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What is the Best Hosting Service for Your Blog? – Comparison of 10 Hosting Providers

Are you overwhelmed with starting a blog? What is the best hosting service for your blog? This comparison and review post will help you figure it out!

So you are ready to start a blog? And you want to monetize it, right? The best solution is to be self hosted.

You are welcome to start blogging on free platforms such as or Blogger. But I do not recommend it if you have any intent on making money off your blog. Transferring your blog to be self hosted later can be a hassle, so why not just start off doing things right from the beginning?

Self hosting (which makes is seem like you are hosting the site yourself) is a bit misleading. You are not hosting the site yourself on your computer, you are requesting a third party hosting provider such as SiteGround or BlueHost to dedicate server space to your blog and to ensure it has no downtime.

But because you are not on a free platform, you have the ability to customize and monetize your site. You can add advertisements, affiliate links, sell ebooks or courses, or do sponsored posts. You can now connect Google Analytics to your site and monitor its performance daily. You can install cool little plugins to make your blog spiffy!

So who do you chose to host your blog with? There are so many hosting providers.

I asked my fellow bloggers who they use to host their sites with and here are the real life, no fluff answers from bloggers like yourself.

Get more help here – How to start your blog free tutorial.

best hosting provider for your blog

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Update: I just found out about Hostinger. They offer hosting for less than $1 per month. So far that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen online!

“Hostinger helps smart people to save a lot by providing exceptionally cheap web hosting with ultimate quality, premium web hosting features & fanatically dedicated live chat support. No matter where you are on your web building journey, you need to know that it’s possible to save smart today! Here are only few of the many features that make Hostinger a pioneer of affordable, premium & inexpensive web hosting.”

Let’s go into the other hosting companies too below. 

Hosting providers 2


Free moving service!

I’d been with Bluehost for years but was having more and more problems as time went on. After having to wait 45 minutes regularly on live chat and my site going down 3 times in 1 month (for reasons they were never able to explain to me), I finally decided it was time to switch.

After doing some research and asking roughly a million other bloggers (very precise number ), SiteGround was the most highly recommended for my price point. I was still hesitant on switching because of the technical aspect of going through it all, but when I saw that SiteGround does free transfers FOR YOU, it was a no-brainer.

The switch went flawlessly and my site has been at top speed (with zero downtime) ever since. Plus, their live chat has answered immediately (as in, zero wait time) all 3 times I’ve had questions and is super friendly. I now highly recommend SiteGround. – Candis Hidalgo at

Be a part of the Wordpress community

SiteGround literally saved our business. We run a successful eCommerce site with thousands of transactions happening every day. Our previous host was experiencing downtime almost daily and when we moved to SiteGround, they worked through a very complicated transfer process with ease and professionalism.

SiteGround is not part of a hosting company conglomerate. They have been in business for over 10 years and participate in the WordPress community by sponsoring and attending events in order to know exactly what WordPress site owners want and need. And they deliver. – Adam Warner at

Speedy servers & Super support

As a web designer, I always recommend SiteGround! I’ve heard so many horror stories about HostGator, GoDaddy and BlueHost… SiteGround has fast servers, great support and they can even transfer your website for free. Virginie Carmichael at


Fantastic tutorials

I’m with Bluehost. I’ve been with them for about 8 months, not long I know. I’ve had great service when I needed help transferring domains. They also have great tutorials I’ve used. Love the price too! Corinna Smith at

Seamless with a nice price

I have been with BlueHost for a year and a half. They’re inexpensive, just $7.99 per month, and you can add other options to that as you need them. I’ve had no problems with them at all and like the price and ease of use. It’s seamless. Melanie Durfee Pickett at

Taking that traffic like a boss

I do my web hosting with Bluehost. I was with Go Daddy for a little over a year. But once I started getting 5k+ traffic per day my site began to crash. I have been with BlueHost since May of 2015 and I am very happy with my hosting! Meredith Greenberg 


Mac Loves iPage

They’ve been quite responsive when I contact them. I started with a promotion and added to it as I became more professionally involve pad. Very Mac friendly. I tried others and their prices are competitive. My blog is on my website. I have it in a Divi theme. Jacqueline Gikow at Audacious Aging


Customer support of your dreams

I had been with another hosting company for over 8 years. My site was growing and therefore my need for more hosting space was growing too. I had joined when the monthly price was a very low fee. In order to get what I needed, the monthly price would triple. I asked them for a discount for a longtime loyal customer and they claimed they couldn’t give one. That’s when I began looking elsewhere. At the recommendation of a good friend, I chose DreamHost. Customer support has been terrific as well as no downtime! Kim Hunt at Whimsy Designs

Looking forward to renewing

I’ve been with Dreamhost since I started my blog about 11 months now. I’ve had no problems and they’ve been quick with support help the one time I needed it. I’ve been happy and will renew with them at the end of 12 months. Amy Saar McGarity at German Pearls 

