6 awesome blogging niches

Achieve Your Goals with these 6 Blog Niches

Achieve Your Goals and Find Your Purpose by Blogging

Want to make this the year you stick to your New Years resolutions? Want to achieve your goals, build friendships and become a better you? Here are 6 blog niches that can help you find your purpose and achieve your goals… and make money too!

It’s no secret that journaling, or in today’s modern world, blogging, can help you reach success! Blogging organizes your thoughts; increases your self knowledge, helps you put things on paper which reduces stress; and it’s also a creative outlet! There are numerous health benefits to journaling!

Feel like you have no purpose? Doing the same things every day? Blogging can open up a whole new world to you. Not only do you digest your thoughts, you also learn from others.

Achieve Your Goals with these 6 Blog Niches and Make Money www.startamomblog.com

Why would blogging help me achieve my goals?

  • Blogging offers online support and encouragement
  • Seeing your progress is super motivational
  • Journaling is a proven technique to hold yourself accountable
  • Connect with others who are experiencing the same issue and goals
  • Blogging makes you a better mom

If you’re encouraged by this list, let me help you start a blog!

Achieve Your Goals by Blogging and Make Money www.startamomblog.com

I want to eat healthier. Start a food blog.

  • You’ll be searching Pinterest for healthy recipes and cooking them anyway. Investing all that time and energy to make you and your family healthier. Why not take a few pictures and post it on a blog? Share it with other moms online and encourage each other to stay healthy.

How do you make money with a food blog?

  • Add a few affiliate links to recipes books you love and products you use, and voila, you could be making enough money to pay for that trip to the grocery store! Chelseas Messy Apron is a food blog I love, she also shares her journey on monetizing her blog with her fun to read and easy to implement ebook!

I want to get in shape. Start a fitness blog.

  • People love the transformation of seeing real people commit themselves to get in shape. Keep track of your monthly progress and post before and after pictures! Knowing that you have a few followers online is a huge encouragement to help you stick to your fitness goals! I know I absolutely love the blogs about mommies who get back in shape after pregnancy, it is so encouraging and uplifting to read of other moms’ struggles and successes!

How do you make money with a fitness blog?

  • Recommend your favorite fitness equipment or videos through an affiliate program, create a members only section to your blog where you share your best tips and advice, or write an ebook on your journey!

I want to save money. Start a frugal living blog.

  • Search the Internet for awesome tips, apply them to your life and tell others about your journey on your blog. You’ll be sharing your advice with your mom friends during your playdates, why not also share it with those moms you don’t see everyday?

How do you make money with a frugal living blog?

  • On a frugal living blog you can sell printables or have ads on your blog. Check out the Money Saving Mom for inspiration!
  • Blogging made me live more frugally! During my first month of blogging I did not make anything, but I did save $400 that month by not spending my time in Target and instead working on my blog. It was a huge surprise to my husband and I and I was encouraged to work harder!

Live simply so others may simply live.  – Mother Teresa

I want to enrich my kids lives. Start a craft blog.

  • Double dip into the hectic mess you’ll be creating with all that paint and play dough by taking pictures and sharing your crafty ideas with the world! Your kids and followers will enjoy it!

How do you make money with a craft living blog?

  • Oh there are countless ways! You can sell your completed crafts, you can sell the instructions to make them, or you can create an instructional ebook for moms! Creating your own products to sell through your blog is one of the best income streams as you have complete control of the product! Check out CatholicIcing or the Kids Activities Blog for some fantastic ideas!

I want to grow in my Faith. Start a personal faith blog.

  • Blog about your journey growing closer to Christ. Share prayers and find others in your niche to pray for. Hold each other accountable and encourage each other daily. Or keep yourself accountable as you read the Bible in a year! I always love seeing the beautiful prayer printables moms make. This is one of my favorite faith blogs, BlessedisShe. The artwork alone on the site is gorgeous!

How do you make money with a personal faith blog?

  • You can further your spiritual growth by donating the money you make! Write an ebook filled with beautiful prayers, encouragement and advice to other moms on their faith journey. Then donate your profits to a charity you love.

I want to read more. Start a book review blog.

  • Instead of just committing to reading more this year, keep yourself accountable and create an online book club to share your viewpoints on the latest novel. Your blog will also serve as a journal for you to see which books you’ve loved and which one’s you’ll never read again. And others could encourage you to stick to your goal of reading 12 books in 12 months!

How do you make money with a book blog?

  • Easy! Sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate and get commission when your book review prompts someone to buy the book!

Blogging is not merely a platform to make money, but also to become a better you in the process! I hope you enjoyed the post. If you are ready to achieve your goals, let me help you to start mom a blog!

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    But i get a lot of answers to my questions here.
    I want to improve my professional skills as civil engineer, what kind of blogs should I start, and how can i earn from

  • What happens when you want to do more than one of these? Combine them into a lifestyle blog? Or would that be less effective?

  • Thanks for the great information. I currently have a blog, now working on building relationships to gain traffic. I know that it will come. Thanks again.

  • Great post, Suzi! I like how you made it about reaching a goal. It’s a unique spin on starting a blog and how to monetize it. Found your blog through your post on Successful Blogging. Loved that post by the way too and already signed up. 😉

    My blog under construction fits into several of your examples. Haha. I love your Mother Teresa quote too. I may borrow it as my mantra.

    Thanks again, and I’ll be back.

    • Heather, thank you for the comment and for signing up for the Facebook Schedule! I hope it helps you get a ton of traffic to your new blog! Congrats!! And of course, you can use St. Mother Teresa’s quote, it’s wonderful!

      Loved how you signed off with “I’ll be back” – I’m saying that in my terminator voice 😉