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Best Side Hustle Ideas for Moms in 2021

Moms that stay at home to be more flexible for their children’s schedules often feel they are missing out or still would like to work, but it becomes more challenging. For this reason, side hustles have been growing widely in popularity with moms at home.

The side hustle means that you can create your schedule and work around your children, rather than being told you have to work specific hours and days. You make all of the decisions as the boss of your time, so you choose when you work. 

Many moms that stay home for their children love the idea of being able to generate more income with side hustles. It helps create time for things that aren’t just mom-related, giving you more fulfillment within your life, having a creative outlet, and creating a structured routine for your work.

So, where do you find all these great side hustles? Technology has given us a great way to do remote work from home, so online jobs are one of the best places to start. Here are some of the best side hustle ideas that busy moms can do and work around their hectic schedules while carving out some time to do something they love.

Start a Blog

Blogging is an excellent way for moms to work on their own time and make some money. You also don’t need to have any prior experience or requirements to start your own blog. Some ways you can generate income from blogging are through:

  • Affiliate marketing – recommending products or services you use and receiving some kickback for anyone that purchases.
  • Advertisements or Sponsored blogs – companies may reach out to you to promote their products for some extra money.
  • Online Products – ebooks, printables, online courses, coaching etc. Once you reach this level in blogging, you can scale to $100K months!

There are limitless opportunities to focus your blog on, but you must create a focus or a niche you want to write about continually. Approach your blog as your business so that you can effectively build a following, and before you know it, you’ll be making some money from the comforts of home in no time. 

Learn more about starting your blog with the free blog planner.

Online Tutoring

If you enjoy teaching or have taught in the past, this is a great skill to make money with a side hustle. There are many opportunities for tutoring online, mainly by teaching English as a Second Language, or ESL, through companies like VIPKid, GoGoKid, or

You create your own booking schedule for classes for sign-ups and then teach during those times. There is potential to make some great money through doing this as well, as many of them provide incentives to recruit other teachers, become an ambassador of the company, and more.

Virtual Assistant

Do you know how to organize or have a lot of knowledge across social media platforms like Pinterest or Facebook? You could set your home office up to be a Virtual Assistant. Being a VA is an excellent option for you to work with others and collaborate because VAs are there to give time back to those other at-home hustlers trying to organize their businesses. Many business owners operating for themselves like to outsource these types of activities to free up their time, and if you don’t mind helping others get organized, this could be the perfect side gig. 

Some tasks that VAs typically perform are scheduling posts and pins, creating graphics, setting daily schedules, organizing emails, outreach, and processing analytics. You can create packages based on your strengths where the owners can pay you bi-weekly or monthly, or even per hour, depending on your tasks. 

Learn more about virtual assisting here.


If you are super detail-oriented, this could be your option for a side hustle. Bloggers and writers are always in need of editing and proofreading for their work, and you can market yourself while creating a flexible schedule. Depending on your experience, you could start at a decent $25.00 per hour. Still, if you look on the internet, some proofreaders charge over $100.00 per hour because of the demand for these types of editors with businesses going online each day.

Freelance Writer

Similar to blogging, but freelance writing can be a fantastic, lucrative side gig for moms if you are a good writer and editor. Many businesses need content created frequently and will often reach out to writers and give them topics to write about. 

Keep in mind that you can freelance as a subcontractor as well, where an organization can give you the work to write about as it comes in, and you can learn a little more about SEO and whether to utilize a white label SEO partner. Either way, writing articles and blogs for online websites and businesses is a great way to earn extra income, and you can charge per article, per word, or every month. 

Etsy or Shopify Shop

Are you tech-savvy and also a little crafty? This could be a perfect gig! Etsy or Shopify shops have all you need to create customizable gifts of your liking to sell on an online platform. In some cases, moms that have turned their crafts into profits selling t-shirts, home decor, and customized products have earned more than they would at a full-time job. 

Learn how to make digital products to sell on Etsy.


Maybe you enjoy working with a camera and know Photoshop. You can make decent money doing a side hustle as a photographer. Treating this as a business, you should find an area to specialize in. Some suggestions could be creating photo packages for engagements and weddings, newborns, family pictures, or even school-age photos. 

This blogger makes a full time income with her photography blog.

Sell Baked Goods

If you enjoy creating your own cookie recipes or decorating cakes extravagantly, you can run a successful business creating these confectionary treats right out of your home. You can efficiently market your beautiful concoctions over social media and have people booking you to make their kid’s birthday and graduation desserts in no time!

Stock Photography

Bloggers, freelance writers, and businesses that are online need stock photos. Many of them like to buy in bundles to use them for articles and banners on their pages without the worry of paying royalty fees. Creating stock photos could be a lucrative side hustle, to just take some pictures and get great shots of various scenes and objects that you can bundle. The best part about this side gig is that you don’t need a fancy camera – a smartphone will do!

Checkout these stock photo websites.

Pet Grooming

If you hone a love for animals and want to help them look their best, you can easily run a pet grooming business from home. 

Dog Walker

Along the same lines as grooming and a great side hustle, especially if you are in more of a city area where there aren’t many lawns, you can walk dogs. Find clients who don’t work from home and allow them to let you take their dogs on walks during the day. You can probably even find a great dog park or two in the area to take them. You can also offer to pet sit for people when they go on vacation.


