How to Loop Your Pins with Tailwind

Wouldn’t it be amazing to schedule all of your pins on Pinterest in 15 minutes, once a week, and then get consistent traffic without going into Pinterest again? Wouldn’t that save hours of work by preventing manually repinning pins? Wouldn’t you love to know which of your pins are high performers so you can repin those?

Well you can! And I’ll share with you the exact steps on how I use Pinterest and Tailwind to get traffic to my blog. If you follow these steps exactly, you will get traffic. You’ll get more than 15 page views a day and you’ll start gaining subscribers and loyal followers.

My method is a semi-looping of my pins. If you set it up right, you can have your pins loop for a week or longer.

Pinterest is growing! It is up 50% since last year, with 150 million people using it every single month! Wow!

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Update 2021

Hey there! Pinterest and Tailwind have changed a lot over the years. I’m currently testing out a new strategy to get traffic to my blog and can’t wait to share it with you! If you’d like to know more about it once I’m ready to share it, please sign up to my email list using any of the yellow buttons. I’ll share more about it in my Monday emails.

Hugs, Suzi

And the coolest part about Pinterest is that people actually go there to look for blog posts. Unlike other social media platforms where they go to get news (Twitter) or check in with their friends (Facebook).

Pinterest is a great source of traffic to your blog. I’ve grown my blog to make over $20,000 per month and this strategy below was a big part of that success.

Don’t have time to read the entire post? See how I walk through this strategy LIVE in the video below:

How to Loop your Pins with Tailwind Instructional Video

If you haven’t started your blog yet, here is a step by step tutorial to start your momma blog so you can join in on this amazing journey too!



So what are your first steps to do?

Business Account

Setup Your Pinterest Business Account

Setup Your Boards

Have at least 10 of your own boards with pretty covers and at least 10 pins on each board

You can see my account as an example 🙂 (Follow me while you’re there)

How to semiloop your pins with Tailwind even if you know nothing about Pinterest marketing. How to get traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

Featured Board

Have 1 board that features just your own pins – call this “The Best of YOUR BLOG” or “Featured Posts from YOUR BLOG”

Pin only your own posts to this board.

How do you pin from your blog to Pinterest? Install the plugin Social Media Share Icons and use that to pin directly to Pinterest from your blog. A little pin it button will show up on your image. You can also use the Chrome Pinterest Chrome extension to pin from your blog or any other site to Pinterest.

If you’re still super new to Pinterest, this post covers in detail how to use Pinterest when you’re just starting.

Join Group Boards

You can view all the group boards I recommend in my ebook + course: Blog by Number. I have a list of over 480+ group boards that are still accepting contributors in the course, just look under Module 10!

You can join group boards by using or join boards of bloggers in your niche.

Read the descriptions of the group board to see what you should do to get invited to the group board. They are all a bit different. Some may ask you to email them, others may ask for a Facebook image or to leave a comment on a recent pin.

Make sure you join active group boards that have high engagement – that will ensure the success of your pins.

It takes time to join group boards, but once you are invited to collaborate on highly engaged group boards, your blog traffic will improve dramatically!


Images That Pop!

Use amazing and beautiful pin images. If you’re going to spend all this time writing blog posts and trying to get traffic, you need to have eye-catching pin images! Lucky for you, I have a collection of 200 gorgeous pin images you can use right now for a super duper affordable price. You can download them instantly here: Start a Mom Blog – Stock Images! And I’ve included a few examples of awesome pins!

If you don’t know how to create pin images, I have tutorials videos to help you! 🙂 

I’m here to help you grow!

200 Beautiful Stock Images for your blog and online business
200 Beautiful Stock Images for your blog and online business

Use vertical images. When you browse Pinterest, try to see what grabs our eye. Is it the short little stubby horizontal post? Or that beautiful long infographic? Yup – it’s definitely the longer pin!

Create multiple pin images per post. Promote the different pins and see which one does best. Then continue to promote the best performing pin for that post!

 Share a tip or trick right on the pin image

For example, this pin below shows the Kura + Trofast IKEA furniture hack. Tons of people will save this pin because they want to remember this for the future – when they have little kids and they’re ready to transfer them from a crib to a toddler bed. How cool is this?

It’s actually how we set up my daughter’s room. Both girls love sharing their room, but more often than not they end up falling asleep on the floor on me 🙂

Ikea Hack for a Toddler Bunk bed - KURA plus TROFAST - super cool idea! Saving this for my kids room!

Text to Grab Attention

Use bold text. Make sure the text on your image is easy to read and a high contrasting color to the background.

