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43 Best Sewing Blogs with Tutorials

A recent curiosity in crafting and fashioning began with my search for sewing blogs. While devouring the top-lists, I couldn’t believe how many amazing sewing blogs there are!

After a week of reading, researching, and obsessing over all things sewing. I present you with an extensive list of the best sewing blogs of 2020. All relevant and their content commands the attention.

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Or if sewing isn’t your cup of tea, you can also check out these amazing blogs for inspiration too!

Enjoy the list! Keep reading!

Sewing Blogs for Beginners

Are you a beginner and want to learn how to sew? Here are the best blogs with sewing tutorials.

So Sew Easy

Mayra has been sewing almost her entire life. A worldwide traveler, she has many influences. Paris, West Africa, Switzerland, Sydney, Panama, and Singapore, to name a few. Mayra creates her own patterns and shares them for your sewing endeavors. From dressmaking to sweatpants, blouses to handbags, So Sew Easy sews it all.

One of my absolute favorite offers, (as a fellow mommy) is her Free Baby Swaddle Pattern Easy Tutorial! Encouraging my mommy tribe now– you need to snatch this treasure up. Be sure to check out her tutorials and subscribe below.

Crazy Little Projects

Amber gives the experience of being a kid in a candy store with all her amazing free goodies. The Hooded Towels on her Sew Something page are adorable. A one-stop haven for sewing blogs for beginners. Amber offers free online sewing classes and tips.

My favorite giveaway is her, Learn to Sew eBook! Once for sale, Amber has now made it available free– to her readers.

Melly Sews

Melissa’s sewing blog offers tutorials, patterns, and an online course for sewing,. Did I mention these resources are free to you and me? Yes, I immediately signed up. I could spend all day reviewing her makings, but my favorite is her Leggings. Complete with pockets and ankle straps! Mama likes her comfort but still wants that style.

Easy Sewing for Beginners

Domenica’s sewing blog for beginners is a treasure trove. Packed with starter tips, tricks, and giveaways. She exudes her passion for the craft with over 50 easy sewing projects. Domenica’s site has several tutorials from, How to Sew a Button, to How to Wind a Bobbin. A perfect start on a newbie’s journey to creating.

Her YouTube channel is a video collection of step-by-step instructions. It’s no surprise that it has a following of over forty-five-thousand subscribers.

The Sewing Report

Jennifer Moore quit her job at CNN and has been a sewing, (and Quilting) enthusiast ever since. Both her blog and YouTube channel are award winning.


Wendy is on a mission to teach you how to sew your own clothes. She offers an abundance of free DIY makes. If you’re a visual learner be sure to visit her video instruction on YouTube sewing for exciting hacks and DIY fun.

The Sewing Loft

Heather in her own words is an– outgoing creative dreamer with an eclectic point of view. I enjoyed every inch of her site! She gives you all the tips, tools, and tricks you’ll need to thrive. Heather has pages of free patterns and lessons for her readers to snatch up.

Sew Can She

Caroline gives you free sewing instructions every day! Her freebie patterns include applique, clothing, holiday goodies, and crafts! Browse her free bag patterns for an amazing selection of colorful totes.

See Kate Sew

Kate is a twenty-something fashion lover and mother of two. I could spend hours absorbing all her baby sewing adventures. Each image is Pin worthy. One of my favorites is the mermaid tale she created for their Elf on the Shelf. I laughed out loud! Be sure to check it out.

YouTube Sewing

Youtube has thousands of tutorials to teach you how to sew. Here are the best channels!


Nadira037 is a sewing vlog filled with DIY and how-to-instructions. Subscribe for do-it-yourself sewing. As well as, head-wrap and turban sewing tutorials. Heads up, her head-wraps are gorgeous.

Stitchless TV

Stitchless TV is a fantastic channel dedicated to teaching you how to sew. Hundreds of videos span their page. Including refashioning, clothing, DIY, crafts, and vintage fashions.

A Vintage Vanity 

Jennifer is a beautiful, fun, and upbeat, vintage sewing fanatic. I love her channel. She brings something extra to the table. Be sure to check out her vintage hairstyles. They come in blue and pink.

