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30 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Figuring out how to make money as a kid is something that we all probably grew up thinking. I remember when I was young. It was super hard sitting around and watching adults make money and buy whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. And I would imagine running through a toy store just grabbing things and throwing them into my cart.

There used to be a TV show when I was around 5 years old where the prize was a “Reggie’s Run”. The winner would run through the toy store with their arms wide open and just drag them across the shelves as toys fell into their shopping cart. Yup, that was one of my dreams.

Fast forward to my life now and I know that it’ll be a few short years before our children are starting to think the same thing. It’s not as though we’re spending money like crazy and buying a ton of things we don’t need, but when they do see us buy certain things, I can already see those wheels in their minds start to work.

I will admit, being an adult and being able to buy whatever is needed when it’s needed without having to ask permission is a nice feeling, but it’s also a total perk of being an adult as well, right? I’m the type of person that likes to get stuff done so taking charge of what I need and want has always been my own driving force. 

My hope for you after reading this post is that you’ll be able to show your child support in their business thoughts and processes. If your child comes up to you and says that they want to start earning money, please don’t blow it off and tell them that they need to wait. With the way that our world is currently structured, no one is ever really too young to start earning money. 

The proof is in the pudding as this year the highest earner on Youtube was an 8-year old little boy. He earned $26 million in 2019…unboxing toys and talking about them. And the previous year? He earned a whopping $22 million. He’s now retiring basically at the age of 9 and taking some time away because “he’s tired”. I would think so. Well done, kiddo. Well done. 

How can I be so certain that there are avenues out there for kids to make money? While nothing is life is absolute, I do feel that there are ways to make it happen. At the end of the post, I’ll share with you one of the quickest and easiest ways that you can help your child start to earn some money today. 

But first, let’s dive into this topic a little bit more in-depth. 

How can a kid make money online fast?

The internet and online space can be extremely valuable for a child to make money quickly. It can also be a scary place and one that should be monitored closely as well. Take a cue from the YouTube sensation mentioned above and find a way to highlight a skillset of your child online. This could be as simple as creating a fun game, unboxing toys on Youtube, or designing some graphics to print and sell on t-shirts, mugs, or other cool and creative ideas like that. 

The positive aspect of your child making money online is that there’s really no limit to how far he or she could really scale and take their business. The downside is that the internet is a space that anyone and everyone can be on which also means that your child is a lot more vulnerable than before as well. 

While it might be a difficult decision to decide what to do, just keep in mind a few tips. (from one mom to another) If your child does sell things online, be there with him or her the entire way. Become a partner in that business so you know what’s going on as well as who (if anyone) is reaching out and communicating with your child.

When it comes to the safety of your child, that is the most important thing to worry about and be aware of. 

How much work can your child handle with their other daily commitments? 

One other really important aspect to remember is that your child is still just a child. They’re going to want to have their own time as well to hang out with friends, explore, play video games, or just relax without any sort of looming responsibilities. And while it might be important for them to make money now, they’re also going to realize really quickly that making money requires a level of responsibility and commitment that they might not quite be ready for.

Before letting them cook up a big business idea or plan to make money, sit down and talk to them about the reality and expectations that come along with it. They’re going to need to stay focused on their schoolwork, their sports, their after-school activities, their social life, and their family time all while still trying to balance the want and need to earn extra income

Putting all of this out in the open can help your child really understand that while making money might be super great, it’s also a super big responsibility as well. 

Does a child have to report earnings and pay taxes on their income?

Yep, earning money is earning money. The good old government is going to want their cut in the earnings as well so make certain that you help your child understand that they have to keep track of what they earn so that it can be reported by law. There’s actually a lot of details to know about this so I highly recommend talking to an accountant about what you’re going to need to be prepared for. 

That way there’s no confusion or misunderstanding and everything is taken care of properly from the beginning. 

Now that you know a little bit about some of the biggest questions pertaining to how a child can make money, let’s dive in and talk about some good ways to earn money as a kid. 

How to Make Money as a Kid

I think it’s safe to say that we can agree that earning money when you’re a kid is a pretty sweet deal. While there might have to still be some parental asking for certain items that they want to purchase, there also comes a sense of pride and freedom in knowing that they can buy their own “wants” without having to take money from mom or dad.

This list of ideas below are all great ways to earn money as a kid. Some might be a fit and some won’t and that’s 100% okay. Figuring out what your child likes doing might be the trickiest part about this entire endeavor. (and dare I say also the most fun!)

  • Create crafts

People love to buy homemade items. And they love unique and adorable ones even more. If your child likes to create things, creating crafts can be a great way to make some extra money. There are even craft shows that you can start taking them too as well if they make something that has the potential to become popular and in-demand.

  • Bake goods

People love baked goods. Buying the same old bread and desserts at the grocery store just doesn’t have the same appeal. If your child can bake, let them bake! They’ll have the initial cost of all the ingredients to worry about but they can easily sell cookies, cakes, and pies for quite a pretty penny. 

Having a curbside bake sale is always a good idea, too. People are impulse buyers, especially when it comes to food. 

  • Create a website

This might be for a child who’s a bit older but creating a website is something that can pay really well. If your child knows anything about design or how to build a website, this can be a really great gig that can earn them cash quickly. 

  • Clean houses or organize rooms

I don’t know many people that actually enjoy cleaning so being able to hire out certain parts of cleaning or organizing their home is appealing. Organizing areas like the garage or even the basement are ways that your child can probably earn a decent amount of money.

Vacuuming, dusting, putting away laundry, and cleaning other rooms of the home is simple and easy to do as well. And if they’re good at it, just might turn into their first recurring gig.