If you are a math whiz and know how to budget or previously worked in finance, you might consider doing virtual bookkeeping. You can offer this to any business since many of them require their monies to be organized and balanced. 

Private Lessons

Another possibility for those who are interested in teaching or have been teachers in the past is offering private lessons. You can utilize your home as a “studio” to teach anything that you might be good at – art, music, voice, knitting, sewing – anything at all! 

If you can do these virtually, or teach it in an online course, you could build a little empire of your own.

Create Printables

Selling digital prints that people can easily print after downloading is a great way to earn extra money. You can also create SVGs that people use for cutting machines to make crafts or develop your own stationery line. There are endless possibilities for things that people can download digitally to print.

Here are 14+ more digital product ideas you can create in an afternoon.


Some apps and businesses offer cash backs and bonuses when you refer your family and friends. You can earn money and help people in your life, so you both benefit. A couple of great referral options are Rakuten or CoinOut, where you earn rewards when your friends and family sign up.

Garage Sales

Selling your stuff to get rid of clutter is a great way to earn some extra cash. Do yourself a favor and tackle that Spring Cleaning. You can partner with local consignment shops to sell things, or even list them on Facebook Marketplace or just have a couple of big weekend garage sales. There are plenty of places and ways you can sell your things.

YouTube Channel

A great platform that you can learn to monetize is by creating your own YouTube channel. If you enjoy editing videos and have a lot of in-depth knowledge on a specific subject or a hobby that you think could relate to many fans, you can earn subscribers and make money through YouTube.

Membership Groups

You can create group pages over Facebook for all kinds of things, and developing a paid membership group is a great way to earn money. Maybe you’re really into Yoga – you can build your own Yoga routine and have people pay for daily workouts together, where you go live each day. You can create a page and have people subscribe for printables each day or some type of digital downloads. Let your imagination soar and develop ways to connect people and products to earn some money with paid memberships.

Create Private Meals

If you enjoy cooking, maybe you can take the hassle out of dinner for all the working moms out there by creating pre-paid meals. You can package them individually or in family-size portions and sell them.

Flip Old Products

Maybe you enjoy garage sales and are good at scouring to find things you can quickly restore like furniture, books, etc. Take this and make it into a side business. You can sell pieces you find at sales for low discounts, flip them into beautiful pieces and sell them for a profit.

Child Care

If you enjoy working with children, you could create a summer camp for kids whose parents don’t want to pay many daycare expenses. Offer a cheaper rated “babysitting” service where you can watch children and make some extra money. The great thing about doing it only in the summertime is that you don’t have to commit all year-round, so you only get school-age kids who are more independent. Many families still take vacations in the summer, so you should still get plenty of breaks!

Write and Publish a Book

It is easier now more than ever to write and self-publish your own book. Maybe you want to create your own recipe book with fabulous recipes you have collected from generations, or possibly write down that great novel you’ve always talked about. Compile your thoughts, utilize your editing skills and write that book so you can get it out there.

Teach Zumba or Dance

If you have a large studio space or access to such a space, you could host dance lessons or teach Zumba. You can train in a virtual space if that is easier and it is something you enjoy, and charge per lesson or month. 

Make-up Artist or Stylist

You don’t necessarily need a beautician degree or license to promote yourself as a make-up artist or stylist. You can easily self-teach at home with tutorials and market yourself in your local area. Soon you’ll be booking makeup and style sessions for weddings and parties. 

Clean Houses

Do you enjoy cleaning? Offer home cleaning services because there are so many of us who just do not have the time or energy for deep cleaning and will be more than willing to pay someone to come in and do weekly cleanings. 


You can open your own dropshipping business and create your online store with products to sell, partnering with places like Etsy or Amazon. You can decide what products to promote and play middle man to get them shipped while earning extra money.

Social Media Manager

If you enjoy the social media platforms and know how to grow an audience, you can easily create a side hustle as a social media manager. Companies like to hire people who can virtually manage the social media marketing side of the business – creating posts and graphics and coming up with campaigns. 

Wedding Planner

If you have a love for weddings and everything that goes into them, you could offer wedding planning services. Brides and grooms don’t always know or think of all of the details necessary for a wedding, and you could provide your planning to make the process smoother and more accessible, so all they have to worry about is saying, “I do!”

Start A Podcast

Being a radio DJ seems to be a lost career, but not with podcasting – you can have your very own show. It can be a great way to start as an influencer and gain fans, eventually generating some income.

Life Coach

Help people find their passions in life and guide them in the right direction to feel more fulfilled and happy. You can create free trial zoom meetings to start and then have clients book you for regular sessions to get their lives in order!

Travel Consultant

If you’ve traveled to places frequently or know all of the ins and outs regarding Disney Cruises, you can plan out vacations for people and earn income at the same time. Who doesn’t love going on vacation? 

Personal Shopper

You can work as a personal shopper with Instacart, making your own schedule, and this is something you can bring your children along for shopping as well. Other options like Door Dash or GrubHub are similar services where you would pick up food deliveries for customers. 

Side Hustle Ideas for Moms

There are so many opportunities and possibilities to make extra income and work around your kids’ schedules. Take your skills and find one of these side hustles to suit your family’s needs so you can keep contributing to your income and do something you genuinely enjoy!

Need more ideas, here are great work from home jobs for moms.

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