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Best High-Resolution Images and Free Downloads

What is Image Resolution?

Digital images are made up of thousands of tiny colored boxes known as pixels. The image resolution is determined by the pixel count. Also known as, image density, resolution determines the clarity of the picture.

What is a Low-Resolution Image?

Low-resolution images have a fewer pixel count. The lower the resolution of a photo the more pixellated it becomes. When images become pixellated they appear blurry, fuzzy, and distorted. This is more conducive to printing and I’ll elaborate that a little further into the article. 

What is a High-Resolution Image?

High-resolution images have a higher pixel count. Or, a greater pixel density. The higher the resolution the more distinct and defined it becomes. 

How Big is a High-Resolution Image?

Pixel density has two measurements. The first, DPI stands for, dots per inch. It’s a measurement of how sharp the photo is. The DPI specifies the ink ratio on a printed image. Low-resolution images 72 DPI format.

The second measurement, PPI represents the pixels per inch. Indicating the pixel density on electronic image devices. Such as with computer monitors and televisions. Along with image digitizing devices including image scanners and cameras.

high resolution image vs low resolution image

High-resolution images are a 300 DPI format. Because computer screens are 72 PPI (or 96 PPI on most modern) using low-resolution images for web design business is practical. Utilizing high-resolution images is most prudent regarding your printing projects. As demonstrated in the image above. 

High-Resolution Images for Printing?

Resolution for printing needs to be 300 PPI, (or higher). The number of pixels divided by its size is how you determine image resolution. Feeling anxious? Didn’t realize math was part of the equation? Agreed. Thank you PicMonkey for solving that problem in the conversion chart below.


As you can see by this chart. Multiplying each number by 300 is how you determine pixels to inches conversion. 

Quick High-Resolution Image Cheat Guide

You can use or save this guide as a quick reference to make your life a bit easier.

high resolution image vs low resolution image CHEAT GUIDE

How to Make High-Resolution Images?

Multiple tools exist for converting low-resolution images to high-resolution images. Depending on the size of the task, images will convert by resizing them. Larger printing jobs, such as banners, may require upgrading to premium software. Let’s start there and work our way to the free tools.

Option 1: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is professional software with all the bells and whistles. Hundreds of filters, brushes, effects, and other editing tools that aren’t included with free software. This is an image editor’s best friend. There are tons of amazing capabilities with Adobe Photoshop. However, if your project doesn’t warrant a premium service there are other options.

Option 2: Image Resizer for Windows

Most computers have a way of resizing images. However, if you’re unfond or unfamiliar, Image Resizer for Windows is fantastic. This tool requires a free download. After the download is complete, go into your pictures.

Select the photograph that needs modifying and right-click on the image. A window will appear, (image above). Choose from a variety of resizing options. It couldn’t be easier, as every selection displays the pixel count. An ability to custom size images is another alternative.

Option 3: Convert Town

Convert Town boasts they can, “convert anything to anything.” A website dedicated to converting all of your files. A free tool. Supporting JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, and ICO. DPI value can be increased or decreased to your deciding value.

High-Resolution Images Download

Not looking to convert existing files or create your own high-resolution images? That’s okay. A multitude of platforms is at your fingertips. There are both free and paid stock photo sites. 

Free High-Resolution Images

Okay, friends. There are tons of premium outlets for purchasing photos. And I’m not knocking them. In fact, I’ve used them with past projects. But, most bloggers don’t need high-resolution images, so paying isn’t necessary unless you’re in a specialty niche. Because blogging is my passion and niche, I’ve focused this list on complementary services.

Let’s discover the best free stock photo sites for high-resolution images by exploring the most sought after categories together below.

High-Resolution Images of Space

To infinity and beyond! Any Buzz Lightyear fans here with me? I know! I’m such a mom.

When I was in school, (many moons ago) I wanted to be an astronaut – I watched all the space movies! Outer space images are absolutely some of the most breathtaking portrayals of the universe surrounding us. Vast portraits are electrified with phenomenal colors. It’s as close to the heavens as most of us will ever experience (during our lifetime). I’ve included four excellent websites for finding the best high-resolution images of space in 2019.



An incredible online community of photographers. Unsplash uploads creativity from around the globe. Originally a Tumblr blog, it’s grown into one of the largest stock photo sites accessible in 2019. Unsplash navigates easily with a toolbar of spectacular albums.

Choose from over a million high-resolution images. More than forty-thousand photos reside in their Space Collection alone. All pictures in the collage above are images uploaded by NASA.  I included the astronaut floating in the enormous sky,  to be a huge reminder of how tiny we are.



Pixabay is another fantastic platform for photos that are out of this world. Over a million impressions reside in their library. With nearly twelve-thousand high-resolution images of outer-space. The Universe, Stars, Galaxy, and the Cosmos are the most popular searches in the Space gallery.

In addition, Pixabay is a must mention for fellow mommy bloggers out there. There are thousands of images capturing pregnancy, babies, children, and family.



Hundreds of thousands of digital media files make up Pexel’s platform. Their Space category popular extraterrestrial searches include The Milky Way, Earth, and Planets.

Check out the top right image. My daughter says it lights up the galaxy like Captain Marvel in Avengers End Game. NO Spoilers!! I promise. But I loved her excitement as she exclaimed, “Female Superheroes are so cool mommy!” So I’ve included it for your opinion. What do you think? Can you see it? (Let me know in the comment section). I love raising strong mini-superheroes.



Another wealth of high-resolution images is contributed by NASA. Featuring a new image every day. The Hubble Telescope captures the majesty of the heavens so beautifully. You may find yourself lost for hours in their galleries.

