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How to Transfer your Blog from to

3 Easy Steps to transfer your blog from to

3 Easy Steps to Transfer Your Blog from to


I’m so happy you want to transfer your blog to and start on the path to making money.

It will first be coffee money, then Target money, then mortgage money! And hopefully, one day your hubby can quit his job and ya’ll can work at home together! 🙂 That’s the dream right?

Here are the simple steps to transferring your blog from to I’ll keep it short and simple, I know you have kids yelling in the background and a baby who is about to wake up (because I do!).

Step 1:

Start your blog here if you haven’t yet.

Step 2:

Log into your old blog at Export your files. See the image below. This works on as well.

Export Files

Step 3: 

Your export file will have a .xml extension.

Step 2 Exported File

Step 4:

Log into your NEW blog and import your file. See the image below.

  • Remember to check the box to import your attachments and images

Step 3 Import File to New Blog

Voila! You’re all done! Now you just have to customize and make your site pretty! 🙂

Helpful Tip: On your old site, change your front page to have a big link to your new site so readers are quickly redirected to your new, pretty blog! Or if you want to redirect the old site to the new site, you can do it here. Congrats!!

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  • This is EXACTLY what I needed!!! I have had a for years and am acutually going to start my blog. Wanted to convert but didn’t have a clue about how to do it!

  • Good afternoon Suzi,

    I am still in the early stage of setting up my blog, but I am under Bluehost therefore with Do I have to switch to SiteGround to change to Thanks

  • Hi Suzi,
    I just signed up through one of your Bluehost links. Does that mean I cannot monetize my site unless I also pay to sign up through Siteground? Thanks.

  • Hi Suzi! This may be a silly question but how do I know if I am using or .org? I used your link to set up my account from SiteGround and went from there. I am not tech savvy AT ALL so I’m not sure which one I set up. Thank you so much for all of your help, you are such an inspiration!

  • Hi Suzie, Reading this post made me wonder if I have .org or .com site. I have signed up with Siteground about 9 months ago and just posted my first post over the weekend. But now Im not sure if I should transfere it or not. how do I know if by blog is with .org or .com
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  • Hi Suzi!
    Would you suggest just switching over before even starting if that is an option? I’m currently setting up my own Mom Blog. I was working with the theme, I haven’t even finished setting it up all the way or posted my first post. I have everything ready to do it though. I originally wanted to use .org and just couldn’t figure it out from the BlueHost site. I didn’t know if it would be easiest now when I have nobody following my blog yet 😉 Thank you for your help, love your blog! 🙂

    • Melanie, definitely yes! Get the foundation ready do that when you start getting traffic you don’t have to worry about it! 🙂 you’re going to love SiteGround! Thank you for the sweet comment!

  • Why switch from .com to .org? What are the benefits? As my mom blog is fairly new, I am still learning the ins and outs of the process.