Keywords to Drive Search Traffic

Use keywords in your pin descriptions. Keep it simple. Short and sweet and very enthusiastic pin descriptions with a call of action do great.

For example: “This is the most delicious chicken soup recipe in under 20 minutes! Pin it for later!” or “This tutorial on how to crochet is so simple and easy! It includes a free printable!”

Use keywords in your board titles and descriptions

Use keywords in your profile description and name

Make It Easy to Share

Make your blog shareable. Install a pin button on top of our images so your readers can easily share our post to Pinterest.


So many of my readers have come back to me to let me know how valuable this strategy is to them. After implementing it they skyrocketed their traffic from Pinterest. I hope it does the same for you! Here are their reviews.

“Hey Suzi! I had to share a win with you! After implementing your pinterest strategies, check out my pinterest analytics! Thank you so so much lovely mamma!” – Julie. See her proof below.


“Thanks so much Suzi! Your e-mails are always so encouraging! I’m so glad I get weekly encouragement to not give up on my new “baby”–my blog! I started implementing your Pinterest strategies, and my traffic has increased SIGNIFICANTLY!” – Christin (recent post on inner beauty)

“I found you via Pinterest (I think) and I watched your ebook FB session the other night.  I read your post on semi-looping pins with Tailwind (and I used your link to sign up with them).  I did this Thursday night.  My website is getting a lot more traffic.  Before Thursday, I had a total of 135 visitors to my site for the entire previous 30 day period.  Friday, I got 136 in 1 day!  Saturday, I got 364 and then yesterday I got 556.” – Cheryl


You can manually pin in Pinterest 4-5 times a day which will easily take about 1-2 hours a day. Not because it really takes that long, but because you will get trapped in the web of pins and click articles and completely forget to pin your own posts. I know, I’ve tried this. It happens to me every time I go into Pinterest. The temptation is just too great.

So I use Tailwind to schedule my pins and prevent myself from wasting hours and hours on this fantastic platform!

For you to be able to use my Tailwind strategy exactly, you’ll have to have at least 7 of your own pins ready to go. If you don’t have 7 posts yet, you can create 2 pin images per post!

Step 1: Find Your Best Boards

You’ll only have to do this setup once.

Go into Tailwind and look under Track Your Brand Page > Board Insights. Here you will see the analytics of all of your boards, including yours and any group boards you are a part of. Uncheck the top boxes of Secret Boards and Regular Boards. You only want to be looking at the Group Boards.

Then under the Virality score, sort the numbers by descending order. You want to see your most viral group board at the top.

Now take your top 7 boards that are in the same category and write down all 7 of those names, or copy and paste them – but just remember which 7 they are because we will be using them in the next step.

Also, make sure they are all in the same niche or category. For example, my list of 7 boards are all about blogging, even though I do have some very high virality boards in completely different niches.

  • Board 1
  • Board 2
  • Board 3
  • Board 4
  • Board 5
  • Board 6
  • Board 7

Got your top virality group boards in the same niche? Great! Let’s go to the next step.

If you don’t have enough group boards, you can include a few of your niche personal boards in this strategy. 

Step 2: Setup Your Board Lists

In your Tailwind dashboard, go to Publish and click on Board Lists.

You will be creating 7 board lists. Each one will contain all 7 of your boards but you will offset the list by one every time. See the image below for an example:


When you are done you will have 7 board lists with your top boards. Make sure to include the list number on each group’s title. This will make it easier when you start scheduling your pins.

This was the hardest part and you only have to do this once. Now you’re ready to pin!

Step 3: Schedule Your Pins

Go to your featured board on your Pinterest account. Select the pin you want to schedule and click on the blue Tailwind  button. (If you don’t see the button, you may need to install the Tailwind Chrome extension).

tailwind-strategy pinterest
tailwind-strategy pinterest

Type in the name of your first group board list. If you had the list numbers in our titles, you can just type in “1” and you should see the list pop up.

Click on the “Use Interval” button at the bottom of the box. This will delay your pin by a defined amount of time before it pins to the next board in the list. I normally set the delay for one day. This staggers my pin to go to my first board on day 1, my second board on day 2, my third board on da 3 etc. (See the crosstab image for clarification)

Once you have your interval decided. Click on “Set Interval.”

tailwind-strategy pinterest

Then click on “Schedule Now”.

tailwind-strategy pinterest

Now go to your next pin that you would like to schedule, and repeat the process. But for your second pin, choose your 2nd group board list.

Repeat this process for a total of 7 pins and be sure to set an interval of one day for each scheduled pin.

