42 Fun and Educational Teacher Blogs You Need to Follow

Teacher Blogs

There are thousands of educational websites spanning the internet today. Elementary and primary teacher blogs both pertain to the K-5 grades. Starting with kindergarten– we’ll work our way through the elementary levels. After, I’ve included the exciting must-follows in primary education. Math, art, music, and homeschooling, are explored too!

Many of the teacher bloggers below use their blogs to share their advice and make a bit of money as well. It’s very possible to turn your passion for teaching into a profitable side hustle, just read how this art blog makes a full-time income, or this kid’s activity blog, or this photography blog!

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Elementary Teacher Blogs

Gather resources, spark creativity, and gain understanding on homework with– teacher blogs! I appreciate this resource so much, (as a mommy) that I’m sharing my list of the best elementary teacher blogs. Written by teachers determined to help get you, (and your little ones) to the head of the class.

Kindergarten Teacher Blogs

Oh, I love kindergarten. Sweet little kids who are just eager to learn how to read and write! Below are fantastic blogs about kindergarten, enjoy!

The Kindergarten Connection

The Kindergarten Connection is your one-stop shop for resources including free printables. This site’s geared towards teachers, homeschoolers, and parents alike. While Kindergarten is their forte, there are plenty of learning activities for preschool and first-graders available.

Differentiated Kindergarten

Marsha is a teacher-mom who believes in a differentiated approach to teaching children. That level of dedication to her students makes her a lead teaching blog. Marsha has pages worth of freebies including seasonal activities. Her curriculum includes math, social studies, reading, literacy, and art.

Kindergarten Chaos

Originally a second-grade teacher. But after a half-day teaching kindergarten, Abbie found her true calling. She helps to unravel the chaos that is the nature of Kindergarten. Packaging lesson plans, classroom tips, and organizational freebies!

Teaching First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler has been teaching first-grade for over 12-years now, and she’s loving it. Her site is a colorful, sweet spot– I could eat it all up. Be sure to check out her labels on the left sidebar. She has the most organized and comprehensive label list I’ve encountered. May is right around the corner. Visit her Cinco de Mayo post for craft ideas and math game giveaways.

Peace Love and First Grade

Most of Laura’s last 26-years were in first-grade classrooms. An advocate for peace, and a Child of God. She has an extensive list of resources available for teachers and students. Laura is also an author for The Primary Chalkboard. Another absolute follow for K-6 teacher blogs.

Fun in First

Jodi is a wife and mommy to three, (I relate mama). During her 16-years of teaching, she’s discovered her biggest passion is first-grade. Her curriculum includes math, science, writing, social studies, and reading.

Teaching Second Grade

Step Into 2nd Grade

Amy Lemons takes teaching second-grade to another level. Math, reading, and writing resources– all come with free goodies. Her Amazon page with recommendations is a great resource for books! I especially loved her Christmas book selection. Is it too soon to be dreaming of a white Christmas?

Second Grade Squad

The Second Grade Squad is the coolest stop for all your second-grader needs. Charity Preston of Organized Classroom is the leader of the squad. Scroll to the bottom to access a unique community of bloggers. This blog roll’s dedicated to teaching ideas revolving around– all things grade two. An amazing resource. Pass it along.

Saddle Up for Second Grade

Marcy became a presenter for Staff Development for Educators, (SDE) in July of last year. She’s been writing for sever-years about her teaching endeavors. Imparting learned wisdom along her journey. Scrolling into last year, I encountered her, Elf in the Classroom fun and had to share it! Who doesn’t enjoy Elf on the Shelf ideas? Okay, I’ll lay off with Christmas now, but EEK!

Teaching Third Grade

3rd Grade Thoughts

Stephanie is a third-grade teacher in Colorado. She’s featured on NBC News, Scholastic Instructor, and Good Housekeeping. Math and literacy are her strengths. Visit her classroom for management tips and tools.

Third Grade Thinkers

Doris creates attractive resources for learning fun. Growth and success are the two goals she hopes to achieve with her methods. She gives away several freebies, including holiday ideas and treats.

