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20 Top Network Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2021

Network marketing blogs can be a lifesaver (or a business-saver) if you have ever tried to sell a company’s product from home. Network Marketing, also known as MLM (multi-level marketing) and direct sales can be a hard business especially if you only know a limited amount of people that are interested in your product.

How do you set up a network marketing blog? I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s look at why you need a network marketing blog, some examples of network marketing blogs, and how they can help!

What is a Network Marketing Blog?

Network marketing blogs are not the website that comes in the package when you sign on to be a consultant for a network marketing company. Most network marketing companies have an official blog for their products.

There are also many network marketing blogs with individuals behind them. These blogs contain posts often about other interests the person has, but also about the products that they sell.

Why Have a Network Marketing Blog?

If the company already has a blog site, why should you start your own if you are part of a direct marketing or MLM company?

If someone places an order from your personal blog, you have sold the product and get credit for that sale. It allows you to reach a much bigger audience of people that are interested in your product without burning out your friends and family. With 16.7 million people in the US involved in network marketing, a network marketing blog is a great way to help you stand out!

Additionally, network marketing blogs help connect you to other people that are interested in selling your product, helping you to build a strong team of motivated people. That’s why it’s a great way to grow your direct sales business quickly. The industry is expected to grow greatly with more people trying to work from home by 2025.

Top Tips for Success With a Network Marketing Blog

How can you make sure that your network marketing blog gets off to a great start? Check out these top tips for success!

  • Work with a direct marketing or MLM company that you authentically love.
  • Take the leap and set up your network markeing blog. It won’t be successful if you don’t have one!
  • Make your blog SEO friendly. (Blogger speak for make sure Google can find it!)
  • Use beautiful graphics
  • Post on a regular basis
  • Show how you are using the products and tell why you love them.
  • Share your posts in multiple places – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate
  • Build an email list

How can I sell my MLM without being annoying?

Many people that sell MLM products worry about being annoying and burning out their friends and family. It’s very possible if that’s the only network that you have. That’s what makes network marketing blogs such a powerful tool – it lets you sell your MLM products without being annoying to people that want to hear about them.

Starting a blog for your direct sales business is one of the most under-used ways to quickly grow your MLM business.

How to get started with a Network Marketing Blog?

Setting up your own network marketing blog is easier than you might think. It’s one of many ways to start a blog and make money. The easiest way to set it up is with the Blog by Number Course. It walks you step by step through every step.

What Should I Write About on my Network Marketing Blog?

There are many ways to find blog post ideas. You can write posts about single products that you love, round-up posts featuring your top picks, and posts that link to products you use in your everyday life. You can even compare one product against another with lists of pros and cons.

Your blog does not have to be JUST focused on network marketing. You can write about what interests you. There are many different types of blogs and things to blog about.

Dos and Don’ts of Network Marketing Blogs

What are the big Dos and Don’ts?



  • Start a MLM or Direct Marketing Business just for the money.
  • Keep your blog to yourself – be sure to share it to get it seen. There are lots of ways to generate traffic to your blog!
  • Get impatient with yourself if sales are slow at first. Blogging and network marketing are skills.
  • Stop learning – there is always more to learn. The coaching blogs in this post are a great resource when it comes to getting help with your network marketing business

Top Network Marking Blogs to Follow in 2021

Check out these examples of how others are using their network marketing blogs to grow their direct sales businesses!

1. Jen’s Joyful Kitchen

Jen’s beautiful blog supports her Pampered Chef business elegantly. She is showing how she uses the products in a non-salesy way. She gives recipes that look fantastic, embeds Youtube videos in her blog posts, and includes recipe cards at the bottom. Her focus is on helping moms feed their families delicious meals.

2. Poor Little It Girl

Cathy of Poor Little It Girl does a beautiful job of incorporating Mary Kay products into her petite fashion blog. This post is a sponsored post from Mary Kay, which is one of the ways that you can make money blogging. She also collaborates with her friend Jennifer of and uses pictures of herself getting a professional makeup job with Mary Kay and lists each product with an easy link to buy.

3. Beauty With Mary

Mary is a grandma blogger that sells Avon with her blog, Beauty with Mary. I love that she shows pictures of each product and chose to do a roundup post of the top 10 Avon products along with brief descriptions of what each product does.