Multiple websites, multiple dreams

I use Dreamhost. I’ve been there for 3 years I host several websites including my blog and retail site. They have live chat with customer service and have always been helpful. – Laura Vazquez 


Thumbs up from the IT department

I host with GoDaddy. My blog has only been with them for a few months, but we’ve been hosting other sites with them for years. No major issues to date. My hubby is an IT guy and has not had any complaints with them. They’ve been really helpful any time we’ve called! Starr Weathersbee Schrenker at

Falling too quickly for Daddy

Go Daddy – since end of Aug last year. Mixed feelings on them….I’ve had a few issues of late so may look to move. When I moved my blog and wanted to go for this option I didn’t really do a lot of research and Go Daddy was the first company I came across. With hindsight I should’ve cast the search a little wider! Rachel Hawkins at

Lots of experience and loving GoDaddy

Because I build websites and refresh blogs for my clients, I’ve experienced a large number of different host services all the time. None of them are perfect, but the availability, responsiveness customer service and support of Go Daddy is the best. I will always recommend them. Olivia Omega Wallace at


My site loads Servously quick!

I’m with Servously but have heard great things about Siteground as well. I started out with GoDaddy, stayed with them for almost a year and the moved to A Small Orange (because it looked affordable) and while the customer service was great there- I felt that I could be getting more. So I started looking at other hosts and after several glowing reviews from fellow bloggers; decided that Servously was where I wanted to be. From the start, Shauna has been amazing and supportive. While it may not seem like the most cost effective option for a blogger on a budget; it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my blog. The difference in load time and traffic was almost instant.  Kori Tomelden at

Downtime? What’s that?

I’m with Servously, $15 a month and zero down time in over a year. Kristi Corrigan at


For the nontechnical blogger

My hosting service is Kalatu because it has all the advantages of WordPress, but I don’t have to deal with the technical side. I have been with them for about 8 months. I had a self hosted WordPress on Ipage for awhile, but it was a nightmare. I just had a lot of problems with my blog falling apart whenever WordPress updated and lots of coding issues. If I was a more technical person, I probably would have been okay, but I’m not unfortunately. Amanda Urzica at


Hosting with the big guy

I use Google for my hosting. It’s a little more complicated to get running than the others, but if you are willing to learn its super easy. Plus, the price is super affordable and is paid monthly so if you don’t use a whole month, you only pay for what you use! Jennifer Sturgis at


What’s in a name?

With my previous blog, I chose NameCheap because it is cheap compared to other web hosting providers. Right now, we do Alfahosting service (based in Germany) for around 70 Euros for site domain and hosting package good for 2 years. You can read my post here, I shared that experience a bit there.  Mecyll Jamila 

Media Temple

I was hosting with BlueHost pretty seamlessly until I hit 100k visits. They moved me to the Cloud Pro hosting and it was a nightmare. Late one night I made the switch to Media Temple (who is owned by Go Daddy but they operate on their own with their own support staff and servers) and the difference has been AMAZING. 24/7 phone support, no wait time and I think the site has been down once since September. Just moved to a DV server after outgrowing the grid and checked out other services like Siteground and WpOpt, but you can’t beat picking up the phone and getting a live rep who knows exactly how to help and quickly. Worth their weight in gold, don’t worry about the parent company, I’ve never gotten less than 100% from them. Sabrina at

DIY it!

Going against the establishment

We host our own. We were going to go through Amazon but my husband bought extra hard drives for our NAS so we decided to save money and host it ourselves. Kelly Bach Render at

Which Hosting Provider is Best

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  • Like your review, Suzi! Real websites talk for themselves here. btw, I also just found out about Hostinger – not just now, but just few weeks ago. Doesn’t it look too good to be true to be this cheap? I didn’t experience big issues in two weeks, will see how it will be in the future, so far seems alright.

  • I need to report something that happened to me with the web hosting, from Iceland. I hired their hosting services, I gave them the corresponding payment, and the next day my website was canceled, without any reason. They did not solve me, they did not help me. I need this to go viral.

  • Wow! What a Nice blog on 10 best hosting providers. Web Hosting is the important point to consider when we are going to start a website. Before going through any Web Hosting Provider keep in mind that which type of website you are using and what is your requirement. Self hosting is a bit misleading. You are not hosting the site yourself on your computer, you are requesting a third party hosting provider. So choose a best one for your blog from many hosting providers. I am planning to do hosting and choose for my website. Your blog helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  • So I know several people have told me having your site and hosting and themes – all the stuff – through the same company but I’m a Newby and just didn’t have the time and energy to care. I love WEEBLY. It’s growing and their customer service is great. It’s the whole package, one payment to deal with. Cheap domain name and comparable hosting fees. Drag and drop creator. I’m not an ad for them I just really like my setup 🙂 if anyone is in the same boat you should check it out.

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