11 Printables You Can Create and Sell Today

Are you looking for a product that you can create and start selling right away? Sounds like a pipe dream, right? But the truth is that it’s possible to actually create a printable and sell it the very same day.  

I do it all the time! So many people tend to think that they need a huge product or course to launch to make money but why make it so complicated? I’m a big supporter of taking imperfect action quickly and not waiting for the perfect idea and time to launch.

This is why I’m so super excited about small digital products, like printables! Not only are we going to give you the best printables to work on right now but we’ll even give you a few of our favorite tips along the way. 

Now is the time to believe in yourself and your creativity and start working on your printables. The sooner that you make them, the sooner you can sell them. And the sooner that you sell them, the sooner that you’ll be one step closer to making a full-time income or an amazing supplemental income as well.  

In this video, we talk about 11 different digital product ideas that you can launch in minimal time.  

11 Printables You Can Create and Sell Today 

Stop thinking that you need to lock yourself up in a cave to write an entire novel or ebook before you can get it published to sell. You’re missing out on a prime chance to create and upload money makers today!


Everyone loves planners. Planners for mom life, planners for homeschooling, planners for family medical appointments…don’t forget about planners for fitness, planners for errands, planners for business trips, and just about anything else that you can think of that requires some sort of planning. See where I’m going here?

People LOVE to buy planners because it makes them feel a bit more control of their lives. 

It’s a very real possibility that there is room for planners in almost every niche out there. 

And while some people prefer to use an electronic planner, you’d be shocked to know that most actually like the “old-fashioned” planner method of good ol’ pencil and paper. 

Some people still love printing out planners and adding them to their own 3-ring binders. (Me…I’m some people)

There are also people who love having both a digital planner and a paper planner because that way they’re covered no matter what. 

Even if you’re not a fan of planners, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create them for others to use. People love planners so why not give your audience what they need? 

You can easily use a program called PDF Escape to make an online editable planner which makes it super convenient for your readers to still purchase and use, even if they don’t want to print.  


(And no, calendars aren’t the same as planners) A calendar is a great idea because it allows people to look ahead in the future and focus on aspects and commitments that aren’t just for them.

Family calendars are super popular because parents will hang them up so that everyone is aware of what is happening over the next few weeks.  

The great thing about calendars is that they need to be refreshed yearly and updated. This means that people will be return buyers to get your new version of your calendar.  

You can choose to make a year-long calendar, a weekly calendar, or even a month-at-a-glance calendar. Another super simple idea is to have a family organizational calendar as well.  

Have fun creating new calendar ideas because there will always be a market for this type of printable. 

Want templates you can use right now? The Printable Power Pack is a bundle of 70+ printable templates you can customize and use to grow your email list or income!

Coloring Pages

Make certain that you keep an open mind when creating coloring pages and make them for kids and adults. Kids aren’t the only ones who get joy out of coloring!  

Coloring is a very soothing activity and is also meditative so this is why it’s become quite popular with an adult crowd as well.  

If you’re good with graphic design, you can create your own coloring pages or also find someone on Fiver who is affordable, too.  

You can also find great commercial licensed coloring pages to sell on your blog here!

Coloring pages are also a really great opt-in to build your email list or they can be a great mini product if you have quite a few that you can bundle together.  

Educational Pages

Homeschooling is increasing in popularity. And because of this, more and more families are online looking for learning activities for their children to do. 

With virtual schooling and homeschooling growing rapidly, why not create homeschooling pages or educational pages that can be printed out easily once purchased?

The options are endless on what you can create. Math, science, English…1st grade, 2nd grade, and on up the grades. All have options and a need for great options for education.

This is a huge market so if this is in your niche, go for it! Don’t forget to try and be unique as well so that your printables stand out from the rest.  

Here is a great resource to find school worksheets that you can customize and sell on your blog or shop today!

If you know a unique talent or fun information to share with others, people might be interested in purchasing that from you to teach their own kids. Think outside the box and have fun with this.  

Wallpapers and prints

These could actually be digital for things like your phone or iPad or computer. They could also be physical prints and graphics that people print out, too. Beautiful quotes and sayings are always super popular and are a great example of ideas to do.

Things like “home is where the best memories are made” are popular and people will pay money for them all day long. I have one on my wall right now!

Create different types of pretty font prints that are unique and beautiful enough to frame so people will want them on their own walls.

Finance Trackers 

Money budget printables are huge. Everyone is on some sort of budget so this type of printable is one that could solve a pain point for a lot of people. 

When it comes to people and their finances, it can be a lot to try and filter through to keep track of. Creating a planner where people can track their debt and make goals towards becoming debt-free are always popular as are business planners to aid with tracking expenses and income.  

