Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done

Having a hard time creating a weekly schedule for your activities and trying to work from home as well? Do you have a weekly calendar that you use? How do you manage it all? There are countless apps out there that promise to solve your frustration with trying to get stuff done. They are useful in their way, but I found something that works incredibly well for me!

Super Simple Weekly Schedule Hack that Organizes My Life

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It’s a super simple weekly schedule that you can customize to exactly what you need! I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s simple, works for any circumstance, and you can adjust it as the week progresses.

I’ve had rave reviews about my weekly schedule – it may be because people just adore post it notes – or maybe it’s because it’s simply genius.

Watch the quick video below to see the weekly schedule in action!

A 4 Minute Video That Explains It All

Phone Apps to Manage Your Time

The biggest fault I see with these apps are that they aren’t visible at all times. Once you put down your phone, or close your computer, your calendar is no longer visible. Also, if I use my phone to manage my life I get too distracted by the peeps and pings, that I completely forget what I needed to add to my calendar in the first place.

In all honesty, I do use my phones’ calendar app. And I do use the reminders list. But it has not been as effective for me as my simple weekly schedule hack! You may think that post it notes are just little pieces of paper, but they are super powerful if used correctly. Entire manufacturing processes are changed because of these little pieces of paper! Trust me I know.

Now that you know the hack to the perfect weekly schedule, if you watched the video above…

You’ll have time to start a mom blog! Let me help you manage your time and start a successful blog to make money from home. 🙂

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack!

Keep It Simple

Ever heard of the acronym K.I.S.S? It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but most of the time it’s the simple solutions that are best. Because they are actually used! Here is how I organize my week.

If you want to know how I organize my blog, here is my Blog Vision Board. If you like the post below, you’ll love my vision board. It’s intense though, be prepared!

But before we start, if you are overwhelmed by your to do list, and it’s just too long, here is a system to set your priorities before you make your weekly schedule.

A Template: How I Organize My Week

Sunday Evening

I have a system. WHITE = event, PINK = 2+ hour activity, BLUE = 1-2 hour activity, YELLOW = 15 minute activity.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack!

Sunday Night – This Is What I Do

On Sunday night I write down all my activities for the week as follows:

Write down all my events for the week on WHITE post it notes.

Write down all my tasks that will take over 2+ hours on PINK post it notes.

Write down all my tasks that will take between 1-2 hours on BLUE post it notes.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 2

And finally, write down all my quick tasks that will take around 15 minutes on YELLOW post it notes.

Add Your Weekly Events – WHITE

Now add the WHITE Post-it notes to your weekly schedule first. These are events you can’t change, they have set times. Place them on your board so you know you can’t schedule over that time.

This also shows you at a quick glance how busy you are with activities. My week is a little light because it’s Holy Week and my husband has Good Friday off, so I’m trying to complete my tasks earlier in the week.

Once all your activities are posted, move on to the next step.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 3

Add the Big Tasks – PINK

Now add all the activities that will take a long time (2+ hours). Try not to post multiple on one day. Be realistic. If you do have to place multiple on one day, do it earlier in the week. This gives you the ability to move the task to a later day if you can not complete it on its scheduled day.

Also, what works for me is to place these ‘intense’ activities first thing in the day. I’m fresh and ready to tackle my tasks. It helps to take on these larger tasks full of energy and with a fresh cup of coffee.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 4

Add The Medium Time Tasks – BLUE

The next step is to add your mid range activities to your weekly schedule. Those that take between 1-2 hours. Isn’t your board starting to look pretty?

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 5

Add The Quickies – YELLOW

Lastly, add your quick activities. Those tasks that you always delay but have to do. Like paying the bills or reloading your social queues for your blog.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 6

Get Stuff Done

Now go through your week and complete your tasks. Once completed, put a nice big X on it and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment!

If you can not complete a task on its set day, move it to the next day, or schedule a few things around. That is the beauty of Post-it notes and having a flexible tool – it will work for you.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 7

How to Handle Extra Tasks that Pop Up

So what do you do with new tasks that come up during the week?

I stick them to the bottom of my board. And when I have time I place them into my weekly schedule and get them done! It’s nice to have a little queue of tasks to do. If they are very important and need to be completed soon, I will place them on my schedule directly.

