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38 Craft Jobs to Help You Explore Your Creativity (And Make Money)

As a creative person, it can be really hard to know where to begin when you want to make money with a craft job.  There are so many possibilities, but getting started sounds so confusing and risky!  Fear not! 

We are going to cover 37 authentic craft jobs. Some are craft jobs from home, some are crafty jobs that pay well,  and one I never realized that I had the resources or creativity to do myself.  I’ll tell you what it is in a moment, as well as how you can do it too, but first, let’s look at some different types of craft jobs. 

What is a Craft Job? 

A craft job is a job in which you use your creative talents to make some sort of a product or you offer a service to others. That product may be digital or physical.  There are craft jobs that you can do from home and for other people. Some people think that a craft job is always something that you do on the side, but it is an official occupation. It is possible to make this your full-time job where you actually do make a lot of money without being the next Picasso. 

How to get started with a craft job? 

Most people think you need a lot of talent and a ton of materials to get started with a craft job. That’s not always true. You can get started with a craft job with things that you already have laying around. you might even be able to get started with just the PC in front of you. start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • What crafty things do I enjoy doing?
  • What kinds of materials do I already have?
  • Do I want to work for myself or do I want to work for someone else?
  • Do I want a craft job involving a local business or brick and mortar store or do I want a remote craft job? 
  • What kinds of crafts have I always wanted to do?
tips for a successful craft job

Tips for Success in Craft Jobs

Like any job, you need a plan for success with your craft job.

  • Remember that you will get better at it with practice.
  • Use your own natural gifts and talents
  • Pick something that interests you that you think you can do for a long time
  • Keep organized
  • Have a way to sell your crafts, either online, a brick and mortar store, or face to face.
  • Have a system for taking and tracking orders
  • Don’t forget to calculate shipping and material costs

Types of Craft Jobs

Product TypeExamplesMaterials NeededCourse
Digital ProductsStickers, journal prompts, habit trackers, calendars, kids activities, templates, and patterns, etcPC, Powerpoint, Canva, cell phone/cameraPrintables by Number (for making printable products)
Physical ProductCandles, soap, jewelry, home decor, leather products, baked goods, beauty products, croquet and sewing, paper products and flowers, custom tumblers/pens, etc Varies by productBlog by Number to set up a blog so you can share your products and processes
Service Craft JobCommission paintings, retail craft job, teaching/lessons, craft job career, t-shirt design, photography, website design, branding logo design, writing/editing service, etcMostly time, other materials vary by serviceBlog by Number for websites and also has a lesson on logo design
remote craft jobs

Remote Craft Jobs

Remote craft jobs can be done from anywhere. They can be done on a flexible schedule, and in most instances, all you need is a laptop. You can do these if you are home or traveling. In some cases, they can even generate passive income!

1. Blogger

You can start a blog and make money. It takes a bit of time, and a lot of work, but it’s well worth the investment. Kids activity blogs and craft blogs are very popular, and they have the potential to generate a lot of income! Blogging is probably the craft job that most elegantly combines the things that you love to do with the potential to make money while doing it.

The Blog by Number Course breaks everything down and makes it easy to get started!

2. Website Designer

These days every business needs a website. Most business owners need someone else to set it up and design it for them. There are many templates that make it easy to design beautiful websites that are easy to navigate. If you know a good website layout when you see it, you could remotely design websites for businesses. You can easily take the skills that you learn in the Blog by Number Course and apply it to create other types of websites.

3. Writing/Editing/Reviewing

When people think of crafting, they usually don’t think of writing. Writing is a very creative endeavor. With all the blogs out there, you can make a good income on the side by writing articles and blog posts for others, as well as editing and reviewing. Most of this work is now done remotely and you can make a good income as a freelance writer.

4. Creating Branding/Logos

This also falls under the digital design field. With very few tools inexpensive tools (like pic monkey) you can create a beautiful logo for yourself or others. Businesses and bloggers often pay to have their brands and logos created.

5. Stock Photos

Do you have a talent for photography, but don’t have the time to book sessions? You can sell stock photos online. Content creators need original images. Think of images that can be customized and used as background, as well as used for mock-ups for products.

6. Digital Graphic Collections

If you love to create art, play around with different textures and colors, make clip art, different small drawings, doodles, or even different fonts, you could bundle them and sell them on a platform such as creative market as a digital graphic collection.

craft jobs from home

Craft Jobs from Home

Do you need a creative outlet that you can do from home? These craft jobs can easily fit into your existing schedule and your house.

7. Custom Cakes, Cookies and Baked Goods

Do you love baking and sweet treats? If you are the go-to person when someone needs a birthday cake, you might consider baking for other people. I have known several people that have supplemented their income with custom-decorated cakes and cookies. Sometimes they are made to order, other times they made big batches of cookies and decorated and sold them. After showcasing the cakes and cookies on their personal social media pages, orders started rolling in!

8. Home Decorating

Do you love rearranging your furniture or decorating for the holidays? Other people will pay you to come in and do that for them! You could help someone place furniture after a remodel, or put up their seasonal decorations for them!

