Printable Ideas and Examples

With thousands of students in my Printables by Number course, I thought it would be nice to showcase their amazing work.

The Printables by Number course teaches you how to create small digital products, like printables, so you can grow your email list and sell them online!

My students have found huge success with printables and I’m honored to show off their hard work below.

If you’d like to learn how to create and sell printables online, enroll in the Printables by Number course today.

The course covers everything you need to know from creating the printables to selling them on your blog, through a third party software or through a funnel.

Thousands of students have taken the course and it’ll take me weeks to showcase everyone’s work.

There is so much you can do with printables, from kids activity binders to planners and calendars to workout trackers or prayer journals. Printables can be applied and used in almost every niche on the internet!

New here?

If you don’t have your blog set up yet, I recommend starting your blog and then getting into printables to grow your business online. If you’re already setup, keep reading!

Now on to the student’s amazing work and success!


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My printable is perfect for moms (and dads) who want to make sure the food they buy will remain fresh.

I’m Stacey, and almost 57 (ick..cough, cough) grandmother and I’m a huge food safety advocate. When I’m not trying to save the world from food poisoning, I work as a healthcare privacy officer and I’m a budding artist.

272 email subscribers in just 2 months

Wowzers….This printable had really skyrocketed my list. I went from 21 subscribers to now around 272 subscribers in just 2 months. I also have an Etsy store where I sell all of my printables and this year, I’ve made a little under $200 and I’ve only had 21 sales. A lot of my customers purchase multiple items. My shop is called Food Safety Superhero.


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The Master Your Curls Quick Start Guide will help anyone with frizzy, wavy, or curly hair learn how to embrace and enhance their waves and curls in 5 easy steps. It’s perfect for anyone who struggles with uncontrollable frizz, inconsistent style, or anyone who wants to properly care for curly hair. Mainstream hair care doesn’t address waves and curls and this guide is the perfect introduction.

I blog about curly hair and clean beauty at The Holistic Enchilada. As someone who grew up struggling with frizzy hair, it’s a passion of mine to teach others how to embrace their natural hair and care for it properly so it’s not such a chore. In addition to blogging, I am a homeschooling mom, a literacy specialist, and a small business owner.

$1,000 per month with printables

After adding this printable as an email optin, I grew from 145 email subscribers to over 10,000 in one year. I also created 2 related printables that I offer as tripwires and low cost products that do really well. These make me around $1,000 a month.


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It is a pack of 25 fun & learning activities for toddlers that require minimal set up and teaches little ones important life skills.

My name is Rupal Srivastava and I have a parenting & lifestyle blog where I share a lot of resources to make mom life easier. I share a lot of content on activities to keep kids engaged and teach them important life skills, helpful motivation towards being a happy mom and a lot more resources to enjoy a happy family life!

Grown email list to 1820+ subscribers!

I have been getting 15-20 subscribers regularly since the launch which has grown my email list from 500 subscribers to 1829 currently.


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These playdough mats are perfect for the busy mum who needs an instant print and play activity! With quick ideas and suggestions to prompt creative play, it’s packed full of potential with the focus being on open ended play. They will be loved by toddlers, preschoolers, and parents alike!

I’m Louisa, a mum of two from the UK who absolutely loves to get creative! I love helping parents get creative with their little ones and have been sharing loads of pretty but practical kids activities over on my blog ‘Mum’s Creative Cupboard’ for 6 months now – I am loving every minute!

Printables have helped me grow my email list enormously over the past few months. And since talking Suzi’s course I have been able to not only create beautiful printables that people want, but also showcase them in a way that has made them want to sign up for them!

Hundreds of new subscribers.

My most popular printable has brought me hundreds of subscribers and still does! It has given me the confidence to launch my first printable products for sale now and I am currently in the process of creating an ebook as part of a future service for my community!


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My printable is for the mom who needs her children to be more independent. She’s tired of repeating herself and wants her children to listen the first time. She’s looking for calmer mornings and smoother bedtime routines.

I’m a former teacher who was on the school principal path. Teaching helped me learn that children benefit from routines, visuals, and printables at home . I’m a wife and mom of three.

