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The Best Kids Activity Blogs

If you are a mom, dad, parent or guardian to children, then you know that when kids are younger, their lives tend to revolve around activities.

The word “activities” can actually be pretty broad and mean a ton of different things, too.

Think big picture like crafts, outdoor fun, indoor creations, learning games, educational actions…basically anything that gets your child active and excited!

Luckily, in our day and age, the internet is PACKED full of awesome and amazing ideas.

The Best Kids Activity Blogs

With the simple click of a button, you can be searching through hundreds of kids activities with ease. But honestly…it can get overwhelming trying to find activities and sort and filter through them all. The choices seem truly never ending! Friends…you are in luck! I’ve compiled the best kids activity blogs for you so you don’t have to spend your time searching anymore!

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Okay, let’s continue…

List of Kids Activity Blogs

What is a kids activity blog?

A kids activity blog is where creativity meets imagination. It’s webpage after webpage of ideas, thoughts, exercises, and activities that you and your child can do together. Most times, it’s run by a parent who actually did these activities with their child. And to me, that’s huge!

Taking advice about great crafts and ideas from someone who has never really created any of them just doesn’t seem all that appealing. I want to be able to relate to the person behind the blog and know that if he/she created a Leaping Frog craft with success, then my child and I can as well. (because sometimes, kid’s crafting is hard!)

With a kids activity blog, you can be certain that there will be a ton of fun crafts, cooking ideas that are kid-friendly plus several education crafts for kids as well. In a nutshell…a kids activity blog is seriously packed full of a ton of fun and learning! (and some really, really great crafts and ideas for family bonding)

20 Kids Activity Blogs You Need to Know

In my opinion, here are some of the best activity blogs to follow!

fine motor skills for toddlers


Lindsay, the mom blogger behind “Every Day Above Dirt” shares fantastic articles and help about kids activities and sensory play. My favorite is her post on fine motor skills for toddlers, it has so many ideas!

growing hands on kids

Growing Hands-On Kids

Growing Hands-On Kids is a great kids activity blog because it provides ideas to create hands-on play. This blog focuses on six major components: Hands-On activities, Child Development, Occupational Therapy Tips, Special Needs, behavior processing and sensory processing. This blog is would be great for preschool and younger school-age children.

Ran by mom, Heather, she uses her career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant to create some amazing activities that are not only fun but helpful and educational for your child.  Her focus in on her family and finding ways to continue to help children throughout the world.

She also has some great free printables on her site as well!

red ted art

Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art is one of those great kids activity blogs that will just “wow” you from the second you see the page. Jam-packed is an understatement with all the fun resources that you’ll discover. There tend to be easy crafts for kids and adults as well as a lot of great seasonal activities as well. With all the varying crafts, any age can find something really cool and crafty to create here.

Maggie runs the blog, named after her son “Red Ted”. Her hope is to inspire families and individuals to get crafty and create. Plus, Red Ted Art gives her a great outlet as well for all her creative ideas! Full of fun and spunk, it’s obvious that she is passionate about super fun kids activities!

happy hooligans

Happy Hooligans

Let me just say…Happy Hooligans is a great kids activity blog to check out. Most crafts on the page are used with simple items that you can find around your home! Most crafts are created with preschool and toddlers in mind, but honestly, any child would love to do them!

Jackie is the inspiring creator behind Happy Hooligans and it’s obvious that she has a passion for creativity. Her mind has the ability to see an everyday object and somehow magically turn it into one of the cutest craft ideas…ever!

frugal fun

Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls

If you are looking for activities for your active kiddos, Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls is for you! Packed full of great activities that are creative and education – plus, there are a ton of great LEGO craft ideas as well! Great for all ages, but school-aged boys and girls will really love it.

The creative genius behind the site is Sarah, a homeschool mom of 4 boys. Her days are spent educating the minds of her children, while also creating amazing ideas and activities to share with you! Go, Momma, Go!

fireflies mudpies

Fireflies and Mud Pies

With a tagline of “Simple crafts and play for kids!”, you know that Fireflies and Mud Pies is going to be great. It’s no stretch to say that the seasonal crafts on this page are adorable. Suitable for all ages of children. (and if one craft gets a little too difficult, you’ll seriously love jumping in and helping!)

