How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Blog Traffic

How to use Social Media to grow your Blog Traffic

Use Social Media to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Here are quick and easy tips on how to grow your blog traffic using social media. It’s part of the Step by Step Blogging Roadmap to Success.




Social Media Sharing and Follow Buttons

  • Make sure you have social media sharing and follow buttons clearly visible on your blog. And make sure they are connected correctly, test them! I have stumbled upon many blogs with social media buttons redirecting to an error page.


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Want traffic to your blog? Be a friend.


  • Find Facebook groups in your niche. This is where you will meet fellow bloggers who can help you grow. Connect with them, share their posts and comment on their blogs.
  • These relationships will boost your blog traffic in the long run as you can pair up with other bloggers to co-write a post, share each others content, and exchange best practices.
  • Comment as your Facebook Page for your blog on shared posts by your role model bloggers. Leave insightful and enticing comments. Their readers will see your comment and click through to your Facebook Page.
  • Ask people to like you. When you are first starting out, your Facebook page will have 2 likes, you and your significant other. Ask your family and friends to like your page. It will get the ball rolling and give you a little confidence boost.
  • Pay for Facebook Ads. Facebook wants to make money too, and they will reward you for investing in them. Run a Facebook ad on a fantastic article you published or to promote your blog. Make sure you have a good image, a title that peaks the viewers curiosity, and an enticing offer in the description.



  • Follow medium to high users that are in your niche. If they are following a lot of people, chances are they will follow you back.
  • Don’t go on a follow frenzy and follow anyone and everyone, this will just clutter your Twitter feed and not provide you with meaningful followers in return.
  • Compliment and promote other bloggers by retweeting their tweets or by tweeting how much you liked their recent post. Include the link and a fun, genuine, kind compliment. Often they will retweet it to their followers. This allows you to appear on their Twitter feed. Fantastic!


Google Plus

  • Setup your Google Plus profile and post to it regularly.
  • Join communities in your niche and network with the fellow bloggers.
  • Share their content and +1 their posts. When sharing their posts add the + symbol in front of their user name to alert them of the share.



  • Make sure your blog has beautiful pinnable images. Check out the right sized images on each social media platform.
  • Upgrade your Pinterest account to a business account (it’s free) to be able to see all your analytics
  • Create group boards for those bloggers in your niche and get them engaged
  • Join other group boards and pin regularly, but do not spam
  • Have a theme to your Pinterest boards to make sure they look beautiful by choosing good cover images



  • Leave insightful and helpful answers on question and answer sites like Quora. Your brand will be established on a larger site and the right type of visitors will come to your blog.
  • Quora is also a great place to do research for future blog posts. Just read what those in your niche are struggling with. It’s a goldmine for finding what your audience needs!



  • StumbleUpon is a social media platform that allows you to quickly view sites that you are interested in.
  • If your post goes viral on StumbleUpon it can bring a huge flood of traffic to your site.
  • Find out more about StumbleUpon and how to quickly add pages to it!


Need more ideas on how to get traffic to your blog?

Or need inspiration to find awesome time-saving blog post ideas?

If you’re still wondering if blogging is right for you, you can start here.


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