Several hundred dollars a month

Since I started selling my printables on my blog in May, my income has increased from a few dollars to several hundred dollars a month. My email list has more than doubled. My biggest success is getting an email from a public school principal asking for a school license for this product!


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This printable is perfect for women that desire to make prayer a daily habit, but struggle with what to pray about. The daily prayer prompt gives them a topic to use as their focal point as they make prayer a habit.

I’m a wife and mom of three who enjoys daily prayer, but have found myself struggling at times with what to pray about. I found that making a plan (the printable) helped me to stay consistent.

$500 in the first week!

Yes, this printable brought in over 100 more subscribers. It’s been my best printable so far. I love being able to create printables! I created a coloring book that I made over $500 in the first weekend of selling it. I was able to put that same coloring book on Teachers Pay Teachers and have been making a small passive income on it as well. Your course really opened my eyes to how lucrative printables can be, and that they don’t have to just be used as freebies/lead magnets. Thanks Suzi!


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If you’re ready to live from a place of confidence and peace, this prayer challenge is for you! You will deepen your prayer life while gaining a new understanding of the Person and work of Christ on your behalf. Come discover the depths of His love for you and uncover the riches of your inheritance in Christ.

I’m a wife, mom, and blogging dinosaur over at My goal is to help women grow in intimacy with God so they live a life of purpose, joy, and passion. I love how offering free printables has helped me reach so many women word-wide reach more of their potential in Christ.

32,097 New Subscribers with one simple printable!

Each year I do a free 40-day prayer challenge during Lent. It used to be a super long and complicated challenge but this year I made it into a simple one-page printable. The more robust parts I put into a paid bundle upgrade. This extremely simple one page printable for my free challenge has had 32,097 sign ups this year (2020)! WOW! I’ve definitely learned that bigger isn’t always better and something simple can work just fine!


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These printables are perfect for moms who are also Sunday school teachers and/or moms know their kids have the heart of a missionary.

I’m Anne-Geri’ but “Angie” is usually easier. I’m the mom of 2 foster-adopted boys but my background is a missionary who studied theology. I write for Sunday school teachers and missionary families trying to provide them with any resource available to them, including my own.

How to use printables to grow your email list.

I haven’t sold them yet only used them as freebies, but that is why my freebie page is so well-hit!


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This printable is a step by step PDF tutorial to help moms make their own fabric masks for their kids (using fabric they have at home)

I am Victoria Martinez Azaro AKA La creative mama, fashion designer, educator, natural dyer, writer, illustrator and creative all around ?

I want to share with mamas and grandmas how I was able use my fashion design background and turn it into the most amazing creative outlet that has allowed me to find joy and excitement in my every day life and enjoy lots of fun times with my kids.

Email list is over 8,000+ subscribers

This was one of my first printables that I created back in March before the pandemic really started. In 2 months my list grew from 200 to 4000 and now together with my many other freebies my list has passed 8000. It has allowed me to apply get accepted to Mediavine as well! I am now offering other printables as paid offers.

Learn how to create and sell printables here.


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My printables are for women to supplement their Bible study time by coloring the different scriptures.

I’m a retired Navy veteran turned Digital Disciple helping to spread the Word of God across the Internet! When I’m not blogging, I’m a mom to a teenager and 3 very large fur-babies!

$1,5000 in just a few months

My blogging printables are the number 1 mode of subscriber growth and have earned me over $1500 in the last 6 months! My faith printables are fairly new and in the first month, I’ve already earned close to $100 just with these coloring pages!


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This printable is perfect for all of us right now! 🙂 In this year with just one thing after another coming at us, we have to keep pushing through and look for opportunities in all the adversity.

My name is Sarah and I started an e-commerce business when my daughter left home to attend college. It was two-fold in purpose: one, to help generate income to pay for college, and two, to keep me busy so that I wouldn’t lose my mind like all my so-called “friends” were predicting with my child leaving home. So I then started my blog, “The Full Nester” (not empty!) 🙂 and have expanded to printables, and publishing books on Amazon.

