Best Fitness and Health Blogs

Best Fitness + Health Blogs for Women and Men

Staying in shape and working on fitness goals is essential. Every year once the New Year hits, millions of people around the world decide that it’s time to focus on their health.

While that’s great news for them and their cholesterol, it’s always excellent news for all the awesome fitness and wellness blogs out there as well.

Best Fitness + Health + Wellness Blogs

When’s the last time that you read a fitness blog that truly inspired you to be better? I know one blog that keeps me motivated for being the “best me I can be,” and I’ll share that with you shortly.

But before that…let’s dive into the best fitness and health blogs!


A fitness blog can mean a wide variety of topics and concentrations. Some fitness or wellness blogs focus on working out, while others tend to offer assistance on a more holistic and wellness level. Just like most blogs in the blogging world, fitness blogs are all varied and different. (that’s just part of what keeps them interesting!)

The great part about a fitness blog is that it offers a way for people to learn about how to become healthy, without having to join a gym. But keep in mind that while you can do all the reading that you want on a fitness blog, you still have to motivate yourself to put those words into actions.

Fitness blogs make it super simple to get ideas for eating healthy, working out and possibly even finding a support group that will hold you accountable throughout your fitness journey. (think of it like a workout buddy…but it’s more than likely someone you’ve never, ever met)

The cool part about fitness blogs? They really do have the power to help people change their lives. Not only are they inspiring, but they’re full of motivation and action as well.

Trust me on this one…it’s hard not to feel empowered and pumped after finding a great and engaging fitness blog.

There are so many different types of fitness blogs to follow that it would be impossible to share them all…but I can narrow it down for you so that you can see some amazing examples of fitness sites that are knocking it out of the park!

Here are some of the most popular health and wellness blogs broken down by categories that you can view and follow yourself. 


It’s no secret that men fitness blogs are wildly popular on the internet. Thousands of men every day are searching for ways to get healthier and tone for the upcoming warm weather. And while the “dad bod” may be a popular term this year, mens fitness blogs tend to think otherwise in terms of health-related goals and exercise.

Nerd Fitness

First off, the name is fantastic. Secondly, Nerd Fitness is growing in popularity due to his ability to have fun while getting fit. Offering coaching and classes, plus community support, this fitness blog is one that will be around for many years to come.

Spot me Bro

Looking for a bodybuilding website to follow? Spot me Bro is the one for you. Learn how to set goals, build muscle, burn fat and anything else that you want to know. The blog and website are super easy to navigate as well.

Mens Health

While Mens Health is a big player in the fitness world, they offer a great online blog full of tips and workout ideas. Tailored towards men and their daily lifestyle, this is one blog that is truly doing a great job.


Now that you’ve seen a few of the mens fitness blogs let’s dive in on the other side and take a look at some of the awesome female fitness sites!

Fit Bottomed Girls

Could that fitness blog name be any more awesome?! Fit Bottomed Girls talk about all the diet and health topics that women worry about daily. Not only is this fitness site inspirational, but it’s also a great motivator as well.

Fitness on Toast

A popular UK blog, Fitness on Toast talks recipes, exercises, fashion and so much more. You’ll love reading her motivating words and tips to smash your own health-related goals.

Workout Mommy

Calling out moms! Workout Mommy hears your needs for tips and is there to deliver! With advice on how to bounce back after pregnancy to just life tips in general, this site is a great resource for females all over the world.


No matter where these fitness blogs are located, they offer some amazing advice and tips that we can all learn from!

Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena breaks it down, so it’s simple and easy to do. From working out when pregnant to daily workout options for all, you’ll love the positive vibes and inspiration that this fitness blog brings.

The Runner Beans

You guessed it…The Runner Beans is all about running! Running is super popular and a great form of exercise so following along for awesome running tips is a must.

Fit Travelista

Learn all about fitness and amazing protein snacks from the Fit Travelista! She even recommends some excellent and easy to use workout gear as well.


I know earlier I mentioned that not all fitness blogs have to necessarily be focused solely on exercise, right? Here are some examples of natural health blogs that focus on fitness and health, combined.


MindBodyGreen focuses on overall health and wellness for the entire mind, body, and soul. Follow along to learn more about how to become healthy as a whole!

Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is a great resource for all females who are wanting to learn how to live healthily. From eating better to getting motivation, you’ll learn a ton of valuable information from this health blog. 

These are just a few of the varying types of fitness blogs that there are available. As you can see, there is some online resource available for everyone to read and learn from!


