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45 Easy Things To Make And Sell From Home

What if you can make and sell things from home? What if that awesome hobby you have, could turn into something magical (and money making)?! How amazing would that be doing what you love and sharing it with the world? It’s totally possible!

I’ve been making and selling things from home (digital things) since 2016 and still do it today. I can’t wait to share with you the methods I’ve used to make a full time income, and help you discover your perfect method too!

In today’s world, things are tough. Unemployment is high and jobs can be hard to find for many people. If you’re one of those people trying to make ends meet, it might seem like there’s no way out. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many easy things to make and sell from home that can give you extra income or even become something that you can do full-time.

Here is hope for you! Over 2.14 billion people are shopping online now. That means you can make and sell your things from home without ever leaving your house. And this report shows that shopper’s search inquiries are new every month, that means people want new and exciting things to buy – a great opportunity for your talents to shine and no need to feel that the market is oversaturated.

Many of these things don’t involve a 9-5 job or spending your whole day on social media looking for work. If you’re ready to get out of the rat race, it’s time to peek at some super simple ways that you can start to find easy things to sell.

I’m also sharing with you my top tip to find success when selling things at home so make certain to read to the bottom of the post to get that gem!

Most of you know that my story to success is one that I love to share because I fully believe that all of you have the ability to make that same path for yourselves as well. If you’re ready to think outside the box and get some extra money in the process, it’s time to be creative and get ready to sell!

Let’s start with the most popular things first!

Popular Things to Make and Sell for Some Extra Money

You can choose between physical DIY products or digital products, depending on your skill level and interests. There are options for all age groups and areas expertise.

Let’s skim through all the popular things you can make and sell for some extra money. The first section will be physical, and the second section will be digital.

Popular Physical Products to Sell

people using cell phones

Custom Phone Accessories

The market is brimming with phone accessories that all look the same. This monotonous nature of the

accessory market has created a considerable demand for customized accessories. With painting, dyes, and stickers, you can customize various phone accessories (cases, charging stands, tripods, etc.) and sell them at a good margin.

You can use Printful to create your own custom phone case, or sell it to your customers!

knitted clothes soft

Knitted Products

Are you into knitting or learned it as a summertime school project? Now, you can leverage that skill to make a good sum of money. On-demand knitted products (baby blankets, cardigans, mittens, sweaters, etc.) fetch a great price. Set up your online shop on Facebook and start selling bespoke knitted products right away.

Just look at these beautiful pieces from Andreeva!

I can just melt into these MumsHandMade knitted clothes!

And if you have the talent, you can list your beautiful creations on Etsy, see all the bespoke knitwear examples here!

bath bombs collection

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have become all the rage these days. They have turned boring baths into fun me-time. You can make them at home with ingredients you can easily find at department stores. Then, you can sell them via Facebook and Instagram, or you can sell them directly on Amazon as the platform registers almost 80,000 monthly searches for bath bombs.

And bonus, you can sell them from $3 to $10 each!

bath salts collection

Bath Salts

Bath salts are even easier to make than a bath bomb. You have to mix a couple of salts and other readily available ingredients (e.g., baking soda) to make bath salts. More than the salt itself, it is the packaging that will drive your bath salt sales. So, focus on the packaging of your handcrafted bath salts.

Here is how to make bath salts, and here you can see examples of those already selling!

pretty party candles

Baked Items

Do you like baking and want to turn that hobby into something lucrative? If so, you should start making and selling gourmet baked items. From custom birthday cakes to batches of freshly baked cookies, there are loads of customers for different gourmet baked stuff. If your baked products click with customers, you can even transform this side gig into a full-time hustle.

homemade frames for pictures

Framed Pictures and Albums

In today’s digital world, the good old printed framed pictures have acquired a great sentimental value. That’s why you can create picture frames and albums at home and sell them for a good bargain. With a quality printer at your disposal, you can also make and sell framed pictures and albums by picking online orders. People will send you digital copies of photos, and you can send them back the framed pictures and albums as per their preference.