Regarding NASA’s Image Library:

NASA’s new image library consolidates imagery spread across 60 collections into one searchable location. Users can embed content in their own sites and choose from multiple resolutions, including the original size, to download. Users can see the metadata associated with images, including EXIF/camera data on many images.

Mission Galleries Include:

  • New Horizons at Pluto
  • International Space Station
  • Mars Missions
  • Orion Spacecraft
  • Space Launch System
  • Earth Missions

Very cool! Thank you NASA, they’re truly enchanting. And a valuable asset for space enthusiasts, online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and homeschoolers. Any mommies out there working on space projects?  Don’t forget to Pin this incredible resource.

High-Resolution Images of Animals

Animals are such precious creatures! Okay, maybe they don’t compare to our own beloved babies? But they come pretty darn close.

My heart delights in browsing online catalogs of these magnificent beings. I’ve decided to share a few smaller collections that are gifting hidden treasures. Guaranteed to just make you want to snuggle with that soft panda. Awe! Look at these precious babies.



Don’t let the name scare you away. A morgue file is a place to keep post production materials for future reference. Like unused pictures, hence the site’s brand. A leading free image exchange, Morguefile is, “for creatives- by creatives.”

I’m loving the playfulness captured by these animal moments. Such an adorable little wolf pup.


Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a community of freelance photographers. Dedicated to sharing their most captivating shots. Impressive details are presented with intensely crisp detail. Life of Pix houses a quaint, but unique collection of free stock photography. Oh and, a ladybug catching a ride on a snail is probably the cutest thing you’re going to see today.



Picography’s is a growing library of gorgeous, high-resolution images. While I’ve displayed some of the remarkable animals. Highlighting the artistic expression and clarity of these magnificent finds. Some of the more populated categories include Technology, Scenery, and Cultural.

High-Resolution Images of Food

Who doesn’t enjoy food, right? Finding the perfect picture to feed your audience just got easier. Lifestyle, mom, and food bloggers take note of these incredible resources. These savory assortments are complimentary from the chef to your inbox. Bon Appetit.



Pikwizard has hundreds of delectable images of food. Choosing which pictures to expose proved a difficult feat with so many delicious decisions to make. Pikwizard is a fabulous companion for mommy, food, and lifestyle bloggers.



A global community of food photographers collaborates at Foodiesfeed. This is my absolute favorite site for high-resolution images of food. Hands down it’s one of the best sources for artistic presentation. Discover beautiful impressions of Meats, Coffee, Pizza, and Cakes. Vegan and Healthy categories exist as well.


ISO Republic

The ISO Republic snaps a phenomenal shot. Anyone else getting hungry yet? Mouthwatering mussels, succulent crab legs, dim sum, and avocado toast. Mmmm. Yes, please. Choose from thousands of quality images. Exploration of ISO Republic site is like perusing an art gallery. Sensational and of the utmost prestige.

High-Resolution Images of Nature

Perhaps, the most therapeutic feelings you can experience from stock images; nature is free therapy. Exploring images of God’s green Earth is an activity I easily get lost in. Traveling to the actual destination is on the bucket list. But until then, I’ve listed lead libraries for high-resolution images of nature.



Burst is a stock photo platform powered by Shopify. Trees, Mountains, Waterfalls, and Seascapes— are bursting from their galleries. Experience serene landscapes and wildlife like you’ve never seen before. Mommy bloggers— don’t forget to make note of this asset. Family photos are accessible.



Find remarkable Nature on Freestocks.org. Fabulous selections with rare qualities and unusual finds. Photographs are artistic while capturing the reality of the nature it snaps.



Skitterphoto is another valuable outlet. Offering fifteen categories of high-resolution images. Nature and Landscapes dominate with their impressive assortment of the outdoors. Another fun find is Skitterphoto’s Miscellaneous category. It’s packed with hidden treasures and other unusual finds.

High-Resolution Images of Flowers

Spring is in the air. Besides imposing annual cleaning expectations, Spring brings beautiful flowers into bloom. I’ve arranged selections displaying their delicacy and charm below.  Fantastic variations of vivid and vibrant colors, photographed in their natural habitats. Have you ever seen sunflowers outside of the photos? They grow surprisingly tall and are absolutely one of the most vibrant shades of yellow in a natural environment.



Hundreds of new high-resolution images upload to Stocksnap.io each week. I appreciate the artistic imagery represented with these flowers, brought to the focal point by obscuring the background. These are fabulous finds of individualistic styles. I simply, can’t say enough about how magical StockSnap.io’s galleries are.



ReShot offers a refreshing exchange of the world’s most visual content. Designed to elevate your creative projects. Every selection is hand-picked assuring a non-sticky quality. Search their flower assortments by Garden, Roses, and Floral.


Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave produces hundreds of thousands of high-resolution images.  All Creative Commons, this is an exclusive source of worldwide nature. Featured above are spectacular photos of flowers from all over the world. My favorite is the Frangipani flowers from Thailand, (top left). I wonder what they smell like?  Fancy Crave is a valuable asset to travel bloggers.

High Resolution Images – Complete Guide

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing these exclusive online galleries with me. Didn’t find the image you were looking for with the libraries provided above? Don’t panic. There are dozens of platforms and further photo opportunities to discover. Open best stock photo sites for a more complete list, including some of the top contenders for premium subscriptions.

What are your favorite destinations for high-resolution images? Comment below. And if this post helped you, could you repin it? Thank you for reading!

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