9 Creative Ideas to Come Up with a Blog Name

I have been down this road too many times. I know the topic I want to blog about, but golly, I just don’t know how to come up with a blog name!

I lie awake at night thinking about the things I can write about, but when it comes to naming my blog, I’m stuck!

And finally, when I do get a good name for my blog, it’s taken.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you struggle with coming up with a good blog name?

If so, here are tips for great blog name ideas.

How to Come Up with a Blog Name

I have multiple blogs and even more domain names

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have created lots of blogs over the past years. Some of them are well established and successful, others never got off the ground.

One of them actually sounded like an R-rated site, but when I bought it, it made all the sense in the world to me, but more on that one later!

I have realized over the years that your blog name is important, but it’s not everything. What is much more important than the name of your blog, is the content you put on it. I like my blog name, but I don’t love it all the time.

Sometimes I wish I did something a bit more generic, like “Momily”, which sounds super cute. Or maybe, “TheGoodLife“, but that’s most likely taken and does not target my audience of moms. So, “StartaMomBlog” it is!

Ideas for Good Blog Names

Trust me, I had sleepless nights too trying to come up with a blog name.

So if you’re restless and stuck, you’re in the right place, we’ve all been there!

Here are actionable tips to help you.

*This post contains affiliate links. See my Disclosure for more information.

IDEA #1: Target your Audience

If you can place your audience into your blog name, they’ll instantly know that your blog is for them when they type it into the search bar. Even before they land on your blog, you’ve made a connection with them! If you’re targeting moms, there are a thousand ways you can incorporate the word “mom” into your blog name. Here are a few creative and well known examples, Mother.ly or ScaryMommy.com.

Relate to your Audience

If you’re primarily talking about kids or families, you could place “kids” or “family” in your blog name and still make that instant connection with your audience of moms. I love Susie from BusyToddler.com. Her blog name is gold. It’s short, targets her audience of moms indirectly and you can pretty much make out what her blog is about from the name.

IDEA #2: Make your Blog Name a Call to Action

For your blog to be successful, it needs to serve a purpose. It needs to compel your audience to action. That may be reading and sharing your content, signing up for your email list, clicking on your affiliate links, purchasing your products or booking your services. Why not create a sense of action before your reader even lands on your blog?

Add a Verb to your Blog Name

You can do this by adding an action verb to your blog name. This is a way you can motivate your audience to take action indirectly. Here are some easy action verbs you can add to your blog name to give it some energy!

List of Action Verbs

  • go
  • bake
  • build
  • dream
  • give
  • laugh
  • make
  • move
  • play
  • read
  • run
  • sing
  • smile
  • think

You can come up with a unique and creative blog name easily by incorporating a word from the list above. Here are a few examples, 

IDEA #3: Pick a Generic Blog Name

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a blog name, choose a generic name. Think of the biggest site we know, Google.com. That’s not even a word! But the brand is so well known, that the word “Google” is synonymous with “searching online”.

Making up your own word also allows you to pick a super short blog name – which is a huge bonus! The shorter the blog url, the easier it is to remember and the faster it is to type in. Keep it simple, short and sweet.

Choose a Name so You can Pivot

Another bonus of choosing a generic blog name is that you can pivot and change directions. Say for example you named your blog, “ILoveBakingCookies”, and after 4 months of baking all kinds of cookies, your husband decides he wants to start the paleo diet. Well, there goes refined carbs!

Now if you purchased the blog name “Momething.com” you could have written about anything in the mom world and it would have been easier to pivot. By the way, that domain is still available!

You can use this nifty little tool to check if your name is available!

Or checkout this cool little website, Wordoid to help you come up with a unique new word.

I encourage new bloggers to test out different topics in the beginning. Get your feet wet, write posts about different things and learn how blogging works.

But once you know what your niche is, dive deep and stay on topic. A focused, niche blog will rank better in Google than a blog with many different and unrelated topics.