custom drinking glasses

Decorative Glasses

Markets are spilling over with decorative glasses. However, most consumers want something personal and exclusive. You can cater to all those customers if you have a steady hand for glass painting and an eye for detail. Customized on-demand decorative glasses sell like a hotcake and return great margins. You can sell customized decorative glasses via Instagram or Facebook.

pretty house plants and pots

Plants and Flowers

If you are already into gardening, there is good news: you can now turn it into a side hustle. Use your vegetation space to grow flowers that are in demand for gardening. Similarly, grow saplings that people want to cultivate in their lawns, gardens, and backyards. You can start this small-scale business easily from your social media accounts.

custom mugs sell online
I love this mug so much, and got it here!

Custom Mugs

Who doesn’t like to sip their morning coffees from custom mugs that reflect their personalities? If you know how to paint on glass and ceramic, you can start making and selling them online. People can ask for the theme/design/colors on the mug, and you can mail them their customized mugs while bringing hefty profits home. Selling custom mugs can become lucrative full-time work because there are people who are making over $100,000 annual profit while doing this work.

Just imagine making these awesome The Office mugs! I’d love my mug on this mug!

handmade stationary

Greeting Cards

Customized greeting cards are another profit-making item you can make at home and sell online. If you know digital illustration, you can offer digital greeting cards. If you love hand sketching and drawing, you can DIY greeting cards. By designing cards based on customers’ demands, you can make a good amount of money on top of your main hustle.

custom hand made bags

Shopping Bags

Eco-conscious consumers are trying to limit their plastic consumption. For that matter, cloth or tote shopping bags have become quite popular in the last couple of years. You can make tote bags and other eco-friendly shopping baskets and bags at home and sell them online. Many people are searching for tote bags online rather than in stores. Most of them will prefer to buy eco-friendly bags from a home-run venture rather than any large business.

lip gloss and lip balm

Lip Balms

Homemade beauty products have become quite popular lately. For instance, many people like to buy homemade organic lip balms made of natural ingredients instead of synthetic off-the-shelf products. You can make a range of DIY lip balms that you can nicely package and put on sale for thousands of customers searching for them on Amazon or social media platforms.

men with handsome beards

Beard Oil

Beards are in vogue these days, and so are the products for their grooming and upkeep. For instance, many people like to invest in good quality beard oil. You can pick any essential oils (peppermint, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, etc.) or create a mix of them known for hair growth and package them in custom bottles to provide customers with 100% natural beard oil products.

colorful aprons


If you don’t mind doing a bit of sewing, you can make aprons and sell them online. There are two reasons we have picked this product for our list. First, making an apron doesn’t involve complex tailoring and sewing. Secondly, it has multiple niche markets (white apron, kitchen apron, chef apron, etc.) with very low competition. So, you have a great shot at selling a good number of aprons every month.

doll house


If you are into arts and crafts, particularly the stuff for kids, you should make bespoke dollhouses and sell them online. A single refresher course on YouTube will provide you with every detail you need to get started. You can sell them online as well as on social media platforms. When selling via Facebook and Instagram, you can pick custom orders that way, you will be able to demand a good price for your work.

cute dogs and treats

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Dog parents love to pamper their children with treats. Many of them prefer homemade treats over what is available in stores. You can target that market with your homemade dog biscuits. You don’t need a specialized chef course to make them. Follow this DIY guide to making perfect homemade dog treats that you can sell online.

coasters to make from home


Many people want to compliment their coffee mugs with coasters. Apart from serving the obvious purpose, coasters add to the whole aesthetic of your table setup. Whether it is a work desk or a home-table setting, coasters are great for improving the whole experience. All these people who use them for one reason or another are the potential customers of your customized coasters. Learn about coaster designs you can make at home without expensive equipment and raw materials.

