9 Reals Ways to Make Money Without A Job

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself how to make money without a job? Sounds a bit “out there”, right? But more than likely, your brain started rolling down the tracks about if it truly was possible to do. Can someone generate an income without even actually having a job? 

My answer to this is “yes” but in all reality, it’s really not quite as simple as that. I say this because the term “job” can be loosely in this content. Some people might not consider what they’re doing an actual job while others would disagree. I’m the type of personality that I feel if I’m doing something consistently enough, it suddenly turns itself into a job almost overnight. But not everyone else tends to think that way. 

People might be scratching their heads reading this and asking what’s the point in even trying to figure out how to make money without a job. But I see things a little bit differently than most. I see opportunities where others see black and white and for this, I think that you legitimately can make money without labeling it as a job. 

When I first started out doing the blogging thing and dabbling in it, I honestly never knew that it was going to turn into what it did. Never in a million years did I imagine that I’d be teaching others and be able to spend all my time with my husband, doing what I love day in and day out. I can assure you that blogging to me never felt like a “job” but truly was more of a hobby in my book. 

After reading this post, I hope that you understand how you can make money easily without having a job. At the end of the post, I’ll share with you my absolute favorite way to earn money without having to clock in and out of a job or office setting. (Trust me, it’s a good one!) 

But before that, let’s dive in and talk a bit more about options to earn money when you aren’t technically “working” anywhere. 

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How can I earn money without working?

Before anything else, let’s just all understand and agree that you can’t just sit at home and do nothing and expect the money to start rolling in. Things like that only happen in the movies, on sitcoms, or if you’re lucky enough to win the lottery or something awesome like that. 

In the real world, earning any type of money will require a little bit of time and effort to have it pay off. It’s up to you to decide how much of that you want to invest in trying to earn money creatively but I can assure you one thing. As cliche as it sounds, if you find something that you enjoy doing, it never really will feel like work. (Ah! I totally sounded like my mom there…) Even though it pains me to say it, it’s the absolute truth.

If you’re serious about buckling down and earning money without working, the list below of ideas can help you accomplish just that.

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How can I earn money from home?

It’s important to appreciate your wants and needs when it comes to earning money. Are you trying to establish your own business or start a unique career or are you looking for a way to earn a few bucks to just pay the bills and scrape by? While it might seem harsh to word it that way, it’s important to understand the difference in order to help you move forward in deciding your next step. 

If your idea of not having a job is sitting at home and doing nothing, I hate to be the one to break this to you…but even doing light tasks here and there from home to earn some income requires time and effort. (I’m also a firm believer in the harder that you work, the more rewards that you’ll be given)

The positive outlook of this is that if you want to earn money from home, you can. The world that we live in is amazing and makes it possible and simple to do. 

The difficult part is weeding out all the options that you’ll face to try to find something that fits within your needs and skillsets. Don’t worry, I’ve got some great ideas on how you can earn money from home without really having to label your actions as a “job”. 

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How do I live without a job?

Interesting thought and question, but again, this is doable. As long as you understand your needs and decipher between your expenses and your income, you can find a way to provide for yourself and your family without actually have a “job”. (again, I use this in quotations because some of the ideas I’ll be mentioning below aren’t your traditional types of jobs that other people tend to do)

My other thought is that if you’re wanting to make certain that you stay in the positive for your cash flow situation, always diversify your income and what you’re dabbling in. The more hobbies turned income that you can do, the more cash flow that you’re going to continuously have. 

Are you excited about the thought of branching out a bit on your own and testing the waters? If so, you’re going to want to try out some of these great ideas! 

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How to Make Money Without A Job

Whether you turn these ideas into your full-time income or branch out and do a bunch of them at once to earn a paycheck or living, the choice and options are totally up to you! 

My want for you is to find your passions and your happiness and be successful in whatever you want to do in life. 