Ran by a dedicated mom named Melissa, her want is to show other parents out there that it’s possible to create amazing childhood memories even with the simplest things. While her site may look anything but “simple” (seriously, it’s beautiful!), her ability to showcase her love for crafting is obvious!

best ideas for kids

The Best Ideas For Kids

With a blog name like that, you know that The Best Ideas For Kids has to be good! The site focuses and crafts, activities and…SLIME! What kiddo doesn’t like slime? (and seriously…what adult doesn’t, either?!) Creative ideas for hours upon hours of creative play! All ages would do well with these crafts, but for the slime crafts make certain the kiddos are old enough to understand that the slime doesn’t belong on the ceiling, walls, floor or in their hair!

This creative momma discovered her passion for the blog during her maternity leave…and you can say the rest is history. If you are looking for some great every day or seasonal crafts, you won’t want to miss out on her great ideas!

growing curious minds

Growing Curious Minds

Growing Curious Minds is an amazing Montessori educational resource that promotes creative ways to teach your child to create and explore. The learning activities on this blog are mainly geared towards preschool and school-aged children but are so interesting that you could probably find a way to alter them a bit and make them work for varying ages. Several seasonal and education crafts are sprinkled throughout as well!

Anu is the brains behind the operation of Growing Curious Minds and her knowledge and passion are obvious. She knows her stuff! She spends her time finding ways to nurture a love of learning for her boys, and shares a lot of that knowledge and information with you!

mess for less

Mess for Less

Mess for Less has it all! Food fun, crafts, activities…you name it, it’s there! Think of it as a sort of one-stop shop for all your creative needs! There seems to be a wide variety of crafts and activity options for all varying ages, so just remember to supervise your kiddos when they are crafting just in case they come across something that they can’t do.

Vicky created Mess for Less because she was on the lookout for other moms like her. Ones that wanted to be able to create with their little ones and spend that quality time with them as well. (That could seriously be the new mom “motto”.) Rest easy knowing that whatever timeframe you have available during the day to spend on an activity with your child, you find great options at Mess for Less.

dollar cents

Dollar Store Crafts

Who doesn’t love the Dollar Store? Dollar Store Crafts certainly does and feels that craft time isn’t time that should break the bank. (Three cheers for her and her creativity on a budget!) Crafts for all ages are available and easy to do!

Founded by Heather, her ability to create amazing crafts with a little budget is truly inspiring to us all! How many times have you wanted to do a craft but the materials alone were astronomical? With Heather’s vision and ability to implement, that worry won’t even be an issue when creating anything from Dollar Store Crafts.

hands on as we grow

Hands On As We Grow

Hands On As We Grow is a great resource for hands-on activities and simple fun with your children. From preschool and toddler activities, to even sensory activities, it’s easy to see that this site knows what kids like to do! (There are even fun activities for their gross motor skills, too!)

Jamie started Hands On As We Grow in order to find activities that she could do and have fun with her three boys. Needless to say, she’s knocking it outta the park. Her ideas are fun, unique, original and appeal to a HUGE variety of parents.

hello wonderful

hello, Wonderful

The blog name is great, but what you find within the blog of hello, Wonderful is where the magic is. It just feels like a happy place once you enter the site. Bright colors, beautiful crafts, fun food ideas, and other educational activities for kids await! Preschoolers and toddlers will have a blast and school-aged children are certain to find things they love as well.

The goal of Agnes, the founder, was to create a site where moms could come and save themselves hours of time having to search around on the internet. It’s safe to say that Agnes’s vision came true perfectly with this beautiful and engaging blog!

creating creatives

Creating Creatives

Explore. Imagine. Create. Sounds like the perfect way to explain Creating Creatives. Full of amazing projects and great supply ideas, you’ll never ever have an excuse to not be creating in your house. Great projects for all varying ages of children.

