How to create an online course

How to Create an Online Course


First of all, give yourself a high five for committing to creating your online course! Sharing your knowledge, expertise and talents with the world is a noble act.

You’re being brave and putting yourself out there. That’s awesome!

You’re entering the world of online teachers, all while working from your laptop.

We live in an amazing time right now.

You can teach thousands without standing in front of a classroom.

You can change other people’s lives.

You can inspire them. Motivate them. Help them.

I am beyond proud of you. Most likely you’re a busy mom and creating an online course is one thing you’ve added to your already full plate.

This is going to be hard work – but it will be so worth it!

By the end of this journey, you will be a different person. And bonus, you’ll have an online product to share with the world.

I’m here to help you create, launch and grow your online course.

You can do this! Let’s go!

Because I want you to be as successful as you can be. You need to complete the following action.

This step by seem so trivial, but trust me, it really really works. I want you to write down your big WHY for creating your online course. Or if you’ve already started creating your course, but you need a bit more motivation to keep going, write down your big goal in the comments below.

Because people with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals.

And additionally, sharing your goals with a friend (like me) is proven to increase the chances of you achieving your goal. [Read more here]

I share my goals frequently with those around me, and it helps keep me accountable. This small step has allowed me to grow a super successful blog in less than a year, and you can do it too.

So please, write down your BIG WHY in the comments below.

I’m excited to help you on this amazing journey of becoming a successful online teacher!

xo, Suzi

Create Your Online Course

Now that you have your big goal written down!

Create your course step by step with Course by Number.

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  • I would like to have the course live by September, which gives me 6 months. This is a plan B income stream for us, in case my husband can no longer work in his career. I also want to teach my kids to do this to assist them while they transition from college to career. Let’s roll!

  • I am a counsellor and this has been a dream for a long time. I want to be able to help more people in different ways by sharing the skills that I have. I would like to complete my course by 15th April.

  • Being a recent retired educator my “BIG WHY” is to pay off my mortgage and bills (because teacher retirement is definitely not enough!) and enjoy the rest for helping others less fortunate(because God has called me into serving) and I would also like to travel some!
    My goal is to create a course and launch it by March because that is my birthday month and I can celebrate it when I turn 60!

  • My goal is to launch my course by Jan 1st. I want to contribute to our family’s finances in a way that won’t infringe on our homeschooling.

  • My goal is to launch my first course by December 1st this year so that I can earn enough money monthly to pay off all of our debt by December 31st of next year.

  • Harry
    I am a landscaper looking to retire and plan to create a consulting business to my industry and starting creating a course. I plan to finish the course by July 2023. Love your products.

  • I am a crochet designer and instructor and I would like to create some crochet courses (and maybe some courses in other areas) – I plan to create my first on-line course by the end of this summer (August 2023) because I would like my blog to grow and generate more income

  • Hi Suzi!
    Educators are burning out across the country and I am creating my course, “Work Less, Teach Better” to help motivated teachers discover a superior level of joy though work, life, and love balance. My course will have modules that help teachers with practical action steps and mindset practices so they can go to school excited for the day and leave with enough energy to care for themselves and their families.
    Additionally, I am passionate about quality education and helping other teachers be their best selves. This will become my full-time income along with motivational speaking which is my ultimate career goal. I cannot wait to get big stages and have a massive impact by helping women find more joy in their lives. God is calling me to do big things for Him and I’m taking imperfect baby-step after baby-step to follow the Holy Spirit. Let’s Rock This!

    • OOPS! Forgot part two of the challenge:
      My deadline for my first freebie mini-course (Cut Your Weekly Grading Time by over 70%) is February of 2023 and my BIG course (Work Less, Teach Better) will be done by May of 2023.

    • That sounds like an incredible course you are creating. Your approach of incorporating practical action steps and mindset practices to promote work-life balance and personal well-being is commendable. It’s great to hear that you are passionate about education and helping others be their best selves. It’s also admirable that you see this as an opportunity to follow the guidance of your faith and to have a positive impact on people’s lives. We pray for your success and we’re always here to support you! You’re an inspiration and I wish you all the best in your journey. You got this!

