How to start a grandma blog - how to blog for grandparents

How to Start a Grandma Blog

Are you a grandma or grandparent who is thinking about starting a blog? You have years of knowledge! Would you like to share your advice and experience with others? There is so much you can help the world with through your blog.

I’m a millennial mom of three little ones and I started blogging because I wanted to reach more people without leaving my house. It’s a bit of a circus when I go out alone with all three of my kids. So I’d much rather prefer to help others from the comfort of my own home. And I bet you’d like that too?

Grandma Blog: Why It’s So Important to Start Your Blog as a Grandparent

Starting a blog as a grandma or grandparent enables you to share your years of knowledge and pass it along to the next generation. And instead of just reaching your family, you can reach a young mom on the other side of the world. Or you can help those that are just now entering the grandparent phase and help them embrace this new stage of life.

This may be secretly why I wrote this post. Because I miss my grandma dearly – and I would have loved to visit her blog and read it to my little ones now. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Grandma Blog

  1. You have years of knowledge to share with others.
  2. You can reach and help others all around the world.
  3. You can leave a legacy and wealth of knowledge online.
  4. You can make extra money to pay for all those cute outfits for your grand kids.
  5. You can start a blog in a day. The technology is easier than ever.

Families are busier than ever today, and using technology to stay connected is standard. Every day more research is being done to further help connect grandparents with their grandchildren through technology.  I highly encourage grandparents to learn the basics of blogging and connecting online with their families.

I absolutely love Facebook messaging with my grandma in law. She’s 90 years old but as smart as a wiz and her advice is golden!

How to start a grandma blog

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How to Start a Blog as a Grandma or Grandparent

Starting a blog is not scary. Technology is simpler than ever and you can easily get your blog up in minutes.

Choose What You Want to Blog About

What topic can you talk about for hours? Is it passing along advice to younger moms on parenting? Or maybe how to cook easily family meals on a budget. Do you have life lessons you can share to help others who are going through a difficult marriage or has a special needs child?

Think of where your advice and expertise can help the most. This will also help you determine what audience your blog will help.

If choosing just one topic to blog about sounds difficult, remember, you can always start broad and refine over time. As long as your categories on your blog are loosely related, you can build a very successful blog.

Pick a Simple and Easy to Remember Blog Name

Many new bloggers get stuck on this step. Don’t make it harder than it is. Pick a simple and easy to spell blog name, and go with it.

Examples of great grandparent blog names include:


The last one is definitely my favorite!

Start Your Blog with a Reliable and Safe Host

You’ll need a few things to be able to start a blog. I’ll explain them at a high lever below.

To start a blog you’ll need:

  1. A Reliable Host
    1. This is where your blog files are stored on the internet. Your host loads all of your files onto their servers to make sure your blog never goes down. You own all of your blog files, but your host allows you to put them on the internet instead of just having them on your computer.
    2. Cost: $5/month
  2. A Blogging Platform
    1. More than 50% of the internet runs on WordPress. It’s the go to blogging platform for serious bloggers. Your blogging platform is all the fancy code that builds the backend of your blog. Don’t worry, you won’t need to know how to code!
    2. Cost: Free – included in your hosting package above.
  3. A Theme
    1. There are many powerful and free blog themes you can get directly on WordPress. A blog theme is the basic look of the blog on the internet. It’s the top menu bar, the sidebar and the footer.
    2. Cost: Free or Paid Options

Other items you may consider adding to your blog later. You can save this post so you can refer back to it once you’re ready to add more to your blog.

  1. A Professional Theme
    1. I use Divi
    2. $89 per year
  2. A Page Builder
    1. I use Elementor or Brizy
    2. Cost: Free or Paid Options
  3. Plugins
    1. Yoast
  4. Email Marketing Service
    1. I use MailerLite or Convertkit
    2. Cost: Free or Paid Options
  5. Shopping Cart
    1. I use Teachable or Woocommerce or ThriveCart
    2. Cost: Free or Paid Options

Start Your Grandma Blog with WordPress

Use this post to follow step by step how to start your blog today.

