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What is a personal blog? Examples and How to Start.

Personal blogs are blogs that are written by people, most likely the creator of the blog is the author as well. A personal blog is a way to share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and personal experiences with an audience you choose.

Personal bloggers have no rules or guidelines. You don’t need any experience and you can keep your current job too if you’d like to do this as a side hustle. There may be many reasons why you start a personal blog. For example, fame or recognition, to make the world a better place with your knowledge, or to generate traffic and build an audience which could make you money too!

Setting up your own personal blog can be a great way to share what you know with the world. There are no rules for bloggers, and anyone of any age or background is welcome! You don’t need experience either: just create an account and start blogging about anything that interests you – from cooking recipes to problems in society to arts and crafts. If people like it, they’ll subscribe; if not then at least you got something off your chest 🙂

Definition of a Personal Blog

A personal blog is your online presence. You can write posts on the blog to share with others. You can add images and videos too. People just need to type in the web address for your blog in order to access it. To start a personal blog, you need a domain name and web hosting service. It usually costs around $5 per month on a starter plan which is more than adequate for a personal blog.

I don’t know what to blog about, should I start a personal blog?

If you have no idea what to blog about, I would highly suggest starting a personal blog. You’ll learn all the technical aspects of blogging such as writing blog posts, sharing on social, interlinking, etc. Then once you’re ready to and know your ideal blog idea, then you can create a second blog and monetize it faster, since you’ll already know all the tech.

So even if you just start a personal blog for fun, you will still be learning a lot that you can use in the future!

5 Reasons to Start a Personal Blog Today

Like I stated above, starting a personal blog is a fantastic idea! Here is why.

A personal blog is a great form of catharsis

Allowing your thoughts to flow onto the screen is a great way to explore your ideas. It can help you get in touch with yourself, and it’s an amazing way of expressing yourself and getting things off your chest.

I remember sharing things on my first personal blog and feeling so relieved afterwards. Personal blogging is very similar to journaling and it’s a great form of relaxation.

If you don’t want to share such personal information, you can use a pseudonym for your personal blog, change names, or just keep some posts in draft form if you’d like. Allow yourself to freely express your feelings, it’s never a good idea to bottle them up.

You can share your knowledge with the world

It’s true that the internet is full of trashy blogs filled with silly posts and clickbait, but if you are sharing your knowledge or feelings with the world in a constructive and positive manner then that is not only beneficial to you, but hopefully will be beneficial to others too.

Your story could impact someone else in a profound way. It could brighten their day, put a smile on their face or even change their entire life. There are some blog posts that I refer back to often and read over and over again, because they had such a huge impact on my life.

Slowly start to build a brand

We are in the digital age, and with that comes online presence. People can Google your name or your company’s name and see what pops up first. If you have a personal blog then that will be one of the very first things to pop up! You need to get used to sharing your thoughts and ideas freely. That way you will be prepared for any future blogs or projects.

Also, having a personal blog which shows off your talents can be a great selling point for getting hired for a new job. Your personal blog can surely also serve as your portfolio.

Build a strong network for future ventures

A personal blog is a great place to start building your digital footprint and I have no doubt that you’ll meet some really interesting people along the way. As your online presence grows, it gives you an advantage in everything else that you wish to work on. It’s like a bank account, you need something in there before you can start withdrawing from it.

I’ve met amazing friends through blogging. I’ve had the honor of connecting with people from all over the world who have fantastic ideas. We’ve even met our best family friends through blogging!

Make money without being salesy

There are many ways you can make money on your own personal blog – and none of them involve persuading people to buy things they don’t want or need! Take for example affiliate marketing – this is when you are paid a small commission for referring people to products or services.

There are other ways too such as advertising, selling your own product (ebooks, courses etc), affiliate offers, sponsored content and much more. If you want to monetize your personal blog, you can find the perfect monetization strategy that works for you.

16 Examples of Personal Blog Types

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s hard to make a list of what types there are. That being said, here are some general categories below. Remember, a personal blog may be much more broad than just focus on one niche, with a personal blog you’re welcome to talk about any or all of the niches below, it’s your own blog to do with as you wish.

Memoirs & Journeys : Bloggers sharing their life story or journaling about their journey.

Personal Development : Blogs written by experts or those who have personal experience on the topic, to help those who know they need some help.

Parenting Blogs : Blogs that are written to help parents, or tutorials for new parents.

Gardening Blogs : Like parent blogs, these are written by experts to teach and guide those who want to learn this skill.

Crafting Blogs : These bloggers share their DIY projects as well as helping others with their questions about crafting.

Fashion & Beauty Blogs :  These are a great way for women to connect with others like them and learn about products they can use in their life.

Music Blogs : Music blogs can be very diverse and you can find posts about new music, review of concerts or artists.

Tech Blogs : There are a wide variety of tech blogs which could include reviews, tips and tricks, tutorials etc.