You Got Me in Stitches

Anna does a lot of deconstruct and reconstruct projects on her YouTube sewing vlog. Her mini sew-alongs are great.

Sew Essential

Sew Essential vlogs about sewing patterns, trends, and makes. Scroll to the bottom of their page for over a dozen simple, How-To-Tutorials.

And Sew On

Lisa’s channel features sewing, knitting, and giveaways! There are tons of free PDF patterns for her subscribers.


Sheona from Sewisfaction shares beautiful dressmaking fabrics, reviews, and other sewing need-to-knows. There is a little something for beginners, and she even shares some sewing fails.

Anjalee Sharma

Anjalee Sharma is a full time YouTuber and admitted sewing addict. Anjalee shares Indian fashions that stun. Her Umbrella Cut Skirt, is show-stopping.

Vintage Sewing Blogs

Who doesn’t want to learn how to sew beautiful vintage dresses and skirts! Read on to find the right sewing tutorials for you!

By Gum, By Golly

Tasha Moss– obsessed with vintage and lets you know it. Also belongs to the Mood Sewing Network. By Gum, By Golly won the award for, Top Vintage Blog. Besides her wardrobe, she shares hairstyles, sew-alongs, dibs and dabs.

Subversive FEMME

Bex is a fabulous curvy Femme. A Sydney-based blogger who shares her love of vintage knitting and sewing. There are hundreds of free knitting and sewing patterns, (including men’s).

Lilacs & Lace

Laura Mae chronicles her adventures in creativity over at Lilacs and Lace. She inspires people to create vintage garments that are both elegant and timeless. Laura also writes for the We Sew Retro blogging community.

New Vintage Lady

Shelley has been blogging about early 1930’s to mid-1940’s sewing and fashion for almost 10-years now. Her focus is on stout vintage styles for women. Stout is Shelley’s word for, plus size.

Carbon Chic

Demi is a twenty-something Croatian living in Australia. She writes about stitching vintage fashion on a mid-century budget. Her Fitted Sweetheart Dress is flirty and stylish. I like the fitted bodice too Demi!

Male Pattern Boldness

Peter’s mission is to share his sewing passion with sewers worldwide. At every level of experience. He operates the number one male sewing blog. And has almost 10-years’ worth of sew-alongs and projects to dive into.

Fashion Sewing Blogs

Fashion Behind the Seams

Vatsla started her blogging adventures four-years-ago. She is a fashion designer, teacher, and freelance pattern maker. Last year she participated in the Ready to Wear fast. Abstaining from buying any new garments.

She documented it in her end of the year post and I can’t stop scrolling. Breathtaking images, class, and style. Vatsla keeps you coming back for more.


Marcy Harriell’s been writing about sewing and fashion for over a decade. A renaissance woman, Marcy is a Sewist, Singer, Dancer, and Actress. Her humor tickled me, many times while perusing her closet. Her dresses are beautiful, fashionable, and stylish.

Marcy is a world-class expert featured on Bluprint. Be sure to check out her Suit Up videos, a series for DC superhero magic.


Andrew dominates the male fashion sewing blogs niche with his style and originality. For nine-years he’s sewn jackets, shirts, trousers, shorts, tops, and festive accessories. There are so many unique creations, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Andrew’s entire site is a fashion extravaganza.

Mimi G Style

Mimi G Style is an award-winning fashion sewing blog. Mimi’s story about overcoming and perseverance teared me up, (grab tissues). Don’t fret it lightens up. Mimi is a design consultant and mentor on Lifetime’s Project Runway Junior. She’s also interviewed fashionista’s Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani. I’m totally not jealous!

Closet Case Patterns

Heather Lou abandoned her career of designing shopping centers. Pursuing her dream of an online sewing business. A sewing educator and pattern designer, she shares handy advice, and a plethora of sew-alongs. Check out Heather’s blog for a modern spin on today’s sewing.


Lauren is a thirty-something Nashvillian with a mean cat named Amelia Earhart. I had a mean cat once too Lauren. We love them anyways! Lladybird is full of beautiful prints, patterns, and sewing tutorials for beginners- and up.

