Mom Blogs that Make Money – $100,000+ per Month with Case Studies

I had no idea this was possible. Initially I just wanted to make a few extra dollars to go to Amazon and Add to Cart without a worry.

But it all changed when I started putting in the time and finally learned how mom blogs make money. I saw the possibilities of blogging and I knew I had to share it with others!

Why Read Take the Time to Read This Post?

I’ve taught almost 100,000 students in my courses to start, grow and monetize their blogs.

I’ve helped moms get to $1,000 – $10,000 per month blogging. It’s not easy, it’s not overnight, but it is possible!

If you have the will to grow a successful money making mom blog, keep reading!

Make Money Blogging – Income Report Video

Below is the first income report video I did when I hit a huge milestone with my blog. I almost broke down!

Video Transcript

hi I am Suzi from Start a Mom blog and I
help mommies start and grow their blogs
into beautiful businesses and but not
just that I help them with time-saving
tips and techniques so what I am trying
here for the first time ever is I’m
actually recording the video for a blog
post completely and then I’ll have my VA
transcribe it for me and this is going
to turn into a blog post so you have the
choice to either watch the video listen
to the audio or read all the text so
hopefully this will be an amazing
time-saving technique that I can use
this year to grow my blog and then you
can adapt it to and use it as well so
you’ll see me look back and forth a
little bit between the screen right here
and the camera because it has some notes
here so what we’re going to get to into
today is my November 2016 blog income
report and it completely knocked my
socks off like I had no idea this was
going to happen
um I was talking to my other blogging
friends and asking them well how does a
business blog actually make money blogging over
the holidays like this is kind of this
is tricky
like people are out shopping for
Christmas and who wants to start a blog
in November and December like that’s so
I was expecting really low months um
since starting my blog I can give you a
little recap I started it on january
28th 2006 teams my second blog and by
June like I worked my little tushy off
and in June I started really monetizing
I wrote my ebook in May I launched in
June and in June I made was a thousand
dollars in July a thousand seven hundred
autist was over four thousand so it’s
just been growing September was over
five thousand October over six thousand
saying so when we hit like the holiday
seasons I was not expecting November to
go insane but it did and I made so many
mistakes and so many things went wrong
and I’ll tell you about all of them
in this post but I I made over nine I
made over $9,000 that’s hard to say out
loud Wow
and my my cry it’s really hard to say
out loud okay so thank you so much to
everybody is this is this is this is a
lot this means a lot to me okay so how
what went right and what went wrong in
November so that you can copy my my
successes and avoid my mistakes okay so
you can you can do better
all right so so November so far was my
highest income month so far on my blog
what did i do right the biggest thing
that I did in November was I ran a
week-long Black Friday special and I
started it from Monday before Black
Friday until the next Monday till Cyber
Monday and I didn’t put a lot of thought
into this I didn’t prepare my list
there’s mistake number one I didn’t even
tell my list a specialist coming on I
didn’t even tell them what’s going to be
in the special so that’s one mistake
second mistake they like the some of the
products that I had in the special I’ve
never even talked about them I didn’t
prepare my list like these are awesome
products this is what they contain this
is how much it’s going to help your blog
I just on Sunday night I decide I’m
gonna do a Black Friday special these
are my products I’m going to put in it
and go those were two really big
mistakes where I know I could have
converted higher if I prepared my list
the special is coming so that they can
prepare themselves for it and I kind of
piqued their interest and told them the
products that will be in it there was my
blog by number B book and course was in
the in the Black Friday special and they
knew about that one but they did not
know about the nine step blog plan which
is the pre-chorus for the blog by number
course and they did not know about the
Amazon affiliate eBook which is amazing
and gives you so many tips to increase
your affiliate income with
but I didn’t even like tell them about
those products I didn’t prepare them and
this this special the Black Friday
special always also had my 200 I’m stop
images in it which they’ve seen before
so I know if I prepared my list better
my conversions would have been higher so
I put together this special the Black
Friday special I launched it on Monday
and I don’t like emailing my list too
much I see them all as mommy friends and
I don’t like to be bombarded with sales
emails um so I
I believe I sent them three emails that
week and that’s a lot for me because
normally I send one email on a Monday
and that’s it and if I need to I’ll send
something else but I send three emails
about the Black Friday special one on
Monday I believe one on Thursday before
the the Black Friday and then one again
the next Sunday night to remind them
that it’s going to end on Monday what I
did in that last in that third email was
I put a link in there that would put
them on a different list if they decided
to it was a little reminder link so if
they clicked it and said yes I would
love to be reminded at two hours three
hours before the sale runs out please
email me so I didn’t want to bombard my
entire list but just those people that
were specifically interested in buying
this special but wanted a little snooze
button so and that’s a great thing about
convertkit the email marketing service
that I use is that they have those
triggers that can move a person from one
list to the next list so you’re
targeting the right people on your list
and you’re not bombarding everybody
