How this Mom Blogger Makes Money by Selling Blogs

I’m so excited to feature Sarah, she’s a phenomenal momma and blogger! She quit her high-profile corporate job to become a stay at home mom.

And promptly created a blog, sold it, and created another one to be sold! Due to non-disclosure agreements, she can’t reveal actual numbers, but she makes a ” very comfortable income” with her blogs.

Read on to learn about her story!

How this Mom Blogger Makes Money by Selling Blogs

I was a hot mess. My brain was foggy all the time and I was sleep-deprived to the thousandth degree. If I got a shower, the day was considered a success.

After my daughter was born and we decided I’d stay home from my high-profile, fast-paced corporate sales job, my world was wonky. And truth be told, I was bored.

Staying home with my daughter was the best decision I’ll ever make and I don’t regret it. What I do regret, however, was not starting a blog (as a business) sooner.

Quick Tip from Suzi: If you need help starting your blog, here are 31 essential steps that will guide you.

Why I Started a Blog

I Needed Something More, Something For Me

I’d been blogging on and off for a few years, even earning ad revenue. But it didn’t occur to me to make it a business until I was thoroughly and completely bored. I had all of the baby and home responsibilities so I had a full schedule, but I was craving a challenge.

I needed something for myself.

There was also a need for more adult interaction. The park was great for meeting new people but there wasn’t a lot of deal-making or business strategy sessions. We were mostly ooohing and ahhhing while the little ones hit their playground milestones (like eating dirt).

Quick Tip from Suzi: Here is my reason for starting a blog.

home decor blog sell

My First Site Was My Second Baby – And I Sold It!

Needing more than my stay-at-home offered, I took my dirt-eating daughter and created a DIY décor blog. I had taken a large income out of our budget, so my need to create décor was born. From burlap to baby mobiles, I created, crafted, photographed, and posted as much as I could.

My little corner of the Internet grew quickly and at just shy of 18 months since starting it, someone contacted me and wanted to buy it! I sold it and was shocked this was even a ‘thing.’

But I had the blogging itch, so I started another blog.

Quick Tip from Suzi: Keep experimenting and trying new things. Sarah knew that if she could build one successful blog, she can do it again!


Success Came from Blogging About What I Was Bad At

The non-compete clause wouldn’t allow me to start another blog in the décor niche, so I created a macaron site and video channel on YouTube. I chose this niche because the small but pretentious cookies are my favorite dessert and at the time, I couldn’t prepare a consistent set of cookies.

I documented my journey and it turned out my passion for making the perfect macaron was shared by many. In a whirlwind 7 months of almond meal, egg whites, and fillings, the site and channel grew quickly. A company contacted me and offered an even larger amount for the channel’s videos and blog posts.

So I sold that site, too. And, as you can guess, I didn’t stop there.

Quick Tip from Suzi: If you need help deciding what to blog about, use this tool to decide the type of blog you should start and this article to help you decide what to blog about. 

How to Position a Blog for Sale

  1. Write tips, how-to’s, and thorough tutorials for which people will search (gauge in keyword tools).
  2. Minimize ‘life updates’ on site and use a newsletter or social to build that personal connection.  
  3. Clean up everything in your navigation bars and spend time working on a clean user experience. 
  4. Prepare yourself to really let it go. It seems like it would be easy, but it isn’t because you’ve worked so hard on building something from nothing.

How to Get Your Blog Ready to Sell Now

  1. Incorporate multiple content mediums (posts, videos, resources to other quality content in the niche).
  2. “Shop” your site on Flippa or Go Daddy Auctions and test the waters for interest.
  3. Contact companies to guest post on or to sell content for their blogs to gauge interest and generate contacts.

Building and Selling Blogs and the Benefits of an Online Business

Currently, I maintain 5 active sites and three non-blogging businesses online. I’m not earning as much as when I left my high-powered corporate position with stock options and bonuses, but I work 50 hours a week less!

In just over 20 hours a week and with the help of 2 business managers and a few virtual assistants, I’m able to stay home with my daughter and soak up these fleeting moments which come with parenting young children. The nature of blogging and working online also allows us to expose our daughter to a lot of travel because I can work anywhere in the world.

Lately, I’ve been missing the fast pace of corporate ladder-climbing and I might go back into that life one day. One thing is for certain: the world of blogging has honed a skill set I’d never known could be as equally rewarding as beneficial to my sanity.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you. What about you? Why do you want to start a blog? If you haven’t yet started, what is keeping you from doing so? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below.

Sarah is the world’s biggest fan of eating popcorn for dinner. She’s also the creator and owner of many online businesses and can be found helping bloggers realize their income goals at ND Consulting and on Facebook.

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