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15 Companies That Offer Entry-Level Work From Home Jobs

We’re living in a time now where everything is changing. What we think we know one day isn’t the same for the next. And since the past few months have shown us that it’s prime time to figure out how to work from home, it’s also the perfect time to uncover and discuss some of the best entry-level work from home jobs, too. 

I know I’ve been blessed in my work from home job. And honestly, I don’t know if I ever understood just how far I could take it. When I had the vision of working from home, it was for a multitude of different reasons. 

I wanted to be there with the kids, I wanted to find a way to grow my passions, I wanted to find a way to support our family and grow our family at the same time, and I know ultimately, that I wanted to be my own boss and eventually bring my husband on board for the ride. (It worked, too! Read how he was able to “retire” at the age of 30!)

Many people tend to think that working from home jobs are hard to come by, but I’m actually the opposite of that viewpoint. I’ve been researching this topic for a long time and I’ve found one big tip that I can’t wait to share with all of you…but before I do, let’s dive into some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you’re looking for entry-level work from home.

What is an entry level job?

Even though it might sound common, some people might have different viewpoints about what entry-level actually means. In order to qualify for an entry-level job, there actually still might be some requirements that you need to fulfill.

Because in all reality, the term entry-level really only refers to the fact that it’s a job that is open to people who are willing and able to start at the “bottom” and work their way up to the top. 

Work from home jobs can be entry-level and still have requirements and qualifications that many people can’t do. This is why it’s just as important to make certain that you’re locating a job that you’re qualified for, even if it is listed as entry-level.

Can I work from home with no experience?

Yes, you actually can. And this is what makes the internet a lovely place. Even though there are many entry-level positions that require skills, there are just as many that will provide the training and resources needed. 

Some of the best companies out there realize that now is the time to offer people the ability to work from home so that they can be with their family and children. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be choosy and picky about their applicants but it does mean that there’s a better chance of finding a work from home job that can easily get you working from the comfort of your very own home office.

What kind of jobs can I do from home?

Guys! This is one of my favorite things to talk about. Because you know what? You can literally do so many jobs from home! And while this didn’t use to be the case not long ago, it’s definitely something that has changed rapidly over the course of the year. 

While this list isn’t inclusive of jobs that you can do from home, here are some of my favorite options that are simple and easy to start! Some of these jobs you can apply to work with a company and some of them you can launch and create your very own work from home business. 

Work from home jobs to start asap

The main thing to remember when working from home is that you need to make certain that you give yourself space and resources needed to grow. Companies will supply you with this and the needed training but if you are branching out and starting something on your own, you’ll need to have a solid business plan on how you’re going to make it happen. 

Companies that offer entry-level work from home jobs

Finding strong companies that offer positions at home is a great way to take the first step. If you’re ready to start a serious job search on ways that you can work from home, here are some of my recommendations for companies that offer entry-level positions from home.  

●     VIP KIDS

VIPKid is no stranger to the work at home scene. In fact, this is their bread and butter. Not only do they employ thousands of people from all over the world but they also offer flexibility and good pay, too. The main job for their positions is to teach English to children as young as 4 years old up to the age of 12 that are located in China. 

There are a few requirements to be able to be employed (you have to have a Bachelor’s Degree) by VIPKids so make certain that you’re a fit for what they need. People who work for this company love the energy and payment structure and having the ability to set their own schedules as well. 

As long as you have high energy and a great internet connection, this is a job that you need to seek out pronto!

Kelley Services

More than likely, you’ve probably heard of this employment agency. It’s one of the largest in the United States and if offers in-person job opportunities as well as work from home ones as well. 

Since this company partners up and works with some of the biggest employers in the US, it’s a great chance to find the perfect fit for you. Also, don’t let the fact that it’s a temp agency scare you away. Many people have gone on to get hired full-time by the companies after their temp contract has ended. 


It’s no surprise that Amazon offers work from home jobs to people all over the globe. The majority of these jobs are customer service related but they pay well and offer stable employment with consistent income. 

