33 Unique Ways to make extra $1,000 fast

If you’re looking for simple ways to make an extra $1,000 per month fast, you can breathe a sigh of relief. These money-making ideas are a simple way that you can start to put more cash in your pocket, without a whole lot of expenses to do so.

Some of these might be great for you while others might not be but with this many options, you can definitely pick and choose the ones that you feel will be the best and most successful for you! 

make 1000 dollars in a month by blogging

Unique Ways to make extra $1,000 per month

Start a Blog

Maybe I sound like a broken record with this, but there’s a reason! Starting a blog isn’t hard, it’s not expensive, and it can offer some really great money in return.

I do have to mention though that starting a blog isn’t a get quick overnight type ordeal. This will take a few months or even years to get off the ground so make certain that you’re aware of that before getting started.  But keep in mind that once you find a successful way to get traffic and successes to your blog, it can be an easy way to have your monthly income on autopilot. 

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Become a Proofreader

If you have a way with words and are always liking to find other’s mistakes, why not get paid to do so? You can easily find gigs online or even in your local market area that will allow you to get paid to point out things that are wrong.

Once you get a client testimonial that’s positive about your services, you can then use that to market yourself and drum up even more business easily. 

Offer VA services

Being a Virtual Assistant is a pretty sweet gig! It just means that you’re able to help out a company with their needs and you’re able to do it remotely from wherever you’re from.

Some people actually do this for a full-time job so if you find it to be something that you love and something that you excel in, you can easily make it be more lucrative than just $1,000 per month. 

make 1000 dollars in a month by creating an online course

Create an online course

We live in a society where we crave information. But the truth of the matter is that no one has the time to go and dedicate hours upon hours of attending school and setting in a classroom. 

This momma made over $1,000 in a week with her online course!

This is where online courses are awesome and if you have a topic that you’re knowledgeable about, there’s a good chance that people are willing to pay for it. 

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Mow yards 

Don’t just let that lawnmower sit stagnant in your garage. It’s a money maker just waiting to be used! (and while I know that it’s not always available to mow yards all year long for money, you can easily rake leaves and shovel snow, too!) 

People really don’t like doing their own yardwork so they’ll pay good money for someone else to do it instead. 

Start a dog walking business

Honestly, this really doesn’t sound like that much of a “job” but more like an animal-lovers dream! Who wouldn’t want to spend their day walking around some of the cutest and hairiest pups out there?! 

make 1000 dollars in a month  gift wrapping

Offer gift wrapping for the holidays

While Christmas might be your busiest time of the year, don’t forget about the other holidays as well. There is Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Halloween, anniversaries, and so much more – and yes, there are people out there that actually give gifts for all of these fun holidays! 

There are a lot of individuals out there that love to buy and give gifts but hate the thought of actually having to wrap them. It’s a pretty creative way to make money!

Run errands for your neighbors

If you live in an area where it’s crowded and full of people, some people just really don’t enjoy getting out and about and fighting through all of it. 

This means that they’ll pay people like you to run those pesky errands for them. Grocery shopping, dry cleaners, picking their books up at the library…all of those items have to be done and sometimes people just don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves. 

Start cleaning local houses

Housecleaning is a great way to earn some extra cash. In fact, with just a few clients, you can earn some big bucks! This is one of those jobs that you can do on the weekends or at night and really feel like you’re helping others, too.

Pro Tip: Make certain that you also contact local businesses to see if they need someone at night to come in and clean as well. This is often overlooked and can be an untapped market in your area. 

Grocery shop and deliver goods

Get their wants and needs for the grocery store and head to the aisles for them! And if you actually like shopping, it’s really not going to feel like that much of a chore! 

Plus, you can go ahead and always do you own grocery shopping really quickly and just kill two birds with one stone. 

make 1000 dollars in a month  freelance writing

Become a Freelance Writer

Content is king. Online businesses, blogs, and companies are always looking for great writers that can represent their brand in a positive manner. 

Depending on your level of experience, you can easily charge anywhere from $50-$150 per article. And people and companies will gladly pay that for great work. 

Manage Social Media Accounts

There has to be someone out there answering all those Facebook comments and private messages coming in! You might as well put yourself out there and get paid for it. 

From Facebook to Pinterest to even Instagram and Twitter, there are a lot of companies out there that need help in maintaining and growing their online presence. 

Paint pictures and sell them

Let your artistic ability shine bright! Being creative is something that not everyone has the ability to do so if you can paint or draw, put that content out there proudly! 

Buying prints at the store just isn’t the same as having a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork on the walls. 

