How to Retire Your Husband at 30

December 9th 2018….

1,056 days ago I launched this little blog with a huge goal. It was a goal I knew would take a lot of work to accomplish; early mornings, late nights, and weekends.

This unwavering goal kept me motivated to work hard on my blog even when I became pregnant for a third time and my energy was drained. With this one singular focused goal, I remained committed to serving my readers with the best possible content I could create.

It’s been 1,056 days since I’ve launched this blog. And tomorrow will be the day that I hit my ultimate blogging goal.

My husband will retire from his corporate job and come home.

Why Did I Want to Retire My Husband So Early

If you’re interested, here is a bit of our backstory before I get into the tips of how I retired my husband so early….

John and I met while both studying to become Industrial Engineers. We spent our days studying in the library and coding computer programs until 4:00 AM.

We were always working on projects together and nerding out over Chick Fil A lunches.

He’s not only the guy I absolutely adore, he’s also my best friend, my muse and my motivator. Once we graduated, we both joined the OMLP program at GE Healthcare.

Again, we were working side by side optimizing processes on the manufacturing floor. A few short years later, John received an offer at a great company close to home. I remained with GE Healthcare as a remote worker and was able to move with John to Florida.

I cried the day he left GE. It mean’t we were no longer working side by side. He would leave for 10+ hours a day and I’d only see him for a few minutes in the morning and then again at night. I missed him dreadfully.

Then our family grew. We became pregnant with our first sweet little girl. After returning to my remote job post maternity leave, I missed my little princess so much, I quit to become a stay at home mom.

Now princess and I were home all day, which was lovely, but I missed John. And going from a high energy corporate job to becoming a stay at home mom was a jolt for me. I craved the challenge and mental stimulation of having a career.

I turned to multiple different work from home methods. Trading stocks, direct sales, and blogging. The last one stuck.

After a few months I was making money with my blog and getting good traffic.

My friends started to ask me what I was doing and how they could do it too. So I started teaching them.

They started making money too! By gollly, this was working!

A few months later, I launched this blog to help other moms build successful blogs too. My confidence came back as I helped more and more moms start their blogs.

And now, almost three years later, I have 40,205 students in my courses. I am beyond blessed to have reached these goals.

I hoped I would hit my goal sometime, I saw other women do it, but I had no idea it would happen so quickly.

Tomorrow my husband will put in his two week’s notice. He’ll come home and blog alongside me. He’s my main supporter and helps me with the finances and research behind my blog. But he also has his own blog he’ll run.

After being apart for five years, he’ll come back and we’ll work together again.

This won’t be your typical retirement of sitting on a beach and drinking mojitos. We’ll be working harder than ever to grow our businesses and be full time parents to our three beautiful little kids.

You can expect HUGE things to come! For the first time since launching this blog, I’ll have a consistent schedule. As two Industrial Engineers, we look forward to standardizing our days so that we’re maximizing our parenting and working time.

We’ll have morning coffee and be able to take the kids to the park together. John won’t sit in rush hour traffic or commute for two hours each day.

We’ll be able to live in “off peak” hours and take a long weekend anytime. We may end up working more, but we’ll be working when we want, on what we want and where we want. And our children will grow up with their dad home. He’ll be at every school event and every sports practice.

We’ll be truly living our dream.

Here is our Live announcement sharing our amazing news.

Tips to Retire Your Husband early

Of course this dream is not for everyone. We all have different goals and my goals may not be exactly what yours are.

I know many dear blogging friends who run super successful blogs who do not want their husbands to retire. Their husbands enjoy their jobs and that dynamic works for them.

Blogging and building a business online enables you to achieve any goal you desire. Pay off your mortgage. Donate to charity. Help others. Retire your husband. Go on vacations. Life debt free.

Have a Big Goal

My advice for you is to have a big goal as you start your blog. Let it be your motivation during the difficult days of growing an online business. Your goal may not be the same as mine, and it doesn’t have to be.

But your goal will help you reach success, so write it down and let it drive you.


Have a Plan

If you want to grow your blog into a success, you’ll need to follow a plan. And work on it daily.

Your blog won’t magically make $10,000 per month if you only work on it for a few hours per week. This is going to hard work. You’ll need a step by step plan to follow so you stay focused.

Not every blog post will get lots of traffic. Not everything you do on your blog will make it grow.

But each piece of content you create becomes a little brick in the foundation of your blog. And the more you create, the better you’ll become, and the more you’ll grow.

It’s Going to Be Hard Work

It took me over 1,000 days of consistently working my tushy off to grow a blog into a business we can retire to.

It may take you more or less time. But it won’t be overnight, to this will require a lot of work on your part. I always compare blogging to working out. You won’t see results immediately when you join the gym.

You’ll have to workout consistently, choose healthy meals the majority of the time and stay focused. And only after months and months of doing this, will you start to see results.

Yes, it is hard work. But oh by golly, it is worth it. In three short years I’ve been able to pay off our mortgage and retire my husband. The hard work is totally worth it.

Find a Shortcut

Blogging takes work and will require dedication to turn into a full time business. Why not find a shortcut and learn from someone who has already achieved what you’re trying to reach?

I pump all of my best tips and tricks into my signature Blog by Number course. I also update it frequently to help my students reach success.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, or you’re stuck, the Blog by Number course is your step by step plan to a successful blog.


If you want to retire your husband, you’ll have to make sure you’re financially stable to do it. This can look different for everyone. 

If you have thousands in student loan debt, extra credit card debt, a high mortgage and low savings account, you’ll need to take care of those issues first before retiring your husband. 

For quick back of the napkin math, if you want to retire your husband, you’ll need to:

  • have no debt
  • have 3-6 months of monthly living expenses saved up
  • have a blog that is making more than your monthly living expenses

Please know that I am not your financial advisor. Please do your due diligence before quitting your job. 

I am here to help you build a successful blog though 🙂

Do You Want to Retire Your Husband?

If your blog was supporting your family and you could live the life you want, what would your typical day be like?

Would you want your husband to retire his job? Would you travel full time? Would you downsize, upgrade or move?

I’d love to hear your stories below, please share them in the comments!

Update – Our First Week

Want to know how our first week went? Here’s a recap of the systems and tips we use to declutter and simplify our lives as now two work from home parents to small kids!

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