4. Moms Need to Know

Mindi shares essential oils from Young Living on her blog, Moms Need to know. The links go to her Young Living sales page. She also includes handy guides for how to use the essential oils, recipes, dilutions, carrier oils, and offers a free essential oils reference book with a starter kit purchase.

5. What the Fab

Elise is the blogger behind the travel fashion and lifestyle blog What the Fab. She did a sponsored post for Rodan + Fields. (Sponsored posts are one of many ways to make money with your blog.) She gives authentic advice and shares her experience with one of their products.

6. Motherhood Maniac

Mandy uses her network marketing blog to sell Tupperware. I love the reviews that she does and that she linked to her Tupperware site. However, her links need to be updated. (Links are like flower petals – when you have a blog, some of them naturally die over time.) She does a great job showing the products and how she uses them, as well as putting pin images in the post.

7. A Lady Goes West

Ashley uses the Beautycounter products that she talks about on her direct marking blog and shares her story. That’s a great way to build up your reputation and trust. This post is also very specific. It just covers products that help with aging skin and fine lines. Great job, Ashley!

8. Las Vegas Fit Mom

It’s easy to see how much Jacqui of Las Vegas Fit Mom loves Herbalife. She not only talks about the products but also gives you a few tips for success. She lists options (and flavors) as well having an upbeat and encouraging attitude.

9. Amway Connections

The MLM giant, Amway, has its own professional network marketing blog. This one is not run by an individual, but by the company itself. Their articles are very well done, with clickable headlines that solve real problems and feature their products. This can also be done on your own network marketing blog.

10. The Mama Notes

Caitlin at the Mama Notes is a consultant for Usborne books. She wrote this post as a response to people asking for a list of her favorites on Instagram. Round-up posts are a great way to promote your MLM business on your network marketing blog because they put all your favorites in one easy-to-find list.

11. Simple Nourished Living

Martha promotes Do Terra essential oils on her website. Her roundup post features her favorite ones as well as links to other articles she has written about how to use essential oils. She also includes affiliate links to purchase the products.

12. Balancing Today

Ashley at Balancing Today shows the Advocare products that she is using on her own health journey. The products support the workouts that she shares on her blog. Sharing your own journey and experience helps build rapport and trust.

Coaching Network Marketing Blog Examples

Did you know that coaches have network marketing blogs? It’s true. Network marketing is a hard business that many people struggle with. If that’s you, check out these coaches that have Network Marketing Blogs dedicated to helping you build your MLM business.

13. Ray and Jessica Higdon

This powerhouse husband/wife team are a rags to riches story – going from losing it all to 7 figure earners. They coach people on how to build their direct marketing businesses through coaching sessions, speakings, books, and their blog.

14. Sarah Robbins

This former kindergarten teacher is now a 7 figure earner. She offers coaching for direct sales, speaking, and also has a book and a blog. She has free training videos and her own system for success.

15. My Lifestyle Academy

John and Nadya Melton’s message is clearly stated on the tagline of their website. They have a blog, a podcast, and offer coaching sessions, as well as a free pdf download for using social media in your direct marketing business.

16. Lynda Kenny

UK blogger Lynda Kenny has shared the stage with 6-7 figure earners in network marketing. She is a student of Ray Higdon that shows people that mid to late life is not too late to build the life of your dreams.

17. Diane Hochman

If you are looking for a direct marketing coach that tells it like it is, check out Diane Hochman. Her newsletter has rave reviews for its practical insights.

18. Susan Sly

Susan Sly is a female business owner that has been featured on multiple media channels. She got her start as a network marketer. She is now an author, speaker, podcaster, and mother of 5.

19. Laura Longo

Laura Longo provides business training for direct marketing businesses to Moms. As a mom herself she knows the challenges that working from home with kids brings. Her blog provides lots of helpful advice.

20. Jackie Ulmer

Jackie specializes in social media coaching. These days social media is a large part of any business. She offers coaching, boot camp, and a blog to guide you through.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Network Marketing Blogs

Network marketing blogs are a powerful tool to take your MLM business to the next level. It expands your market far beyond your family and friends. Blog by Number is the easiest way to set up any type of blog and make it just as unique as you are! The most important thing to focus on is helping people through your blog and your network marketing products.

At the end of the day, your authenticity and the relationships you build with other people through your network marketing blog will be the most important thing.

Do you have any advice or questions about network marketing blogs? Leave a comment below!

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