Struggling to get subscribers? A fun and easy way to grow your email list

Can we just start by saying that we LOVE our email list? Having an email list is a super simple way that you can monetize your audience and direct your product creation that focuses on what your customers are actually needing and wanting.   

It’s no secret that running a business means that you need to have leads that will convert to sales. This is key so that your business can grow in a way that can sustain yourself and your family, too.

It’s important to have a good structure and to offer a good freebie to get people interested in your business in a way that proves your knowledge to earn their trust.

Free PDFs are great as are free video training but those don’t always give all the benefits about what you can really do for your subscribers and customers. (and you really want to “wow” them with your knowledge!) 

In order to hook them and have them coming back for more, you want to offer something awesome that will get them to take action as well.  

Do you know what we’ve found to be a super-duper fun way to get people excited and intrigued about our business?  

We’ve found that challenging them with challenges is really what people love. And it makes sense, right?

Don’t we all have that want and desire for a fresh start or a “reset” during a slump? Like an “out with the old, in with the new” type of mindset? After a difficult time, I think we can all appreciate that a good challenge sounds awesome right about now.  

The great thing about challenges is that you can either offer it for free to grow your email list or you can do it as a paid challenge as long as it has a few more additional resources. It should also come with a solid community of support as well.

The really cool thing about challenges is that they help you build your brand fast, especially in the beginning if you’re just starting out. Challenges are also just a lot more personal, too. They’re not just a “here’s a PDF, thanks” kind of transaction…but it’s actually a whole process that makes everyone feel excited and wanted.  

People actually have to make a conscious effort to want to sign up and be a part of the challenge and are then prepared to get emails and communication from you to lead them through the challenge as well.  

This means that they see you as someone that they trust in this field and are excited to have you be their “leader” in this journey.  

Here is our latest video in which we talk all about struggling to get subscribers.

What is a challenge?

The thing about having a challenge is that it leaves the door wide open to so many possibilities. And so many benefits for you to grow and get more subscribers! 

You’re going to use your business to get people from point A to point B and help them find success along the way. A challenge is truly about transforming them from where they are to where they want to be.    

Not only that but a challenge has a sort of progression to it as well that really gets them to where they need to be. You’ll help by walking them through the process and holding them accountable along the way.   

The good news about challenges is that there are so many different ways of holding a challenge for people to join in on the fun.

Various methods to promote your challenge

Email video sequences are super popular because this lets people watch when they can and gives them a bit more flexibility in their progression.

Another popular method is a live training and Facebook videos. Keep in mind that the “how” is actually not as important as the “what” in all of this. The most important thing is that you’re providing a valuable resource that will help your audience.     

There are some challenges that are 2 days in length and some that are 30 days in length. As long as you make the length match the information, you can tailor the challenge in whatever way works best for you.     

What makes a good challenge?

This is another super important point to tackle. A good challenge needs to be very focused in an area but not trying to come off as though you’re an expert in an overall topic.

You’re really just trying for that quick win that results in positive momentum for the growth of your business, right? And if you can present a challenge to your audience and subscribers that they actually achieve success with, then they’re going to see the light and want more and be ready to take the next step.    

Using your challenge as a way to launch into printables or ebooks that can continue to help them by giving them more information and details can be an AMAZING resource to use and sell. This can also lead to the creation of courses, too!

You can also use your printables or ebooks and break them down into a challenge to help your audience, too. Remember that while you are wanting to grow your business, the growth will come from proving to your customers that you can provide actionable value as well.  

The main thing to keep in mind when you’re trying to run a good challenge is to offer things that are of value. This doesn’t mean that you have to short-sell yourself or your products but you do need to show your audience that you have great content and information on the topic or challenge at hand.    

Using a Challenge to Increase Your Sale Conversions

Keep in mind that even little tweaks to your products and freebies can actually increase your conversion rate dramatically! Changing up the title of the freebie or the title of the product can have an immediate impact on your business. Who knew that such a little adjustment could make such a huge difference?   

The easiest way to think of this in actionable terms would be that if you had a printable on “how to make your own shampoo” that was doing okay converting but you felt like there was so much more potential.  