American Express

Everyone knows this huge credit card company, right? They seem to actively be hiring customer service agents that can help from home. The jobs and skillsets will vary but being able to assist for all customer service aspects and troubleshooting is likely a huge part of the job. 


We all love their cookware so why not see if you can get a job with them and score an extra discount or two? From marketing positions to data entry, they have openings to be filled.


Lionbridge has actually been offering work from home employment for many years. It’s one potential employer that has a wide variety of jobs that need to be filled. Their open positions include testers for exams, graders, and even some in sales and marketing. As with any open position, read all the job descriptions and choose the one that fits you and your skillsets the best. 


If sales are your thing, joining a rock-solid company like Salesforce just might need to be on your radar. They’ve been a leader in the sales field for many years and always seem to be hiring more sales agents to work from home.

Since they provide the training needed, it’s a safe bet to get into the world of online sales. 


Do you love to teach and have the ability to teach others? If so, getting a job from home as a teacher is something that you might be able to do with K12. Since this is a resource that is used by parents all around the states, there are always openings for qualified teachers to join in on the fun. 


Love the customer service industry and helping others make travel plans? Hilton is always looking for great people to work from home to answer questions and book reservations in their system.

And since Hilton is such a big company, this might be a great way to find a good gig while also getting some travel perks and discounts of your own. 


Wayfair is a major online retailer that has plenty of cool products to purchase and add to your home. And this also means that they need awesome customer service reps to help them filter orders and answer questions as well. 

If strong communication and attention to detail are your things, consider checking out the current openings. 


The healthcare industry is always growing and there are always claims that have to be processed and bills to be explained as well. If you want to have a schedule that you can easily do from home, working for Aetna can be a great way to land a full-time job with ease.


Transcription employment is not going anywhere! In fact, due to the internet, it’s something that is actually growing as more and more people are realizing that they can do it from anywhere in the world. 

This type of job will require a strong attention to detail and fast typing skills and if that’s you, you need to research and apply! 


Another computer powerhouse that likes to have employees working from home is Dell. From coding to marketing, there is a wide range of positions that they’re constantly seeking to fill with the best possible candidates. 

Johnson & Johnson

The job openings at Johnson and Johnson will vary, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking in every once in a while and seeing what is open. From sales to marketing to customer service, you just might find the perfect fit that you can easily do from home. 


This online educational company is geared towards higher education and helps students prep and prepare. If you like to tutor, grade, study, and create, there just might be a chance for you at Kaplan to make your mark with your skills and knowledge.

While these are just 15 companies that have plenty of work from home opportunities, make certain that you hone in on your skillsets and decide what you want to do. There are so many ways that you can make working at home a reality. 

Final thoughts about entry-level work from home jobs

When it comes to being able to work at home, it’s not something that is actually ideal for everyone. BUT FOR ME? I’m pretty much obsessed. So much so that I can’t imagine living my life any other way. 

I love being able to wake up and get right to work…or even walking downstairs at night when I can’t sleep and finishing up a project that’s taken up way too much real estate in my brain.

Having the ability to work from home takes dedication, patience, structure, persistence, and responsibility but I can assure you that once you get a routine down that works for you, it’s 100% worth it every single day. (and not just because you can work in your PJ’s – but that’s a total perk, too!) 

Earlier in the post, I mentioned that there was one big tip about working from home that I loved and wanted to share with all of you, remember? My big tip about working from home?

Don’t wait until the time is perfect. 

There’s nothing “perfect” about anything in life and when you’re trying to get into that mindset, you’re really just psyching yourself out from taking the steps to making it happen. 

If you want to work from home, do it. I’m a big believer in the motto that states “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and it totally pertains to this. 

I often hear people say that it’s their dream to work from home but then nothing ever comes out of that dream. Make it more than a statement. Make it more than “just” words.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of working at home, it’s time to start finding some real options (or creating your own!) and planting those seeds for success.  

Do you have any other tips for finding success when it comes to entry-level work from home jobs?

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