alright so that’s what I think I did
right I didn’t want to upset my readers
because not everybody’s interested in
Black Friday specials so I try to keep
it low-key but even with my three emails
and messing up and not telling my list
about the two products that I had in the
and the special as well I made over
$4,000 on
for sales and over $4,000 in affiliates
so completely and utterly shocked and
blessed so thank you my as you just
heard my income for my blog is about 50%
of my own products and 50% of my
affiliates which i think is a very
healthy balance it’s not all affiliates
or all my products I don’t do sponsor
posts um I do have companies that reach
out to me but my blog is not very much
about like mommy products and stuff so I
pass along those opportunities to the
people on my list because I can’t really
talk about like awesome cool mommy
gadgets but I can ask my mom I list my
mommy bloggers if they want to and they
can put that on their blog so and then I
don’t have any ads on my on my blog
either because my traffic is really not
that high I mean I think my highest
month was 53,000 page views per month so
that’s still very low for in the grand
scheme of blogs right for from making
$9,000 so very very super happy you do
not need a lot of pageviews you need a
good list a good engaged list and that’s
another thing that I think I did right
in November so yes I ran this special
and then the second thing I I believe I
did really good at November was really
nurture my email list I answer all the
emails that come through it takes a lot
of time and I really try to give really
good advice when I have my readers email
me even if they’re not a customer I mean
it takes me time to go through and go
look up okay are they a customer or not
so I just assume everybody is or will be
so I just treat everybody equally so if
you email me with questions I try to
give you my best advice to help you
because I know as stay-at-home mommies
we need something more than just being a
mom and making money blogging has been such an
amazing confidence boost and
creative outlet for me that I want other
moms to experience that too okay so
things I did right nurture my list and
do a little Black Friday special all
right when you as you look at the next
year at 2017 um think about how you’re
going to prepare for those specials at
the end of the year are you going to
have a product by then are you going to
have an e-book are you have a course are
you going to how big is your list going
to be so all these things you can start
thinking about and preparing for when
the holidays hit next year all right all
right and then things that went wrong
that was completely out of my control
what went wrong in November well if your
reader on my list and you try to email
me in November then your email probably
bounced back and it’s like oh I emailed
to Suzy and it’s spam so there was a
little glitch and in the convertkit
system that the little unsubscribe link
that they put at the bottom of the email
that’s automatically there nothing on my
part that was labeled as spam somewhere
on the internet on those in the big log
Internet world and every time somebody
my emails went out and had reached my
readers but when they try to reply they
couldn’t because their email clients saw
my email that they were applying
replying to as spam so all those replies
bounced back so for like two weeks
I got barely any replies and normally I
get about 20 30 maybe more emails a day
and I’m like what’s going on and every
now and then I would get an email and my
reader would say hey I tried replying
back I had to actually manually put your
email address in a new email and compose
that and write that to you so that I
didn’t reply back to your convertkit in
email so that’s how I found out that
something was wrong so immediately I
emailed convert kid sends a customer
customer service they worked one-on-one
with me they checked my emails every
time I emailed them within a couple
hours to emailed me back they were very
very helpful there was a couple days
where I was just thinking you know what
this this is my lifeblood my email my
customers can’t reach me I’m going to
switch email providers this is this is
not going to work but because they were
so quick to respond because they were so
helpful because they kind of helped my
fears through the whole process I stuck
it with stuck with them they have been
amazing and since about the know
beginning of December all problems are
gone and that’s what I like I understand
that things happen in the internet world
and it was out of their control as well
and I wanted to practice mercy and
kindness towards them so that maybe one
day when I mess up somebody will be
merciful towards me too because things
do go wrong and things aren’t always
perfect so that’s one thing like there
were there was about two weeks that I
didn’t get any emails but finally that
was fixed and now it’s December and I’m
getting so many emails so I wake up
super early 5:30 in the morning and I
answer emails until my girls wake up and
then we play as much as we can and I try
to tire them out and we both puzzles and
we cook and we go to chick-fil-a and
then we come home and they nap and
that’s what it is right now they’re
napping so I can do this video alright
so that was November completely blessed
and thankful to everybody who supports
me and I hope that my information that I
put out there and all the mistakes I
make and all the successes that I have
is helping you as well
and now I hope that this video that will
be transcribed into a blog post really
works well because this will save me a
lot of time too so I’ll let you know how
it goes in the comments below and
hopefully you can do the same thing so
until then it’s almost the end of
December I almost have to publish
December’s income report which is not as
high as November because I took
I relaxed a little bit in December I
spent some time with my family but soon
you’ll hear about December’s income
report so thank you so much I really
appreciate all your emails all your
comments all your replies and if you
need anything just email me all right

