How to Create a Logo for Your Blog with Tailor Brands

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When you are first starting your blog (or any business really), there are so many things to think about…

What will you blog about?

How are you going to attract an audience?

How to get that silly little button to turn green in WordPress!? (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)

One thing that we should all be asking ourselves (but few do in the beginning), is “What is my brand, and what does it stand for?”

In this post, I’m going to help you develop your own brand by showing off one of the best brand management tools I have ever seen: Tailor Brands.

Let’s get branding!

What is a brand identity (and why is it a big deal?)

When you hear the word brand, you probably think of the major names out there:

  • Apple
  • Coca Cola
  • Walt Disney

These are indeed some of the most famous brand names, but there is so much more to a brand than the name.

A brand identity is the complete package – it’s the face you show the world, and the voice you speak with.

It’s the theme of your company’s existence that you repeat through every aspect of what you do:

  • The language and message that you repeat over consistently (“Just Do It”)
  • Your tone in how you deliver that message (Kind, Supportive, Funny, Angry – they all work if you do it consistently!)
  • The colors, fonts, and graphics you use throughout your logos and content.

Why is this so important? Because your brand identity is an important part of developing a loyal following of true fans.

Any time your audience comes in contact with one of your social media posts, videos, or Pinterest pins, they are encountering your brand identity.

And each one of those interactions leaves your audience with a feeling about your brand. So creating a cohesive brand identity and keeping it consistent will help attract the right type of audience and keep them coming back for more!

Alright, so let’s get into how Tailor Brands helps create this for your business!

What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor brands is a software company who is all about helping your website stay on brand. It compiles a treasure-trove of tools that you will need throughout the journey of building out a full brand identity for your business.

And best of all, Tailor Brands makes it super simple to create that brand style once, and reuse it throughout the platform.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I want to start from the beginning and go through the coolest things I learned about Tailor Brands while I was demoing their tool.

#1: Tailor Brands is a complete Swiss army knife of brand building

When you are first starting your business – you might be wondering what you need first? A logo? A color scheme? A website?

With Tailor Brands, you don’t have to worry about that, because the tool gives you 9 useful tools to build your brand identity quickly, like:

  • Logo Builder & Editor
  • Ebook Mock-up Builder (great for creating freebies!)
  • Proposal / Report generator that incorporates your brand colors and fonts to make it super professional looking
  • Social Media designer tool
  • A resizing tool that lets you customize your graphics to be perfect for any platform
  • Watermarking tools to protect your valuable content from being swiped
  • A Business card design generator
  • Holiday logos so your content is always timely and right with the season
  • You can even design physical merchandise like hats and mugs with your brand printed on it! Much more on all these coming!

So if you just don’t know what you need, chances are good that Tailor Brands has it somewhere in its tool!

#2: Tailor Brands has a super sweet logo designer

The feature I like most about Tailor Brands is the logo designer. It makes creating your logo a breeze. The designer gives you hundreds of options in a step by step format to eliminate the overwhelm!

Don’t have time to read the post? Watch the video here on how to create your logo in 10 minutes.

Here is how to use it and what I like about it.

First, go to and type in your blog or business name.

For this example, I’ll use the made up name “Happy Mom”.

You can enter your industry and a short description to help Tailor Brands get the right design for you.

You then choose the logo type, in this example I went with the Icon Based logo.

You can either have the designer choose an abstract shape or you can search for an icon. (You can change this later, I’ll show you below)

I love icons, so I went with a little picture. I just typed in “mom” and hundreds of icons appeared.

I would advise going with a monotone icon. It works well on busy backgrounds and as an overlay on pin images.

Next you get to choose between a few different fonts to show the designer know your perfect style.

Voila! Tailor Brands shows you a mock up of your icon. From here you can customize and change it to your hearts delight. Let me show you how!

You can scroll through the left side panel to select different logo layouts.

Or you can edit a logo you like and tweak it’s style, font, color or text.

Example fonts are shown on the left side with different previews of your logo. You can click on the little heart at the top of the image to “save it” to your collection to refer back to at any time.

You can also change the letter spacing.

Or you can change the colors. The designer gives you a selection of popular color palettes.

If you don’t like the set colors, you can adjust each color individually or use your own brand colors for a perfect match.

You can also adjust the layout of the icon and text. I like the classic look of the icon on top of the text. But you can get fancy, and place the text to the side or behind the logo.

And of course, if that icon is just too big or too small, you have full control to change it’s size.

I told you I’ll show you how to change the icon! You can either select an abstract icon or completely change the icon you’ve selected before.

It’s all in your control how you want your finished logo to look.

You can see all of your saved designs. This makes it easy to select the one you like the most and use it for your blog and business.

Let me know in the comments below which of the logos you like the most?