  • Create homemade cards and sell them

There will always be a demand for cards, always. Greeting cards, birthday cards, congrats cards, get well soon cards…and the list could go on and on. 

The cool part about creating homemade cards and selling them is that there are a variety of ways to make it happen. Digital cards can be printed out and sold or hand-drawn cards can be customized as well. If your child is creative and artistic, they just might be able to do a little bit of both. 

  • Sell paintings

Who says that paintings can only be sold at auction or be stored in a museum? Let your child offer up some of their awesome paintings and see if there is any interest. They just might be able to afford what they’re saving up for in a short amount of time. 

  • Walk dogs

This might be the easiest and quickest way to start earning money as a child. Everyone seems to have a dog and a job and that combination mean that they can’t always get home during the day to take their dogs out for a walk or two. Have your child make up some fun flyers or business cards or even advertise for them to your neighbors and friends. 

  • Unbox toys online

There seems to be quite a huge market for this online! All it takes is a little bit of personality, a willingness to be on camera and talking about what toys they are unboxing and opening and that’s really about it. As I mentioned above, the highest earner this year on YouTube has been doing this very thing and earned over 50 million dollars in a two-year timespan. 

  • Create games online to sell

If your family is a gamer family, embrace that and let your child use their inner creativity as well. Creating games online can be as easy or as hard as your child wants to make it. 

  • Draw comic books

Captain Underpants and Dogman are two of the graphic novels that pop into mind. The author of these books begin creating comics at a very young age and has found great success in sharing his humor and ideas with the mind of children. And if your child is really wanting to be creative, they can even learn how to make their own coloring books to sell as well! 

  • Write a kids book

With selling platforms like Amazon, it’s never been easier to write a book and have it ready to sell online. And what better way to get kids interested in a kid’s book than to have another kid write one for them to read? Children love books but they are also craving books that they can connect with as well. (Here are some tips on how to publish a book that can be used for children’s books as well.) 

  • Take pictures

Pictures sell. And if your little one has an eye for cool pictures or fun and funky ideas, they just might have a real future as a photographer for people or things out in nature. 

  • Babysit

This will always have a need and will always be in demand. 

  • Animal sit

The same goes for this great job idea for kids. People love to travel but aren’t always able to take their pets. This leaves a big market for pet sitting. 

  • Become a lifeguard

Once your child gets to a certain age, being a lifeguard can be a super simple way to have a steady job and income. Making money as a teenager opens a whole other level of options! 

  • Start a blog

This isn’t a way to make money fast but being a kid-blogger is really a thing! If they want to write and have some topics in mind, why not let them use a blog as an awesome creative outlet? It also gives them the freedom to think of a really cool blog name and concept as well. 

  • Go old-school with a lemonade stand

Need some money fast? Set up a lemonade stand out on the curb and sell that drink! 

  • Shovel snow

This can be quite lucrative as well as shoveling snow is something that a lot of people just really can’t do on their own.

  • Mow yards

There have been some kids who have made a full-time income over the summer months just helping out their family and friends by mowing the yard. Not too shabby, right? 

  • Wash cars

Another great summer gig that can really add up quickly. Plus, kids love to play outside in the water so it’s really kind of a win/win for all involved. 

  • Assisting with moving boxes

This might be limiting in some ways, but if your child can help pack boxes, label them and move them, they just might be able to secure themselves a good little moving gig. 

  • Weed flower beds

There is always a demand for this. So many people want that curb appeal for their home but just don’t have the time or want to put in the effort to make it happen. 

  • Hold a kids workout class

Let your child show others how to stretch, touch their toes, or even do some kid yoga! 

  • Collects cans and turn in to recycling

If your state or city still gives money for recycling cans and bottles, this is a simple way to add some green to your child’s bank account. 

  • Paint rocks and sell them

Remember the days of pet rocks? Guess what, that’s making a comeback. Selling pet rocks can be a totally fun way to create and make some simple money, too.

  • Sell old toys

Upcycling and reselling old toys is great. This means that your child can clear space in your home and add some money to their bank accounts as well.

  • Hold a garage sale

If your child has too many items that they want to sell, just set up a simple garage sale outside and let them do that. 

  • Rent out video games

Gaming is really big in our world right now but not everyone has the money to purchase games. If you have a surplus of video games in your home, why not let your child rent them out to their friends for a few nights at a time? It’s like a Redbox, but for video games. 

  • Tutor other children

Bring on the math! Tutoring other children in school subjects is a learning experience for all.

  • Charge for face painting at parties

There is always a demand for fun and unique talents for birthday parties. Painting faces can be a really fun way for your child to earn some extra income. 

As you can tell, there really isn’t a shortage of ways for kids to make extra money. Another thing to keep in mind is to just ask them if they have any ideas as well. Even though they might be coming to you and wanting some insight, they very well might have some great ideas already in their heads as well. 

Final thoughts on how to earn money as a kid 

Previously I mentioned that there is one way that you can help your child start to earn money today. And now, I’m going to share that thought with you all. 

The easiest way to help your child start to earn money today?

Stop finding ways to say no to their ideas and instead think of ways to say yes. Be the positive in their life

When I started my blogging and coaching business, what would have happened if I would have listed to the people out there that said it “wasn’t possible” to make a go of it? I’d be missing out on earning over $40,000 per month consistently on my blog and wouldn’t have been able to retire my husband from his corporate job at the age of 30 years old. 

There will be plenty of time for your child to hear the word “no” in their lifetime…don’t make their dreams of wanting to make money or start a business be one of them.

This list of simple ways for your child to earn money can be a great way to help them get started in doing just that! Be a partner and a believer in what the want to do and you’ll love seeing them soar and succeed! 

Do you have any other tips for kids on how to earn extra money?

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