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Best Planners for Moms

I cannot imagine my life without my planner and I am a huge advocate of managing time. So I’m delivering a list of the best planners for moms preparing them now through 2020. I hope this post finds and encourages anyone struggling with time management, work-life balance, and/or disorganization, to invest in a daily planner and regain control of your sanity. Or if you’re super organized and time conscious (like myself) choose two planners, and keep your home and work lives separate and individually neat.

Before jumping into the list of best planners for moms, I am going to highlight my favorite organizational mastermind in this field, Erin Condren. Eeek! Her site features a beautiful variety of planners, life binders, journals, stickers, compliment cards, and other delightful accessories.

Erin Condren Planner

Erin Condren

Hands down the best feature of Erin Condren’s planners are that they are completely customizable. That’s right ladies, (and fabulous gents) her life planners have interchangeable covers. As well as, the ability to choose which weekly layouts, stickers, and extras are included with your planner. Check out how Erin Condren went from being a stay-at-home mom to becoming a multi-million dollar business owner and become inspired to begin your own online journey to financial freedom today.

Erin Condren Amazon

If customizing your planner isn’t conducive to your needs but you still want to embrace Erin’s eye for design and creativity, here are a few of her best planners for moms that are available on Amazon.

Erin Condren 12-Month 2019-2020 Coiled LifePlanner – Daisies

This 12-month planner features a salmon and cherry blossom exterior with images of daisies delicately gracing its cover. Furthermore, it has a colorful interior filled with note pages, monthly quotes, and a perpetual calendar. All of her products are high-quality and hand-coiled. This planner comes in a horizontal layout and outlines 12-months (July 2019 – June 2020). Spreads include twelve tabbed calendars, yearly overviews, and mini months. Additional features include four sticker sheets, coloring, compliment cards, a snap-in bookmark, and dot grid and note pages.

Erin Condren 12-Month 2019-2020 Coiled LifePlanner – Hexagon

Her best selling life planner comes in a variety of options including this rainbow colored hexagon exterior. Nearly identical in layout to the planner above, this selection proposes a neutral theme for you to design and splash with your own color creativity. Made with thick premium #80 Mohawk paper. And carrying all of the same features of the planner description prior.

Erin Condren Large Hardbound LifePlanner

This 8” by 10” undated calendar and weekly planner is sleek and chic with a beautiful painted petal design on its covers and throughout its pages. Designed with a vertical layout to be fully customizable. Complete with monthly overview pages and weekly spreads. This planner is a fantastic way for newbies to begin their journey to becoming organized. A perfect gift for any mom on the go because it’s not dated, so it’s a clean slate to get started any time of the year!

Erin Condren Accessories

In addition to her planners, you can find a ton of Condren’s organizational accessories on Amazon. Here are some of her exciting extras. Deemworthy as, must-haves!

Erin Condren Snap-in Monthly Bill Tracker

Equipped with a versatile design, this wet erase monthly bill tracker is a fantastic financial tracker to help you stay on top of your funds. Above all, it’s double-sided so you can track your budget on one side and manage your savings on the other.

Erin Condren Snap-in Meal Planner Dashboard

Double-sided with a shopping list on one side and the meal planner on the other. I love the wet erase features of Erin Condren’s planner accessories and the versatility of snapping it in or out. Meal planning has become a part of my Whole-30 experience and I appreciate this addition so much. I would be lost without it!

Erin Condren Snap-in Productivity Dashboard

Another wet erase additional dashboard, this productivity tool is perfect for list-making. Furthermore, it’s great for task management, and goal tracking.

Erin Condren Fine Tip Wet Erase Markers Set

Grab this set of four wet erase markers to accommodate those snap-in pages. For instance, this package includes Black, Magenta, Kelly Green, Turquoise designer fine tip markers for Erin Condren’s best planners for moms and other busy people on the go!

Erin Condren Magnetic Bookmarks

Easily find your spot with these page markers by Erin Condren. Most noteworthy, the magnet is strong enough to hold your place without tearing the pages and they come in a sparkling metallic design. Packaged as a set of three beautiful colors, black, seafoam, and beet. She offers snap-in alternatives if magnets aren’t your forte. However, I think the magnets are amazing.

Erin Condren Monthly Adhesive Tabs

Embrace multi-tasking with multi-tabbing and grab her monthly adhesive tabs in colorful, or neutral-metallic.

Erin Condren Designer Planner Accessories Bundle

This designer accessory bundle comes with 26 pieces including metallic pen holders, elastic bands, and sticky pockets that add storage to your planner.

Erin Condren Designer Sticker Book Classic Edition 4

Condren’s designer sticker book is packed with stickers, inspirational sayings, quotes, and trendy designs.

Erin Condren Mega Sticker Bundle with Holder with Goal Setting

Delivered in a stylish storage box, Erin Condren’s Mega sticker bundle is filled with the colorful circle sticker pack, motivation and celebration stickers, goal setting stickers, sticker box storage dividers and so much more.

Best Planners for Moms by Erin Condren

Do we agree that Erin’s selection of planners and accessories are practical, colorful, and fun? I cannot get enough of her adorable stickers and inspirational messages, and I highly endorse and recommend you manage your time with Erin Condren. At least for one of your planners, if you’re a mom like me who has two! Let’s check out some other best planners for moms who are ready to gain control of their time by organizing their lives.

Best Planners for Moms

If Erin Condren isn’t your style or in your budget, don’t fret! There are hundreds of other planners that will help you become organized and to assist in properly managing your time.

