Top Jobs for Single Moms


As you all know, I spend the majority of my days talking about anything and everything blogging. And while that’s a huge passion of mine and how I earn a living for myself and our family, I also know that it’s not always that simple for others. 

I’m blessed to have a supportive husband and adorable children who find ways to help me balance out this crazy wonderful life, but I also know that not everyone in the world has the extra time and help. I get that, and I want to acknowledge that. 

single mom superhero

Single moms are out there every day, literally doing it all. I’m truly in awe of how they get everything done on a daily basis because their whole day revolves around putting others before themselves and being in charge of running the entire household. Then when you add on all the other parental duties that they’re doing on their own, I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree that single moms are superheroes. They just know how to get it done. 

The rise of the single mom has increased dramatically over the past years. From 9% in 1960 to 26% in 2014. For a child to have a stay at home mom and working father is the minority now from what it used to be.

Throughout my time on connecting with others online, I’ve met many wonderful moms who are balancing and juggling it all. Some are happy, some are looking for other ways to make money and some are just hoping to put their skills to good use to show their children that it can be done. I get that, I totally do. 

There’s one other huge factor about single moms that I love and adore – but I’ll get to that in a while. What I want to focus on now is how simple it can be to find stellar jobs for single moms. 

The days are gone where the parent at home has to leave the house to earn a living. It’s 100% possible to work from home(or pick up spare jobs here and there around your town) that don’t force you to be away from your children and your home for hours and hours on end. 

I truly believe that no matter what, we’re all a team in finding each other’s success so my want and hope for everyone who is reading this is that they know that there is a way to earn money easily without stressing themselves to a breaking point. 

single mom and daughter


First and foremost, I have to point out that this post is all about single moms but that doesn’t mean that some of these jobs that I’m going to discuss can’t work for others as well. 

In my mind, when it comes to finding jobs that are flexible and allow a bit of leeway, I immediately go to jobs that I can do online. It just makes sense. And the reason that it makes sense is that the Internet never sleeps. 

What this means for moms is that there is a very high probability that they can find a work from home job that can fit into their schedule. If the internet never sleeps, this means that there are hours in the day that work can be done. 

I’m not saying that all the available online jobs for moms are going to have stellar hours or even a consistent structure, but they will allow you to work on them in spurts to earn some extra money for yourself and your family. 

Don’t be afraid to go after jobs that you might not have as much experience! There are some things that you can be trained on as well that can be a great fit. 

strong single mom


This is the million-dollar question. (no pun intended) Single moms are resilient and strong, we already know that. Singe moms have an internal strength that they use daily to manage everything going on in their home life. But single moms also tend to struggle with the worry of being successful financially. 

Not only is this emotional and physical draining, but it can be just downright depressing as well. I hate the thought of anyone struggling on a monthly basis to pay their bills and this is why I’m so passionate about trying to help others find online work success. 

For a single mom to become financially stable, there is work that has to be done on her end. I always recommend that people find their strengths and then once they know them, look around and find work that can complement those strengths.

Single mom or not, it takes discipline from everyone to be financially successful.

Traits needed to work as a single mom are:

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • A can-do attitude
  • The drive to succeed

These are just a few of the things that have to come together to create the perfect blend of success. 


This is actually a common thought and question for all moms, not just single moms! Daycare is crazy-expensive. And while we all know that finding a great daycare or babysitter to care and love your children is worth its weight in gold, it still doesn’t make writing out that check every single month any easier! 

Just look at the costs of daycare below!

daycare costs

I often talk to moms who are working a job that barely covers the cost of what they spend on their weekly and monthly daycare. This doesn’t have to be the norm. There are ways that a single mom can work from home or find a job online and not have to worry about factoring in a daycare expense.

Searching online for jobs or even stepping outside of your comfort zones to find jobs for moms that are flexible and doable is really a thing! It’s not just “something” that you hear about on the news or as a rumor floating around the internet….it’s possible to be successful as a single mom! 


The outlook for single moms in the job market looks anything but dreary. In fact, when you stop and think about how powerful and strong single moms are, it just shows that they have what it takes to take charge and rock any type of job.

Whether that job is working from home or leaving the house and getting a job outside of the home, single moms prove every day that they’re amazing with their tenacity and skills. 

And truth be told, there are tons of amazing jobs for moms out there. Just to prove that I have proof, here are some that anyone can do. 

There are so many great online jobs for moms that you can easily do. And while you might be thinking that all of this sounds a little too good to be true, it’s a reality that can easily become yours if you’re willing to put in the work. 

Best Jobs for moms

While these job ideas are for stay at home moms, all of them are ones that you can do online, without ever having to leave your home. I’ve done some of these but have found the best results with creating courses and content for all of you. (I’m forever grateful!)

