64 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

Are you wanting to know how to make money as a teenager? Lots of teens find themselves in a situation where they want to start making money, but are not sure how to start.

Here are 60+ Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

There are many ways to make money as a teenager. Let’s find the one that’s right for you! I’ll also address a few parental concerns along the way and share with you how I made money as a teenager. (In case you’re a mom and reading this to help your teenager find a job)

And just to set your mind at ease, it’s EASY to make money even as a kid or teenager today. My 6 year old daughter made $100+ by setting up her own little e-commerce store.

She’s currently working on a new digital product, yes, as a 6 year old, and I’ll help her sell it through her own blog. It’s never too early to start and learn how to make money online.

In this post I’ll cover how to:

  • Make money as a 13 year old
  • Make money as a 14 year old
  • Make money as a 15 year old
  • Make money as a teenager online

But please know, many of these ways can be applied to any age. From my 6 year old daughter to myself – I’ve used these methods to make a full time income from home.

Why is Teenage Money Important?

Managing money and developing a good work ethic are both very important life skills that all teenagers need to learn. When you learn how to make money as a teenager, you not only have a bit of money to spend but hopefully learn to save and budget as well. It takes a bit to get the hang of balancing a checkbook, bills, and savings. You could also use your money to start investing a bit, which will help to set you up for financial success farther down the road.

Parental Concerns About Your Teenager Making Money

Many parents have concerns about their teenagers making money. As with any new thing, your parents are still in charge and they set the boundaries. Before you start working, take into consideration the things that are most important to you.

For example, your parents might require that you keep your grades up in school if you want to keep your job or work around certain hours. Most states in the USA have child labor laws that govern the number of hours that you can work while you are still in school.

How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job

Remember that you don’t necessarily need a job in order to make money as a teenager. There are a great number of side hustles that you can work around your schedule. In many cases, these side hustles can be started a young as 13. (Like starting a blog, which gosh, I wish I started sooner!)

Ways for a 13-year-old to make money

It can be hard to know how to make money as a teenager when you’re only 13 years old. You can’t drive yet, and very few traditional jobs hire 13-year-olds. You can still make money as a teenager if you are 13 with a bit of creative thinking and some hard work!

  • Chores for Parents

The first place that I would go if you are wanting to know how to make money as a teenager would be my parents. As a parent myself, I know there are tons of little things I need doing around the house and it would be so nice to be able to pay one of my kids to help out!

  • Clean car

As a mom, I can vouch for the fact that my car is rarely ever clean. Cleaning the car could be a great solution to the question of how to make money as a teenager. The best part – it will keep getting messy, so this is a chore that can be done on a regular basis!

  • Pull Weeds

Pulling weeds for your parents or for neighbors can be a good way to make money if you’re 13 and enjoy being outdoors.

  • Weedeat lawns

Even if you are not quite big enough to push a mower around for long, you might be able to handle a weedeater. Many might happily pay a teenager to do this part of the yard work for them.

  • Rake leaves

Grass does not always grow, but there are plenty of leaves to rake in the fall.

  • Mow

All you need is a push mower to get started. You can advertise with flyers, social media, or simply word of mouth.

  • Trim bushes

My friend has an 11-year-old son that trims her bushes for money. Look around for neighbors or family members that have overgrown bushes, and ask if you can trim them for a small fee.

  • Clean Gutters

This is a great solution to how to make money as a teenager that also helps others. Not all adults are able to easily or safetly stand on a tall ladder to clean their gutters.

  • Farmer’s Market stand

Some farmers markets charge adults a fee to set up a stall, but allow kids to set up a stall for free. If you have a garden, or if you know someone that has a fruit tree and does not mind giving you the fruit, this can be a great way to make money.

  • Babysitter

If you are very responsible and love kids babysitting can be a great way for a teenager to make money. If you are CPR certified it’s a plus. The going rates for babysitters are around $13.44 per hour.

  • Pet Sitting

Don’t like kids, but love animals? Consider pet sitting instead.

  • Pool maintenance

See that green pool in the neighbor’s yard? Offer to clean it for them and make some money. More than likely, they don’t want to touch it and will gladly pay a teen to do it for them.

  • Dog Walker

I used to charge $5 per dog walk. Now the going rate seems to be a bit more. Check out this pricing guide to find out how much to charge for your dog walking services.

  • Help a Senior Citizen

Helping a senior citizen is a great way to make money as a teenager. You will probably make the senior citizen’s day too. Many of them suffer from loneliness and look forward to seeing a young friendly face that’s ready to help out.

  • Lemonade stand

When considering how to make money as a teenager or a kid, a lemonade stand is a classic solution. Set up at an event where there will be lots of people around. You might also consider selling bottled water and sodas.

  • Painting

You can paint large things like house exteriors or interiors, or if you are crafty, you can take a brush to canvas and sell your masterpieces.

  • House Number Painting

All you need is some paint, a brush and a set of stencils. Many people will pay you to paint their house numbers

  • Job delivering newspapers

Contact your local paper and see if you can get a job delivering newspapers around your neighborhood.