People are looking for a simple way to track their finances in a way that they can easily understand and process. There are also many people out there who want their financial information out of the online world because of hacker issues and lack of online security.  

In the Printable Power Pack I’ve included multiple types of trackers you can customize, brand and sell on your website today!

Organizational Guides

Can we all just admit that our lives are just a bunch of wonderful chaotic moments that we’re trying to figure out? That would make me feel a lot better but not really do anything for helping me to become more organized.  

This is where printable guides can help people take control of parts of their lives that might be a bit out of control.  

Organizational life guides and printables can really help people focus on how to organize areas of their home and their minds. This could be as simple as creating a step-by-step guide to organizing a pantry or as detailed as making a plan to organize the entire house.  

Giving people the option to purchase a guide that will help them be organized is a great idea and one that is certain to be popular.  

There’s an entire store dedicated to organizing. If they are profitable, just imagine what helpful printables can do!

Mindset Guides

Think devotionals or journal prompts that help people find their creativity and give them writing exercises to clear their minds. These are often quite motivating and beautiful as well. 

These don’t have to be complex, either. The best part about mindset guides is that you can even have just one little question daily to provide a thought-provoking question for them to answer. People who are seeking self-care are going to be your target audience with this type of printable product.  

Habit trackers also fall under this category, you can checkout the templates for guides in the Printable Power Pack here.

Devotional Prayer Guide

This one is pretty straightforward as it is just what the title suggests. If you’re niche and audience is more faith-centered, creating a prayer guide just might be the perfect printable for your online store.  

This printable idea is great for adults to focus on their faith and can also be great for kids as well to help them dive deeper into their faith as well as provide great talking points for you and your children.  

Project Planners

People love a plan. This would be a great printable for anyone working in the digital or online world or someone who is in charge of products and planning.  

I’ve also found that homeschooling parents find comfort in having these type of planners as well to plan out field trips, etc. for their school days. 

This type of planner can be great for tracking a remodeling project or planning your next family camping adventure as well. 

Any type of project that needs planning would be a great fit for this printable. Last but not least… 


Everybody loves tracking accomplishments, steps, calories, you name it…this is why tracker printables are probably one of the easiest things to market and sell. Some other simple tracker printables are:

  • Workout trackers
  • Birthday trackers
  • School trackers
  • Habit trackers
  • Reward trackers for kids
  • Chore trackers

And this is just the start of trackers…There are literally trackers for everything and that leaves the door wide open for printables to be made. 

Once you have an idea for a tracker printable, keep that momentum going and branch off with even more tracker ideas.  

We did it – we made it to eleven! These printable ideas are ones that we feel strongly about and think would be a great way to jumpstart your business and sales quickly.  

Nee more printable ideas?

Here is another video to help you discover your printable super powers!

Final Thoughts Regarding Printables to Sell 

We’ve gone over quite a bit of information here so let’s quickly recap the 11 printables that you should create and start selling today. 

  1. Planners
  2. Calendars
  3. Coloring pages
  4. Educational activities
  5. Wallpapers
  6. Budgeting and finance-related printables
  7. Organizational guides
  8. Mindset guides
  9. Devotionals and planners
  10. Project planners
  11. Trackers

Have you noticed a common thread with all of these? They’re all about helping people get control of the chaos in life and offering solutions on how to fix those issues fast.  

The whole goal of offering printables is to give people actionable resources that they can use.

They’re not paying for a fluffy course…they’re paying for a tangible product that they can purchase and use immediately.  Its purchase is to help them get control in their lives and when people are making that purchase, they’re showing that they’re ready for that next step.  

Printables are a fantastic way to create and sell products that really do help people. If you like to create, why not do something that can earn you money and help others at the same time?  

The first thing that you need to do is brainstorm on what your audience could really use. Don’t waste time creating printables that really don’t make any sense to your audience. Give your audience what they’re looking for and what they need and then build your creativity from there. The more that you can prove to your audience that you have their best interest in mind, the more loyal that they’re going to be for purchasing.  

As you can tell, creating printables is a super fun and simple way to allow your creativity to shine. If you have the potential to make money today, why wait? Create printables today and start selling them the very same day! Seems like a solid plan to me!  

Selling printables is one of our favorite ways to make money fast and offer great products to our audience as well. And the more printables that you make, the faster you’ll get at making them, too!  

There’s never been a better time to create online printables because everyone is literally online nowadays for everything!

If you want to learn how to create small digital products, like printables, step by step, enroll in the Printables by Number course.


Which one of these printables do you think you’re going to make first?

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