IDEA #4: Think Indirectly About Your Audience

Another way to connect with your audience is through objects and places they like. For your blog to be successful, you need to think about your readers constantly.

What do they like? What do they want to read? What are they searching for? How can I help them?

If your target audience are moms, including words such as “coffee, yoga pants, mom bun, or sleep” could be cute way to connect to your readers.

If your target audience are people in corporate, use words such as “on time, meeting, TPS report, or office” in your blog name.

When it comes to knowing how to name a blog, focusing on your audience may make it easier. 

IDEA #5: Use Your Own Name

If you’re so lucky and your name is available online, get it quickly! When you fall in love with blogging (like I did) and you realize you’ll be doing this for a long time, you may want to squat on your name so nobody else does. It may be a scarcity mindset, but oh well, when I saw SuziWhitford.com was available, I got it! There’s not much on it, but it’s mine! And maybe one day if I rebrand, I’ll know where to go.

The Easy Way to Name a Blog

Sometimes you don’t even have to come up with a blog name, your mother already did it for you when she named you years ago! Thanks mom!

The benefits of having your own name as your blog is that it’s unique and branded, but also generic enough so you can blog about any topic. For example, NeilPatel.com blogs about online marketing and whenever someone mentions his name in the blogging world, we all know who they’re referring to. It definitely helps you build a brand!

IDEA #6: Think Outside the Web

You’re not alone if you’re stuck on coming up with a blog name. Almost daily I get emails from students asking for help deciding what to name their blog. You’re in good company. We all struggle with this part.

But maybe looking at examples not on the web can give you a bit of confidence of what is really important.

If 100 years ago I said the word “apple”, you would have thought of a fruit to eat. If I say it in 2018, you’re instantly thinking of the brand Apple for iPhones and Macs.

If 50 years ago I said the word “target”, you would have thought of an object to hit. Today when I say “Target”, you think mini-mommy vacation!

Choose a Short and Sweet Blog Name

The names of these brands are short and sweet. But the name itself doesn’t even tell you what the store is about. It’s the amazing content that they produce that made these names popular.

It will be the same way with you. If you name your blog “Kumquat” or “Mulberry”, the content you produce will make your blog. So don’t be afraid to pick a name and start blogging.

Here’s a list of unique fruit names you’re welcome to use as your blog name (and copy the biggest company in the world.)

List of Fruits to Use as Blog Names

  1. Bilberry
  2. Boysenberry
  3. Elderberry
  4. Gooseberry
  5. Guava
  6. Jackfruit
  7. Jujube
  8. Kiwano
  9. Lychee
  10. Papaya
  11. Plum
  12. Pomelo
  13. Pea

IDEA #7: Use Alliteration

If you absolutely love the name Plum for you blog, but most likely, this four letter word is already taken. Try using alliteration.

What about PurplePlum.com or PreciousPea.com or CheekyLychee.com? Sometimes a blog name can set itself apart by being fun to say and easy to remember!

IDEA #8: Use Two Short Words

You may finally find the perfect name for your blog, but then realize it’s already taken. Try adding a little bit of color to it. Even better, add your blog brand color to it!

If your blog brand colors are teal and gold, why not GoldCoffee.com or TealPen.com?

I know some of these suggestions are a bit bizarre, but I’m just trying to get your gears turning in different directions.

IDEA #9: Check Social Platforms

Before you buy a domain name for your blog, make sure it is available on the major social media platforms.

For Twitter your username cannot be longer than 15 characters, so keep that in mind.

You don’t want to be www.PurplePlum.com but end up being PurplePlum_1 on Instagram or ThePurplePlum on Twitter.

This one step will save you a ton of headache in the future!

IDEA #10: The Magical Letter

Did you know there is a magical letter for branding? Yup!

Good Blog Names Have this in Common

 Big brands like Coca Cola, General Electric and Kodak all know the secret!

It’s the letter “K”. It is believed to make people laugh and feel happy.