Dressmaking Sewing Blogs

This category proved a daunting task. Solo dressmaking blogs are few and far between. Some bloggers started off strictly dressmaking. But they’ve since expanded into other creations. I’ve included a few of my favorite sites embracing dressmaking. Among other extraordinary things.


Sarah is a self-proclaimed pink and purple haired crazy lady and I love her! Her dress collection is colorful, fun, and unique. Warning, she dislikes floral patterns. I’m with you Sarah. Her superhero dress is awesome!

A Dress A Day

While this website isn’t posted to, it deserves to be on the list. Erin McKean has written two books, The Hundred Dresses and The Secret Lives of Dresses. There is close to 15-years of her sewing experiences in the archives.

The Gingerthread Girl

Jen began her sewing addiction after some post-wedding blues. Four-years in the making, her blog has become one of the leading dressmaking blogs in the UK.

This Blog is Not for You- A Dressmaking Blog

Charlie is a psychologist who shares how sewing and creativity affects mental health. Explore her findings on her, Sewing and Mental Health page. Visit her, Refashion It page for creative ingenuity.

Flossie Teacakes

Florence has been crafting her sewing blog for over a decade. Packed with tutorials, patterns, and photographs that amaze. Discover her dressmaking gallery for an infinite scroll of fashion.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade

Jennifer designs modern sewing patterns with hints of vintage style. Recently, she welcomed an adorable second bundle of joy into the family. Congratulations Jennifer. She’s precious. Visit her Finished Projects page for inspiration.

Kat Makes

Kat is an American currently living in New Zealand. Kat has several makes, patterns, tutorials, and projects. Including, bra-making. Very cool. Her most awesome current project is The Wedding Dress. A blog series outlining her creation of the most amazing wedding dress. Trust me. It’s worth the read. Her images are phenomenal.

The Little Dressmaker

Harriet is a young woman with a disability known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. As a way of distracting herself from the immense pain she began knitting. A year later she had sewn her first dress. And she’s never looked back. Now she is sharing her talent with the blogging community and her followers.

Sewing Blogs for Over 50

Along my journey, I discovered several mature sewing blogs that I am dying to share with you. Some of these women may be slightly under fifty, and some are a tad over, (age is just a number– ladies). Their style is classic feminine with modernity. I’ve decided to include them here where I feel they are best represented.

Did You Make That?

Karen has been writing about her makings for more than half a decade. She runs one of the leading sewing blogs in the UK. Full disclosure, Karen is living her 49th year of adventure. Hey, on the cusp counts in my book! Speaking of books, she recently published, The Little Book of Sewing. It’s filled with anecdotes, guides, and quotes that will help motivate your creativity.

Goodbye Valentino

Sarah Gunn participated in the Ready-to-Wear fast. Along with several hundred sewists from around the world. During that year she made 64 garments! After her challenge, Mood Fabrics brought her into their network of sewing bloggers

SunnyGal Studio

Beth teaches sewing and pattern fitting. Styles include vintage, children’s, tailored jackets, and traveling clothes. She is a custom dressmaker who crafts unique fashions for her clients, and herself!

Pillow Parlance

Jane is an Australian sewist who loves fashion and puppies. I enjoyed browsing both Jane’s blog and Instagram. Check out her post on Botanical Dyes for Baby Wraps and become inspired.

Fifty Dresses

Karen’s site completely encompassed me. The content is as rich as the fashion. Born in 1950, Karen’s years of experience and expertise come through with each post. Check out her vision on, The Little Black Dress. Every gals got to have one.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

Carolyn by her own admission is a plus size fashionista. She has been blogging about her journey for 13-years, strong. Her site is a fantastic library worth of entries. Outlining her inspirations and creations. Grab another cup of java because you’re guaranteed to spend time clicking and scrolling.

An award-winning blogger, Carolyn has received top rank in her niche. She’s also a guest contributor at Curvy Sewing Collective

Dream Cut Sew

Diane is a modern mature woman living in the UK. I found myself, pages deep on her site. She delivers with her DIY and sewing tutorials. Her Burda style shorts look comfy and elegant.

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Best sewing blogs with tutorials to learn how to sew.

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