140,000 viewers per month

I have grown my e-commerce business to 6-figures in sales by consistent application of the skills I continue to learn. I’ve grown my Pinterest viewership from 6 people per month when I first started to over 140,000 viewers per month. I’m working on continuing to grow my email list, and learn new skills to expand my empire. 🙂 I’ve sold printables through my Shopify site, as well as my new books on Amazon.


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This printable is perfect if you need a mental health check in, you’re struggling with anxiety and you want to keep track of your wellness and overall wellbeing.

I am Angy. I am a social worker who has experience working with people with mental health problems. My aim is to support social workers and people who suffer from anxiety to find calmness and live life to the fullest.

Through these printables, I now have a mailing list of 198 within 6 weeks of creating it.


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Regain Control and Love Your Life is perfect for the anxious, burnt out, overwhelmed mom who is struggling breaking the survival mode cycle she is in. This 50 page ebook will be her motherhood guide and tracking companion that helps her recognize her habits and break free from that survival mode cycle. These simple, but powerful principles and habits will help her find and love herself again in this beautiful, messy, chaotic life. My goal is for her to turn to it daily, and she will begin to cultivate a meaningful relationship and unconditional love for herself and her life, from the inside out.

I am a mother to a 20 month old son, 6 year old pup, and wife to my best friend. I started my blog about 15 months postpartum because I found through learning a whole new form of life and through giving my all to everyone and everything else in my life, I started to lose track of who I was. The last thing on your mind when you have a newborn is yourself, and I craved gaining my identity back. I strongly believe that there isn’t enough proactive support out there preparing mothers for the fourth trimester and being born into motherhood, and that was the pull that kept me up at night to start my blog.

17 Sales of a New Printable in just 2 Weeks!

I don’t think I have had a ‘mega successful start up story’ thus far BUT I launched my first printable 9/16/20 and have made 17 sales to date [10/2/20]. I am working to grow my email list using freebie opt ins and have a number 1 focus of gaining traffic. Nonetheless, I have loved the past 5 months of start up, building my website, blog, storefront, and Pinterest account in the cracks and nap time of the day. Now moving on to a focus of monetization!


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You need this planner if you’re someone wanting to stick to a hair care routine.

Added 1,000 subscribers in two months!

Yes, my email list skyrocketed after I learnt how to make pretty Printables through the course. My best performing lead magnet converts at 5.6%. I gained 1000 subscribers within 2 months. My tripwire converts at 4%, which I made in Google slides after learning the process from Suzi. I simply love love love the skills I gained from Printables by Number. I urge everyone to take this course and start getting serious about blogging.


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This guide is perfect for beginners in art journaling. It can help them with ideas, art supplies, basic design rules, etc. Having the guide gives them a framework and a direction for developing the habit of art journaling.

I’m a photographer and a blogger at Artful Haven where I teach beginner artists how to start art journaling and express themselves through art. Also, I help them gain knowledge and the confidence to make art daily.

$1,063 in about 4 months time

My printables have helped me grow my list pretty fast. I get almost 1000 new subscribers per month now. Also, I have some printables I use as tripwires: a vision board workbook and a printable set for art journalists. I’ve made $1,063 in about 4 months time.


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The Homeschooler’s Startup Guide is for parents who are new to homeschooling, or have been at it for a while but things aren’t working. It helps take parents from feeling overwhelmed about which resources to buy and use, to knowing what resources will be the best fit for their child’s needs, interests and learning style, as well as other considerations like budget, time, and pre-planned content.

I’m Heideli, a copywriter, homeschooling blogger and coach, and a mom of two wonderful kiddos. I help clients (and moms) turn their stories and ideas into something profitable. I write and edit website copy, SEO-optimized blogs, email sequences and landing pages, ebooks, lead magnets, etc. For fun, I love sewing things, gardening, reading, painting, taking walks and playing with my black chow chow dog.

$145 with a small list

I had a printable from the start that helped me get readers. When I launched my first paid printable, the Startup Guide, I made about $145, which isn’t bad considering my mailing list is still very small. I enjoy the new skills and want to keep expanding on them, but for now I need to focus on more traffic generation.