Bake goods and list them for purchase

Everyone loves sweets! From birthday cakes to celebratory cupcakes to keto snacks, people will pay for someone else to make amazing looking treats! This is your chance to bake and have fun decorating! 

Just find out what the local bakeries or stores are charing in your area and then price your services accordingly. 

make 1000 dollars in a month tutoring

Tutor students online

Isn’t the Internet a beautiful thing? Even if you’re not a teacher, you can still tutor others online. This can be a foreign language, a topic of the arts, or even have to read or write accordingly. I did this while I was in college for a little side cash!

There are companies out there that you can actually hook up with and work with that will give you consistant students each month to really be able to supplement your income. Some people actually do this full time as well. 

Offer piano lessons

Don’t let the sounds of the piano go away. There are always young minds that want to learn how to play the piano and if you know how, you can offer lessons and teach them. 

Become a copywriter

Do you have a quick wit or a way with words that capture the eye? If so, being a copywriter can be a great option! Companies need people that can write in a short and concise way to get their messages out to the public easily. 

They can be funny, serious, to the point, or any other way that they want to happen. 

Cater birthday parties

More than likely, there’s probably a birthday party going on in your town every day of the week. This means that there are unlimited ways to make money by being able to cater to those parties. 

Cater in finger foods or sweets and have fun! Birthday parties are always a day filled with happiness! 

Manage a client’s Pinterest account

While this is similar to being a social media manager, this is more niche specific and deals with Pinterest only. This can mean a lot of different things but it means that you’ll be scheduling pins and possibly even designing them as well. 

For many businesses and blogs, traffic that comes from Pinterest is key to their growth and success. 

Organize and declutter homes

Use your OCD to make yourself some money! Some people want to have their homes clean and clear but just don’t have the gusto to do it themselves.

This is where you can come in and do it for them and showcase how they can keep it that way, too. 

Pro Tip: Or you can start a blog about home decor!

Offer workout classes on the weekends

Getting paid to stay fit and healthy? Count me in! Teaching yoga, offering a running or biking class, or just “pop-up” workout classes at that park are such a fun and fit way to earn that extra money. 

You can even offer individual classes as well for even more money. Just remember to wear your squat proof leggings!

Become a life coach

Having a positive outlook on life can really pay off. If you’re the type of person who is constantly cheering people on and giving them a boost when they’re done, this is a lot of what a life coach does. 

Some people crave that type of motivation and attention and will pay for that service every month. 

make 1000 dollars in a month sell websites

Create websites

Every company needs to have an online presence so that also means that they need to have an online website, too. If you know how to create, design, and update, this is a very big service that is ALWAYS in demand!

Sell old items online

While you might be tempted to go through your house and donate all your items, there are some that you might actually be able to sell for quick cash! 

Smaller items might not be worth all the hassle but if you have bigger ticket items, you can get some quick cash easily by listing and selling them online. 

Refurbish old items and resell them

It really is a skill to be able to look at someone’s trash and see it as something that you can save and refinish. But one thing is for certain – people love older items that have been given a new life! 

Babysit children or pets

No matter if you love children or pets (or both!), there are always people who are needing help with finding good care for their loved ones. This can be a service that you offer on the weekends or at night and your calendar is certainly going to fill up! 

make 1000 dollars in a month babysit

Start a laundry service

Do you actually like to wash and fold clothes? If so, you’re a minority for certain. People despise folding clothes and are willing to pay big money to have someone else do it.

Just set your clients up on a weekly schedule so that they’ll have their dirty laundry ready! 

Iron clothing

Speaking of laundry, another service that people really dislike doing is having to iron their own clothes. But the harsh reality is that suits and shirts are wrinkly! 

Just like the laundry service, pick up the clothes once per week and have them back nice and ironed! 

Offer accounting services from home

If you know your numbers and laws, why not help others with their accounting or bookkeeping needs? 

Write and sell a book

Anyone can publish and sell a book these days so it might as well be you! Just write it out, have it proofread and edited and get it out there to get it in front of the masses. 

Repair cars and sell them

Are you handy? Can you find out issues easily and fix them? If so, junk cars might not be a huge issue for you. With a few simple fixes you can fine tune cars and make a nice profit on them as well! 

Uber in your spare time

This is a simple job that you can easily start. Plus, you get to make your own schedule. Just make certain that you follow the rules and have fun transporting people to all the places that they need to go. 

Become a delivery driver for local restaurants

A lot of bigger cities offer this service now so why not get in early on it? People are constantly ordering food but not every restaurant has a delivery option. 

If you can partner up with delivery company, you can deliver all sorts of great tastes to hungry people. 

How to make an extra 1000 per month

Let me know what you think? Have you tried any of these ways to make extra income?

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