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98 Legitimate Business Ideas for Couples

Have you ever thought about working with your husband or wife? If this thought has ever crossed your mind, check out these business ideas for couples!

Husband and wife business ideas have been around for a long time. What could be better than building the life you dream of together? I’ll tell you what’s been the best thing about working together in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at some fantastic business ideas for couples!

How to get started with Business Ideas for Couples

Below is a LONG list of business ideas for couples. When you are trying to choose your husband and wife business ideas, consider some of the following things:

  • How much time and money do you want to invest upfront?
  • What things would you enjoy doing day in and day out?
  • When do you want to start making money? Immediately? Or are you willing to invest time in building up something that can eventually be more passive?
  • What skills do have as a couple that could be combined?
  • What are you both passionate about?
  • Do you mind being tied to one place and put in long hours, or do you want more freedom?
  • Is an online business idea for couples more suited to you or do you prefer a brick and mortar business?

Tips for Success With Business Ideas for Couples

Pick something that suits both of your needs and interests. Good communication skills and some separation between work and home life is necessary when you spend all day together – working and playing. Think about different roles that you can play in your future business together!

The US Small Business Administration can help you plan, launch, manage and grow your business. Be sure to research to find any grants for funds to help you get started!

Can Blogging Really Retire Your Husband so that You Can Work Together?

Start A Mom Blog is a living example of how blogging can retire your husband at 30. There are many ways to make money with a blog.

Many other bloggers have done the same thing including:

  • Rosemary Groaner
  • Holly Johnson
  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardener
  • Gina Horkey
  • Jesse Fearon
  • Kim Anderson

Online Business Ideas For Couples

1. Blogging

It’s true, Start A Mom Blog is a husband and wife online business, and a very successful one at that! It allows for a life of freedom that most people only dream of. It’s really not that hard to start a blog and make money. It just takes consistent effort over a period of time.

If you’re ready to get started now, check out the Blog by Number Course!

2. Sell Stock Photos

Almost any webpage you visit features eye-catching photographs. Most of these are stock photos. You can make a business selling unique stock photography.

3. Freelance Writing

All the blogs out there mean that people are begging for content. Freelance writing is a great online business idea for couples that can start bringing in money quickly!

4. Vlogging

Like blogging, vlogging is online. Blogs mainly communicate content with text, while vlogs concentrate more on video content. It is entirely possible to start a youtube channel and make money!

5. Printables

I love printables! The best thing about this business idea for couples is that you probably already have the software to do it on your PC. You can be creating beautiful printables and selling them online in a snap! Check out Printables By Number if you need more help!

Need ideas now? Check out these 14+ Small Digital Products You can make and sell today and these printable ideas and examples!

6. Website design

Everyone needs a website these days. This can be a great husband and wife business idea if both of you are fairly tech-savvy or even if you’re willing to learn!

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a jack of all trades online help. There are many services that you can offer as a VA, including scheduling appointments, email response and marketing, managing social media accounts, setting up sales funnels, audio and video editing, content creation, and more!

8. Ads

Are you a whiz at ads? Everywhere from Facebook, to Amazon, to Etsy, to Pinterest has a place for ads. But not everyone is great at writing and designing them. This sounds like it could be a great online business idea for couples!

Need some help to get started? Check out Facebook Ads for bloggers!

9. Pinterest Account Manager

Pinterest needs a lot of pinning. If you love the platform, you could make money working from home by being a Pinterest Account Manager. It’s one of many work-from-home social media jobs. This is also one that could be done as a couple!

10. Online Courses

Are you part of a dynamic duo? Does your husband, or wife light up and talk for hours about something that they love to do, or do you share a common interest? You could create online courses as a couple!

11. Tutoring

As long as kids are in school, there will always be a demand for tutoring. Now you and your spouse can tutor online. It’s a great business idea for a couple, especially if you have strengths in different subjects!

12. Stock Market

Do you love watching stocks and investing? Are you a pro at buying low and selling high? You could help manage other people’s money! The husband could do the stocks trading and the wife could help market and run the office. (Or vice versa!)

