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Alrighty, it’s that time of year again. Get ready to read 10+ emails each day promoting the Genius Bloggers Toolkit. All of a sudden your inbox will be flooded with reasons why you should get the Genius Bloggers Toolkit. And honestly, it’s hard to say no.

For under $100 you’ll get over $7,000 worth of online products that cover topics such as blogging, email marketing, product creation, SEO, YouTube, Facebook ads, and more!

So should you spend your hard earned $97 on the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit? In short yes, and here is why. Of course I’ll also go into the reasons why you should not spend your money on the bundle.

In the end it’s 110% your decision if you need the bundle of products and if you’ll use them.

Full Disclosure about the Genius Bloggers Toolkit

This post contains affiliate links.

For those that promote the Toolkit, there are affiliate commissions to be made. Depending on if you’re a contributor or an affiliate, your commissions can be 70% or 40% of the bundle.

This makes it very appealing to promote. Not only is it an easy sell, but the affiliate commissions are healthy.

Great products + affordable price = win for everyone

Please keep in consideration that affiliate marketing is not scammy – most of the people promoting the Toolkit know there are great products in it, and many have invested in these products themselves – they are also hoping to make a few dollars through affiliate marketing to pay off their bills, to pay for groceries for their family, or goodness, even to pay for a vacation for their kiddos.

Don’t unsubscribe from everyone who promotes the Toolkit. It’s one week out of the year and we’re all trying our best to make our efforts online pay off.

Okay, now that we’re all clear that both the people promoting the bundle and those purchasing the bundle are getting good deals – let’s move on if you should invest in the Toolkit.

Why you should get the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

Here are the reasons why you should get the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit every single year.

It’s a ridiculously easy ROI

There are 90+ products worth $7000+. These range from ebooks, to courses, to stock images packs, templates and more.

If you just go through a handful of these courses and implement a few tips, you could easily make back the $97 you spent on the bundle.

You’re getting access to products created by successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. People who have been exactly where you are right now. It would be super easy to find a few tips over the span of 90+ products that can bring back the $97 to your wallet.

Unknown future needs

When you get the Toolkit you’ll of course be getting products you may not need right now. But a few months down the road, golly, you may really start to get interested in Facebook ads or webinars or memberships sites.

You can then find a course in the Toolkit on the topic you need to learn. The $97 you spend today is not just an investment in your current needs, but your future needs as well.

It’s speed dating for online products

The Toolkit is like speed dating for online products. Not that I’ve ever done speed dating – I’d be way too awkward and forget how to eat.

But you can “sample” every product and see who you like and don’t like. You may find your new bestie without the need to purchase 10+ courses individually.

Many of my current students have found me through the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. And they would have never stumbled upon my blog if it wasn’t for the buying the bundle.

Likewise, you may fall in love with new online teachers that you absolutely resonate with. Teachers who can take you by the hand and get you over that hurdle you’re struggling with.

It’s the price of one date night for the value of a fancy vacation

Most couples easily spend $97 on a nice date night.

  • Baby sitter = $30
  • Dinner = $50
  • Movie = $40

Voila, you’re already over the cost of the Toolkit.

Or you can stay in one night, make grilled cheese sandwiches, buy a $9 bottle of wine and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark on Netflix. (Need ideas, here are the best movies on Netflix)

It’s almost a no-brainer. If you want your blog to grow, you’ll need to invest both time and money.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit doesn’t break the bank or keep you up at night worrying about the money you just spent. And like I shared above, your ROI is easy.

Now let’s get into the reasons why you should not get the Toolkit.

Why you should not get the Genius Bloggers Toolkit

There are very real reasons why you should not buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. If any of the below points apply to you, don’t get the Toolkit – go watch my free YouTube videos instead.

$97 really is a big chunk of money

I don’t mean to make light at all of the fact that most people easily spend $97 on a date night. That does not apply to everyone.

Depending on where you are in your life and what needs you have, $97 may make or break it for you this month.

If that’s the case, don’t get the Toolkit.

I remember my ex-boyfriend making me feel guilty for not purchasing a “nice dress” for his cousin’s wedding. I ended up spending $168 for two dresses, more than I ever have in my life on clothing, and sitting on the bench outside the store crying. I was too embarrassed to return the items.

I don’t want that to be you. If $97 is too much for you, if you need the money for more important things, don’t spend it on the Toolkit.

Read my blog, watch my YouTube videos, enroll in my free courses and save your money.

You don’t have time

If you don’t have time to implement just a few of the tips in the 90+ products from the Toolkit, don’t get it.

If you’re going through a hard time right now – focus on getting your life on track first before adding more to your plate.

Or if you have too many courses already – go through what you’ve already invested in before purchasing more.

If you just think the Toolkit is overwhelming and you’re hesitant – there are cheat sheets for every product. So you can “skim” through the products easily and find what you want to learn more in depth.

You won’t implement

If you’re just going to purchase the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and know for a fact you’ll never go through the materials or implement the advice – don’t get it.

You know everything

If you feel you already know enough about the digital landscape, you may want to reconsider. The blogging world is always changing.

And even though I make a very healthy income with my blog and have retired my husband, I still glance through many of the products in the Toolkit to learn new strategies.

TLDR: The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

There you have it, the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is both a great product for those promoting it and those buying it. It has great affiliate commissions and is a steal at $97 for $7,000+ worth of online products – win win for both the promoter and buyer.

You should get the Toolkit because:

  • It’s a super easy ROI – implement just a few tips and you can get your money back!
  • It’s covers your learning needs for things you don’t even know you need in the future.
  • It’s speed dating for online products – test and try out 90+ product creators and see who you fall in love with.

You should not get the Toolkit because:

  • You have much more important things to buy with $97 – like food + rent.
  • You seriously do not have time right now.
  • You won’t implement any of the advice.

If you get the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit – fantastic! I’ll be right there with you swimming in an ocean of digital knowledge.

If you don’t, no worries – there is always next year (just know, it will be an entirely different bundle of courses – they never repeat products.)

Want to know what’s inside the Toolkit? This year I’ve put my course List by Number inside the bundle ($57 value) + there are 89 other products too 🙂

🤗 If you do want to get the Toolkit, here is my affiliate link to bundle. Thank you! 🤗

Did this help you? Let me know in the comments please!

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