Bullet Journal list ideas

Bullet Journal List Ideas

Oh there is just so much to do in your bullet journal! It’s the external hard drive for my brain 🙂

Below is a huge list of ideas for your bujo, but if you’re looking for more resources:


Here are my favorite lists to put in my journal. I use my bullet journal daily to make little to-do lists, gratitude logs and calendar or weekly schedules.

If I’m not blogging, I’m bulleting. My bujo is my external hard drive for my brain. There is no way I can keep track of everything I need to do if I didn’t write it down in lists in my gorgeous notebook.

Feel free to download the PDF and stick it in your bullet journal!

Bullet journaling has become an increasingly popular method of time management and record keeping.  Mommies have a lot to keep track of including school schedules, home maintenance, shopping lists, gift giving, health matters and fitness goals, budgeting, and so much more.  


Bullet journaling is a simple yet sophisticated method of task management. You do not need lots of fancy supplies.

Instead of elaborate online tools, apps or products, the simplified bullet journal becomes your one solution to manage to-do lists.

It was developed by Ryder who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He struggled to focus when he was younger, and over time, he developed the bullet journal method. It sounds perfect for anyone who struggles to focus or has a lot of moving parts in their lives, including super busy mommies.



To get started you’ll need all you need is a notebook with dots and a fabulous pen.  Since bullet journals can be difficult to find in stores, I recommend checking them out on Amazon.  Seriously, what doesn’t Amazon have, plus it’s delivered straight to your door. It’s easy peasy!

My two favorite bullet journal supplies are here!


Now that you have your bullet journaling supplies purchased and in front of you’re probably super excited to get started.  However, staring at a brand new journal can make you feel like an artist before a blank canvas. Excited, but a little unsure of where to start.

The good news is the sky’s the limit!  There are so many possibilities. Some may even surprise you!


Timeline of Your Life

Create a graphical representation of day to day life and special events.

Things You Are Grateful For

A gratitude journal keeps your heart full!

Book List

Keep track of books you want to read and have read.  Rate the books and journal your favorite quotes and/or if you would recommend the book.

Wish List

What are all the big and little things you secretly wish for?  It makes for a fun way to organize things you may otherwise forget and even more, fun to check off the list!

Exercise Tracker

Make fitness fun by tracking workouts by type, reps, and time spent.


Birthday List

You don’t want to be in the doghouse for missing a family member or friend’s birthday.

Movie List

Keep track of both flicks you want to see and those you have seen.  You can group all movies together or separate them by genre. For fun, add your own rating scale!

Bucket List

Make a list of all the things you’ve ever wanted to do.  To make it more fun, make it a goal to complete a certain number of items on the list by year-end.  

Weight Loss Tracker

Don’t wait for the new year to resolve to lose weight. Keep yourself accountable with a customized weight loss tracker to help push you on your weight loss journey.

Step Count Tracker

Keep pushing yourself step-by-step with a step count tracker!

Food Log

Create a food log conjunction weight loss tracker monitor the number of calories consumed.

Water Tracker

You always here you should drink more water. Use a water tracker as a super easy way to boost your water intake.

Party Planner

Nothing is worse than throwing a party and realize you forgot a key component.  To keep your plans and the party a reason to celebrate, create a fun layout to help you stay organized.

Christmas Gift List

Keep track of who’s been naughty and nice with your Christmas list!. Plan your shopping and beat the holiday rush!

bullet journal november cover idea lists

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

A list of stocking stuffer ideas will help you find just the right little gems for your little gems!

Seasonal Bucket Lists

Each season has something special to offer. Keep track little seasonal activities you don’t want to miss out on with a seasonal bucket list.

Books To Read

Start a simple “books to read list” of all the great titles you want to get your hands on.  

Grade Tracker

Help stay on top of your favorite little student’s grades or even your own if you’re taking courses to build your skills.  A grade tracker is a great way to make sure parents and kids stay ahead of the class!

Class Schedule

The class schedule is a perfect pairing with the grade tracker to keep learning organized!

TV Series Tracker

Binge-watching Netflix is serious business!  By keeping track of which series peaks your interests, you’ll be all set for an entertaining evening at home.

Allergy/Medication List

An allergy/medication list is crucial during an emergency or when you are away from your children.  This list can literally be a lifesaver!

Doctor’s Appointments

Keeping track of your health and your children’s health is always important.  Keep track of doctor’s appointments as a reference.

Weight and Measurement Tracker

Whether for your health, cosmetically, or both having a weight and measurement tracker will help keep you motivated!


We all have our favorite songs so why not create a playlist for when you’re working or pumped up when your working out!

Sleep Log

I rarely hear people complain about getting too much sleep.  I know I sure don’t!

Favorite Quotes

Sometimes an inspirational, moving quote sticks with us.  What better way than a collection our favorite quotes to keep you uplifted and inspired?

Things I Love

A fun layout is one that list the things you love!  Whatever brings a smile to your face or makes your life easier – jot it down!