Travel Blogs : Travel bloggers share their adventures with the world through pictures, stories & advice.

Fitness Blogs :  These blogs are designed to help those who want to keep track of their fitness progress and tips.

Sports Blogs : Sports bloggers cover a wide variety of sports, but mostly locally because they are writing for their local community.

Food & Drinks Blogs : These are very popular as there is a huge community of foodies who love to share and learn about food, drinks and kitchen advice!

Politics Blogs :  These blogs could discuss current issues or have a historical perspective on political events.

Christian/Religion Blogs : There are many different kinds of Christian or Catholic blogs to help you strengthen your faith.

EDU Blogs : These blogs could be specific to one educational system or branch.

Social Issues :  Websites dedicated to raising awareness of issues such as animal rights, poverty, women’s rights etc.

As you build your personal blog, I would suggest thinking about one niche that you absolutely love. A niche you can talk about for years to come. If people are already spending money in that niche, it would be a fantastic blog to turn into a business!

How to Start a Personal Blog on WordPress Today – 7 Easy Steps

Fantastic! If you want to start your personal blog today, it’s simple! I’ve taught 100,000+ students how to start and grow their blogs, and I’m happy to help you too! You can follow along in the Free Blog Plan course (it comes with a stunning blog planner) or you can follow the steps below.

1. Get A Domain Name  

 Ok, so now you need to register a domain name . This will be the new web address of your blog for example or etc. When people type in this address they will be directed straight to your blog – and not the one that belongs to someone else!

Think about a blog name that is easy to spell and remember. Don’t overthink it, most people get stuck on this one simple step for weeks! I’ve been there too!

2. Get Hosting

Great, so now you have a new domain name, it’s time to choose a hosting provider. Hosting is the service that allows your blog software to be stored somewhere on the internet. In other words, this enables you to run a website from home! There are lots of hosting providers out there, but I recommend Bluehost because they have over 3 million websites hosted with them and include 24/7 customer support at no extra charge, you also get a free domain name! Whoo hooo!

3.   Find a Theme

The theme is the design of your blog. It controls what the blog will look like and how it will work. There are thousands of great free themes in existence, but I highly recommend Kadence or Astra to start with. They are lightweight and won’t slow down your website.

4.  Install WordPress and the Theme

You need to install WordPress (a content management system) and your theme on your web server with your chosen hosting. It’s all in the signup process with Bluehost, it’s super simple! I would recommend using the Free Blog Plan course to follow along click by click.

5.  Create content and share it!

The best advice that I can give you on this one is to simply write about what interests you or what you are good at. I have been blogging for a long time and the only reason I am any good at it is because I write about things that interest me and I put a lot of effort into each article that goes up on my blog. I also know that people will be reading these words, and I want to make my posts as helpful as possible.

Creating good and helpful content creates great Google rankings, which leads to more traffic which means more people reading your words. The key here is to be a good writer and thoughtful blogger – not just someone who shouts out random things that interests no one.

6.  Keep it fresh with new content!

The best blogs are those which aren’t updated once every 2 months – they make regular updates on a weekly basis instead. This sounds like hard work but it’s really not – it just means that you need to keep an eye on what is happening in the world and write about things that will interest people. If you need help writing faster or creating content with phenomenal speed, you can look into AI tools like Jarvis.

7.  Grow your email list

Once you have content on your website and you’re starting to share it, I would highly recommend building a valuable free printable and growing your email list. You can do this by offering an opt-in gift in exchange for the email address.

How do you reach more people? By growing your mailing list! A lot of bloggers will say that it is really important to grow your mailing list because it helps you with conversion in the future when people are ready to purchase your products or click through your affiliate links. It starts with an email address – and then eventually leads to a sale.

There are email marketing software that not only allows you to grow your email list, but you can also sell digital products using their software too! So while you’re building your audience, you can start monetizing and making money with your blog! If

8.  Create a small digital product

Creating a small digital product is the next step to growing your blog. It’s a great way to start monetizing, so you can quit your job and become a full-time blogger.

There are so many different types of digital products, some you can even create in an afternoon! And while affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are great monetization strategies, you have full control when you create your own product. You can run sales, create bundles, build a funnel etc – your little personal blog can really blossom into a business once you have your own products.

But don’t stress. This all takes time! Let’s just start at the beginning and build a personal blog first – one step at a time little grasshopper.

Personal Blog Summary

These are the steps that I would recommend to take if you want to start a personal blog and grow it into something more! A personal blog is a great way to start getting your name out there, and if you’re using the right strategies (like guest posting, content marketing etc) then you can grow your personal blog into something much more!

Don’t be afraid to start. It’s the first step that is always the scariest. I still get nervous when I hit that Publish button – it means I’m growing and pushing beyond my comfort zone. The world would never improve if we all just stayed comfortable and lazy.

Go share your God given talents with the world!

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