How to Make Money with a Mom Blog

You might just be at the beginning of your blogging journey, and you’re still discovering how mom blogs actually make money.

Don’t worry! This article will break down the different methods you can monetize your blog and grow it into a success. Please don’t get overwhelmed. There are so many things you could do and shiny objects around every corner.

I highly suggest starting small, with manageable goals, and slowly adding more to your plate as you grow.

Important! You do not need to pursue all the monetization methods on day one. I would suggest going in this order, but then again, only choosing the ones that fit your style best. There are many blogs that solely focus on one monetization strategy and make thousands per month.

The order to start making money with a mom blog


  • If you want to make money right now, and you have skills to offer, you could monetize by using your blog as an online resume. You could help your clients and grow your own blog slowly, at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing

  • You can skip services all together and jump straight into affiliate marketing. Write great content, learn how to get traffic, and monetize through affiliate marketing. It’s one of the easiest ways to begin making money with your blog.

Display Ads

  • Once your blog gets good traffic, then you could dive into adding display ads to your website. I don’t personally like ads since it distracts my reader and I would rather have them click on a link to subscribe to my email list, instead of a display ad. But it is a good method to monetize your blog if you want to be more hands off.

Digital Products

  • Creating digital products is one of my favorite ways to make money with my blogs. I can create a digital product once, an ebook, template, online course etc, and sell it over and over again. Shipping costs are zero and profitability is high!


  • Once you have a good sized audience, you can apply for sponsorships. Many companies may be reaching out to you already if you have a large blog at this time. If you’d like to build a good relationship with a company and their products work well for your audience, go for it!

These are the main methods to monetize your blog. I’ll be diving much deeper into each method below, so keep reading, there is a lot to cover!

Income Reports from Small, Medium and Large Mom Bloggers

Below are mom bloggers make money blogging in different niches and with hugely different page views per month. You will see that regardless of the size or age of your blog, making money with a mom blog is very possible!

All of these blogs publish their income reports and they have been extremely kind to allow me to share their numbers with you! I want to motivate and teach you how to start a successful blog and show you that you can make money doing something you love while working from home.

*This post contains affiliate links. 

cute yellow shoes with text  how to make money blogging


How Different Mom Bloggers Make Money

Blogging is one of the cheapest hobbies to start that can generate a huge income! Make money, have a creative outlet and interact with other amazing people…. and be your own boss!

Please note, many of the income reports below are dated. There was a period of time when all bloggers loved to share their income reports, but the popularity has died down. Keep in mind, if a blog was making a full time income a few years ago, you can easily triple that amount now, even if they’re not publishing income reports anymore.

mom blog screenshot homepage

Pulling Curls (Started 2014)

Hilary runs a beautiful blog covering a wide array of topics, from motherhood to lifestyle to family routines. She also monetizes through multiple channels, such as display ads, affiliate marketing and her own courses. Her blog is a wonderful example of how all of these monetization strategies can work together.

mom blog embracing simple

Embracing Simple Blog (Started 2014)

Christina is now a blogging mom of two little ones and runs her successful blog while spending time at home with her babes. What amazes me about her is that she’s a mom and started her blog, and she made over $2,000/month in her first year. What an inspiration ladies!

*Update: Christina just had her second baby! Congratulations! So even though she has been a bit quiet on her blog, it is still bringing in a passive income for her! See mommas, this blogging thing can be done! Even between pregnancies and babies 🙂

sandy a la mode homepage

Sandy a la Mode (Started 2010)

Sandy is a part time blogger with two little ones. Her blog is her creative outlet and you can see her awesome talents showcased on her pinterest boards. I love that as a part-time mom blogger she can make money blogging, over $3,000 a month! That amount easily covers most people’s mortgage bill.