After you are done your schedule will look like the one below. Pin 1 will go to the first board in your group board 1 on Monday, to the second board in group board 1 on Tuesday, etc.

This may be a bit overwhelming at first, but it works really well! I use this strategy because it’s not spammy. One pin a day per big group board is my strategy.

If the feeds in the boards do not move fast enough, you can increase your time interval to more than one day.

crosstab tailwind strategy

Now that I have all of my group board lists setup, it only takes me about 15 minutes once a week to schedule my pins for the week. Once a week I’ll do a quick glance at my top 7 group boards to make sure I’m not spamming the board.

If the feed moves too slow, you may want to double check and set a larger interval between your pins, or remove that board from your lists.

Loop it Longer

This strategy goes through my best boards and drips in my pins one per day per board. Theoretically, if you wanted this to run for longer than a week, all you’d need to do is create more board lists with more boards on each one.

For example, if you wanted 1 pin to run for 30 days, you’ll need to create 30 board lists with 30 boards on each one. Once you have that step completed, you’ll be able to schedule 30 pins to run for the entire month and never have to bother with it again.

The reason why I like to keep it at a week is because I like to check in on my pins weekly. I like to decide which pins to push each week because I may have a different need that week. Do I need traffic? Do I need email subscribers? Or to sell a product? Each week I tweak which pins run in my Tailwind schedule. Continuous improvement momma!

Side note: I do have multiple group boards set up for different categories of boards. I took the above method and doubled it, so I actually have 14 group board lists which enables me to schedule more pins for the week. 

Which Pins Should You Schedule Each Week?

Schedule your top performing pins and your newest blog post pins. I always schedule a few of my best-performing pins to continue a steady stream of traffic to my blog, and I mix in my new pins to help them take off. You can find your top performing pins by going into your Tailwind dashboard and looking under Optimized Content > Pin Inspector.

I remove a pin from my schedule if after a month it is not getting any traction. I may create a new pin image for it and try again if I think it’s a fantastic post that needs a bit more love.

After I have scheduled my own pins for the week, I’ll go to my top group boards and fill the rest of my queue with pins from those boards. The more repins a group board has, the better your pins will do on that board. You want to keep the engagement high on your top group boards because it will help your own pins get featured by Pinterest.

I pin my own pins to group boards, and I pin other’s pins to my own boards. Typically, I pin about 14 of my own pins a day (to group boards), and 14 pins of other bloggers (to my own boards).


Need Help Creating Amazing Pinnable Images?

You can instantly download 200 gorgeous stock images and get step by step instructions in my course, Blog by Number that will show you how to create pinnable images!

Don’t forget to sign up for sign up for Tailwind here! 

how to loop with tailwind

Or start your blog today and implement this strategy to get traffic!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below and I can help you!


True Looping of Your Pins

So this feature has been hush-hush for a long time, but finally, Tailwind is starting to promote it’s true looping feature! I’ve been a beta tester for the past few months, and I absolutely love it!

You can still manually schedule your pins (like the semi-looping strategy above shows) but now you can also loop your best pins indefinitely! Tailwind is making this feature super smart so they’ll analyze which pins are doing well and give you insights. Additionally, when you add a new pin to the looping feature, the newest pins will go out first, and then slowly get mixed in with the evergreen looping pins.

I have Tailwind’s Looping feature covered here in detail!

Schedule Automatically to Facebook using Tailwind

Secondly, Tailwind and Facebook are now friends! And you can schedule your Facebook posts directly from Tailwind (you can even input a Facebook Page caption! Yes!

tailwind and facebook automatic scheduling

The tool will only publish a single Facebook-optimized version of your content to your Facebook Page. If you schedule your pin to go to multiple boards, the Facebook Post will only publish once, with your first scheduled pin! Isn’t that so cool?

tailwind and facebook automatic scheduling post to facebook page

Facebook + Pinterest Scheduling in Tailwind

In the image below you can see that:

1. Horizontal images that you have in your post will be great to schedule automatically to Facebook using Tailwind!

2. The little orange box with the white flag is checked indicating this post is scheduled to my Facebook Page too!

3. This pin is on the smart loop feature in Tailwind.

4. Your vertical images from your posts will do well on Pinterest. And your horizontal images can be scheduled to Facebook.

tailwind smart loop features pinterest

I’m so excited about this feature!

Since Tailwind can now actually loop your pins, I have that new feature covered here in detail!

Lastly, if all this is just too much and you want to know how to use Pinterest and how to create pin images, read this!

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