I recently had a friend come in and help me rearrange some furniture. She told me “You know you don’t have to use furniture for its intended use. There’s nothing wrong with taking a bookshelf and turning it into a coffee bar.” Mindblown. I had never thought of that before!

Don’t underestimate the power of little tricks like that. Not everyone thinks of them!

9. Custom Home Decor

Just like some of us (like me!) need a bit of help with home decorating, you can also create custom home decor. It’s a big help to those of us who want a cozy home, but don’t know where to start. You can create custom home decor items such as signs, wreaths, or even custom furniture!

10. Photography

Are you the person that takes 5000 pictures of their kids every year or just randomly goes out and does a photoshoot for fun? People will pay you to take family portraits! You can easily make photography a craft job for side income. Word of mouth and social media are powerful advertisers, especially in local areas.

11. Kids Activities

There are many kids activity blogs with amazing ideas. Moms are always looking for ways to keep their little ones entertained. It’s a bonus if it’s not only fun but educational. Why not put together little kits and make it easy on Mom? (here’s a safety guide for materials) Sounds like a fun craft job to me!

handmade craft jobs

Handmade Craft Jobs

Handmade crafts give off a personal touch and feel. These are things that we more traditionally think of when we think of a craft. They are physical products that you can make and sell. If you need more ideas, check out these 25 easy crafts that make real money.

12. Candles

Who doesn’t love a beautiful-looking and smelling candle? You can create your own out of almost any container. They can be very basic wax poured in a mason jar with a wick and essential oils, or they can be very elaborately carved and beautiful.

13. Soap

Handmade soap is making a huge mark on the craft industry. Bars of soap are not hard to make but feature a beautiful combination of scents, ingredients, and colors. They not only feel luxurious when you use them but can also leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized or help with the itch of summer bug bites.

14. Beauty Products

From handmade lotion, moisturizer, hair masks, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and more the possibilities for a craft job with beauty products is seemingly endless.

15. Quilts

Quilts are a timeless craft. You can make quilts from scraps of materials lying around your own home or custom make them for other people. It’s a warm snuggly gift that feels like it wraps you in a hug and beautifully decorates your bed.

16. Crochet and Sewing

These both hold a special place in my heart because one of my grandmothers sewed and the other one crocheted. I still have blankets, afghans, kitchen towels that my grandmother croqueted, and doll clothes that my great-grandmother hand-sewed for me.

You can crochet hats, borders for dish towels, cup cozies, hair clips, soap savers, wrist wrap bracelets, pot holders, and scrubbers quickly. You can quickly sew small bags, pillows, baby slippers, headbands, bows, masks, purses, craft supply pouches, and more!

Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s easy to find sewing blogs with tutorials.

17. Jewelry

Jewelry making is a great craft job to get started with. It’s easy to do and the possibilities are endless. You can use a variety of materials and the designs are only limited by your own imagination.

18. Refinishing Furniture

If you love a good bargain and love taking classic pieces through an amazing transformation, you can make a good deal of extra cash refinishing furniture. There are many old pieces that can easily be modernized with a coat of paint, or restained to look brand new.

19. Leather Goods

Growing up around horses, I used to LOVE going into the saddle shop just to smell the leather. Earthy, new yet strangely old and comforting. If you love the smell and feel of leather, you can craft leather goods to sell. These items are often practical as well as beautiful and range from very simple to very complex.

20. Custom Glitter/Epoxy Tumblers and Pens

If you love glitter and have the space to work, you can design custom tumblers and pens. These make great gifts and the colors and designs are endless!

paper craft jobs

Paper Craft Jobs

Remember making paper airplanes and folding paper as a kid? Paper crafts are much more than the cootie catcher you used to make in grade school. People will pay for things so beautiful you’d never guess they were made from paper!

21. Make and Sell Printables

I would have never guessed that people wanted printables so much or that they would be so easy to make. These are typically small products designed on your pc with a program that you probably already have. They are a great way to get started and can easily be scaled.

Need some ideas to get started? Check out these 11 printables you can create and sell today and how to create digital stickers in Canva.

If you need more help, Printables by Number shows you everything step by step and gives you several templates so you can get started quickly!

22. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is writing in a stylized font. While this may not seem like it could be a craft job, think again. How many items do you see that have text on them? You could sell custom coffee mugs, greeting cards, signs, or you could even transform your scripts into SVG or digital files for people to download and use. (for a price)


People still like to read books. People still get interrupted when they are reading or have to put the book down before they are finished too. (Annoying, but true.) That’s why bookmarks are still a great papercraft. You can use all kinds of materials, and make them as elaborate or as simple as you want.

24. Stationary

Personalized stationery, notepads, and envelopes are classic papercrafts that only take minutes to make, especially if you have a template. You could make them for businesses or for personal use. Even in this digital world, I still use my fair share of paper, especially when it comes to needing a notepad to jot things down on!