13. Consulting

Consultants provide expert opinions, advice, and recommendations. Consulting could be a very profitable business idea for couples especially if you both have the expertise to offer.

14. Coaching

Ever heard of a life coach, a business coach, or a mindset coach? Coaching can be for almost anything. It can also be done from anywhere!

15. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is selling things online. If you have some marketing skills and your spouse has web and graphics design skills, this online business idea could come together beautifully!

16. Ebooks

Ebooks are big business! You and your spouse could write an ebook together!

17. T-shirt business

Everything has custom t-shirts now from family reunions to businesses. Best of all, you can do this business together and online. You can outsource the product creation and have it shipped directly to your customers.

18. E-Commerce

E-commerce is simply selling things from a website, which is a very doable business idea for couples.

19. Website Flipping

You have likely heard of house flipping. Website flipping is a great business idea for couples that are looking for something online. You buy a website for a lower price, spruce it up, and then sell it for a higher one.

20. Podcasting

Just like blogging can make money, so can podcasting!

21. SEO Service

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s making a website more likely to be found by google. All websites need this, but there is some knowledge and work involved.

Part-Time Business Ideas for Couples

22. Dog Walking

Not everyone is home or has the time to walk their dog. If you love pets and being out in the fresh air, dog walking can be a great part-time business idea for couples.

23. Catering

Do you make amazing food? You and your spouse could start a catering business. Most events are on weekends and after normal working hours. This could be a great part-time way to get started.

24. Personal Training

Fitness is hard. It’s hard to do and it’s hard to stay consistent. That’s where a personal trainer can help. You can do it as a couple or offer your services solo.

25. Car Wash and Detailing

Do you love a clean car? Car washing and detailing could be a great part-time business idea for a husband and wife. You can start part-time and then expand when it takes off.

26. Cleaning Service

Husbands and wives could offer a cleaning service together.

27. Resume/LinkedIn Profile Writing

People will pay to have you write their resumes or LinkedIn Profiles. You can help them land the perfect job!

28. Personal Shopping

Time management and schedules are something that we all juggle. Sometimes there is no time to go shopping. If you have the time, you could do personal shopping for someone that has no time or cannot get out of the house to go on their own.

29. Handyperson

Do you love to fix things up? Are you and your honey masters of the honey-do list? You might consider this business idea for couples.

30. Interior Painting/Wallpapering

If you have ever painted a room yourself, you know the work that goes into it. You might be looking at the walls with anticipation or dread. If the thought of painting walls fills you with anticipation, you might be able to start an interior painting/wallpapering business as a husband/wife team!

31. Car/Boat Resale

Find a car or boat, fix it up and resell it!

32. Party Planner

Plan and coordinate the perfect event – and get paid for it!

33. Paint Wall Murals

Make those drab walls around town stand out, show off your artistic talent, and get paid!

Start-Up Business Ideas for Couples

A start-up business is one that starts small or local, usually without a proven business model, and expands on it. The eventual goal is to become a big company with investors and multiple locations.

34. Subscription Box Service

The sky is the limit on this husband and wife business idea. Go with one type of niche box for him, her, or both!

35. Local Guide

Do you know your local area like the back of your hand? Consider being a local guide!

36. Making Zero-Waste Products

If you love eco-friendly, reusable, and compostable, you might consider making zero waste products. These could be things like biodegradable straws, reusable food containers, reusable bags, and more!

37. Environmentally and Chemical Free Makeup and Beauty Products

People are becoming more environmentally minded You could use this start-up business idea for couples to make a difference!

38. Meal Prep Business

Many people are too busy to eat healthily. If you love to cook, you might consider a meal prep business!

39. Food/Grocery Delivery Business

Do you have wheels and don’t mind delivering? You could deliver food from local restaurants or groceries!

40. Interior Design for Small Businesses

Love interior design? Consider this small business idea for couples that would have you working directly with other small businesses!

41. Organizing Business

Are you a neat freak that has everything perfectly in its place? Put those organizational skills to work for other people!

42. Chatbot Development

Have you seen those little “May I help you?” bubbles at the bottom of websites? Someone needs to develop those chatbots! Why not your husband and wife team?