custom tshirts colorful

Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts with customized prints are quite trendy these days. From their favorite quotes to personalized graphics, people want T-shirts in customized prints. If you are willing to make a small investment, you can get a heat press machine used to make T-shirt prints and start offering custom T-shirts online. Just like other customized products, this also gets the best traction on Facebook and Instagram.

bird cage


Despite the entire e-commerce boom, it is still difficult to find bird cages online. You can fill the market gap by offering your homemade birdcages on social media platforms as well as Amazon. If you are proficient, you can easily make bird cages with the help of wood, bamboo sticks, and wires.

pretty stationary and planners

Custom Notebook and Diaries

Despite all the digitization, a custom DIY notebook and diary have their own charm. However, people who want those special notebooks and diaries can’t find them on a regular roadside or online stationery store. You can cater to all those customers by making notebooks and diaries at home and selling them online.

colorful custom socks


Socks are easy to make. You can customize them with so many design elements. You can target every age group with socks. Socks also return great margins. For all these reasons, making socks and selling them online on Amazon and social media pages is not a bad idea for a side hustle.

recipe book and cooking

Recipe Books

If you love cooking and have a creative knack in the kitchen, it’s time to compile all your recipes in a book and sell them to culinary beginners. With Amazon’s self-publishing services, you can get your own book published easily.

pink hair and comb

Custom Combs

This option is for all those who are into handcrafting and like to turn mundane things into stunning art pieces. Since most of the stock combs come ugly, many people look for easy-on-the-eyes custom combs. You can serve that consumer group with your handcrafted custom combs.

colorful printed pillows

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are another easy-to-tailor clothing item that can sell like a hotcake, given that you are reaching out to the right customer groups with suitable options. There is a huge market on Amazon for both child and adult pillow covers.

Popular & Easy Digital Products to Sell

Digital products are quick and easy to make and the profit margins are huge! On top of the ideas below, here are more digital product ideas you can create in an afternoon.

sell printables

If none of those things work out and you still need some quick cash, there are plenty of things that you can sell online as well.

You know that I had to work in the online ways to make extra money, right?

With complete confidence, I can tell you that selling things online not only works, but it works REALLY, REALLY well.

I’m not talking about items from your house or crafts that you can make…What I’m referring to when I say that you can sell things online is digital items like printers, planners, and more.


Everyone loves printables. And I mean everyone. This is because the term “printable” is a HUGE open market.

It basically encompasses anything that you can print online. This means that the options are endless.

Some of my favorite printables that you can easily create and sell for money are:

And those are just a few. I’ve found that once the creative juices start flowing, the ideas for even more printables will just keep coming and coming.

Creating digital products is a passion of mine and one that I teach thousands of people yearly how to do. This is because I believe that once you create a beautiful printable, you’ve truly created a customer for life.

Make certain to check out my Printables by Numbers course for a breakdown of the exact process that I use to create my printables.

resell blogs


This might not go under the “easy” category because blogging is a TON of work. However, if you can create a successful blog, you can sell it for a pretty penny.

Some people have sold their blogs for 6 figures or more!

Fair warning though – blogging is addictive! This is why many people that I know tend to buy blogs and keep buying blogs because it’s a fun way to be creative while earning money at the same time.

Flipping blogs can be a great way to earn money at home but if you have a successful blog, you’ll also be able to earn passive income as well.

This means that while you’re sleeping, people visiting your blog and reading your posts will be putting money in your pocket. Sounds about perfect, right?

I do think that creating a blog for profit is more of a long-term game so if you’re looking for money fast, this isn’t the route to go. However – you can add printables to your blog or other services that you can sell to supplement until your blog starts earning more money.