All About 3rd Grade

All About 3rd Grade is a community of third-grade school teachers. I couldn’t get enough. Also, each author hosts individual teacher blogs. There are tons of free printables and informative content. Many of the contributors are faith-based mommies. Making them, an immediate favorite. Also, guest blogging is an option.

Teaching Fourth Grade

4th Grade Frenzy

Monica from 4th Grade Frenzy grabbed me with her About Me page. Finding education materials that engage students is important. When video games and trends are your competition, it’s crucial! With 33-years’ experience being in elementary classrooms, Monica has figured it out.

Fun in Fourth

Angela teaches fourth-grade in British Columbia, Canada. She helps you to re-prioritize, regain focus, and build confidence. Angela offers free audio training teaching you to engage students in their reading.

The 4th Grade Journey

Mandy is an army wife, mommy, and Jesus follower. Grab her Alphabet Charts freebie. It comes in black and white and color. Also, Starbucks and Target? Mandy, you’re speaking my language.

Teaching Fifth Grade

Life in Fifth Grade

Ms. Leslie Ann is a fifth-grade teacher in Alabama. She’s been writing her insight on grade five for six-years. And friends, she does own the cutest Maltese in the world. Reese, named after none other than, the fabulous, Reese Witherspoon. Need I say more?

Fifth in the Middle

Fifth in the Middle ‘s written by a teacher with over 20-years’ experience in the education field. All that experience derives from teaching fifth-grade! She is transitioning into becoming a teacher librarian. Follow her journey for inspiration, creativity, and an experienced voice.

Fun in 5th Grade

Angie spent 10-years in an inner-city school teaching fifth-grade. Creating educational curriculum is her contribution to helping difficult students. Teaching them to tap into their learning potential.

We have another Target and iced-coffee lover. It’s a sign! Grab a cup of java as we continue to explore the best elementary teacher blogs today.

Primary Teacher Blogs

Minds in Bloom

Rachel began sharing creative strategies and critical thinking skills with her blogging adventures. Before she knew it, it had grown into a platform of guest bloggers. Three-quarters of the content is contributed by guest authors. Minds in Bloom is a delightful find for diverse enlightenment. It’s a resource that gives ideas to educators.

Two Boys and a Dad

Two Boys and a Dad has been educating for over 30-years. He is a bilingual specialist and literacy coach. His content is rich in resources for teachers. My favorite freebie– Shades of meaning Discussion Cards. Be sure to snatch it up.

Ideas by Jivey

Jessica, (also known as Jivey) focuses on literacy. Her goal is to teach you how to use– in-context skills and content integration. Jessica is a mentor and has developed several courses. There are free mentoring courses available for grades 1-5.

Clutter-Free Classroom

Jodi is the creator of the popular M.A.T.H. workshop model, teacher, and curriculum developer. Her site promotes extensive management and organizational tips. You’re speaking to my soul Jodi. Mama loves to organize. And nothing is more important than managing your time. It’s the beginning of getting more done in your life.

Young Teacher Love

Kristine emphases upper-elementary levels of education. English, language arts, math, and management are elements she writes about. Kristine is a curriculum developer and elementary teacher. Her work is featured in places including The Huffington Post and The Associated Press.

Math Teacher Blogs

Other primary teacher blogs have narrowed their niche to specific areas of studies. Math is a fundamental subject for understanding life, (who needs help with common core)? Problem solved! I’ve included some of my favorite math teacher blogs below.

Mr. Elementary Math

Greg has been an educator for over 15-years. His site is a fantastic stop for math ideas and video resources. Greg has created courses to help make math fun, and improve student achievement.

Math Coaches Corner

Donna gained her expertise from being a math-interventionist, math-instructional coach, and classroom teacher. Today she is a K-5 math-coordinator in Texas.

Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Brian is a Curriculum Coordinator for elementary mathematics. He harbors seven years’ worth of resources, tips, and tricks. Recently, on a podcast. Discussing how his impact on teaching and learning continues to grow.