And you don’t have to have the letter “K” to make your blog name good. It can also just contain the “K” sound, such as Spanx or McDonalds.

IDEA #11: Keep it Short, Simple and Clean

Just don’t pick a blog name that can be closely related to a taboo site. So the R-rated blog name I bought, oh golly, I need to make sure I don’t renew that every year! In my defense I had no idea it sounded taboo when I hit purchase.

I hope those quick tips help you come up with an easy to spell, short and simple blog name. Go here if you’re stuck on what you should blog about, that’s a whole different topic!

Don’t over think this part. Go with something that makes sense, and start blogging! That’s when the magic happens.

Is Your Blog Name Available?

Use this super smart widget to see if your blog name available.

If it is, you’ll be redirected to snag it up before someone else does! It’s free with your hosting account 🙂

So let me know below, are you still struggling coming up with a creative blog name?

How to Pick a Blog Name

Tips from successful mom bloggers. Go here if you’re looking for a more specific mom blog name!

TIP #1: Naming Your Blog

My best blogging tip is to don’t give up! Once you decided to start, go for it and don’t look back.

Try to be as consistent as you can and remember that your articles don’t have to be perfectly writen, you can always go back and edit them. That’s one of the good things of blogging. 

After nearly 2 years of blogging consistently I manged to take on a couple of clients as a VA. With that I am happy to say that I am earning enough to pay our monthly morgage plus some of my monthly dept.

Just this month, January, I just got my first payment for my affiliate links. It isn’t much, but it’s enough to treat my son with a new toy or some new clothes. I never thought this is even possible, but this is what kept me going.

You can do it too! All you need to do is START.

Kinga from KingasCorner.com

TIP #2: Invest in Education

Take a course as early on in the blogging process as you can. A good course is such a game changer.

I’m making $400 a month and climbing! Basically enough to help feed my Disney vacation addiction.

Nicole at TheDisneyJourney.com

I agree with Nicole! If you want to learn how to pick a catchy blog name, setup your website and grow it into a full time business – a good blogging course is a shortcut!

TIP #3: New Mom Blogger Tip

I have a few tips for new bloggers:

1) Don’t give up!

2) Find a trusted source to guide you in the right direction from the very beginning (Suzi’s Blog by Numbers is a great blogging course).

3) Pinterest is a fantastic way to drive traffic initially, so learn how to use this platform!

I’m consistently making $1,500 to $3,500 every month (mostly through MediaVine ads and Amazon affiliate sales) depending on my overall traffic. Getting enough traffic to qualify for a quality ad company has been a complete game changer!

April from LoveOurRealLife.com

List of Blog Name Ideas

Last tips for getting the best blog name ideas

Still feeling lost? Get the list below!

I know it can be hard to find out what you should name your blog, I struggle with it too! Sometimes it takes me weeks to come up with a good name, and by then, I’ve lost so much time that I could have spent growing my blog!


  • YourGoombah.com
  • ShenaniganThoughts.com
  • SkedaddleTattle.com
  • Abibliophobia.com (hehe, look up what that means!)


  • OvernighterWriter.com
  • SuperSnooper.com
  • ImBaby.com
  • CrayCray.com


  • MomLifeHappyLife.com
  • TheLittlePenguin.com
  • FortuneCookieMom.com


  • FortnightFunnels.com
  • BlogDialog.com
  • BlogFrog.com
  • TheRightWriter.com
  • MakingSenseofCents.com


  • SnatchedShopping.com
  • FleekFashion.com
  • GoZaddy.com
  • KeepIt100.com


  • HundoP.com
  • LikeAndShare.com
  • Lollygag.com
  • CanoodleDoodle.com
  • XertsFood.com
  • GonzoWriter.com

Some of the websites above actually exist, but many are still blog names that are available! Go get your blog name and start your blog!

Did this post help? Let me know in the comments below what you end up calling your blog!

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