Mood Tracker

Life isn’t always full of rainbows and unicorns.  Start a mood tracker to help you navigate and manage life’s ups and downs!

Essential Oils Recipe

Keep a list of your favorite essential oils recipes in your bullet journal reference at your fingertips!  

Bullet Journal Doodle Inspiration

A layout for you to test doodles of banners, headers, etc. can be a lot of fun!

Journaling Prompts

When you get the bullet journaling bug you’ll want to find more ideas to add to your journal.  Keep a go-to journal prompts list to keep you inspired!

Pen Test

It’s always fun to use a new colored pen, but before you start, test it on a pen test layout.  

Prayer Requests

Start a prayer requests lists to help you keep those in need in your thoughts and prayers.  

Adventure Map

Start an adventure map when you go out and about exploring as a fun way to document what you saw!

Letter To Your Future Self

Give yourself advice in advance with a letter to your future self!


Grocery List

Keep a grocery list to chart what foods you need to purchase by sections.  No one likes to return from the grocery store only to realize a much-needed item didn’t end up in your cart!

Meal Planning

Plan meals a week ahead of time so you know what you need to have on hand and won’t have to scramble for ideas!

Favorite Recipes

Everyone in the family has their favorite recipes.  Keep a list of favorite recipes in your bullet journal rather than a recipe card that can easily get misplaced!


What are the items that you simply can’t live without?  You know, if you were on a deserted island and you can only take three things with you, what would they be?  Have fun with it!

Go-To Meal Ideas

There’s not a busy mommy out there who couldn’t benefit from go-to meal ideas to help quickly put food on the table.  

Recipes To Try

Keep mouthwatering recipe ideas in one place where you can quickly jot them down!  You’ll find it comes in handy when your family is tired of the same meals.

Healthy Snack Options

Eating healthy takes prep work especially between meals when you want to grab a quick bite.  Keep snacks healthy with plenty of options!

Freezer Inventory

Prevent freezer burn and overspending by keeping a freezer inventory to prevent waste.


Page Views Tracker

Keep a log of your page views to help you find what content resonates with your audience.

Income Tracker

The best way to measure and manage your business goals is tracking your income.  Keep a list of affiliate sales, sponsored posts, and service work along with expenses to stay on track.

Affiliate Sales List

Get specific with tracking your income with an affiliate sales list.  Keep a log of your best affiliates and sales to help project next quarter’s affiliate income.

Best Websites

Bloggers are always looking for inspiration and information to help grow their blogs.  Make a list of those you would like to learn more about.

List of Influencers

Influencers can help you boost your own blog.  Keep a list of those powerhouses you love and would love to work with or emulate.  

Ideas List

A list of ideas for blog and social media posts can help you work through those batch writing days!  

Social Media Log

Social media plays a major role in getting your blog out there.  Start a social media log to help you plan your social media platforms and posts.

Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can be a helpful visualization of your content.  It’s super easy to feel shiny object syndrome take hold. Keep a check if your content is relevant and planned in advance!

Passwords List

There’s a password for everything!  Keep a password list as your key to logging in!

Stat Tracker

A stat tracker of pageviews, likes, shares, etc. can help you up your blogging game!

Popular Hashtags

Keep your hashtags fresh with a list of popular hashtags in your nice.  Keep adding to the list as you find new hashtags and cross off ones you find aren’t serving you.

Blogs To Follow

When someone recommends a blog you may find helpful or come across a site on Pinterest, jot it down as a helpful reminder for when you have more time to research it!


Chore List

Assigning chores to your kids teaches them responsibility.  Keeping a chore list helps keep you organized!

School Supplies List

Summer break breezes by.  Keep a school supplies list so your little scholar is all set for the new school year!

Baby Name List

Naming your little bundle of joy is one of the special moments of becoming a new parent.  Start a list of names you and your partner like early in your pregnancy.

Labor Bag List

When your water breaks is not the time to start packing your labor bag.  Create a list of items you know you’ll want as well as some of the suggestions from other mommies to help you prepare for the big day!

Kids Milestones

Those magical moments when your little ones reach milestones.  Those are moments that make your momma’s heart want to burst and tears in your eyes.  Jot down what made the day special, your child’s age, grade in school, and more.

School Information

Keep a list of contact information including website, email, and phone number to the school(s) your child(ren) attend.  Include the names of the principal, secretary, school nurse, as well as the teachers and what they teach. Also, jot down important school dates such as early dismissal, Spring and Christmas break, In-Service Days, etc.


Tracking your kid’s grades is a great way to promote responsibility.  Letting each kid see a visual representation of their greats is a great motivator to continue doing well and to see where they may need to put more work in.

Self-Care List For Mommies

Taking care of oneself is so is so important, especially as a busy mommy.  Keep a list of self-care ideas you would like to try and check them off the list after you’ve enjoyed a little time to yourself.