For under $100 you can start a blog and get your message to everyone on the entire internet! That’s just phenomenal!

In the Blog by Number course I walk step by step how to setup every element of your blog. From your theme, to page builder, to images, to sharing on social media. It’s all covered in detail in Blog by Number. I would take me 50,000 words to explain it all in this post!

To setup WordPress on your blog, please see this tutorial for Step 5: Install WordPress. 

Before this post turns into a library of information, I want to share Teresa’s story with you below. She is a grandma blogger at A few weeks ago she was so kind to have a chat with me and allow me to interview her. Below is her success story as a grandma blogger.

nanahood disney

Personal Interview with a Grandma Blogger

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m Teresa Bell Kindred. I’m a Nana Blogger at NanaHood is also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I’ve been married 38 years to Bill. We have 5 adult children (including a set of identical twins who came along when I was 36 and thought I was finished with babies….but I’m glad I wasn’t). We have 6 grandchildren and a whole passel of pets. I’m from Kentucky and we live on a big farm that belonged to my parents. I’m a former teacher with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. I love writing, reading and playing with the grands!

2. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging almost ten years ago. Time flies when you are having fun and it’s been a joy.

3. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because a magazine column I was writing at the time was canceled. I needed an outlet for my writing and decided to start a blog.

4. How often do you write new blog posts?

I post a minimum of 3 times a week.

5. How do you get traffic to your blog?

I use social media to drive traffic to my blog.

Note from Suzi: Pinterest is a great way to get traffic to a new blog!

6. What has worked for you over the years?

Hmmmm. What has worked for me….I guess persistence. I am like a dog with a bone. I will not give up!

7. Do you make money with your blog?

Yes, I make money but not a lot. However, the perks have been great. When I do product reviews I get to keep the products. Over the years I’ve gotten some really cool things!!! I have a brand new car seat in my car that I use to haul grandchildren that I just received a few weeks ago for a review. It’s super nice!

8. What has your blog enabled for you?

My blog has enabled me to go to Disney the last 3 years and take 3 of my children and 3 of my grandchildren and my husband.

I was chosen as a Disney Social Media Mom and I got to attend the conference (not free but at a big discount). The last two years we spent 2 or 3 days at Disney and then a 3 day cruise. There is no way I could have afforded that and they invited me because of NanaHood. I’ve written lots of posts about my Disney trips. I hope you will check them out on NanaHood.

9. Why is blogging a good idea for grandmothers?

Blogging is a good idea for any grandmother who loves to write and has the patience to learn how to blog. It’s fun and you meet some great people via your blog and social media accounts. I would like to encourage anyone who thinks they might enjoy it to give it a go.

10. Words of wisdom to new moms 🙂

Words of Wisdom to new moms. RELAX and ENJOY! I raised 5 and I was way too intense most of the time. Our list of things we have to do never ends and is always there. Keep your faith, family and friends as your priorities and evaluate yourself daily on how many things you are doing that aren’t connected to your priorities. Get rid of things in your life that are taking you away from them. Being busy isn’t nearly as important as enjoying life.

Blogs are fun, but they are also a LOT of work. Keep your priorities straight and take life one day at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Your blog will be there tomorrow (and so will the dirty laundry) Your kids will grow up in the blink of an eye….I promise cause mine did. Now I’m on the second half of the motherhood journey, NanaHood and it is so much fun!

I’m so thankful to share Teresa’s encouraging words. You can find her at and on PinterestTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

More Wonderful Grandma Blogs

How to Start a Blog as a Grandma

Please let me know in the comments below why you’re thinking about starting a grandparent blog and how I can help you! I’m glad you’re here.

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    Thank you for your encouraging us Grandparents into blogging. I am new to blogging, only about a year now. You are the first blogger I started following and appreciate all the help you provide. As a grandmother of 10, mother of 4, and wife of 37 years it seems I should share with others also. It is my aim to help all ages recognize and enjoy the beauty of the ordinary everyday. Those momentous ordinary moments can be found in our memories contrived through recipes, scrapbooking, or other sensory stimulating triggers.

