DIY Post-It Note Photo Background

DIY Photo Background

It’s been eight months since the birth of my second daughter and a lot has changed. My blog has grown, I have launched an ebook and a course, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

So I figured it was time to update my profile picture a bit to reflect all of the changes. But I wanted to do it creatively and somehow show my brand in my picture too.

I realized I have so many time management tips using the humble little post-it note, especially these super sticky ones! Like my super simple weekly schedulemy prioritization system or my essential no list.

My readers and friends have come to know me as the post-it note momma. So why not embrace it? Why not add it to my profile picture? See below for the before and after! And some proof why I love these little notes so much!

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Profile Picture Before

Here is my profile picture 8 months ago. My little one was about 2 weeks old and my toddler was still guzzling bottles of extra breastmilk. Lucky duck!

Start a Mom Blog Suzi Cover Image

Profile Picture After

This is my new profile picture. I like that the girls aren’t looking directly at the camera. And I absolutely LOVE the background! It conveys my creativity with the color but also my structured engineering mind with the grid. (Or that is what I hope!)

Overall, I like that the picture is brighter than my previous one and is more recognizable. Also, isn’t it sweet that the girls switched who wears the rose headband?


DIY Post-It Note Photo Background #1

Here is the background I used for my profile picture. It took me about 15 minutes to make. Phew!


DIY Post-It Note Photo Background #2

You can create a kind of ombre effect with post-it notes too!


DIY Post-It Note Photo Background #3

Or you can make a post-it note burst. Gosh! This pretty much used all of my yellow post-it notes!


Examples of DIY Backdrop

I tested out a few of the backgrounds with my toddler’s toys. She loves horses. I just wanted to give you an idea of how to use this.


Or pink ombre with a white horse?


Or the post-it note burst with a giraffe!


Unique Profile Pictures

Here are other mom bloggers that have profile pictures that stand out to me and I quickly recognize when I browse through social media. Add your own personality to your picture to help convey your brand.


Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog‘s picture is clean and simple. It also has the cool colors that her blog and style resembles.


Carolina from Mama Instincts has her children in her picture too! I love that her little one is in a baby carrier. This picture is super relatable!


Chantal Steele from Busy Blogging Mom‘s picture is classic and clean. She looks gorgeous!


Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures picture fits in perfectly with the colors of her blog. I also love how the focus is on her bright blue eyes!


Jen from Side of Income’s profile picture is spot on! This momma blogger and full-time HR manager just conveys productivity! She knows her stuff and even in her profile picture she is working hard! 🙂


Jennifer from Women Winning Online has a laid back and very approachable look. The little pop of color is feminine and recognizable!


I love Laura Williams from The Badass Business Mum‘s profile picture! Doesn’t she just look like a mom you can have a great time chatting with?


Lena from What Mommy Does is sitting pretty on a swing in her profile picture. What I love about Lena is that even though she is a number-crunching-uber-successful-blogger she always takes the time to help others in her amazing Facebook group!


Monica from Redefining Mom can pull off dark lipstick! A challenge I’ve never been able to do. Her picture is professional and classic and she helps moms transition from corporate life to starting their own businesses at home. Check out her new ebook too!


Angie Nelson from The Work at Home Wife has a gorgeous profile picture! I love how she plays off of the 50’s housewifey look!

I hope all these lovely ladies have given you inspiration for your profile picture! Remember to be yourself and convey your brand in your picture. Have fun with it!

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Blog Vision Boards

Here is more proof that I love these little things! My blog vision board has evolved from version 1.0 to 2.0 – super original – I highly recommend that you read the posts, they are filled with nuggets of gold!

Blog Vision Board 1.0

Blog Vision Board

Blog Vision Board 2.0

Blog Vision Goals Mission Board

Lean Six Sigma

I think my love for these little post-it notes came when I was a lean leader in corporate America. You can see here how post-it notes are used to create a value stream map. I’m thrilled that I can incorporate my background and motherhood on my blog.

The time we live in today is truly amazing! We are able to help each other and share so much with our blogs. If you are crafty, or have amazing advice, or want to have a creative outlet for your passion, I highly recommend starting a blog. Not only has it been financially helpful, it has also boosted my mood immensely as a stay at home mom with little kids.

Thanks for reading my quick little DIY backdrop post! Let me know below what fun things you do in your profile pic!

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  • So when I read the title of your article, I pictured something else – but now I’m totally inspired!

    I notoriously have post-it notes littered across my desk but when I saw your post title I thought, “Why not create a desktop image for my computer with my little notes?”

    Maybe not the super cute backgrounds you’re talking about, but I’m going to go chase this light-bulb moment.

    Thanks for all the awesome content!

  • This helps- I have gone through multiple blogs, tried other courses- but yours I connected with. This blog is super helpful to me since I have never attempted bullet journal and definitely want to build a system I can thrive and grow with.

  • Wow! I thought your first profile picture was great. You look so beautiful! I love the new pictures. I ALWAYS check back to Start a mom blog – because there is always a new tip that I NEED. Thanks so much Suzi!

  • Love your new picture, Suzi! It is so creative and unique! And your blog vision board is SO inspirational. I need to create one where I can see my goals for my new blog so I can get inspired and motivated to take my blog to the next level. (And to see something pretty too!) Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I love this! It is so creative and so YOU!

    I really think 3M needs to start sponsoring you. Maybe I can drive over to St. Paul and ask them about that? 🙂

    And thank you for featuring me! My picture kinda cracks me up. It was taken after family pictures at this working farm in the middle of the suburbs. And was frazzled but thankfully it doesn’t show. 🙂

    • Oh Jen, that would be amazing! I think I may send my posts to them and ask if they’d like to send me a box of post-it notes for free! 😉 And I’m always so happy to feature you! Women need to know about your amazing services! & awesome Facebook group!

  • Suzi, you’re so creative! I love the idea of using post it notes as a background! I seriously think of you as the post-it notes mom blogger with some awesome ideas!

    • Yes! I have established myself in a very small niche – moms who want to blog but love post-it notes 🙂 Thank you for the sweet comment! Your blog name is super cute!

    • Yes! Thank you Jessica! 🙂 My hubby joked that soon I’ll be wearing a post-it notes dress – when it comes to that, maybe you can sell the dress in your store! 🙂 Ava Grace Post It Fashions – just kidding! I need more coffee.

  • This is why I love your blog. When I saw the blog post picture, I thought I grasped all you would share, but I decided to pop over to run through your pics super quick and as always you delivered a content rich, super helpful, go the extra mile with lots of info post. You are the Detail Queen and I really appreciate it. Love that you added all those example photos of items on your backgrounds and the bloggers pics too. You rock!

    • Aww thank you April! I appreciate your super sweet comment! I’ll always try to over deliver on value in my blog posts. I know your time is valuable, and I appreciate you spending a bit of your day on my blog!

  • I love your new profile pic! The pop of bright color really catches the eye.
    I was inspired by you this weekend when I created an editorial calendar in my bullet journal using post its. I love how it came out!

    • Emma! So happy to see you on my blog! Thank you for visiting! Oh and please send me a picture of your bujo with the post it notes – I’d love to feature it in one of my posts if you don’t mind! Of course I’ll link back to you!

  • Aww thank you Elna! You’re the queen of amazing blog comments and featuring other great bloggers. So I wanted to return the favor! 🙂 And I can relate, while I love the outdoors, I’m much more ‘outsidey’ that ‘outdoorsy’. 🙂