This printable was designed for families living in warm climates during Christmas time. It helps bring the winter holiday spirit when the weather is warm weather a calendar of 24 activities. This printable can help you have Christmas cheer while you get your winter tan!

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My name is Jill and I’m a military spouse of 11 years and the mom of two very active boys. I run Military With Kids as a resource and community for military parents as we all experience the ups and downs of being a military family.

My list multiplies by the hundreds!

This printable is a big source for growing my email list. My list multiplies by the hundreds each November because of this printable. It’s simple design makes it easy for people to use. It has even been shared by teachers throughout local school districts.


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This printable workbook is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their mental health and well-being. This workbook offers mental health tips, tracking sheets, journal pages, exercises, and more! Learn how to keep your mental health in top shape by processing your thoughts and expanding your mind.

I am an author, digital product creator, and blogger striving to help people improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. My passions in life are holistic health, cooking, traveling, camping, photography, music festival, and of course, printables. I believe planners, journals, workbooks, and checklists bridge the gap between learning information and making changes happen in your life.

$1,000 with printables

I have been creating printables for 9 months now, and have made $1000 in that time. I have an email list of 73 subscribers. Creating printable and digital products brings me so much joy, and I love that I combined it with my love of holistic health so I can create what I love and help others doing it.


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The 5 Super Fun LEGO STEM Activities for Kids printable is perfect for moms and teachers with children or students who love LEGO. They have quick directions and even the science behind the activities at their finger tips.

I am a homeschooling mom who love science! I truly believe that doing hands-on experiments is the best way for kids to learn about science, so I blog about all the activities we do at home to inspire others!

Email list from 300 to 1000 in a few months

I have made several printables since the course. I have grown my email list from about 300 to over 1000 in the last few months. I currently have 2 printables on sale and I have sold multiple copies of them. Even though I still need to get better and quicker at making them, I am enjoying making these printables that really help my blog grow!


This printable journal bundle will help you get out of overwhelm as a mom and bring more of yourself into your day. In this bundle you’ll find gratitude, time tracking, and self care journal pages to help you be a more calm happy mom!

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Hi, I’m Catherine Wilde. I’m a mom of three, a life coach for moms, and a certified yoga & meditation teacher. I help moms get out of overwhelm so they can be the calm happy moms they long to be!

Key factor in creating my successful business

Learning how to create beautiful printables has been one of the key factors in creating my successful business. Not only have my printables helped me to grow my email list and increase the sales for my business, they have helped me to create amazing products to help the moms I serve live their best lives!


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The Printable Chore Chart Bundle is perfect for parents who are looking for a fun and effective Chore System for their children. It includes instructions, rewards list and ideas, age-appropriate chores list, chore chart (daily/weekly), chore bucks, and no-chores coupons.

Nataly Llanes is a mom of two, a Registered Nurse, and the founder of She writes about all things Pregnancy, Parenting and Motherhood. Using her motherhood experience and medical background she helps moms embrace and overcome all stages of motherhood.

$500 extra per month!

Thanks to Suzi’s Course, my new printables have not only helped grow my email list, but my income. Currently my printables bring in an additional $500/month and have contributed to an average of 200 subscribers a month to my email list.


Perfect for any woman that wants add value to her daily routine. She has heard about the benefits of having a gratitude practice but wants direction to get started. She might have a gratitude practice but has trouble coming up with meaningful journal entries.

Get it here.

I travel the country in an RV with my husband and our little dog. I want to help other women find more joy and fun in their everyday lives. I am a minimalist and therefore very frugal. I strive to make every day an adventure.

I created my gratitude printable based on my own gratitude practice. I started a challenge in January where I sent my mom and sister a thought prompt every day to encourage a meaningful conversation based on gratitude. After January ended they asked me to continue to send the prompts every day. Since January I have had many more friends and family request to have to the private daily message sent to them as well. I just launched my website and the printable.

I’m working my way through several of your programs and learning so much. I am so grateful for your teaching style, generosity, and dedication.


This printable is for moms looking for hands on learning activities for their kids! Meant for a wide range of ages, the activities in this bundle are adaptable for ages 3-9!

Get it here.