If you like writing and scribbling down your thoughts and reflections, consider using that talent to make some money. You can create blog posts on demand for a good sum. All you have to do is join any freelancing platform, upload your portfolio with some of your writing samples, and you can start creating and selling on-demand blog posts. You can also set up your own blog site. If you manage to get good traction on it, you can make money through Google AdSense.

social media collage

Mobile Apps

If you know how to code, take a shot at mobile apps. You can easily find a lot paying clients on online freelancing platforms if you’re looking to earn a side income. You can also launch your own app to make money, but that is much more time-intensive and risky.

infographic top view

Presentations and Infographics

If you don’t mind working on PowerPoint and other online platforms that help make presentations, infographics, and other visuals, here is an option for you. From pitch decks to college assignments, you can get a good monthly volume of orders for this type of content and that too at a good price.

ebooks and books


If you don’t mind ghostwriting, consider creating and selling E-Books. A lot of businesses these days need E-Books for their content marketing, which you can help provide to them. If you like to write stories and other content, you can also create your own E-Books and sell them on Amazon as a self-publisher.

making videos ladies


If you love to be in front of the camera, start your part-time career as a YouTuber. From podcasts to product reviews and pranks to skids, the options are endless. You can also make video content for social media accounts of organizations with in-house digital marketing departments and teams.

ladies using cell phones

Social Media Content

If you are good with social media, you can create memes and posts that attract engagement and sell the social media content you create. You can find gigs on freelancing platforms where companies might need content for their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms like Reddit and Snapchat.

things to make and sell from home

Easy Crafts To Make And Sell From Home

I can’t tell you how many hours I used to spend just daydreaming about things to make and sell for profit. I knew that once the kids were born, I wanted to find a way to use my talents and creativity to provide for our family.

Thanks to the support of my fantastic hubby, my daydreaming transitioned into reality really, really fast.

One thing that I want to make clear is that the journey to making money independently is going to have some bumps. I like to think of these as hills that can easily be climbed but there are days when you’re just going to need to step back and rest.

Be kind to yourself during those times. But most of all – don’t give up.

If it was crazy easy to just find things to make and sell from home, then there wouldn’t be anyone out there in the workforce going to an office, right?

I can assure you though that if you stick with it and roll with a few of those hills, you’ll find success that you’ll be able to duplicate over and over again.

A lot of people have hobbies they can turn into items to sell, like sewing or painting, or knitting! There are tutorials online on how to start making things if you don’t know where to get started.

Crafts are super popular and will always be popular because people genuinely love to be creative. And while I have a creative brain for design, I don’t have a creative brain for knitting or crotching which is why I’ll always look at places like Etsy to buy those handmade items.

I know my limit for things I can make and sell and I’m happy to support another fellow entrepreneur for those beautiful handcrafted items that are out of my wheelhouse.

Winter Clothing

Gloves, hats, scarves, and anything else that provides warmth during the winter months will always sell like hotcakes.

Factor in different colored yarn and different patterns to make them unique. Make certain that you branch out and offer adult and kid sizes as well.

This is because NO ONE likes to have frozen body parts when there is a simple and fashionable way to prevent it.

A simple search on Etsy will show you that there is a market for this.

cricut examples

Cricut Crafts

Most people love the idea of creating with a Cricut machine but few people actually purchase one and do it. This leaves a big market for creating so many fun Cricut projects.

The great thing about crafting with vinyl is that it literally can stick to most surfaces. Some simple DIY things to sell can include:

When you figure out how to use your Cricut, don’t forget that seasonal content is ALWAYS a huge seller. You can easily create items for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, and more.

The options are endless in designs and color schemes that you can use with your Cricut.

Go online and look around for some inspiration as well. Never copy ideas but use them to branch off and see how you can make something different and more unique.

sell handmade items

You might also have things you can make from things around the house, like wreaths made out of CDs and odds and ends such as that. There are some easy DIY projects that a lot of people will be willing to buy but you just need to have the gusto to create them.

Homemade Wreaths

Sure you can go and buy a wreath from the local craft or hobby store but where is the fun in that?

If you can make wreaths, make them! List them on swap shops, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or even your own store on your online shop.

Holiday wreaths are great but don’t forget about sports wreaths, too. People are crazy about their favorite sports teams and aren’t afraid to show it!

water paintings by hand

Custom Paintings

If you have a creative side, paint away. Advertise that you can paint a portrait from a picture and watch the inquiries roll in.

