AppSumo 2020 BlackFriday Deals

Ah, how exciting, AppSumo has a ton of amazing products this year on their Black Friday sale list! And all of them are under $100.

There are offers to help you write blog posts faster, market with better images and run your email marketing from your WordPress website.

Browse the list below and find the right offers for your business.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any of the links below I’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Please see my disclosure for more information.


Access a library of 100+ million royalty-free stock photos and vector images for commercial projects, both online and print

Alternative to: Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Getty Images

Captivate audiences with high-quality content from professionals all around the world

Best for: Bloggers, advertisers, and videographers who want to improve their marketing with high-quality stock content

My take: there are plenty of free sites for stock images, but the problem is that you’ll see the same picture EVERYWHERE. DepositPhotos is a good option if you want to have unique images from everyone else!


Identify the exact questions your target audience is asking online

Alternative to: MarketMuse and Clearscope

Generate well-researched content briefs in under 12 seconds, plus use AI optimization to boost your search rankings

Best for: SEO teams and in-house content marketers who want to quickly create detailed content targeted to their customers

My take: this is a HUGE time saver for bloggers. Finding relevant statistics for your blog posts is very time consuming, and this makes it automatic! If you find yourself struggling to publish quality content quickly, this is a great deal to look at.


Upload videos, audio, and documents, plus quickly create quizzes and assessments

Alternative to: Teachable, Thinkific, LearnDash

Customize your landing page, enrollment, and payments to tailor the look to your brand

Best for: Coaches or subject matter experts who want to earn income by selling their expertise

My Take: I haven’t used this tool personally, and many of you know that I have used Teachable for many years and they have always been there for me. But if you aren’t ready to make the investment in Teachable and want to dip your toes into selling online courses, this lifetime deal is very interesting!


Automate audio transcriptions with the best speech-to-text technology

Alternative to: Trint

Generate editable subtitles to expand your video reach and get more views

Best for: Web marketers and video editors who want to improve accessibility on their recorded content

My Take: I know several bloggers who prefer to speak out their ideas into a microphone and transcribe them into blog posts. It’s not our personal style, but if you need a transcription service, this seems interesting! It’s also a nice way to get podcast transcriptions to put into your blog posts.


Launch powerful idea collections and collaborate with your team, customers, partners, or guests

Alternative to: Brightidea and Crowdicity

Develop, manage, and track ideas in a fully customizable and intuitive workflow

Best for: Small marketing agencies, product teams and sales departments looking for a central hub to innovate together

My take: There are TONS of brainstorming / project management / task manager apps out there. I find that it’s a very personal preference for each person. So this could be worth a try to see if it rings true to you. One thing I know for sure is that we are ALL busy and can use help staying organized and productive.


Personalize content on your site in minutes using any page builder—zero coding needed

Alternative to: Pardot, ActiveDEMAND

Track the dynamic versions of content with built-in statistics

Best for: Digital marketing agencies and site owners looking to deliver dynamic content based on unique visitor characteristics

My take: While this sounds really COOL, it is probably a little too complicated for most beginners. Unless you are super competent and want to build a really customized experience for each visitor, I would skip this and keep it simple 🙂


Create and send emails from inside WordPress with beautiful, customizable templates

Work within the WordPress platform that you’re already using to manage your website

Automate your welcome, abandoned cart, and other emails with WooCommerce integration

Best for: Businesses and eCommerce store owners looking to optimize the value and return of their email list

My Take: I have used Convertkit for many years and am very happy, but I bought this deal just to test it out. And my goodness this is an EXCELLENT option for you if want to have multiple websites and want to keep things simple. You can’t do fancy automations like you can with other more premium tools, but if you simply want to build a list and send them broadcasts, MailPoet is excellent!


If you are working on a team and struggling to keep everyone on the same page, then you NEED a project manager like Nifty.

In a single place you can do all your brainstorming, content planning, team meetings, and more. No more email back and forth with the team and getting confused!

Best for: Agencies, multi-member teams

My take: I didn’t use a tool like Nifty for the first 5+ years of my blog because I was primarily working on my own. Now that our team has grown a bit, a project management tool is extremely helpful!