If you’re looking for some great online jobs for moms, here are some simple ideas that just might be perfect! 

start a blog

Starting your very own blog can be life-changing. What used to be looked at like a hobby is not a full-blown career for many. This isn’t to say that it won’t take a lot of work, but just like anything in life – if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll start to reap in some rewards.

My love of blogging and sharing my tips has afforded our family to live a life that we never thought possible. Just from the income that I’m generating from blogging, I was able to retire my husband at the age of 30 from the corporate world. Now, he’s my blogging buddy and joins me daily on this amazing adventure. We get to enjoy writing from home each and every day. 


Long gone are the days when people have to meet with their bookkeeper face to face. The internet has afforded everyone the ability to connect from anywhere and everywhere in the world. Just make certain that if you’re advertising bookkeeping services, that you have the knowledge and experience to do the job.

There’s nothing worse than a business or individual trusting someone to take over and run their books only to find out that person really doesn’t have all the experience needed or required. 

teach online jobs for single moms

Do you consider yourself an expert at something that other people would pay for? If so, you’re missing out on starting up your own course. This is just one of the ways that I’m able to do what I love doing every day and you should really consider it as well.

Many people also have a misconception about what an online course has to be about. While it’s true that there are a ton of great courses on how to start a blog or how to become a virtual assistant, you can branch out and do so many other course offerings instead.

Teaching customer service skills, motivation, becoming a business coach…all of those things are highly in demand and are easy to teach online! Think outside the box for skills that you can sell to others to help them succeed in their endeavors. 


Proofreading is still a thing! Even though we have all these fancy gizmos and gadgets, real people reading real words is still really needed. Computers tend to read items one way and are set to look for certain things like misspellings, but they fail to factor in the voice and “personal” aspect of articles.

Proofreaders can bring great value to a company or business quickly and easily because nothing will turn potential customers and readers away quicker than spelling mistakes that could have been avoided. 

Local proofreading might be a great way to find a gig, but don’t forget about seeing if anyone needs an online proofreader, too. 


Who doesn’t love Etsy? Millions of people order off Etsy every year so why shouldn’t those people be ordering some of your homemade printables? 

If you have an eye for design, consider creating printables, sell planners for moms, motivational quotes, homeschooling lessons, coloring pages, activities for kidscrafts…and the list goes on and on! If you can create a graphic or printable that looks great and is easy to do, people are willing to pay a price for this service. Your hobby can actually make you money

As you can see from this simple list of ideas, there are plenty of opportunities out there that are available. Keep in mind that the jobs for moms listed above are also ones that allow you to be flexible in your hours, too.

This means that you can not only earn money to support your family, but you can do it when you want to and on your schedule. How cool is that?!

Once you get a few sales or land a couple of clients, you’ll find yourself finding your footing and get more and more comfortable as well. Confidence will go a long way in becoming your very own boss. 

And if you combine some of these great jobs, you can even bank on the fact that you’re going to be able to earn $1000 per week

single mom two kids

What are the best jobs for stay at home moms?

Here’s the kicker…the best jobs for stay at home moms is the one that works best for you. This isn’t just a one-job fits all type of solution. No matter if you’re a single mom, stay at home mom, or both, you have to decide what is going to be the best job for you.

Ask yourself what you’re hoping to get out of a job and then make a decision if it’s worth it or not. Are you looking for a flexible job that means you can work from home? Then that’s the perfect work at home job scenario for you. 

Are you looking for a job that you can work late at night while the kids are sleeping? Find it and make it happen! If you have the skillsets then you have the power to make it. Plain and simple. 


If you’re looking for a job that you can easily do from home, being a single mom doesn’t have to limit that. In fact, your schedule can complement your work ethic 100%. 

Remember earlier when I said that there was a single factor that I love and respect about single moms? It’s their ability to make anything happen.

Single moms can get it done and do so with poise and tenacity. Being a single mom isn’t anything to hang your head about. What your “status” means to the world is that you’re strong enough to rock every day. You can easily handle what life throws at you, and you’re a success for your family. This is some of the best drives anyone can have and it can mold into the best efforts, too. 

My want for all the single moms out there is to find “their place” and to steer that ship. With so many available jobs for single moms, the sky is truly the limit of taking control and making it happen. 


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  • Thank you for this post, but as a single Mom with 2 kids and 2 jobs, this list you gave is not reality or possible. I recently just created my own website & I am trying to become a blogger and start my own YouTube channel to create passive income.

    There’s no way as a single Mom you can pay your bills as a new blogger, bookkeeper, VA or proofreader. I looked into ALL of those and you HAVE to have experience. And getting into blogging myself now, my goodness, the learning curve is steep and I’m intelligent. To make $ from a blog can take YEARS.

    To grow organic traffic, build your brand & audience, create products, affiliate marketing, etc… There’s no way a single mother can survive with any of these online jobs, unless they are years deep in experience!! Please keep the information correct and real!

    It makes me so mad to see these kind of posts that are so far from the truth!!! Thank you.