If you’ve decided that you’re ready to dive in a start a fitness blog, YAY! Let me be the first to officially welcome you to the blogging community. A little secret? The blogging community is insanely helpful and supportive, no matter what your niche is in.

My want for you is to find success; however, you may define it. Some start a blog with the hopes to make money, while others start it to make a change or difference. Only YOU can determine what you want the outcome of your blog to be, and isn’t that a fantastic position to be in?

Just even reading that headline makes my heart happy. Helping people understand and find out how to start a blog is one of my absolute passions. Learning how to start a blog isn’t a hard process (you can do it!), but it does take patience, persistence and a basic understanding of how the blogging community works.

I’m so motivated to help you succeed in your goals, I’ve created a free tutorial that will walk you through the beginning process.


Depending on who you ask, some may tell you that starting a fitness blog can be difficult. I want to be the first to tell you that it’s not.

And here’s why…

The majority of bloggers starting out often feel it’s difficult because they haven’t chosen a direct content path or niche. What this then does is have them jumping all over the place and feeling as though they can’t get from point A to point B. The good news for you?

Before you’ve even started blogging, you already have your niche.

That puts you ahead of the game in the blogging world by leaps and bounds! With a clear goal and focus in mind of fitness, your fitness blog is already chugging down the track.

Make sure that you don’t lose that vision or goal and stay on track with your niched down content. The fitness realm is huge and offers a ton of potential for various articles and outlets, so it’s important to stay true to your audience and followers.

If there ever does come the point where you feel as though you need more content ideas, try these simple and effective writing tips:

  • Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm – it doesn’t have to be pretty, just write down your thoughts on paper!
  • Ask your readers what they want – brilliant!
  • Partner up with another fitness blogger and work together – guest posting is always a great idea!

Remember to stay positive when it comes to creating content for your blog. Deciding to start a fitness blog is fun and a wonderful way to help others, so allow yourself to continue to enjoy the process and the journey as well.

You could also get some cool athleticwear with your logo on it to look even more professional as a fitness blogger!


Let me help you out here a bit by getting a jump start on some awesome blog topics that you *might” consider writing about:

  • How to Motivate Yourself To Get Off the Couch
  • Simple Steps To Starting Taking Simple Steps
  • How to Find The Motivation To Workout
  • Snack Foods that Won’t Bust Your Fitness Goals
  • Easy to Do Workouts From Home
  • Should You Join a Gym, or Not?
  • Health benefits of Running
  • Motivational Quotes to Pump You Up

And those are just a quick mind dump of ideas! (See where I’m going with this?!) There are thousands of topics and ideas that you can write about on any platform of fitness blogs. THOUSANDS.

Creating an engaging title is part of drawing in those readers…but don’t forget these other important components as well!

Once you can get the structure of your posts set, the easy part is creating content about the topics that you know and are passionate about.


If you follow me, you know that I wasn’t an “overnight” success. I put a lot of sweat and tears and late nights (and coffee!) to get to where I am now. And honestly, I loved every minute of it.

But for some, blogging can be tough. While many people tend to think that blogs are just written, posted and suddenly become popular, the Google Gods of the world don’t necessarily act that way.

There is more to just writing words that have to go into creating a great fitness blog.

The one thing that I think is the secret behind making blogs successful? Heart, passion, and knowledge. That trio combined is an epic combination to creating unforgettable content.

Just think about it for a moment…how many times have you read an article and felt “nothing.” No reaction, no comments, no questions…just “blah.”

Don’t create content that doesn’t come across as genuine. That’s one of the biggest pieces of advice that I can offer. And I hope you remember it.

Your audience will follow you, for you and your content. They’ll read your words and put them into action. If you write about something that you aren’t knowledgeable about, they will know.

And the reason I’m telling you this? It’s so you can skip this “process” and zone in on all the amazing knowledge that you currently have. Share your mind, your passions and your insight with your readers and they will reward you for that.


Remember earlier when I said that I had a fitness site that I just really enjoyed and loved? I know you haven’t forgotten…right?

I find great joy in reading the fitness blog, Brea Getting Fit. Seriously, check it out. Not only does Brea write in a fun and relatable way, but she’s showing that it’s possible to live your best, healthy life by just slowing down and taking it one day at a time. And trust me…as a busy mom, sometimes I only have the energy to take life day by day.

Remember, starting a blog in the fitness niche is possible, exciting and full of unlimited potential. Focus in on what you know, what you love and what you’re excited to share with the world and more than likely, you’ll be executing those blogging plans with ease in no time at all.

For all you fitness bloggers out there, what is one piece of advice that you’d offer some looking to get started in the fitness niche?

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