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15 Awesome Reasons to Start a Mom Blog

Here is why you should start a mom blog

Want to know why you should start a mom blog? Read 15 honest-to-goodness answers from real mom bloggers why you should join the online community of mom bloggers!

I’ve highlighted the juicy bits for you, so if baby is crying and you don’t have time, definitely read those parts! Let me know why you want to start a mom blog and let’s get connected!

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It’s helped share my parenting stories and get awesome feedback from other Moms helping me realize I’m not alone! Parenting is hard and we’re in this together! – Shannon Hughes Gauger

In a nutshell, it makes me feel understood…because it connects me with others going through the same things and I don’t feel alone! –Katie Simon     

15 Very Personal Reasons why you need to blog

I started blogging this year as a way to discover my passions, use my skills and see if I can make money. By blogging, I have learned new things I would have not discovered otherwise, get in contact with new people and develop my creativity in my writing and graphics that I would not have done otherwise. This year has been challenging and richer at the same time. I certainly haven’t been bored. I probably have taken more action and made more progress than ever before and as a result I am more confident. – Amor Santovena 

I’ve “met” and become friends with so many other moms that have many of the same goals and aspirations as me…making their blog successful while hoping to raise successful children! – Angela Fry

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First of all, it has allowed me more time (and flexibility) to spend with my family. It has also allowed me to share my thoughts, advice, and struggles with others – and find a supportive community where I can learn and grow! – Faye Nagy  

Being a mum has totally changed my priorities and perception of the world I’m living in. I’ve always been interested in social justice, but being a mum I understand now how important it is to try and influence the world I’m raising my child in for the better. Blogging encourages me to learn, lets me share my knowledge and my perspective for posterity. Soph Chandler

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 I just started- but I’d like to add that so far its made me think of other things besides when dinner will be done and what time I’ll be going to bed so tired. It’s something I look forward to doing. Setting aside time to create little things is so fun and I’m enjoying it. – Frances R. Mckellips

Blogging has introduced me to so many awesome moms out there! It really helps, especially as a stay at home mom, to have connections with other moms that are going through similar situations as you are! I don’t have many mom friends that I can connect with, but being a blogger I have connected to a whole entire community of awesome moms! – Whitney Harden

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Blogging has changed my life for the better. I was so lost as I am a full time mom ever since I got pregnant (6 years ago) and ever since then I have given up my career and focus on my family. Blogging has become an output for me to achieve more than just my family.. It has given me a sense of drive, vision and mission to achieve for myself. I feel more useful to my kids and my husband as I am constantly upgrading myself by attending events from various field, meeting new people all the time, learning something new and most importantly being a happier mother and wife and sharing my stories to people who shares the same philosophy as me. – Eve Yeo

I am a pretty opinionated person, and very expressive. I also love to share information that I believe would be helpful to others and to explore the thoughts and opinions of others. Blogging has allowed me to share my experiences with other people and to have them share theirs with me. Although I get fewer public comments than most of you, I have received quite a few private comments that my blog has helped someone in one way or another or entertain them. It always feels good to hear that. For example, my post on discussing death with young children has had several people who did not want to come out and publicly comment but who have privately reached me and told me that it has helped them formulate ideas on how they would do that. One or two of them have even been in that situation where they had to explain to a young child, and my thoughts helps them to determine how best to do so.  – Amanda Matheny 

I feel like I get less sleep than when my daughter was a newborn(!), but I LOVE it because I’m blogging about things that I’m passionate about… cooking and teaching. Blogging gives me a creative outlet that’s all me… As a stay at home mom, you can get a little lost in raising kids, and blogging has been my way to get back to other things that I love, in addition to my little one and my husband! Plus, since my blog focuses on cooking and learning with kids in the kitchen, I think it’s actually brought my daughter and I closer because we’re in the kitchen all the time! As she gets older and (hopefully) my blog grows, I hope my daughter sees this as encouragement to follow your passion and do what you love. – Sally Nall Wagner

The mission for my blog Practical Mommy is to help other mothers make their lives easier. Of course, I don’t have all the answers. In researching blog posts and networking with other bloggers, I have been exposed to a wealth of information about parenting that I had no idea existed before I joined the blogging community. I found that by seeking to help others, I found help for myself. – Kristen Miller

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Over the past year I’ve struggled with mental health issues. I found it difficult to express myself and kept a lot of things bottled up. Blogging has provided me with an outlet for my thoughts, allowing me to focus more energy on being a better mum. The whole family is now happier and less stressed! – Elanor Brammer

I have been wanting to start homeschooling my daughter for many months and blogging has helped me to do that. Without documenting our weekly activities, I don’t think I would have stuck to it! It is allowing me to stay focused on my goals. It has also allowed me to meet many other homeschooling moms and connect with them on many levels. – Meghan Alonso  

I just started blogging in July, but I’ve built a network of other moms from collaborating and sharing ideas. It helps me connect with other women who are in interracial relationships, raising biracial children, or just mothers in general. – Diedre Anthony   

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