Custom paintings really do have a huge market in them because people are always wanting to showcase something unique in their home.

You can really offer great paintings for your clients such as painted family portraits, custom painted animal portraits, and more. Paintings are crafts that sell well because people have an emotional bond and tie to them.

sell crafts from home

Handmade Things To Make And Sell From Home

Since I went over a few of my favorite things to create and sell from home, here is a list of a few more ideas that you can do as well.


You’d be amazed at how well homemade candles sell! The more unique the smell, the better. (Just make certain it’s a smell people will like!)

incense sticks

Incense Sticks

Many people use incense sticks to create a pleasant and therapeutic ambiance in their interiors. You can reach out to those customers with your special homemade incense sticks. Just like soaps, balms, and bath bombs, you can make incense sticks at home with the supplies available at home or department stores.

Incense Holders

If you are making incense sticks, don’t forget to make incense holders as well. From wooden blocks to empty jars, you can use many items to make custom incense holders and make it a cross-sale item with your incense sticks.

Scented Wax Melts

After scented candles, scented wax melts have become quite popular among people who want to permeate their indoors with olfactory bliss. Since wax melts are still not widely available as an off-the-shelf product, you can find many customers for your homemade melts on the web. With some essential oils and beeswax, you can easily make a top-quality scented wax melt at home.

different holiday candle holders

Candle Jars

People generally prefer handmade and homemade candle jars over the similar options available in the market. If you make wax melts, you should also make bespoke candle jars because you will need more or less the same ingredients. Facebook and Instagram are great places to sell those customized candle jars.

cute doll outfits

Doll clothing

Dolls need clothing, too. Make up some unique clothing items for dolls and list them online. They’ll sell quickly and are super popular around the holidays.

dog leashes and dog walking

Animal clothes/dog leashes

Don’t forget that for some people, their animals are their “kids”. This means that they’ll buy anything and everything to spoil them.

reusable grocery bag

Reusable grocery bags

Now that the world is cutting down on plastic bags, give them something to carry all their groceries in.

beautiful jewelry


Unique handmade jewelry is SUPER popular. People will pay good money to have earrings like no one else.

feet picture and hand made soap


Don’t forget the power of staying clean. Now that all the celebrities are coming out and saying they hardly shower their kids, people are going to be scooping up all the homemade soaps to show that they do keep their kids clean!

Handmade soaps offer exclusivity and a more personalized experience that customers can’t get with off-the-shelf soap bars. Therefore, many people look for bespoke handmade soaps online. You don’t need any industrial setup and ingredients to make soap at home. Due to its niche nature, you can easily make your place and sell to those thousands of potential customers.

The biggest thing about selling items from your home is that you need to make certain that you’re selling things that are answering a need or a question for your potential buyers.

Anytime that I create a printable, I always try to have the printable be useful for as many people as possible.

If you can create a product that people will actually benefit from, you’ve just created a niche product for yourself and you can continue to build and branch off that for even more lucrative ideas.

The great thing about homemade products is that you get to combine what you love to make with making money – and that is the beauty of finding ways to earn your own money!

Final Tips for Selling Things from Home

Earlier I mentioned that I’d spill the beans on my top tip for success so here it goes…(and thank you for sticking with this post and reading to this point – it means a lot!)

My top tip for earning money selling things at home is to allow yourself to pivot at any point in time.

Just like any idea or creation, if it’s not working the way that you thought it would, tweak it and try again. Even the best inventions out there are tweaked in a way that allows them to be even better.

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Be kind to yourself and don’t stifle your creativity. Being able to earn your own money from creating your own items or earning money by decluttering your home is a wonderful way to find freedom.

Before long, you may find that your “extra cash” turns into an awesome side hustle that will then turn into a full-time gig! What a way to follow your heart and passion!

This post was updated with content from Christopher Liew. He is the Founder of, where he shares tips on money, travel, career, and business.

Do you have any ideas on easy things to make and sell from home?

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