Graham Fletcher is currently a math specialist. (Though he has a history in the classroom setting). His entire site is dedicated to elementary mathematics. He advocates for best and innovative practices.

Build Math Minds

Christina’s passion is to create a love of math for teachers and students. After discovering not all her students learned math the traditional way. Christina educated herself with an increased understanding of mathematics. Aiming to reach all mathematical minds. She also blogs at The Recovering Traditionalist.

The Routty Math Teacher

Shametria’s goal is to build, Math Power, in students all over the world. I love her innovation and creativity. Her Math Review Games are a blast. She’s written several eBooks available for free download to her subscribers.

Art Teacher Blogs

An important outlet for youngsters is the ability to express themselves. Art and music are two avenues that explore expression. Visit these artists for inspiration and musical musings. Elementary style!

Cassie Stevens Art Teacher in Tennessee

Cassie is an art teacher in Nashville. She shares her art room adventures and her favorite DIY projects. Her YouTube channel is a must follow with almost forty-thousand subscribers. It’s packed with ideas and tutorials.

Mini Matisse

Mrs. Hahn has been sharing her artistic voice for 10-years at Mini Matisse. Her focus is on teaching our minis! Mrs. Hahn’s YouTube ‘s packed with lessons, art projects, and student discovery.

Art is Basic

Marcia teaches K-5 art in Wisconsin and has been sharing her experience for 8-years now. The concept of art being basic is that it’s essential. Honoring the tragedy of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire, Marcia created a stained glass project.

Music Teacher Blogs

The Domestic Musician

Jessica started writing to bring musical motivation to others. Inspiring them with her passion for piano and ability to teach. She hits it right on the note! She also hosts The Elementary Music Podcast. Tune in for fresh insight.

Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

Aileen teaches general music and choir for K-5, (although she’s taught in secondary school). She hosts a podcast called The Music Room Podcast. It reflects on lessons, plannings, and music education strategies.

Emily’s Kodaly Music

Emily’s been writing resources for the Elementary General Music Classroom for seven-years. A library filled with primary level music resources. She shares fun new content about twice a month.

Homeschooling Blogs

Homeschooling is rapidly on the rise. In a period of 13-years, the number of children in America homeschooled has more than doubled. Check out some of the best homeschooling blogs of 2019 below.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Kris Bales is the primary voice and founder of this fabulous homeschooling blog. A collaboration of nine other authors lends their voice. Making this a magnificent site for diversity in content. Her Subscriber Freebies are tremendous giveaways.

123 Homeschool 4 Me

Beth Gordan has over 100,000+ pages of hands-on learning activities. Including– 200,000+ free worksheets. Her site is a masterpiece of free resources. For teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. Visit her slime page for recipes of epic proportion.

Free Homeschool Deals

Free Homeschool Deals is the ultimate one-stop-shop for free education resources K-12. Hours, I could spend, devouring her free printables and instant downloads. I cannot say enough good things about this immaculate site of educational tools.

Growing Hands-On Kids

Initially, a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant– Heather now runs her hands-on site. Her goal is to Her goal is to give you the tools and strategies necessary for growing your own hands-on kids. Heather also teaches fine and gross-motor skills for babies.

1 + 1 + 1 = 1

Carisa writes a homeschooling blog based on Christian foundations. There is a page devoted to Bible teachings. Toddlers and preschoolers are also offered educational guidance here. Carisa features teaching tools based on Montessori practices. You could spend an eternity exploring her site.

Mama Jenn

Jennifer is a homeschooling mama to five children. Including two sets of twin boys! Yes. I read that twice to be sure. Mama Jenn has pages of free educational ideas and supplies. Her Kid-friendly Crafts is a wonderful haven of art projects.

My Busy Bees and Me

My Busy Bees and Me is a military family sharing their homeschooling journey with the world. Her Homeschool Resources page is categorized alphabetically for easy digestion. Visit their family YouTube for almost daily vlogs.

Thank you for reading. Did you enjoy? Am I missing any?

Repin this article to refer back to it again! Suggest your recommendations for the best teacher blogs to follow and drop a link in the comments below!

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