  • Hi suzi

    My big goal with my course is to help Hispanic women grow their businesses, have more confidence in themselves and achieve their goals. This course will be ready by February 1, 2023.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • We’re very excited for you and for your audience. 🙂 We’re looking forward to hearing more of your success stories!

  • Hi Suzi.
    My goal is to meet people (women) where they are and help them to make connections with what they’re doing and experiencing and what they can do to take charge of and take back their health.
    I have outlined a course on Word and begun to build it on ThriveCart, but I’m not sure about a clear division of info across eventually multiple courses while still giving more than they expect but not overwhelming.
    I am thinking January 1st as a launch date.

  • I wrote that I will launch my first online course on February 24th, 2023. I am doing this for financial freedom, for not having to trade my precious time for 15/hr, and so I can come back to working from home with my two children. I will get out of debt and not have to work multiple jobs due to the success of this long overdue, wonderful and impactful course of mine. It will change many lives for the better <3

  • I want to launch my course by 3/21/23. My big why is to be able to quit my 9-5, to have more freedom and flexibility in my schedule and my life.

    • That’s awesome! We can’t wait for your launching and we’re very excited for you to get that freedom business you deserve. We’re very happy for you.

  • My big why is so my husband can quit his job. This year he has had several very serious health problems from open heart surgery to finding a cyst on his brain today and everything from mini strokes to covid in between. I also want to be able to help my kids. My oldest son has two kids and he works so hard to provide for his family, my second son got married and bought a house this year, my daughter is in dental school, our third son feels led to the ministry, and our youngest is a senior in high school. I also want to start a non profit to help abused women and kids

    • We’re sorry to hear about what happened. We can’t imagine all the trials you went thru. He’ll be in our prayers and we’re hoping for his speedy recovery. We couldn’t agree more that the urgency and need to have financial freedom is very important for every household. Please know that we are always here to guide you in reaching the freedom business you deserve.

  • Hi Suzi!

    Here’s my big WHY – I’m doing this course to help guide me in the development of mini courses and workshops for therapy providers who work with those managing food allergies and allergic diseases. As a clinical therapist and founder of The Food Allergy Counselor, Inc., I already develop written content and podcast episodes offering tools to help people manage the psychosocial and anxiety aspects of their allergies. But the organization is growing and now aims to offer courses to help therapists learn how to support those managing allergic diseases! So, this knowledge will assist me in a greater good goal – helping the Food Allergy and Allergic Disease Counseling niche grow – as well as help me expand my own company, The Food Allergy Counselor, Inc. Thank you!

    • We are very excited for you and can’t wait for you to get started! With your caliber and expertise in the Food Allergy and Allergic Disease, it would be the perfect content for your blog. Your target audience would be so excited for you to start your workshops! Great ideas come from our personal experiences. 🙂

  • I HAVE SO MUCH TO GIVE THAT could HELP many people. I also want a constant passive income by November 1st, 2022.

    • Hi Sonia, it makes us happy to hear that you have so much in store and share your ideas that can help anyone! Let us go ahead and harness those ideas and have financial security.

  • Hi Suzi, I am Katja. And I am starting your Course By Number Course right now, after going through all the other courses first. My Big Why: creating my own income (for my husband and me), an income wherever we are cuase we like travelling. I will take responsibility for my income. My deadline is the 10th of November 2022. I am super excited to start and to create my first course!!!

    • Hi Katja, congratulations in taking the step towards your freedom business! You got this! We can’t wait to see your first course and we are very excited to hear and share your success stories. 🙂

  • Hi Suzi! I’m a PA and health coach, and I love helping women find better health in their daily lives! I especially want to bring FertilityCare and NaProTechnology to women as a tool for growing their health. *My big why is that I want to make enough money to pay all of our bills, while being able to pick my kids up from school, help teach at their school, and coach their sports teams.*. Another smaller why is that I want to be a successful example of entrepreneurship for my children.