One simple change would be to add a 5-day email sequence to it and suddenly, just like it, it’s now a challenge for people to join. Rename it to something like “detoxify your hair care routine” so that they would still get that PDF but now they also get an additional five emails that you can talk to them, guide them, and show them that you can offer them more value.    

Challenge sequences vs welcome sequences vs sales sequences

Don’t worry, I know that’s a mouthful to say and probably overwhelming to think about at this point in time. It’s important to point out that there are a lot of different sequences out there and ways to try and get your audience engaged. 

The biggest thing to remember when comparing all of these is that the challenge sequences get better open rates because people are committed. This is something that they’re ready for and that they made a conscious effort to sign up for.  

They want to go through the challenge and they’re mentally in that place to take action. A challenge sequence gives them a sense of pride and purpose and they know what they’re doing and the goal that they’re trying to reach.      

But it’s just as important to know that it’s your job to make certain that you don’t promise them the moon, either. You don’t want to under-deliver but be certain to give them valuable information for their time and trust. 

What do you need to run a successful challenge?

Actually, not as much as you think!     

You don’t need fancy software and can easily use Convertkit or Mailerlite or MailChimp as well. You can start off with just a real quick email sequence or even a simple Facebook group to get people engaged.  

This is what is beautiful about having a challenge!  

I get a lot of questions from people who tell me all the time that their subscriber’s emails are going to spam and aren’t getting delivered so their open rates are just not very good. And again, this is what is beautiful about a challenge…the email funnel that THEY signed up for that you’re emailing out is something that they’re actually looking for in their inbox.

This means a higher open rate and engagement for you which is always a positive for your business. Vary up your methods for your challenge, too. Emails are great but live (or even prerecorded) videos can knock it out of the park as well.

If a customer emails you back a question during the challenge, go live in the Facebook group and answer it. This just shows your subscribers that you’re willing to go above and beyond to deliver quality information and answer their questions!      

These little things can help to build your brand really quickly.    

This is where you can then launch and grow more in the future and dive into the world of free challenges versus paid challenges, too.   

Difference between a free challenge and a paid challenge

When you’re the seller, the difference between the two is going to be quantity versus quality.  

Some people will charge a very small fee to their challenge because they find that when people pay money and invest in themselves, they’re more motivated to show up and do the work. This can be a great way to interact with the people who will interact back with you.  

If you’re new and just starting out, a free challenge is a good idea because it helps to get the ball rolling. Free challenges take minimal time on your part as well which can be a good thing, too.  Paid challenges are going to be more in-depth and should include more things of value such as videos, worksheets, guides, etc.   

No matter what type of challenge that you do, remember this one tip: 

If people go through your challenge and get results, they’re way more likely to want to continue to work with you in the future. 

Giving value in advance

I’m actually a big fan of offering value in advance. If I can offer something to show them my personality and tips that can actually help them before they’re actually committed to anything, I’ve already halfway knocked down the next domino I need to move to get them to become a customer.  

It can be a fine line in giving information but when you’re trying to create that bond, it’s worth it. I’ve found that kindness and knowledge go hand in hand and are so appreciated.  

Think of this as the “drip method” in which you give a bit of information slowly to keep them coming back. Giving great information over the course of time really does work and it’s something that can be done over and over again. 

Providing a bit of value in advance only works though when that value is actually good tips and information. This isn’t a time to repurpose a tip that they can easily find anywhere but this also doesn’t mean that you have to give them the keys to the kingdom and give away your top information, either. 

Remember it’s all about finding that balance to give out a solid transformational piece of advice for free and nurture readers into becoming customers.  

When it comes to growing your email list, remember that a challenge can be the perfect way to motivate people and also create subscribers as well. Make certain that your challenge provides value, urgency, consistency, and above all else, make certain that you’re able to be available during the challenge to help with any questions or issues, too.  

There is no doubt that you’ll be getting emails from those who are taking part in the challenge and they’ll find comfort and trust knowing that you’re an active part and are easily available to help them should they need assistance or further guidance. 

All it takes is one successful challenge to get new clients for life! Follow these simple tips to grow your subscriber list and also grow your business.

Once your challenge is done, your readers can be presented with a small digital product that they can purchase to further their journey.

Let me know in the comments below, have you done challenges and if so, which types?        

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