Hey there! My name is Ally and I’m a full time working mama of 2. I have been coming up with activities to keep my kids occupied since they were 2 years ago, just this year I turned it into my business: The Afternoon Connection!

Sold 20 on the first day!

I launched the Fall in the Forest bundle back in August – I sold 20 within the first day of it launching! 20×9=$180. I now have a shop on my website for both of my printable products I sell thanks to you, Suzi!


My printable are for new moms and women who are newly planning family holidays for the first few time. For busy mom who just do not have the time to plan holidays without a written plan to keep them on track. We want to have the holidays we remember as kids and need to make a well thought out plan so we as moms can enjoy the holidays too.

Get it here.

I am a recipe and craft blogger who love to entertain. I love having family and friend over for dinners and Thanksgiving and Christmas and I love DIY home decorating for these holiday. I have 3 grown kids and have been married for 30 years and I still try to make each holiday extra special with easy recipes and fun craft decorations.

Email list grown to 4800+

I have a lot of small printable mostly time management printables to keep track of your day and be more productive. I have grown my list from 0 to 4800 in 4 years by offering free worksheets for busy moms.


Our Homestead Business Planner is perfect for any stay at home mom who is looking to make extra income from their home, It’s perfect for those handmade, homegrown homesteaders but also is a great fit for setting actionable steps to start bringing in an income from turning your money sucking hobby into a profit you can be proud of.

Get it here.

My name is Diana, and I’m a homesteading mom of two young toddler boys. I raise chickens and Scottish highland cows and love to garden and preserve food. I’m passionate about helping others lead a homegrown, handmade, healthier lifestyle for their family with from scratch baking recipes, preserving and canning recipes, gardening tips and patterns and DIY tutorials to inspire!

Love Printables by Number!

With Suzi’s class and her templates I’m starting to feel much more comfortable creating printables to serve my readers that are cute, effective and a huge time saver. I’ve grown my email list, and have started to sell printables in my woo commerce shop. I’m loving spending my time in Canva creating freebies, products and tripwire offers. It’s my new favourite blogging task because its fun and creative. I’m also super happy with my freebie library set up thanks to the helpful tips and ideas from Suzi’s course! Thanks Suzi for being part of my blogging journey!


The Ayurvedic Hair Care Guide for Beginners is an eBook that was created to help others like myself who want to grow long hair using Ayurveda, but don’t know where to start! Ayurveda is a complex and vast subject but this book breaks everything down into simple steps!

Get it here.

I’m Olivia, the founder of UK Beauty Room, a blog to help women enhance their natural beauty with good skin and hair care. What began as a hobby has now become a popular beauty blog with thousands of readers coming to my site every month! I love helping people solve their hair and skin care issues. I live in London, England where I also work as a Registered Nurse.

I absolutely loved putting the eBook together!

I did Suzie’s Printables by Number Course and then launched into creating my own eBook. It is something I had wanted to do for a while but didn’t know where to start. I absolutely loved putting the eBook together and sharing all my tips and tricks for using herbs and oils to grown long, healthy hair. I was so excited when I finally finished my book and uploaded it to my blog. My first printable eBook sold the very same day! Since then my eBook has been accepted into a herbs and oils bundle which I’m thrilled about! I’m just so excited to finally have my own digital products!

Printable Ideas and Examples

Phew, that was such a wonderful display of student’s work! Thank you for everyone who is enrolled in the Printables by Number course.

I hope you’re inspired to create a small printable that can either grow your email list or income. And like Arabah said above, her small printable brought over 30K new subscribers to her list, and it was a simple one pager!

I will be creating another post or adding more examples to this one as I have time to display my amazing student’s work!

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    • Hello Kylee, I started my blog in June 2020 so I am new to blogging and found success with the printables by numbers course in growing my email list. I hope this helps.

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      It’s Stacey from Food Safety Superhero. My blog isn’t even a year old as of yet, so I’m relatively new. While I’m not as successful as many of the other bloggers listed, I’ve found what I deem a great big success after taking Suzi’s course. I’m not one to really recommend courses, but honestly this course as well as most of Suzi’s courses are worth every single penny. I really can’t recommend it enough.