See more blogs like Sandy’s in this list of lifestyle blogs.

thriving home blog homepage

Thriving Home Blog (Started 2011)

  • Lifestyle Blog
  • Average Monthly Page views: 500K
  • Income: ~$4K for October 2014
  • Followers: Facebook 7K  & Pinterest 11K
  • How they make their money: Sponsored Posts & and a bit of Ads/Affiliates

Rachel and Polly, two look-alike friends, started Thriving Home Blog together in 2011. They have 5 children between the two of them and both spend about 10 hours a week on their blog. They make over $3,000 a month, that roughly comes out to $40/hour of blogging!

A sweet income for a flexible, part-time, at home job! Since publishing this post in 2014, they have increased their sales over the past year by 33%. These two mom bloggers can all teach us how to make money blogging!

intentional mom homepage

The Intentional Mom (Started 2015)

Jennifer, mother to nine children, runs a beautiful blog called The Intentional Mom. She teaches others how to manage their life and money with her content, and monetizes with display ads, affiliate marketing and her own products.

making sense of cents homepage

Making Sense of Cents (Started 2013)

  • Finance and Lifestyle Blog
  • Income: $1M+ per year
  • How she makes her money: Affiliates, Products

Michelle found herself in thousands of dollars of debt after college and was able to pay it all off in 7 months. She used to work as a financial analyst but now blogs full time and makes over $100,000 a month! She just recently became a mom, whoo hooo! Welcome to the awesome club of motherhood!!

pinch of yum homepage

Pinch of Yum (Started 2009)

If you’ve ever searched for blog income reports, you have most likely stumbled upon Pinch of Yum. Lindsay and Bjork’s income reports date back years from August 2011 when they made $21.97 to over $63,000+! After reporting their income for years, they decided to end.

While all the blogs above are no longer reporting their income, it surely does not mean they’re not making money anymore. They’re most likely making too much money to be comfortable to share it publicly anymore. I know that’s the case in my own personal journey.

Heart Icon startamomblog

Excited to Make Money with Your Mom Blog?

Of course, not all of us will be making tens of thousands of dollars a month, but as you can see above, with a bit of effort, your blog can make money, even thousands of dollars month. More than enough to cover diapers and groceries.

If you want to join others on this exciting journey of blogging and being your own boss, why not learn how to start a mom blog? I’d love to help you get up and running so you don’t choose the wrong free blog site.

Check out the blogging for beginners ebook and course just for moms who want to join me on this amazing journey!

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Below I’ll go into each method how bloggers make money. Some of the methods are simple and easy to implement. Others take time and require an audience. Understanding all the ways to make money blogging will help you determine what type of blog you want to create!

Step 1: Find Your Income Streams

From the content above you can see the multiple ways each blog can make money. From ads, to affiliate sales, to sponsored posts or selling your own products.

I would suggest finding one, and focusing on it. Maybe two. For example, ads and affiliate marketing are both pretty hands off monetization strategies. Choose 1 or 2 and don’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all – and end up doing nothing.

Step 2: Connect Your Audience

But it boils down to this, the basics of making money with a blog in 33 words:

You can either sell someone else’s products or you can sell your own. Having a blog is having an audience. When you connect your audience to the right product you can make money.

Which types of products will help your audience? What will be a no brainer purchase for them? If it doesn’t exist, can you create it?

You’re missing out on huge potential if you don’t grow an audience now, even if it’s not perfect.

Because a year from now you could have a huge following and you can’t make up that lost time. 

And I LOVED this article on why you should start a blog today. It is so true! If you need any convincing on why you should start a blog and grow a following – this is it! Read it and come back to this site to sign up and get started today!

How to make money blogging - ads

Find Your Perfect Way To Make Money with Your Mom Blog

Let’s deep dive into the different ways to make money with your blog. We’ll start with the least time consuming to the most time consuming. Again, choose the method that works best for your audience and for your personality.

Display Ads

Ads are probably the method of making money from a blog that you are most familiar with. It is also the most intrusive and distracting way to your readers. That is why most bloggers would recommend you do not start putting ads on your blog until you have built up a lot of traffic.

If you do it correctly, and the ads are not intrusive to your reader, you are welcome to add them to your site when you launch. But the money will be small if your page views are low. Ads are most profitable with high page views.

You can either manage the ads yourself, or have a company do it for you, but most of the time they have a minimum page view requirement.

