Experience Typing Jobs

Do you have exceptional typing skills? Here a few options for you to start making bank.

Data Entry

A great first-time no experience job is data entry. These jobs don’t remain available for long, so don’t sit on an opportunity to apply. It’s also a fantastic job if you’re an introvert, since you won’t have to deal with many people.


A myriad of general transcription companies hires without requiring any prior experience. However, a good typing speed is a minimal requirement. Most companies issue a typing test before determining whether to hire you.


Are you especially skilled in a specific area of study? Plenty of online education jobs exist today with no experience necessary.


Online tutoring is one way of the easiest ways to make exceptional money. While there are several companies that require degrees, there is a handful that hires beginners. A major benefit of this position is the satisfaction of educating others.

Teaching English

Teaching English as a second language, (ESL) can be a profitable business. Typically this job requires a Bachelor Degree and fluency in the English language. However, there are a number of online English teaching companies that don’t require the degree.  Although, you still need to be fluent in English.


Are you bilingual? Several remote translation job sites are hiring translators to accommodate needed interpretation.  

No Experience Phone Jobs

Thousands of no experience jobs have only one requirement, that you have a telephone. Okay, there may be a few more requirements depending on the job.


Telemarketing often gets a bad rap. But those that are good at it, find it to be a substantial income source. And hey, when people don’t answer you’re often entertained by the answering machine recordings asking you to go away. This job requires a confident personality in order to be successful.

Virtual Call Centers

Virtual call centers provide thousands of possibilities for no experience jobs online. Call center employment varies from bill collecting to sales. Plenty of work at home call center jobs are always hiring.

Bill Collecting

No experience is necessary. But this job mandates a strong backbone. You can expect to be yelled at, cursed at, and hung up on. However, if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a higher paying no experience online job. More power to you. I couldn’t handle the unkind recipients of my phone calls.

Chat Agent

You know when you visit a website and an immediate chat bubble pops up? On the other side of that bubble is a chat agent. Chat agents are responsible for answering customer questions and guiding sales through chat.

Sales Reps

Sales reps represent the company they’re employed by while pushing their products or services. While zero experience is necessary, sales expect that you’re knowledgeable about what you’re selling. Many of these positions come with product training.

No Experience Jobs from Home

Additionally, these resources are ways to make extra income from home. They’re unlikely to become breadwinning positions but are helpful in earning extra cash and fast!

Extra Income

Just looking to make a little extra income performing no experience jobs online from home? Here are a few side hustles to bring in the bucks!


Survey jobs are a popular way of earning extra money as a side job. You can earn an additional $50-$300 a month pretty consistently. Finding reputable companies requires a lot of research. And a little trial and error.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are most associated with surprise visits to brick and mortar businesses. However, telephone mystery shoppers exist and can be a profitable gig.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are small tasks that pay small wages. Also referred to as, short tasks. Companies essentially pay you to log into their sites and complete the tasks designated for your completion. Finding dependable sites can be tricky. So I’ve included where to find legitimate micro jobs to help you on your way!

No Experience Assistance Jobs

Do you work better from home following direction? Assistance jobs online are another way to work from home.


Are you familiar with social media platforms, chat rooms, and other chat forums? Moderation is the job for you. Monitor and handle customer interaction. Check out sites like The Social Element and ICUC Social to get started immediately.

Website Tester

There are several paid website testing jobs from home. While web testing isn’t a full-time gig, it’s a noteworthy mention for some extra cash jobs with no experience. Give your opinion about what does and doesn’t work on the web.

Online Researcher

An online researcher is a lucrative online job with the benefit of flexibility. Duties include collecting information for companies and searching online databases and websites. An online researcher finds the answers to the companies questions. A couple of platforms such as Wonder and Just Answer exist to get that ball rolling.

No Experience Jobs that Travel

Searching for opportunities to travel outside of your corner of the Earth? Keep reading.

Online Jobs

Ready to pack it up and move it out? Tired of the same old scenery and eager to explore the world? You’re not the only one. And today it’s easier than ever to make that dream a reality. Many of the positions outlined in the category No Experience Jobs Online make traveling possible. But here are a few more to get you excited about going places!

Start Your Travel Blog

Blogging has truly changed my life and the lives of many of my friends. As well as hundreds of my students. It truly is freedom and financial independence that is indescribable. No more punching a time card. Or reporting to some stiff in a suit.

Investing in a successful blog allows for travel. And, narrowing the niche to a travel blog can prove to be extremely fruitful. There So what’s your hesitation? You can do this. Visit how to start a blog and make money. And make your way to travel the world around you.

Create Travel Courses

Are you already traveling? Fantastic! An exceptional way to finance future endeavors is by creating online courses. Online courses can educate on any subject you’re informed by. Do you have something to offer travelers? Tourist tips about a location’s top eateries, local shops, hidden romantic hideaways, and family fun? Then you may have a course, my friend. Interested in how to make an online course that makes money? Fantastic. What are you waiting for?

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work remotely. Therefore they are free to travel the world. A virtual assistant essentially performs tasks that help the business they represent to function and grow. Duties include administrative tasks.  

Like the list of jobs that require no experience?

So what do you think? Did you find the right path from this exclusive list of no experience jobs? You’ll most likely find this article on how to make money without a job super helpful too!

Let me know if I missed any in the comments below!

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