25. Scrapbooking

Many people think of scrapbooking as a hobby. I did too when I started my scrapbook… 17 years ago! It’s still not finished. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who has an unfinished scrapbook and a pile of photos and materials shoved in a box somewhere in the back of the closet. If you love scrapbooking, other people will pay you to finish theirs.

26. Paper Flowers

It’s amazing what some people can do with paper. Paper flowers make beautiful custom decorations. You can use them in a nursery as wall decorations, and they make eye-catching pieces for weddings and showers.

freelance craft jobs

Freelance Art and Craft Jobs

27. T-shirt Design

There are custom t-shirts for everything! Small businesses, events, school groups, even family reunions can be occasions for getting a custom t-shirt. Those t-shirts need to be designed by someone. Why not you?

28. Original Paintings/Drawings

If you are already painting and drawing because that’s what you love to do, why not sell those paintings or drawings when you are done with them? You will not only help decorate someone’s home, but you can also build up your own reputation as an artist.

29. Teaching Art Classes/Lessons

I would love to take a class or a lesson and learn to paint. It’s been on my bucket list for some time now. If you are someone that does this well, then why not share your knowledge and teach other people?

30. Commission Artwork

Commission artwork is where someone pays you to paint or draw for them. For example, I could ask an artist to paint a picture for me of my childhood horse and supply them a picture of what she looked like. This works out great for both the artist and the buyer because the buyer gets exactly what they want and the artist knows what they will be paid and is guaranteed to sell the painting.

Crafty Jobs that Pay Well Working for Other People

If you are looking for more of a career instead of something that you can do part-time, remotely or from home, you might consider these career choices. (You can check out some of the median salaries and projected growth rates from cnbc. )

31. Fashion Designer

If you love clothes and have a good eye for fashion, you might consider becoming a fashion designer.

32. Video Editor

Video editors work for big companies for television and movie production. They can also work with content creators and YouTubers to help them produce beautiful, seamless videos.

33. Architect

If you like to design buildings and have a great eye for detail, an architect could be a great place for you to express your creativity.

34. Event Coordinator

Weddings, showers, receptions, work events, holiday parties – if you love to plan and are great at getting events together, you might have a very nice creative career ahead of you!

retail craft jobs

Retail Craft Jobs

Sometimes you need a quick solution that’s close. These retail stores are focused on crafts, so you can still be around what you love to do.

35. Buff City Soap

The first time I went into one of these stores, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the different types of soap and smells. It was amazing! All the soaps and products are hand-made in the store by the employees.

36. Hobby Lobby

Hobby lobby is a one-stop store for crafters. They sell just about anything that you can think of related to crafting.


Joann’s main focus is fabric, sewing supplies, and yarn. They also have seasonal decor, papercraft supplies, Cricut supplies, art and paint supplies, and craft and hobby supplies.

38. Michaels

Michaels focuses more on general crafting supplies. They also do custom framing.

Types of Craft JobPhysical Product, Digital, or Service?ProsCons
Remote Craft JobsDigital-Can go anywhere
-Very good earning potential
-Course: Blog by Number
-Sometimes slow to start
-May need to self-teach skills

Handmade Craft JobsPhysical Product-Work on own schedule
-Have a physical product to sell
 -Often customizable
-Supplies can be costly
-Can be messy
Craft Jobs from HomePhysical Product, Digital product, or service-Work on own schedule
-Good creativity Outlet
-Usually fueled by something you really love to do
-Can start as a hobby
-Supplies can be costly
-Inconsistent income
Paper Craft JobsPhysical or Digital Product-Supplies less expensive
-Sales can be automated if digital products
-Can be good earning potential with repeat customers
Course: Printables by Number
-Paper cuts
-Can be time-consuming
Freelance Art and Craft JobsPhysical Product-Work is pre-sold
-Still get to use your creativity
-Can be hard to find clients/buyers
-Have to make sure the client is pleased with your work. 
Crafty Jobs for Other PeopleService-More of a career job
-Steady paycheck
-Often requires education/degree
-Not flexible
-May have to move
Retail Craft JobsService-Usually easy to find
-You get to work around things you love
-May get a discount
-Not the best money
-Work is more about customer service than crafting
how to sell crafts

How to Sell Your Crafts

To take your craft and make it into a craft job, you will need to be able to sell it. Here are some ideas on places to sell your crafts:

  • Your own blog or website
  • Through online software platforms
  • Online platforms such as Etsy, Amazon handmade, Shopify, Zibbet, or iCraft
  • Social Media platforms and marketplaces (Facebook marketplace, Instagram)
  • Local craft shows and community events
  • Local flea markets
  • Local boutique shops (with owner approval)

Need more ideas on how to make money?

Check out these other ideas!

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Craft Jobs

A craft job is a job in which you use your creative talents to make some sort of a product or you offer a service to others. It can be a physical or digital product. I never realized that I had the talent or the resources to make and sell printables. The Printables by Number course made it easy to get started. I have made several hundred dollars extra passively from selling them as instant download pdfs on Etsy.

The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. What craft job have you always wanted, or what do you think you might like to try? Leave a comment below!

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