Get all your client marketing data in one customizable platform

Combine real-time marketing insights across clients and integrations

Automatically generate unlimited white-labeled marketing reports

Best for: digital marketers and agencies looking for cross-channel client reporting to save time and effort


Customize, preview, and schedule up to 500 posts simultaneously across all major social networks

Alternative to: Hootsuite

Easily watermark and add signatures to posts, designate teams, and access comprehensive analytics

Best for: digital marketers and social media managers who want to effectively manage and grow their social media presence

My Take: If you get stuck scrolling on social media too often, tools like Publer are great. You can pop in once or twice per week, create & schedule your posts for the week, and put it away.


Customize, preview, and schedule up to 500 posts simultaneously across all major social networks

Alternative to: Hootsuite

Easily watermark and add signatures to posts, designate teams, and access comprehensive analytics

Best for: digital marketers and social media managers who want to effectively manage and grow their social media presence

My Take: This tool is really interesting. It does some of what Publer does, but it also helps you find and schedule content from OTHER sources that your audience might enjoy. If you like curating content for your audience, this would be a big time saver!


Access client portals, file exchange, project management, invoicing, and more from one platform

Alternative to: vCita, Bitrix24

Get built-in data sharing and action automation with interconnected tools for a seamless experience

Best for: Software-juggling sales departments and product managers looking for easy collaboration with clients and team members

My Take: I purchased this one and didn’t end up keeping it. I found it a bit difficult to use, and I had other tools for doing many of the functions. But if you are currently working with service clients and have no tools to organize, collect files, and handle communication, SuiteDash could work for you!


Easily request and collect customer videos with a shareable link through any communication channel – no download or login needed

Alternative to: Boast

Manage video submissions, permissions, and transcriptions, and publish to your site, Shopify store, Facebook, Amazon, and more!

Best for: Digital marketers who want real video testimonials from their customers to optimize their campaigns

My Take: Collecting testimonials are crucial to convert visitors into clients. We currently use VideoPeel to collect testimonials (want to leave one? Click here 🙂 Especially if your audience isn’t very tech savvy, this tool makes it very easy to collect video testimonials in minutes.

Viral Loops

Giveaways, sweepstakes, and other “growth hacks” that help you grow your list extremely quickly!

Alternative to: UpViral

If you are struggling to build your list, it might be time to try something different like a sweepstakes or giveaway!

With Viral Loops you can launch a campaign very quickly and incentivize your new subscribers to share with their friends! These strategies have been used very successfully by companies like Dropbox to grow massively, but it can also work for beginning bloggers 🙂

My Take: Giveaways are definitely fun and it’s a nice way to generate buzz with your audience. We don’t do them very often anymore, but it’s always a fun way to switch things up!

WP Reset

Ever update a plugin and have your whole website crash? Yup, me to. WP Reset is a saving grace to keep your site running and happy, where you can always restore your site with a few clicks.

Alternative to: Backups and staging environments

My take: Every website should have SOME backup solution. Most web hosting platforms back up your website automatically, but even if they do, having a tool like WP Reset can be a nice peace of mind to have.

If I could only buy ONE deal, which would it be?

The downside with AppSumo deals is that sometimes you’ll see something nice and shiny, but it doesn’t really solve a problem that you are currently facing.

But on this list, there are SO many tools for different purposes, I’d simply ask myself what would seriously simplify, grow, or save money on my business, and there is likely a tool for you on this list!

The top 3 tools that I think most beginning bloggers would benefit from are:

  1. Frase – since most people struggle with the writing process initially, this tool is a big time saver
  2. MailPoet – If you don’t have the funds yet to invest into Convertkit, you can buy MailPoet once and be able to launch email marketing campaigns for unlimited website until you find the one that you want to double down on.
  3. FreshLMS – I’m really not sure about this one, but AppSumo has a very generous refund policy if you want to try one for 60 days and see it it solves your need

And of course, if you are looking at upgrading your blogging knowledge, you should definitely check out our 30% off Black Friday sale on all our products!

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