  • Easy to apply with no requirements
    • Google Adsense – no minimum page view requirement, a good place to start!
    • Sovrn – no minimum page view requirement
  • Companies that manage your ads for you (100K page view minimum)
    • The Blogher Network – manage your ads for you, increases income, but they have a 100K page view minimum
    • AdThrive – manage your ads for you, increases income, but they have a 100K page view minimum
How to make money blogging - affiliates 2

Affiliate Marketing

The definition of an affiliate is “to bring or receive into close connection as a member.” You can ‘be a member’ of any company that offers an affiliate. Just Google the company or product you like ‘+ affiliate’ to see if they offer an affiliate program.

If you’re an affiliate for a company or product, you get a special affiliate link that you can use on your blog. And every time somebody purchases the product by going through your link, you receive a commission. The percentage commission have wide ranges, from a few percent to over 50%. Many affiliate companies offer links that stay active days after the reader clicks through your blog.

Being an affiliate for a product does not increase the cost to your reader. The affiliate company or person is sharing their profits with you as a reward for you bringing them another sale.

If you are super interested in affiliates, this post will be a great read! This mommy uses the Amazon Affiliate program to make over $1,000 per month of passive income with her small blog. 

Affiliate Resources

One of the first companies most bloggers sign up to be an affiliate with is Amazon. It’s quick, easy and free to become part of their affiliate program. I love it because Amazon has a million products and I can recommend those that I truly love. The negative part is the cookie only last 24 hours.

Other companies that offer affiliates are:

How to make money blogging - sponsored posts 2

Sponsored Posts

This is a blog post that you write for your sponsor and publish on your own blog. Your sponsor pays you to share it with your readers on your blog. Basically, you’re part of their marketing department.

Popular Blog Networks that provide sponsored posts

Just a bit of advice, don’t write back to back sponsored posts unless you understand your readers well and know they will love it too. Always keep your readers needs first and provide them with valuable content. And sometimes it may be in a form of a sponsored post. Bonus!

Products or Services

This is definitely one of my favorite methods of making money with a blog. Providing your readers with something you created that provides real value to them! The benefits of providing a product or service include:

  1. You have complete control of the price
  2. You get 100% of the profits
  3. You have the option of setting your product up to be an affiliate
  4. You are not dependent on another company for your revenue

Products you could offer:

  • Sell an ebook. I have my ebook and course to help busy moms start profitable blogs. 🙂
  • Make and sell printables
  • Make and sell handmade crafts
  • Photos – great additional use for the DSLR you got when baby was born!
  • Offer an online course, training or coaching services
  • Audio you created
  • Video’s you made
  • Premium member services – open up a part of your blog only to those that subscribe. This is a great option after you have a strong following and exclusive content to share.
How to make money blogging - services 2

Step 3: Decide on your Monetization Strategy

Decide which avenue would help your readers the most. Try to incorporate 1-2 different income streams into your plan. You want to build your blog on multiple strong pillars, and not just one method of making money. Start slow, and grow with time.

Step 4: Provide Real Value

Once you know how you want to monetize your blog, make sure the products you are recommending are truly valuable to your reader. Make sure they solve a problem or help with a pain point.

Step 5: Promote Your Content

Lastly, promote your blog posts, your landing pages and your products to get traffic back to your site. If no one ever sees your hard work, it won’t matter how wonderful it is. Here is how you can get more followers to your blog.

Step 6: Grow Your Email List

Along with promoting your content, you also need to grow your email list and build up loyal readers. This allows you to reach people inside their inbox and not just on social media or the web. It makes your messages much more powerful.

Step 7: Keep Learning

Blogging is always changing, so keep testing and trying new techniques to improve your online business. If you’re not growing, you’ll fade away.

Heart Icon startamomblog

Making Money with a Mom Blog is Not Hard

I hope this post has inspired you that you really can make money blogging, from $2,000 a month to over $100,000+ a month. The featured mom bloggers above have done it, I’ve done it, my students have done it, and I know you can too!

Want more information? Here is how 11 other mom bloggers have started profitable blogs and earn money online. 

Continue reading:

How to make money with a blog 5 ways www.startamomblog

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How to Make Money with a Mom Blog

Did this post help you? What additional questions can I answer for you as you’re starting and growing your blog?

I’m happy to help! Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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  • Grow your email list and income in 10 days with this tried and true plan
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  • … and more goodies 🙂

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