43. Create a Food Waste Solution

Hate to see food go to waste? Much of it does, especially from grocery stores and restaurants. You could create a food waste solution business such as a commercial worm farm, organic fertilizer company, or bio-fuel business!

44. Handmade Jewelry/Candles/Soap

People love handmade jewelry, candles, and soap! Why not start a business as a couple and sell your handmade products.

Small Businesses for Couples to Start

Still need more small business ideas for couples? Check out the list below!

  • 45. Coffee Shop
  • 46. Child Care
  • 47. Bakery/Cakes
  • 48. Boat/Slip Rentals/Bike Rental/Car Rental
  • 49. Doggy Daycare
  • 50. Sewing and Alterations
  • 51. Home Inspector
  • 52. Property Manager/Rental Property
  • 53. Consignment Shop
  • 54. Boutique
  • 55. Moving Company
  • 56. Ebay Selling Business
  • 57. Dayspa
  • 58. Flowershop
  • 59. Auto Repair
  • 60. Trash Service
  • 61. Electronics Repair
  • 62. IT Support
  • 63. Enrichment Activities for Children – gymnastics, martial arts, swimming instructor, private music lessons, kids yoga, etc
  • 64. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Husband and Wife Freelance Business Ideas

Do you dream of a husband and wife freelance business? Many of these can be done remotely!

  • 65. Graphic Designer
  • 66. Video Editing
  • 67 Create Animated Videos for Businesses
  • 68. Copywriter
  • 69. Public Relations Consultants
  • 70. Technical Writing
  • 71. Fashion Design/Clothing Line
  • 72. CAD/Architectural Designs

Business Ideas for Couples Who Want to Travel

Ready to see the world and run a business together? Check out these business ideas for couples that want to travel!

  • 73. Travel Photography
  • 74. Public Speaker
  • 75. Translator
  • 76. House Sitter
  • 77. Language Teacher
  • 78. Pilot Services
  • 79. Adventure Tourism
  • 80. Ecotourism

Different Business Ideas for Couples

Tired of scouring the internet for business ideas for couples and seeing the same suggestions over and over? Check out these different business ideas!

  • 81. VR Expereiences
  • 82. Translation Services
  • 83. Voice Over Services
  • 84. App Tester
  • 85. DJ-ing
  • 86. Home Staging
  • 87. Vending Machine Owners
  • 88. Junk Removal
  • 89. Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Outdoor Business Ideas for Couples

Love being outside? Some of these may be seasonal, but they will get you outside!

  • 90. Gardening/ Horticulture (Grow plants for nurseries)
  • 91. Landscaping
  • 92. Lawn Care
  • 93. Sports Coaching
  • 94. Campground
  • 95. Glamping Experience
  • 96. Canoe/Kayak Rentals/Tours
  • 97. Horseback Riding/Stable
  • 98. Summer Camp

FAQ About Buisness Ideas for Couples

Can a Husband and Wife be Business Partners?

Absolutely! It may take a little bit of time to figure out how to work together well. With time and good communication, you can both find your strengths.

Do You Share the Same Business Values?

If a husband and wife do not share the same business values, there will be a lot of arguments. Talk with each other before you decide to start a business together and come to an agreement about what each of you wants from the business.

Can You Commit to Occasional Separation?

When you work with your spouse, and you come home to your spouse (or never leave home in the first place because you work from home) that’s a lot of time spent with your spouse! You will occasionally need to take breaks from one another and spend time alone, or with other friends.

Is Your Marriage More Important than the Business?

If the answer to this question is not “YES!” then your business is very likely to fail. You must put your marriage ahead of the business. If your marriage fails, so will your business.

Do Couples that Work Together Stay Together?

According to FastCompany and NBC, they do! Working together can strengthen your relationship. It helps you learn better communication and how to disagree respectfully. You also develop the “We’re in this together!” mindset.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Business Ideas for Couples

There are many business ideas for couples. You can be a great team in a husband and wife business and it can even strengthen your marriage. The best part is the potential to give you the freedom that you’ve always dreamed about.

What are your favorite business ideas for couples?

Have you tried going into business as a husband and wife team?

If you have, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below!

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