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How to Make Money with an Interior Design Blog

I am so excited to feature Christy from TheHarperHouse who makes a lot of money with her interior design blog (over $6,000 per month)!  She’s the sweetest mom and has become one of my dear online friends. With her amazing content and eye-popping Pinterest graphics, she grew her blog in less than a year to make thousands of dollars per month.

Her strategies for making money with her blog are much different than mine, and it intrigues me. I know it will be super valuable to you to learn how she manages being an awesome mom and growing a successful blog! Enjoy!


How to make money with an interior design blog

Tips to Making Money with an Interior Design or Home Decor Blog

Hi, I’m Christy Harper from I’m a wife and mom addicted to Pinterest, chocolate chip cookies, and shiplap. I’m a former copywriter turned sahm turned wahm. My husband and I also flip houses full time when we’re not chauffeuring our kiddos to every sport and activity known to man.

I have 3 kiddos (13, 11, and 9). Thankfully they are in school during the day so that’s when I try to get all my blog work done. I tried to start a blog when they were still little and I just couldn’t do it. Kudos to all you mama bloggers with littles out there!

I started blogging because I wanted to use my brain cells again. I’d been a sahm for 12 years and I needed to reclaim a piece of ME. I also started with the intention to make money from day one. I knew the potential to make money blogging was huge – I just needed to figure out the technical aspect of everything.

Let your blog be an extension of your life

I have always loved interior design and home decor so it was a natural fit for me. And since we are house flippers like Chip and Joanna, I write about their show Fixer Upper as well on the blog.

It’s hard when you feel there are already so many blogs, but I try not to compare myself to others. The fact there are already so many blogs out there almost kept me from starting my blog in the first place. However, there is no one out there like YOU – with your own unique voice. So don’t let the thought of competition keep you from doing something!

You can make money in any niche, including interior design or home decor!

It took me one month before I started making money with my interior design blog. I made $93 my second full month of blogging.

Currently, my income is evenly split 50/50 between ads and affiliates. Once I reached 100k pageviews, I joined the ad network Adthrive which handles all my ads for me. Most of my affiliate earnings come from product recommendations (ex. I have a post about light fixtures that does really well.) I love the fact that this is mostly passive income. But I do have plans to pursue sponsored posts this year and write an ebook.

How to get insane amounts of traffic

My main source of traffic is Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine which works really well with my niche of home decor & design. But it can also bring in traffic for any niche. The key is to consistently pin your pins throughout multiple boards. Create your own relevant boards, and also join group boards in your niche so you can pin to them as well. Some people use schedulers to pin (Board Booser, Tailwind, etc..) but I pin everything manually because I have more control.

Here are some of Christy’s top posts and amazing Pinterest graphics!

I love how she used the product and a display of the product in the same pin!

Even her pins are a good reflection of her blog theme and feel.

Prioritize the one most important thing

This is the area that I still struggle with myself. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. There is always more to learn and more to do. But try to prioritize the most important things first. Work on the things that will make the most impact to your goals. If your goal is to make money, then work on getting affiliate links out there, etc…

I wish I didn’t waste time and over think things. Sometimes done is better than perfect. Just do the best you can and hit publish. I wish I just started sooner! [If you want to start your blog today, here is a blogging course designed just for moms!]

Best 3 tips for new bloggers who want to create a successful blog

  • Make some friends! Find some other bloggers who are in the same stage as you and start a tribe where you can bounce ideas off each other and share success stories and ask questions. Facebook groups are a great place to start.
  • Create great content. It’s a cliche, but people don’t really come to your blog to read about what you did last weekend. Give them useful content that solves a problem or serves a purpose. And make it evergreen (not seasonal) so it can drive traffic year after year. [Need ideas for blog posts?]
  • Utilize Pinterest. Mastering Pinterest is a game changer when it comes to bringing traffic to your blog. Create great looking, vertical, pinnable images and pin them consistently. [Use this Pinterest strategy to skyrocket traffic]

Thank you Christy for all of your great advice! Dear readers, I hope this featured guest post helped you see that making money online with a blog is super possible, even in a home decor or interior design niche.

Additional bloggers that I admire in the interior decorating or crafting niches that make a good income with their blogs are:

JustaGirlandHerBlogSavvyHomeBlogChicFetti, and DamaskLove

Let me know what questions you have below! Hugs!!

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  • I was so excited to find this post!! I have been wanting to start a home decor blog (specifically farmhouse/rustic style decor/DIY’s) for awhile and I am trying to learn as much as possible before I jump in and this is the first post I have cone across that focused on how to start a blog in my niche!! Thank you so much fkr featuring a home decor blogger!! 🙂

  • In August my husband and I bought an old cottage that we are now fixing up, and I’m planning to start a blog documenting that process as well as highlighting life at the cottage. I’m a high school language arts teacher with four kids in college and this just seems like the right thing to do at this point in my life (translation: distract me from having a complete breakdown because I miss my kids so much.) So, I’m really curious about a couple of things – do you suggest a specific blog platform? .org? Is there something better out there? Should I pay for an upgrade at the beginning or do I wait? I’d like to be able to link products we’re buying and using as well as home decor pieces. Curious what blogger platform you use. Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • Thank you so much for the feature Suzi! I count our friendship at the top of my list of blessings that blogging has brought to my life. It truly is an amazing world that we live in where us stay at home mamas can still bring in a good income from home. Keep spreading the word! xo, Christy 🙂

    • Thank you Christy! It’s wonderful to have you as an online friend and fellow blogger – You’re a wonderful blessing in my life too! And yes, I remember how hard my mom worked from home to bring in a few extra dollars a month, and now some mom bloggers are actually supporting their families. It’s an amazing time we live in. Thank you for being such a great friend! xxx