  • Become a blogger

Maybe I’m a broken record with this type of gig, but I can’ express to you enough how starting a blog can change your entire life. Blogging can turn into a full-time job but in the beginning, it’s not looked at that way. The ways to earn money as a blogger vary from affiliate marketing to sponsorships and if you get enough traffic, you can even add in some advertising revenue as well. I know that this method can work because I’ve earned over $20,000 in one month from my blog

  • Create a course

Knowledge is power. If you have knowledge that you can share with others and they can use that knowledge to enhance their lives, people are willing to pay for it. This is huge. The great part about creating a course and selling it is that it’s passive income after that. 

What that means is that you can literally earn money while you’re sleeping (or eating or vacationing) because your course will continue to sell itself. Minimal work on your part can turn into major rewards. 

  • Take surveys online

This isn’t going to make you rich, but taking surveys online can put some extra cash in your pocket or score you some pretty cool freebies as well. If you have the time and are looking for ways to make money, taking surveys just might be the perfect answer for you and your schedule.

  • Invent something and sell it

Do you find that you’re always looking at creating or wanting to invent something new? If so, capitalize on it. If you have a great idea, you might be able to sell that idea to someone who will pay money for it and give you a nice chunk of change, too. 

  • Create a workout video and upload it online

Wait, what? You can make money off videos? Of course! If you’re really into fitness, you’ll find that people are willing to pay a small fee to be a part of a group online. It’s about being included and having that accountability that people crave. 

This then gives you the option to workout, record your workouts, and get paid to stay in shape as well. 

This mom makes over $20K per month with her fitness blog!

  • House sit for your neighbors

Did you know that people are nervous about leaving their homes and are actually looking for people to house sit and keep an eye on their place? This is not only a cool way to stay somewhere new but it’s also a way to earn some money as well. 

And if you get really good at it, you can even offer to do this for people in other states and countries as well. It sounds like a great way to earn some extra cash and see some new sights in the world, too. 

  • Go thrifting and resell the items for a profit

So many people are actually unaware of the monetary amount of certain items that they have. What they then do is donate those items to the local thrift store in a quick attempt to declutter and organize their home.

What this does for you is open up the chance to grab some pretty great items at an inexpensive price. You can then turn around and resell those items to make a pretty big profit for yourself! 

  • Design printables to sell online

If you have the ability to be creative, selling printables online can actually be really lucrative. The great part about doing this is that it gives you the freedom to sell and create as you want. This isn’t something that you have to do each and every day or anything like that. It all boils down to what you want to create and how creative you can get.

If you can design coloring pages, comic strips, or fun learning printables, parents and teachers are willing to pay for them! 

  • Dog sit in your neighborhood

It’s no secret that people love their dogs. But when they’re awake all day at their jobs, they really do need someone to take out their pups and give them a walk or two around the block.

You can easily get paid to walk and play with pups each and every day. Is there a more awesome way to make money without a job? It’d be a hard bet to find one! 

With the way that our world is structured, it’s really not that hard to make money without a job. The Internet has opened so many doors for people to log in and log out with a few extra bucks in their pockets. (or a lot of money if they really want to put in the effort!) 

work from home without a job

Final thoughts on how to make money without a job

I’m a big fan of making money without having to be in the traditional office setting. While I used to fill my hours and days in the corporate world, that really did nothing but fill me with loneliness and a feeling of wanting more. I would arrive at work when it was dark and leave again as the sun set, pretty depressing.

Earlier in the post, I mentioned that I had my all-time favorite way of making money without a job and I’m so excited to share that with each and every one of you. 

My favorite way to make money without considering it a job is to be a coach for everyone else who wants to accomplish the same thing that I’m fortunate enough to be doing.

Is it a job in the traditional sense? Maybe. But in my eyes, I’m being paid to pass on my knowledge and excitement to people that I genuinely care about and what to see succeed. To me, that’s amazing and brings me so much joy. I see my students as my friends and I look forward to the days that I get to interact and talk with them as well. You can see the interviews I do with my students here.

My life now is quite different than it used to be and I am so very thankful for this. Now my days are spent with my husband and children and we’re working together to build a knowledgeable platform that we can continue to share and educate others. 

The list above of ways to make money without a job is something that each and every one of you can accomplish. With a little bit of effort and hard work, you too can reap in the rewards of earning money without having to clock in and out and be managed by someone else. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to make money without a job?

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