    Thank you again for all your help. Whether it’s your Emails, webinars, or Facebook lives you have been a constant in my climb toward a successful blog.

  • Hi Suzi, I love this post and the timing is perfect! I just launched my blog yesterday!!! I’m a grandmom of two and totally enjoy it. My passion has always been creating and especially quilting which is what my blog is about. Today was all about getting Instagram set up, so I’m in the very early stages. I saw your Convertkit webinar and that was the solution I needed. I signed up with them and am on my way. Thank you for all your suggestions and inspiration, it means so much to have a positive, reassuring voice when it all seems a bit overwhelming. I would absolutely encourage seniors to blog. Each of us has such unique perspectives and experiences. That is very valuable to others, especially to younger folks. Thanks again for all you do!
    PS – if you should start a ‘grand’ group on social media, let me know b/c I’ll be there! LOL

  • I have been dancing around starting a blog and got bogged down in the theme. I had such a hard time figuring out Divi. I eventually let the idea die down, but it’s not out of me yet. I really love the freedom that would come with having my blog. I’m an empty nester. No grandkids yet, but hopefully very soon. I let the techy stuff weigh me down. I really need some hand holding by a pro but can’t spend the money. This post has inspired me.

  • Hi Suzi

    I’m not a Grandma but I’m an older Mum at 53 with an 18-year-old who’s about to leave home. I think there are a lot of women my age who suddenly realise they’re about to get their freedom back. Yes, it’s tearful seeing your wonderful child leaving the nest BUT it does mean you’ve succeeded as a parent. Big clap on the back… I see blogging as a chance to earn a living and start exploring the World again. I don’t need to be in one place to look after my son so why would I want to be tied to an employer?
    I’m determined to make a success of my blog so I can live fully. I see at as active working early retirement.

  • Gotta Love It! Grandmas Blogging is such a fun, exciting thing!

    Yeah, technology has a hold on me, too. I have blogs, sites, grandchildren and sites about both and then some. If I had time and money to focus on all of the ideas I come up with (and actually do what you say Suzi) then I would make more than enough than to just try again next month. But like my mom said – ‘Some is better than none!’

    Four toddlers call me Abuela and are the ones who help make time management seem questionable. Of course, I have to work on that not trying to be everything to everybody thing and focus on one thing (blog/site/worrying/wife/mother/grandma/every other title) at a time. Advice please…Thank you! (It’s not like I don’t keep A LOT of tabs with ‘m’ on them up in every window LOL I read them over and over again hoping that one day I’ll finally get/do it right! 🙂 )

  • Hi Suzi! I have all of your courses!! I have been trying to decide what to blog about!! I watched your time management video last night, and put a post-it related to researching Mommy groups to learn what mom’s need, and how I could help. I became an instant mother and wife at a young age when I married a widower with two children. I raised them (and was a surrogate mom to their friends) and we had three more children who are all in college and/or graduate school now. I am a Grandma who wears five inch designer shoes. I raised two generations of children. I learned what to do, and what not to do with my oldest children and raised my younger children with that knowledge. I absolutely adore children, teens and LOVE high school and college age kids. I would love to support and empower them. I would love your suggestions as it relates to blog topics. I am taking Niche by Number now, and really want to support parents and their children. I am a life coach, hypnotherapist, and writer. I am also creating a meditation that puts children to sleep within minutes. YAY! How can I help you? Do you have suggestions of Facebook groups I should join? I am very grateful for all of your courses, and appreciate you beyond words!! I really want to start blogging!! However, I am struggling with the time management and a topic! (My 15 minute post-it just turned into a 30 minute post-it!) Yikes! LOL! Thank you!

  • I’ve been blogging off and on for about 20 years (my first “blog” was just an HTML website that I updated whenever I wrote something). It had always been a creative outlet to help other moms, until a few years ago.

    I decided to get serious about earning money with my homeschool blog and started focusing on it. My youngest was in high school and self-studying most of the time, so I seized the opportunity.