Things Kids Say

We all know kids say the darndest things.  What a perfect way to remember words from the mouth of babes.

Period/Fertility Tracker

If you’re looking to start a family in the near future, it’s important to keep track of your periods.  

Morning Routine Checklist

Help get the day started off on the right foot with a morning routine checklist!

Evening Routine Checklist

Establishing an evening routine checklist will help keep the kiddos in the know about what to expect as the day winds down.

Sports Schedule

Sporting events can keep any family on the go! Keep a sports schedule to plan ahead so you don’t miss a game!


Places to Travel

Do a little daydreaming and make a layout of all the places you would love to travel!

Restaurants to Visit

One of the fun parts of traveling is enjoying the cuisine.  Research which restaurants look interesting to you that you want to check out on your next vacation.

Packing List

You don’t want to leave home without your travel essentials!  

Travel Info

In order to enjoy smooth travel, keep an itinerary with dates of departure and arrival, flight information numbers and times, hotel reservations with contact information, as well as key items on your “to see” list.

Day Trip Ideas

Some of the best adventures with friends and family are on day trips!  Map out some day trip ideas for the next adventure near home!


Daily To-Do

A simple daily to-do list can help keep you focused and productive.

Weekly Schedule

Create a weekly schedule to map out all the things you need to do on a weekly basis.  Having a visual representation will help keep you from spinning your wheels no matter what the week throws your way!

Bullet Journal Supplies and idea list layout

Monthly Spread

A monthly spread can help you plan weeks in advance.  Knowing what school events are coming up, meetings, as well as birthdays and holidays to keep your family on the same page!

Yearly Goals

Make a list of the big goals you have for each year.  Monitor your progress and make changes where needed.

Monthly Memories

Take time to journal about your memories.  Breaking them up into monthly memories will help to coincide with the season and be a fun way for you and your family to reflect.

Ideal Day

Write down what your ideal day would look like.  See what is feasible and plan accordingly!


In-Laws Birthdays

There are some birthdays you want to be sure you don’t forget!  Keep track of your in-laws birthdays in your journal!

Honeymoon List

Create a layout to keep track of all the fun things you want to do on your honeymoon!

Honey To-Dos

There is a never-ending list of honey to-dos that need to be done around the house.  Keep a list and you’ll be happy to check off!

Partners Favorites

Keep a list of your partner’s favorite things.  Include food, drinks, sports, etc.

Date-Night Ideas

Any couple needs time set aside for themselves.  Make a list of date-night ideas to help keep the spark in married life!


Monthly Budget Tracker

A monthly budget tracker will help keep your finances in check!

Utility Tracker

The extreme temperatures of of winter and summer can raise your rates as you raise the thermostat.  Keep a monthly log to know what to expect in advance and to take preventative measures to reduce the bill.

Income Growth

We’re all working hard to make a living.  Start an income tracker to measure and compare where you’re at and where you want to be!

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker - How to Save $600 in Two Months

Savings Tracker

It’s always fun to save money, but have you considered keeping a savings tracker?

Spending Log

Keeping a spending log will help keep on track financially especially during the Christmas season, when your on vacation, or planning a wedding!

Things to Sell

Getting rid of clutter always feels good, doesn’t it?!  Keep a list of items you’d like to sell. It can help motivate you to pare down and earn a little extra money!

Bill Tracker

Track your bills to keep on top of your budget, any inconsistencies, and dates payments are due.

No Buy List

If money is really short, keeping a no buy list will help keep you from wasteful spending.  Include items such as: items in the check out lane, subscriptions or books you know you’ll never read, etc.

how to save money bullet journal

Coupons To Use

A list of coupons to use will keep you organized before heading out the door and help to prevent leaving coupons at home.

Tax Information

Stay ahead of the game by keeping tax information organized before April 15th rolls around!


Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule will make taking care of your home manageable!

Garden Ideas & Plans

Over the long winter, many look forward to gardening.  Start a layout dedicated to your garden dreams and plans for spring!

Gallery Wall Layouts

Before grabbing the hammer and nails, map out gallery wall layout ideas!

New Furniture Layouts

Need to rearrange furniture to add a new piece?  Create a new furniture layout to figure out what will work best in your home!

Bullet Journal Time Management

House Projects

A layout of house projects can help you plan when to tackle a project and how much it will cost!

Car Maintenance Log

Keep ahead of the game with a car maintenance log to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

As you can see, there are tons of bullet journal layout ideas to help you to stay productive and on top of things!  It’s such a super fun way to stay organized that it’s addicting!

What are some of your favorite bullet journal layout ideas?


If you’re just getting acquainted with bullet journaling, this is a great place to start! I’ll show you how I set up my bullet journal, what supplies I use, and how I manage to run a successful blog while raising three little ones.

Also, here are my favorite bullet journal supplies if you’re looking for an affordable way to make your journal look pretty. I also use a lot of stencils in my bujo because I’m no the best drawer, so I appreciate a bit of help!

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