What Topics to Write About for Your Blog

What Topics to Write About

Do you ever wonder what blog topics to write about? If you’ve just started your blog or you’ve been blogging for years, this video is pure gold for you!

It will show you exactly how to flesh out a general topic and find specific topics to write about. You’ll learn how to find popular topics to blog about without having an email list or large social media following.

Video Tutorial: How to Find Topics to Write About

This 17 minute video shows you step by step how to find popular topics.

At the end of this video you’ll be able to map out your entire blog (or even a book) and have a topic to write about each week – All in under an hour!

Let me know in the comments below what your blog is about!

What do you write about?

Are you trying to find topics for your blog? Or maybe for a future book? Blogging can be a fantastic way to build up an audience before you launch a new product!

Let me know what you’re writing about below.

How to find topics to write about steps

Let’s get down to it. The main question that most bloggers have when they start, end or are stuck in the middle of their blogger journey is this, “What do I even write about when blogging?”

Pick a plan or a niche and start creating your thought process from there. Deciding to start a blog is wonderful, but if you don’t’ narrow it down just a little bit, you’ll find yourself constantly spinning your wheels trying to gain traction.

There are plenty of things to write about, you just have to know what direction and path you want to take your blog down. The choice is ultimately up to you, you can start broad and niche down over time.

What topics to write about on your blog

There are literally never-ending topics to write about. Even when you feel you’ve exhausted every possible topic for gardening (just an example), I can assure you that there are plenty of other blogging topics just waiting to be explored.

Most times when you’re feeling that you’re running low on blogging topics and ideas is because you’re starting to get a bit burnt out or defeated. Don’t give up.

The blogging world is full of highs and lows but if you can follow along with this simple plan I’m about to share with you, I can assure you that you’ll be on an amazing path for producing great content.

Finding topics to write about for your blog

Before we dive in on these simple tips,  you have the ability to have your own successful blog. Success doesn’t happen overnight but success does happen. I’m proof, many of my students are proof and thousands of other bloggers out there will tell you the same thing: If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll reap the rewards.

Now, onto the good stuff. 🙂

I’ve created a simple method that can help a new blogger on their first day to a seasoned blogger who has thousands of other posts. And guess what? You’re getting this information to use to help you kick start your own blog as well!

Simple steps to find popular topics to write about

Not only is this method effective, but it’s also what I still use to plan out all my blog content for the year. Yep, for the entire YEAR. And the best part? You can literally use this method, even if you have a zero budget. (there will always be tools out there that you can invest in, but I’m showing you how to make the free options work for you instead)

Plan your topics to write about for the entire year

Once you learn and understand this method, you can plan out your entire blogging content calendar for the entire year in just about an hours worth of work. And yes, I’m 100% serious.

Are you as excited as I am to get started?

Step 1: Find blog topics to write about

Find your main niche.

It’s important to have a general idea of what you’re going to be blogging about. Not as general as “life”, but something along the lines of business, homeschooling, gardening…you get the idea. And if you’re struggling on what to even categorize your blog into, just stop and think about what you like. Or what problems you can solve for your audience.

Anytime you can write about something that you love as well, that honestly and rawness comes through to your readers and builds a real connection.

Step 2: Understand what topics to write about

List out all the ideas you have about your niche.

Have fun with this. This is for your eyes only and is just a rough draft. Jot them down and let those ideas fly. And once you’ve exhausted the resources in your head. it’s time to head to Pinterest.

Yep, you read that right. You can get a ton of great blog topic ideas by heading over to Pinterest. All you need to do is type your niche in the search bar at the top of Pinterest and you’ve just unlocked an unlimited potential of blog topics.

I use the example of beauty masks in the video, but in the image you can see the search results for Whole30. Look at all those topic ideas!

See those little bubbles that pop up underneath the search bar full of words? Those words are gifts from Pinterest letting you know what people are searching for. 

What you do with this information is how you will set up topics for your blog. Go through the words and find ones that fit your niche. Once you have the words picked out, it’s time to take those words and add them to a spreadsheet for future use.

Step 3: How to categorize blog topics to write about

Once you use Pinterest to give you amazing keywords, you’ve suddenly found that you have the tools to create your blog menu with ease. And beyond that? You’ve made a killer library full of possible topics and information for your blog. All by just a few simple clicks and steps. (Google likes libraries and categories as well on blogs and they really help with SEO, too)

But…now what? Now that you have your ideas, your words, and your categories, what do you do with all that information moving forward?

Step 4: find Popular topics to write about

Two words. Google it. If you’re wanting to know how to take your topics and turn them into blog posts, Google has already done the work for you.

The Most Important Step

Go on…try it out. Open up a browser and type in your main word about your blog. Whether it be “homeschooling” or “camping”, you’ll notice a small section on Google called “People also asked”. Those questions are where you get great insight and information about what to write blog posts about!

These are blogging gold.

Each one of these questions can be used to write a separate blog post with ease. Simply turn the question into a statement and you’ve got your next blog title as well. See how simple this can be?

And trust me, Google loves online outlets that answer questions. Plus, you can use those questions to offer great opt-ins, branch off of and really build your online audience.

Step 5: Implementing Interesting topics to write about

Once you let Google do all the work for you, all that’s left is to implement what you’ve gathered.

If you happen to come across a question that you don’t know the answer for, ask advice or information from an expert in the field or do your own research to get facts.

The amount of effort that you put into your writing and research will pay off in the end.

Step 6: Plan out your editorial calendar for the year

The more content and blog posts that you write, the more traffic you’ll generate. Starting out, it’s important to write at least one blog post per week. This shows your audience your committed and shows Google that you’re blog is alive. Knowing that you need 52 posts at a minimum for the year may sound like a lot, but with the steps above outlined and detailed and just waiting for you to implement, this won’t be hard for you to accomplish at all.

Plus, the more content that you create, the better chances that you’ll have something really take off that you’ve written, too. And you know what doors that can open, right? The potential to start earning money from your blog! (and even more followers and a larger audience as well)

Organize all of your topics to write about

If you’ve followed along this post, you now have an idea of the main topics for your blog. This can also be translated into your blog menu items.

And you also have a years worth to topics to write about by following step 4.

How do you organize all of these amazing ideas?

I have a Blog Plan and editorial calendar template for you for free!

You can download it here to keep yourself accountable.

How to find topics to write about

Let me know in the comments below, did you like this method of finding endless topics to write about?

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