Creating Creatives was created (whew, that’s a tongue twister!) by Shelly who lives to find ways to have outside the box creative play and activities. She’s inspired by her littles and from the look of all the kid’s activities on her site, she and her family are quite inventive as well!

teach investigate play

Teach. Investigate. Play.

Teach. Investigate. Play. is just like it sounds. Full of teaching, playing and investigating activities for kids. Playdough activities, educational activities, and some downright really cool activities that most moms would never have even thought of! Great for younger kids to get excited about learning and being active!

While I’m unable to give credit specifically to the mom or dad who runs this one, I’ll happily give a shout out to the way that the site is so easy to use and navigate. There were so many awesome creative ideas that it’s not going to be hard for parents to fall in love with this blog.

tinker lab


TinkerLab believes that everyone, no matter the age, can be creative. And this is why kids activity blogs rock. There are preschool options, toddler options, and even baby activities, too! Needing some new science activities, TinkerLab has you covered as well.

Rachel, the head “tinker”, has been creating her entire life. She is now generous enough that she is sharing all of her ideas throughout her creative life with each and every one of us. Can I just say, THANK YOU, to her and her creative mind!

lets explore

Let’s Explore

Let’s Explore has it all. Creative play, learning activities, reading and writing ideas…and the list goes on and on. Plus, there are even some fun cooking activities as well. Perfect for kids of all ages, but some adult supervision may be needed on certain activities.

Amy created Let’s Explore with the thought in mind that children need “oodles” of time to enjoy playing. Her mind is right in thinking this, and she does an amazing job at providing endless hours of activities to create that environment.

fun learning for kids

Fun Learning For Kids

If you are looking for super simple and fun educational activities, Fun Learning For Kids is the place to start. Packed with math activities, science activities, and even simple arts and crafts, you can easily plan out a week’s worth of great kids activities with little time. Most activities are for younger children.

Danielle does an amazing job at providing resources to help teach young children. As a former teacher, her knowledge and ideas for creating amazing kids activities are really, really good!

pink and green mama

Pink and Green Mama

Pink and Green Mama is all about creating, exploring and finding fun ways to keep your little ones active. Backyard fun, outdoor fun and even exciting ways to create are there to explore with your children. School-aged children will love this site!

MaryLea is a prior art teacher who really knows her stuff! She takes creative ideas and turns them into doable tasks! This blog is seriously every mom’s dream!

the crafty crow

The Crafty Crow

The Crafty Crow literally has activities and crafts for all ages. It’s a great blog to visit and visit, time and time again. In addition to great crafts, they also have a ton of other age-appropriate activities as well. It’s a kids activities blog that you seriously don’t want to miss.

Cassie created this genius blog in 2008 and has been rocking and rolling since. She does an amazing job at offering up some unique craft ideas that I’ve honestly not seen on other kids activity sites. If you want something “different”, The Crafty Crow has you covered.

inner child run

Inner Child Fun

Inner Child Fun loves anything and all thing creative. There are crafts and activities by season and holidays, and so much more! All ages will love the fun ideas and activities found here!

Created and ran by Valerie, she loves all things creative. The content that she finds, imagines and creates are her site are an amazing inspiration for us to strive to create ourselves!

nurture store


NurtureStore has over 800 different activities for children up to the age of 10. 800 different activities! That will keep you and your kids busy for YEARS!!! You will not want to miss these!

Creating by Cathy, her mind never rests! She is constantly updating her site with amazing ideas and activities and if you sign up for her weekly newsletter, she’ll even send some of them right to your inbox!

Lifestyle Mom Blogs

If you’re looking for a blog about all things motherhood, that includes kids activities too, MamaWonder has you covered!

In Conclusion

If you’ve been on the hunt for some of the best kids activities blogs there are, this list of 20 is full of some of the best ones that there are. Take the time to check them out, and have fun creating your activity calendar for the month for you and your little ones! There are so many great ideas and activities to try and so little time!

Let me know in the comments below what type of blog you want to start!

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