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack! 8

Set Estimated Times for Each Task

It is not possible to be exact all the time. But give your activities a realistic guess at how much time they will take to complete. On Monday I scheduled to find a blog to guest post for. I was planning to go through the Giant Guest Blogging Index and take hours to research it all. But after two emails, I received an acceptance for my guest post. The activity only took 1 hour so I went on to my next Post-it note activity for the day.

And on Tuesday I had all my IrriExpress work scheduled. But at the start of the day I had so many great ideas for my blog that I moved my IrriExpress work to Thursday instead. I love how flexible this weekly schedule is!

Another bonus, now my hubby can clearly see how busy I am as a stay at home / work from home mommy. He can also add things to my schedule so I remember to complete them.

Post-it Notes Organize and Schedule my Life with Post it notes - Super Simple Hack!

Bullet Journal – Super Simple Weekly Schedule – The Mobile Version

If you love this schedule but don’t want to roll up the poster and carry it with you, you can apply this method to your bullet journal! You can use the same method described above!

White/Light Yellow: Events in your week that you can’t change and have a set time.

Pink: Tasks that take a long time, 3+ hours.

Blue: Tasks that take a medium amount of time, 1-2 hours.

Green: Tasks that can be completed quickly, 15-30 minutes.

You can easily move the tasks around and reschedule them if you can’t complete them on an assinged day.

*The best part is you can reuse this calendar spread over and over!*

super simple weekly schedule leuchtturm1917 bullet journal
super simple weekly schedule leuchtturm1917 bullet journal

I use the beautiful Leuchtturm1917 for my bullet journal needs. The paper feels like butter and the quality of this little notebook is amazing!

leuchtturm1917 bullet journal

 Available on Amazon Prime with 2 Day Shipping!

Why Does This Work?

But most importantly, why does this weekly calendar work?

It works because it’s visual. It’s easy to implement. It’s easy to customize. Your times may not be 15 min, 1 hour and 2+ hours. You can customize your weekly schedule as it fits you. You can also check out this tool if you want to create it online or find Microsoft templates here.

And lastly, it works because it’s right in front of me at all times. It does not fit with my house decor, but it is keeping me focused and gets stuff done! That is worth the eye sore 🙂


Get the Super Simple Weekly Schedule – Free Printable – so you can:

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  • We use Google Calendar for the family (each of us has our own color) and I use a paper and pencil planner at home and at work (I’m a teacher). HOWEVER, I can see this being a tremendous tool to use in my classroom with my staff. Very visual. Super easy. And extra flexible (an important trait as adults who work with extra special Littles)

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    Definitely going to do this when I work in one place!

    • Thanks Penelope! It does require a bit of ‘stay at home-ness’ to have this really work. But for me as a stay at home mom who spends 90% of her time at home, especially because I just had another baby, this works. I like your method of using a whiteboard and wunderlist!

  • Suzi, this looks wonderful! I love sticky notes so I drool over stuff like this. Yes, I’m weird and nerdy in that way. I tried something similar once but since I don’t have a proper office space yet, it was in my living area. I went to reload my dryer and when I came back, my toddler had plucked all the stickies out. Reminds me I need a proper office space. Love how tidy yours is! 🙂

    • Meera, how funny! Mine is pretty high up so my little one can’t get to it yet. But she is curious and loves to add notes to it when I help her. I’m so happy there is another sticky notes loving mommy like me! 🙂

  • This is a great idea. I agree that keeping things visual can really help, at least for me. I’ll have to give this a try because I’ve been finding it pretty hard to stick to my schedule much since having my little one. Thanks!

    Xo Heather
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    • Heather, congrats on your little blessing! Life can be hectic with kids but fun! I just had my second baby and I’m just forced to use any free time I have more efficiently. Hence the whole post-it note schedule… I can’t afford to just tinker around when I finally have an hour free. 🙂 How are you adjusting to motherhood?

  • This is super smart. The only thing I’m wondering is if you end up using a lot of white post its and sticking them on top of each other if it can get crowded. Or would you just change the format? I like adding a lot of little things to my to do list so there’s a lot to cross off.

  • Suzi, it looks like you have a fairly simple and easy way to organize your week. Would it not be better to remove the events instead of crossing them out? For me, I use a calendar in a planner that I prioritize and a “to do” list. I have found that this is what works better for me.

    • Hi Roy! Thank you for the comment. I remove the events at the end of the week and repopulate the entire board. 🙂 In the end, as long as you have a good system that you stick to, that works. My hubby loves his phone because he is on the move all day, there is no way he could manage post it notes. But for a stay at home creative mommy – this is my method. 🙂