Customized PurpleTrail Planner – Mom 12 Month

Purple Trail allows for you to customize your cover with your initial and name or date. Additionally, there’s an option to choose from four cover design options. Furthermore, select your planner start month. Each planner is a 12-month set-up with a mom/parent weekly planner layout.

Mother Woman Planner- Sanity Saving Mom Planner

This non-dated 12-month planner is the best planner for moms working towards achieving goals and projects. With featured goal planning, monthly scheduling, weekly tasks, daily routine, meal prepping, household checklists, financial planning, and kids’ activities. Complete with sanity-saving checklists, such as travel, hosting, festivals, and an ideas page and vision board.

Orange Circle Studio 2020 Do It All Planner Moms Do it All

A budget-friendly option. This colorful 17-month planner includes 300 stickers to mark appointments and tear-off to-do and shopping lists.

Best Planners for College

Are you a mom attending college or considering going back to school? Many of the best planners for moms are also great for college students.

Planner 2019-2020 – Academic Weekly/Monthly Planner

This academic yearly planner comes with 12-months of weekly/monthly pages and 12-months of weekly/monthly sections to help you manage life in class. Additionally, it’s constructed from durable Saffiano Leather. Complete with thick paper, a pen holder, a back pocket, and 88 note pages.

Clever Fox Planner

Increase productivity, manage and hit your goals with a Clever Fox Planner, Organizer, and Gratitude Journal. Helping you break down your short and long-term goals in each area of your life.

Panda Planner – Daily Planner, Calendar and Gratitude Journal

Panda planners are magnificent. My husband and I both chose these last year for our morning coffee and discussion time. I can’t say enough about how clean, easy, and wonderful these lifesavers are. And I adore their minimalist design and neutral theme. Perfect for allowing me to add my own splashes of colors with doodles and stickers. Panda’s Planners are named the best planner for 2019 by Business Insider.

Best Planners for Teachers

I have the upmost respect for teachers and all that they do for our little ones and the community. Some of the best planners for teachers include:

Customized Teacher Planner and Class Organizer

This teacher planner allows you to customize the cover with your name and date. Also, select which month to start for this 12-month layout. Even more, choose between two sizes. Either include a laminated pocket folder and 12-months of student checklist pages.

Bloom Daily Planners Undated Academic Year Teacher Planner & Calendar

This full color, undated Teacher Planner/Teacher Lesson Planner has tons of extras including a field trip planning page, gradebook spreads, yearly mission statement page, and a website logins page. All dividers feature hand-lettered teacher themed quotes on alternating seasonal patterns and a link to free teacher printables is included with purchase. Four pattern options available, however, I prefer the chalkboard design.

Blue Sky Teachers Weekly & Monthly Lesson Planner

Blue Sky offers a stylish flexible cover planner for easy academic scheduling and planning. In addition, two bonus monthly pages are included. Also, it comes with a weekly activity schedule, double-sided storage pocket, reference calendars, contacts pages, and a convenient list of holidays.

Best Bullet Journals

In addition to the best planners for moms available in 2019, I want to highlight a huge time saver and organizational tool I use called bullet journals. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Visit how to start a bullet journal for organizational tools, examples, and recommendations.

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Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Available in a rainbow of colors, I have it in red, and it seriously goes everywhere with me! Because it’s durable and compact, it’s ideal for handbag storage. Established in 1917, the company is reputable and the quality is impeccable.

Moleskine Paper Tablet Hard Cover Smart Notebook

Moleskine notebooks are smaller than Leuchtturm notebooks at 192 pages versus the Leuchtturm which has 249 pages. However, they’re a smart notebook. Combining the flexibility & memory-enhancing tactile feedback of a journal with the convenience and ability to share digital note apps. Compatible with the Moleskin Pen+ and the Moleskine Notes app. The app is android and apple compatible. It seamlessly transfers what’s written on the page to your device. digitizing your analog notes & allowing you to notate, share, search, edit, & organize your vision.

Best Christian Planners

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re searching for a planner that incorporates God’s word with delightful reminders, check out these Christian planners below.

Eccolo Spiral Hardbound 18 Month Christian Planner

Eccolo’s 18-month Christian planner comes fully-equipped with scriptures to motivate and encourage your day. Featuring Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you” on its cover.

DaySpring Katygirl – His Plans 18-Month Agenda Planner

This Christian planner features scripture from the bible’s NKJV. An 18-month planner from July 2019 through December 2020 with expanded weekly and monthly formats.

Content Planners

Do I have any fellow mommy bloggers reading? Great! I’ve included some fabulous content planners for you to help track of your strategy. Also, to help organize your ideas and blog posts.

First, grab my free blog plan here!

The Win Planner

The Win Planner includes Life Coach Content and it comes in a box that turns into a beautiful vision board! Okay, ladies, I am in love! Additionally, it’s like having your own personal life coach. Helping you to define your goals and with self-reviews after accomplishing your milestones.

Panda Planner Pro -Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity

This Panda planner is an undated daily planner with weekly and monthly reviews. Guaranteed to get you organized. Because of the scientific approach put into its creation and production. Additionally, you receive some incredible ebooks (on topics like “How to Crush Your Goals” and “A Billionaire’s Guide To Productivity”) and a video mini-course on how to skyrocket your productivity. Also, if you’re not completely satisfied and don’t feel any happier or more productive, Panda will issue you a full refund,

The List of Best Planners

That does it for this year’s list of the best planners for moms, (2019-2020). What do you ladies think? Did I forget any top contenders? Do you recommend any planners that aren’t as well known or promoted? Please include them in the comments below and don’t forget to repin to be a friend!

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