#1 Sunny Happy Mom Logo

#2 Modern Happy Mom Logo

#3 Classic Happy Mom Logo

Lastly, you can choose any one of Tailor Brands packages to purchase and use your logo. You also get access to all of the other tools that Tailor Brands has to offer (and I’ll explain each one below).

Use coupon code “startmomblog2019”  for 30% off any plan on Tailor Brands.

Even if you cancel your plan, you keep the rights to your logo forever!

Let’s go into the other amazing features of Tailor Brands.

#3: Tailor Brands gives you a central place to manage your social media posts

Am I the only one who gets completely distracted when logging into multiple social media accounts when all I want to do is post the day’s content?

Didn’t think so.

Tailor Brands is able to combine your Facebook, Twitter, and (soon) Instagram accounts all into a single dashboard, so you can simply draft up your social media message once, and post it to each of your social accounts without any distraction!

#3: Manage your social media publishing schedule like a pro with both list and calendar views

Without the right structure, you might find yourself posting several times on Facebook one day… and then forgetting to post again for days on end… not good!

You want to give your readers something to look forward to, and consistently deliver.

Tailor Brands has two beautiful ways to review your publishing schedule, a nice calendar view, and a streamlined list view – so you always know what you have scheduled next (and even next week!).

#4: A full social media post library for the uninspired

Some days are just harder to be witty, am I right? Kids kept you up… burned dinner… whatever it was, it’s just not possible to crank out consistently high-quality social media posts on demand.

That’s where a cleverly-designed post library comes to the rescue.

Whether you are looking to promote your latest product, or just feed your audience a beautiful quote to help get them through their day, Tailor brands has you covered.

Simply scroll through the automatically generated posts and find one that speaks to you. With a few clicks you can make any adjustments to the quote or design, and schedule it for the perfect time slot in your calendar!

#5: Quickly find and share relevant articles for your readers on all your social platforms

It gets a bit mundane if all you do is share quotes online, so it’s nice to mix it up with some relevant articles for your followers. A nice mixture of your own blog posts, as well as other posts that you think would genuinely help them.

You can easily set up your preferred article topics in Tailor Brands and browse a digest of the latest trending article of those categories.

See one you like? Just click “Send to Compose,” to instantly pull up a compose window, add your insights to the article, and send it to your social accounts (or schedule it for later.)

It really doesn’t get much easier to keep your content flowing when you have end-to-end system like this to use.

#6: Easy to understand analytics so you know what’s working

It’s easy to feel like your flying blind online – it’s like you know the data is there… but it’s impossible to wrangle together an put into a cohesive package…

Tailor Brands does a good job of showing simple, clear graphs of what’s working on your social accounts.

And even better – because you are using the same tool for actually creating the content, you are able to easily see what your audience loves so you can do more of it!

It’s not the most advanced analytics tool that I’ve seen, but that might even be a good thing. It gives you exactly what you need to get the job done, and not much more.

#7: Autopilot mode – Mommy’s little helper

This feature is so cool! If Tailor realizes that your queue is starting to look a little empty, it can use your existing preferences and start to make intelligent content suggestions.

I definitely recommend you start with “Suggestion Mode,” where Tailor will present its ideas to you and you always have the final say before launching it to the world.

There is also a “fully automated” mode coming soon.

And you can always disable the feature if you want to have full control – but we could all use a little help, couldn’t we?

#8: Templates on top of templates!

Ok so we’ve covered a lot of the social media tools – I really want to show off the design tool to you now! It’s similar to another well known tool called Canva. 🙂

Tailor currently has 21 different starting places for design templates for all the popular social media uses, like:

  • Instagram posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • Facebook Covers
  • Facebook Posts
  • Linked In Banners
  • Youtube Channel Art
  • You get the idea – there’s a lot of options!

And of course, you can specify the exact size if it’s not already there.

#9: Quickly search for photos and icons right from the design editor

There are thousands of photos, icons, and other graphics that you can quickly search for during your design process.

No more searching in a different tab… downloading… figuring out where the heck it downloaded to on your computer… and finally uploading it into your design.

It’s all there for you, easy peasy.

#10: Sell your own branded merchandise!

I’ve always wanted to launch a line of Start A Mom Blog physical products…. how cool would that be to see your own brand name on a coffee mug!

Tailor Brands connects directly into an online store where you can order a ton of cool products that are already branded with your logo, designs, you name it!

So if you’re heading to a trade show or conference, it’s easy to place an order of branded merch to bring along with you!

#11: A central brand management center

If you want to start your own design agency – this is totally doable! You can bundle up all the work you’ve done for a specific client into a little box and store it in your brand management center.

Nothing you do is ever lost – so you can always pull the box out again and access all the great designs you did for them!


Tailor Brands is a very impressive tool – it has bolted together so many different aspects of design and business building into one cohesive package.

Be sure to check out Tailor brands here! (Use coupon code “startmomblog2019”  for 30% off any plan.)

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