    And then my husband got sick.

    As I maneuvered my way through being an advocate, I realized just how many other homeschool moms out there were approaching the same place I’m at: I needed a job, but couldn’t leave my husband. I knew I could help them work from home.

    So, I started my “Grandma blog” with that in mind. I also started being a virtual assistant and LOVE doing that! My VA work has been a blessing as far as income, but now that things are starting to settle down in my life again I’m digging back into my blog. (Youngest child has graduated, so I’m a “retired” homeschool mom.)

    I’m a HUGE fan of your “by Number” courses and own most of them. I’ve also invested in other courses, but I must say yours are my favorites.

    Keep up the great work, Suzi!

  • I am so glad to read about all of these terrific Nanas. I too am a Nana of 1. I started my blog about a year ago on gardening. It’s my passion and the best part is my 2-year-old granddaughter asks me each time she sees me if she can go out and check on the garden even now in November. She has helped me plant seeds and loved tending to our vegetable gardens. She loves her pumpkins that we grew. I started a blog because I love gardening and writing, just not as much as my sweet granddaughter!

  • Oh yes, Grandmothers (and Grandfathers!) should start blogging! So much information is lost when a generation passes and I love that there is now a way to save it. I’m 50 and no grandkids, but 2 grown children and lots of nieces and nephews who call me and ask how to do something. That’s why I write about homemaking and simple living. I’m passing on those old favorite family recipes, what I’ve learned and am still learning about natural remedies, and little life hacks that make life easier.

    It’s also a great way to stay mentally sharp and learn the technology for job skills – just in case. 🙂

  • So glad to read such inspirational posts. Gives me hope since I am just getting started but will get my thoughts out there as well. We all have a great deal of wisdom and hind sight to share with others.
    Thanks and looking forward to my journey.

  • Hi Suzi! I’m doing a “Nana blog” that I just launched in September – thanks to you! I have 6 grown children and 14 “Littles” (that’s what I call my grandchildren). My husband encouraged me to start this blog to leave a legacy for them and to share my years of experience with others. I’m a young Nana (just turned 53), and I love to tackle technology, so it seemed natural for me. I have so many people ask me about all the adventures I have with my Littles and how I do it all. So that’s what I share. It’s been quite the adventure starting this blog!! Thanks for making my journey, not only possible, but easier. You’re amazing!!

  • I’m nana to 6 (#7 on the way!) and just started a blog to go with a shop where I sell printable art. Thanks for the encouragement! I love to write but need a jump start as I’ve only written a few posts so far. I’m in awe of Grandma Blogger as she writes 3 posts per week! Wow. I am a Christian and write stories from my life raising three children and draw spiritual insights from those experiences.

  • I love this! I am new to blogging and also had a little one after I thought I was finished. My oldest daughter is 25 and expecting my 2nd grandchild, my oldest son is 21 and married less than six months, my youngest daughter is a freshman in college and still living at home and my youngest son is 10 – his oldest sister is one of his teachers! I love to encourage moms who find themselves “starting over” when they think they are done.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I am the mom of 10 (only 6 are still at home) with 12 grandchildren. My youngest at home is 10 and our oldest is 34. I have been blogging since 2009 as a creative outlet and to help younger women. It is a great way to reach others!

  • It’s nice to see grans are getting acknowledged as still having something to offer. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 10 yrs but only recently switched to blogging about 4 months ago.

    Being a web designer meant word press wasn’t a hassle but Pinterest has been a challenge …

    Just for the record I’m 70 have 4 grown children, 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren, so that’s just a few years to be able to draw on ?

      • Thank you Cathy for the nice compliment, I get teased a lot here in Australia and told it must be down to my English genes, but I am finding since I started my keto diet 11 months ago and now my blog it has been a huge help. Especially the weight loss and no more osteo-arthritis Yay!!!

        • Wow… you are a busy lady. Do you write about your keto diet? Are you strict with it? I find it hard and am worried about a non-alcoholic fatty liver. Good to Know it is working for your arthritis. I’ve heard that before. All the best