How to make money when you’re 14

Good news if you are 14 or older – when considering how to make money as a teenager, you now have some more traditional options available! Some industries do hire 14 year olds. Expect to get very entry-level positions that probably pay minimum wage. If you are not interested in getting a job in an entry level position, you might also consider:

  • Snagajob

Snagajob is not a separate job per se, but it can help you find one in your area.

  • Music Lessons

Are you musically inclined? Teach someone else to play! This can be a great way to make money as a teenager and help someone else while improving your own skills!

  • Animal Trainer

Are you the dog whisperer? All dogs need to know basic commands like come, sit, and stay, as well as how to walk on a leash. You could make money teaching someone else’s dog basic obedience.

  • Teach Computer Skills to the Elderly

Computers have become such a part of our lives that computer skills are now a life skill. Unfortunately for many elderly people, computers are quite intimidating! You teach basic pc skills to an elderly person as a way to earn money, and you might even learn a thing or two yourself in the process.

  • Refinish Furniture

You can snag an old piece of furniture on Facebook Marketplace (with your parents’ permission) or find one at a local flea market or even your own basement. Restore it and flip it for a nice profit.

  • Planting/landscaping or garden

Do you have a neighbor that likes to garden or has flowerbeds? Offer to do some planting for them!

Do you love to read and have all kinds of different voices? People pay for voice actors, including kids!

  • Golf Caddy

Do you enjoy golf and being outdoors? Talk to your local golf course owners and see if they will let you work as a golf caddy. You might learn some great tips to improve your own game!

How to Make Money When You’re 15

When considering how to make money when you’re 15, job access is still somewhat restricted. However, most of the businesses that hire 14-year-olds will also hire 15-year-olds. If you are looking for something a bit outside traditional employment to make money when you’re 15, you might also consider:

  • Hay Hauling

If you have ever lived anywhere with livestock you know that the hay does not magically appear in the barn. Much of the work can be done with a tractor, but not all. If you are fairly strong, then many farmers are looking for extra hands to help with hay hauling.

  • Farm Hand

Summer is a busy time for farmers, and not just those that grow hay. Talk to a local farmer and see if you can lend a hand!

  • Tutoring

Are you a straight A student? Are you really good in math or science? You could become a tutor and make some extra money helping others.

  • Teach a foreign language

If you have some skills in a foreign language, teaching it to others can be another great way to earn money as a teenager.

  • Music Lessons

Is music your jam? Share your skills and make money by giving music lessons.

  • Sports coach

Maybe you are more of the sporty type? Try coaching sports for younger kids to make some extra money while doing something you love.

  • Cartoon Portraits

Do you find yourself doodling pictures or cartoons of people all the time? You could get paid for that! Turn your artistic talents into cash by drawing cartoon portraits of people.

  • Photography

Do you take stunning photographs? You could start your own photography business on the side either by taking stock images and selling them or booking photography sessions in your own time!

  • Handyman

Can you fix anything? Sell those handyman services and help your neighbors knock out their honey-do lists of household repairs.

  • Fix Computers

Maybe you can’t fix anything, but you love computers? Fixing computers can be a great way for teenagers to make money. You can work on your own schedule in your spare time.

  • House Cleaning

House cleaning is an ongoing chore that never seems to get done. Consider cleaning houses for your friends and neighbors to make some extra money, or ask an adult that cleans houses if you can tag along and help.

  • Housesitting

When people are gone, they need someone they trust to take care of their homes. Offer to housesit for family and friends while they are on vacation. Often times, it just involves checking the mail and taking care of animals once a day or so.

The Red Cross requires that all lifeguards be at least 15 years old. If you love to swim this can be a great job. Get paid to hang out at the pool all day!

How To Make Money as a Teenager Online

If you are wondering how to make money as a teenager online, I have you covered there too. With the internet, it’s easier than ever to make money from home,even for teens!

  • Survey Junkie

You can make money online by taking paid surveys as young as 13. It’s not a job, but it is a way to earn a bit of money online.

  • Start a blog

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways! I started building my email list and built up passive income that has grown into a full-fledged online business. The great news is that you can start a blog and make money no matter your age.

FREE COURSE: How to start your blog

Get the free course taken by over 85,000 readers to start and grow their blogs.

  • Instagram

If you are wanting to know how to make money as a teenager, don’t overlook Instagram. You can make money as a teen on Instagram with sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling a physical or digital product, and selling licenses for your photography or videos.

  • Youtube

Youtube can be a great platform to make money from. It makes money in much the same way that a blog does. You can read some great tips on how to make money on youtube from my friend, Tasha, who makes six-figures/year from her youtube channel. How’s that for some extra cash?

  • Etsy

If you are wondering how to make money as a teenager and love crafting, you can sell those crafts on Etsy.

  • Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. You ship items to the Amazon warehouse. They sell them, take a cut, and give you a portion.

  • Review Products Online

Grades in school give you feedback on the quality of your work. Companies want that same feedback and will pay you for reviewing their products.