    Deadline: October 28th, 2022

    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your vision to us! I am as excited as you are in this journey. You are a great mom trying your best to make it work and I admire that! 🙂 Good luck!

  • Hi Suzi. I’m going through Course by Number again. I love your courses 🙂 My BIG WHY: I am a powerful, infinite, and cosmic being. I am here with a divine purpose to show others what’s possible in their lives, empower and inspire them. To help them remember who they truly are-we are all here with a spiritual purpose and to uplift the human experience together. I am converting my proven 1:1 coaching program into a group coaching experience. The start date of my pain management program is October 25, 2022.

  • Big Why: To be able to afford a house here in Hawai’i.
    I’ve been with my other half for 11 years and we have 4 kids together. In those 11 years, we have been homeless, carless, jobless, and struggled hard. We finally have stable jobs and cars, the babies are getting older and more independent, and life feels more secure. But our dream is to own our own home since we have been evicted 3 times for reasons on the landlords’ part. I’ve always wanted to write as a career; I ended up in numbers. Launching my blog and courses will bring happiness to my child self, and I know the money will follow once I follow my heart.

    Deadline: January 2, 2023

  • My big WHY: To replace my teacher’s salary so I can quit my job and work from home!

    My deadline: I’m not yet sure which art course I’m going to create, but my deadline is no later than 11/25/2022, which is Black Friday. Woohoo!!!

  • My big why is making enough money to support my family. My hubby is 72 years old and my son has special needs. I have created many products, and a few e-courses. However, I haven’t made the big income that I need because of struggling with choosing one main niche and because of the marketing aspect. My goal is to get my next course live by the end 2022 (hopefully sooner).

  • I already have a course that I am teaching on zoom and I want to put it online to launch by September 22.

  • I love to travel and experience life from a different point of view. I want to be able to pay for travel for me and my nieces and nephews with the income from my courses. I will have my course ready to go by Dec 1, 2022.

  • I am not a mom, but I am a married 44 years, male physician with grandchildren. Motivation is mulit-factorial but it includes generating an evergreen income, teaching my children and grandchildren a method to have more control over their lifestyle, generating funds for the activities they are passionate about, and the art of giving. My heart is favorable to foreign missionaries, single parents, and individuals recovering from addictions. Teaching others to be self-sufficient would be a highly desirable bonus.

    Implementation target of October 15, 2022 would be acceptable.

  • I want to live life to the fullest and be more present with my Kids! I want to pay off $37,000
    In debt that we incurred from the pandemic.

  • my WHY: I want to be present for my children and be able to provide for them financially without much stress. I want to have a financial freedom and to impact the lives of many overwhelmed moms out there that desire to stand financially on there own by teaching them how to make money online.
    Deadline: The course will be ready by 15th of July and bringing in more money by 31st July (my birthday).

  • #1: My Big Why – I would love to help homeschooling mothers, who don’t have a background in education, particularly in teaching children how to read, a structured, Montessori-inspired, step-by-step course on prewriting and early reading for preschoolers and kindergarteners.
    #2: My Deadline – I’d like to get the teaser lessons done by July 1st (to pre-sell the course) and the finished product done by July 31st, just before the start of the school year.

  • WHY: My big why is to help kids and teens create routines and habits that help them care for their pets!
    WHEN: I’m making a mini-course to get it out into the world by the end of May!

  • My WHY : I want to be able to travel and work from wherever I am, but I also want to be able to take time off when I want and still see money coming into my bank account.
    My WHEN : I would love to make my first sale by the 01 September 2022

  • My big why is to create an additional income stream. I sell a lot of small products but courses will take my business to the next level. I’ll have my first course up and running within 3 months.

  • I am giving myself one month to tweak my “What’s Your Story” life story course I already have in beta “The Suzi Way” so I will reach even more beautiful, courageous women with a trauma history live exactly the life they deserve and want.

  • I hope by the end of Dec 2022 I can get a course together. I also want to have money to be completely financially independent.