  • Fivver

Fiveer (pronounced “Five-er”) is a website where people go to get lots of little things done. The starting rate is $5 a task. Look around and see what people will pay you $5 to do!

  • Freelancing

You can freelance things like writing, graphic design, making Pinterest graphics and more!

  • Proofreading

Your English teacher may not pay you for proofreading, but many other people will! Try asking your favorite blogger if they need help proofreading their posts.

  • Listen to Music

Yes, you read that right….you can make money as a teenager by listening to music. At Slice the Pie up and coming artists submit their work for reviews. You listen to a song for 90 seconds and then write a review of it. The better your review, the better your pay!

  • Direct Sales

Direct sales are where you sell a product from home. Most often it’s some sort of make-up, skin product, supplement, or jewelry. Even teenagers can start a grow a direct sales business to earn money on your own time.

How To Make Money As a Teenager With Techy Jobs

When considering how to make money as a teenager, do not overlook your pc and the resources that you already have. Here are some great techy jobs that you can do from home.

  • Digitize pictures

Many people have family photos laying around that they would love to have a digital version of but don’t have the time to scan them in. That’s where you come in! Offer to digitize pictures for people so they will be around for many more years to come and help eliminate clutter.

  • Edit videos

Do you have some video editing skills? Putting those skills to work for other people.

  • Virtual Assisting

Blogging can be overwhelming work! Many bloggers hire virtual assistants. If you are interested in starting your own blog, becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to get paid to learn the ropes.

How to Make Money Fast as a Kid

Sometimes you need to know not just how to make money as a teenager, but how to make money fast as a teenager. Check out this list of some things that you can do for some quick cash, even if you are a younger teenager.

  • Outdoor Movie

Set up an outdoor movie night in your backyard. Charge a small admission fee and sell drinks and popcorn.

  • Put up flags for holidays

If a holiday is coming up, you could offer to put flags up in your neighborhood and charge a small fee per flag.

  • Christmas tree disposal

Putting up the Christmas tree is a lot of fun. Taking it down is not nearly as much fun. You could offer to undecorate Christmas trees for people and then dispose of the tree if they have a live one.

  • Firewood

Speaking of Christmas tree disposal, you could take those trees and sell firewood!

  • Sell Puppies

Do you have a purebred dog? Purebred puppies sell for hundreds of dollars!

  • Face Painting

Setting up a face painting booth at a local event can be a very fun way for a teenager to make money. This offers minimal supplies and also gives you the potential to make money fast!

  • Raffle

Instead of selling something, why not raffle it off? Hosting a raffle is a common way to raise funds for school events, why not use it to raise some of your own funds? Even if you have nothing more than a table and a roll of tickets, you can still raffle off $100. If you sell 100 tickets at $2 each, you have the $100 raffle prize and you take home $100.

  • Garage sale

You can put together a garage sale at your house and help your parents get rid of unwanted things or you can offer to help a friend’s family or neighbor with theirs. This is a great way to get money fast as a kid because garage sales are most often done over the course of 2-3 days.

  • Power wash homes

Again, if you are wanting to know how to make money as a teenager by offering a service, look for a time-consuming task that many adults put off doing. If you do not own a pressure washer, Home Depot rents basic pressure washers for $38/day with a $50 deposit. You can easily recoup your cost and make a nice profit if you line up 4 houses in a day. See this pricing guide for power washing.

  • Bake Sales

Organizations and churches frequently use bake sales to raise funds. If you are wondering how to make money fast as a teenager or a kid, consider putting on your own bake sale to raise funds for yourself.

How to Make Money As a Teenager by Selling Things

Selling things always comes up when you search for how to make money as a teenager. What kinds of things could you sell? The limit is your own creativity, but here are some great ideas to get you started. Try selling them on Etsy, and/or locally through flea markets and craigslist, facebook marketplace, and Ebay.

  • Baby hair bows
  • Boffer weapons
  • Potato guns
  • Knitted items
  • Custom Cards
  • Car seat canopies
  • Moby wraps
  • Aprons
  • Christmas/holiday decorations
  • Washcloth travel carrier (carry toothpaste and toothbrushes)
  • Christmas tree skirts
  • Christmas stockings
  • Wreaths
  • Art
  • Paper mache letters
  • Kitchen towels
  • Custom planners
  • Decorative pillows
  • Soap
  • Candles

Helpful resources:

The Last Thing You Need to Know About How to Make Money as a Teenager

When you are searching for how to make money as a teenager, you have a lot of options. Don’t let your age limit you! You can make money even when you are 13,14, and 15 and can’t get a traditional job yet. Some industries do hire 14-year-olds. I worked as a waitress at a French restaurant to make money as a teenager. In college, I worked as a teaching assistant.

You can find more ideas from 50 real ways to make money as a stay at home mom72 legitimate stay at home jobs, and hobbies that make money. Many of the side hustles that moms can do, teens can do too without the time restrictions of caring for children.

What is your best advice on how to make money as a teenager? Let me know in the comments below!

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